Charming snakes

The ‘Rainbow Serpent’ by Iluka Art & Design [-o-]

Yesterday, a Snake came knocking at our daughter’s door

What a palaver, what was he visiting for?

Calling for an emergency back up, she speed dialled up her dad

‘Can you come rescue us, this big boy looks bad!’


Off hubby went running with a snake catcher he had made

A pole with a lasso to catch him, before this serpent may invade.

They waited patiently for a while for the snake to rear his head

Snaky had suspected that his new friends might want him dead.


Catcher at the ready, all eyes, focused on the drain-hole as our big boy hid there

That was where he had  slithered and slinked

All eyes were in a stare…

Waiting for him to emerge from deep down his makeshift den and lair.


Northern Territory snake 15799910_1409503119062197_4858085045037765105_o.jpg
Northern Territory Snake


Finally, up he popped looking all around…

Everyone held his or her breath, not making any sound.

Hubby was at the ready, pole catcher in hand

But the snake stayed too low, deeply burrowed down in the ground.


Patiently waiting, not a peep was made…

Hubby didn’t  want to be forced into using a garden spade.

As they all waited and watched with baited breath

The professional snake catcher came to the rescue, before anyone’s life could end in  death.


… Oops too late, our bad boy saw him standing there,

So he disappeared quickly back down into his lair.

Black bag and tongs at the ready, the snake catcher made his move

But the snake ran around the garden quickly evading his catcher’s tools.


snake charming out of a hole
The Dugite is a species of venomous, potentially lethal, snake native. The local Aboriginal Nyungar name for the dugite is dobitj. Wikipedia


Then a quick snap and our snaky was caught,

Everyone’s nerves jangling, they had all been so fraught.

But now the snake man had our boy in his grasp

Whoop, whoop, Job well done, he had successfully performed his task.


Now our bad boy the Dugite, has returned back to his home

Where he will be safe, comfy and free again to slither, slide and roam.

Victoria Healing ~ 16.2.2018

Snakes charms ~ Hey Momma

Rhyme in Verse


That was not the first time we had encountered a snake

snake seeing snakes makes people hiss terical
The King Brown (mulga snake) is a venomous snake found in Australia.Mulga snake – Wikipedia   
DON'T try to catch them, but only admire them from a distance if they
 slink cross your path in the wild.

Several years ago while visiting Karajini National Park, we met a 
King Brown (Mulga) Snake, well actually hubby met him first.

When sight-seeing in these remote regions,  I always  always get 
the hubster to walk in front of me. Luckily for me that day, 
because hubby has razor sharp eye-sight and thankfully spotted a  
beauty 'King Brownie' before I and other hikers stumbled on to him. 
These snakes are venomous and very dangerous - 
you should never approach one to get a close-up photograph of it!

The Rainbow Serpent 

snake calendar rainbow serpent‘Every great story begins with a Snake’

‘Long ago in dreamtime the earth lay still. Nothing grew and nothing lived except for Goorialla the rainbow serpent. One day Goorialla went off on a journey. As he moved across the land his tracks formed creeks, rivers and even mountains.

One morning, he heard singing in the distance. As he came closer he watched the group sing and dance and he knew they were his people. He was welcomed. Suddenly, a big storm began to gather. Everyone was running for cover. The two young Bil-Bil brothers went to warn Goorilia who told them to jump in his mouth for cover. The next morning, they couldn’t be found, but everyone knew what had happened. You can still see Goorilia’s spirit in the sky today as a rainbow, after a storm’

Numerology Daily Matters


Ngintaku Dreaming

art snake swan river Loretta Egan's artwork
‘Home’ The Swan River in red with small circles that represent tress along the river. The Waugal (snake) who protects the Swan River. There are camps north and south of the river, along with tracks left in the sand ~ John Roeder. Loretta Egan’s artwork

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