Way of the Dragon

Wanda was on her pathway to find,
where earths magnetic grids aligned.
Searching roads, yet to travel;
her new journey began to unravel.
Winding trails, over land and seas,
to find that place, she was meant to be.
Go left. Straight. Turn back or right?
which matrix to follow, was her plight.

Her face flushing red and puffy,
flummoxed and in an absolute huffy. 
Booming out thunderous mighty roar,
amber eyes glaring, as she guffawed. 

’What path would be her true north?’
disoriented, she studied her course. 
However, little, did Wanda know;
her *GPS sense would guide her home. 

Guarding Ley lines of treasured earth,
Wanda now rests, coiled and curled.
Victoria Healing ~ 19.4.2021 
Way of the Dragon 


When these ‘Dragon Lines’ cross each other their energy spirals into a vortex. If several lines cross at a given point, called a node, it produces a massive vortex of energy.  Dragons were considered the guardians of all knowledge and wisdom.


Remember it is Earth Day on April 22, 2021

Support Your Local Dragon!

If you wonder where Dragon lines are in your area, use your search engine on the internet and put in the word bar ‘Ley lines’ in whatever area you live in and most of the time they will come up. 


‘Wherever the hero may wander,

whatsoever she may do, she is ever in the presence,

of her own essence.

There is no separateness from she.

She is where she needed to be. 

~ Joseph Campbell. The Hero With a Thousand Faces




*** GPS Reference:

Do you know that we have Magnetite crystals inside our brains?

Caltech geobiologist Joseph Kirschvink thinks he might have the answer

 Magnetite allows us to sense Earth’s magnetic field.



Dragon s i t t i n g

Telling Stories

[bard RF] Lily Valentine, Glamour Bard _ characterdrawing

They mourn in sadness and silence,
they, those recorders of early Welsh survival.
Oral society’s poets and bards of Celtic Britons,
their work was revised, romanced, rewritten.

Recited story telling lost and altered,
legends say, their ‘voices were exalted’
Incredibly some of their stories still exist,
in the praised “Medieval Welsh Manuscripts”

‘The Black Book of Camarthenshire’
Bard ‘Aneirin’ ‘Pa Gur’ and ‘The Book of Taliesin’
‘Mabinogion’ and of the Monk ‘Ninnius’
who was the author of “Historia Brittonum’

Our Order of Bards and Guild of poets,
undertook nine years to know this.
The scribing of sonnet was a craft,
unfortunately their narrators didn’t last.

These accounts are neither yours or mine,
as we slip back into the medieval times.
They belong to each and everyone,
immortalising those kind enough to tell them.

Making accurate historical research visible,
their keeping of traditions are considerable.
Sometimes we find blocks in history,
where we find the truth of all mysteries.

Laying on dusty shelves, suspended like ghosts,
waiting for ancient riddles to be known and spoke.
Flipping those magic pieces of paper open,
The record keepers find that history HAS spoken.
Victoria Healing ~ 13.6.2020
©Telling Stories

Welsh Storyteller: Cyfarwydd. The Bard within Druidry is the Poet; the keeper of tradition and history.
Like poets, the storytellers were also professionals; but unlike the poets, little of their work has survived. The bulk of this material is found in the collection known today as the Mabinogion.

Image: Lily Valentine, Glamour Bard

Lost and Found

lost and found Camping is my life arent you thankful that your childhood happened before tehc took over
Image: Camping Is My Life


There is a beauty in everything, but not everyone sees,

we ignore the flowers and then walk past the trees.

Birds in the distance sweetly singing their songs,

but it seems that we’re all tuned in to technology,

don’t you think, that, this is wrong?


Generations from the 60’s enjoyed playing outside,

we’d go on adventures or cycle off on bike rides.

Now our children are all tuned in,

to war games on the TV, they are imaginary fighting to win.


They don’t know fact from fiction anymore,

while they concentrate on their Iphones,

shrugging, shoulders, that everything else, is a bore.

Our next generations have been ‘desensitised’ to the reality of life,

making me wonder, what will their future years be like?

I suspect, by these examples, it will not be so nice. 


Some don’t know how to read, others don’t know how to write,

all they are interested in, is the next video games they can fight.

I hope that I am wrong,

and all of this ‘unawareness’ turns out all right.


Where are our young artists, painting outside the lines?

where are the colouring books, dot to dot, or crosswords to find?

As they focus on their Xboxes? well, then, who can we blame?

when children are lost, to be found, playing, imaginary war games,

Victoria Healing ~ 5.6 2017

Lost and Found



 To Be Found 




Risk Takers

risk takers mini skirts growing up in 60's:70's .jpg
Image: Growing up in the UK 50’s/60’s


Life in the 70’s, growing up as a teen,

was big, brash, transformational and extreme.

Pop music, soul, reggae and rock and roll,

“Top of the Pops” tunes, for rebellious souls.


Mini skirts, big shoulders and big hair,

high boots and bell bottom flares.

Staggering clumsily on platform shoes,

an era we had believed, there was nothing to lose.


Brightly coloured,  shiny, plastic coats,

wearing hot pants, to boldly, Go, Go, Go.

Anything could happen in fashion back then,

from revolutions to the moon landings of men.


The age of action heroes and melodrama,

Pacman, Star Wars, to Space Hopper disasters.

Hangman, noughts and crosses, skipping ropes,

Hop scotch, checkers, yoyo’s and sharing silly jokes.


That decade in the 70’s of divisions and extremes,

apartheid and nuclear war were persistent themes.

In reminiscence of those times,

when PM Margaret Thatcher, had sold out the mines.


Arthur Scargil’s trade unions of collusion,

ransoming workers, in strikes of mass confusion.

Kenny Everett’s campaign, gave our Gay’s a chance,

against the establishments, of pig ignorance.


Longhaired footballers and local corner shopping,

new computers were being installed at the office.

Our motto of life… “If you give, you will get”

work hard for a living, if you want goals, to be met.


We had no expectations, entitlements or privilege,

respect for others and good manners, our derivative.

The divergent, defiant, risk takers of that decade,

were a lot more important, than most appreciate.

Victoria Healing ~ 29.5.2019

Taking Risks




Image Credit ~ Celtic Knot ~ The brightest star in the night sky is Sirius, the Dog Star.


Looking  back to days of olde,

a plethora of stories unfold,

Worship of sun, stars, moon and skies,

seeing Gods and Goddesses divine.

Folklore tells of the Dog Star “Sirius”

as ‘watchman’ over heaven’s abyss.

Protecting the bridges of Milky Way

it has been said, right up to this day.

Over ancient aeons, of time,

shamans and neolithic tribes,

prayed to a big ‘Blue White Star”

closest to earth, in realms afar.

Rising and setting with the sun,

bright beacon, in night sky, is the one.

Light bearing and symbolic of power,

the cosmos, planetary endow’er.

Using Orion’s Belt, as a map,

three stars downwards, bottom left,

a stairway to eternal realms, they suggest.

Just nine light years, away,

Sirius is the closest star to earth, NASA conveyed.

Look within the jaws of the Great Dog, Canis Major,

more than twice, the size of the sun,

twenty times more radiant, is the ‘One’

Egyptian, Aboriginal and Dogon tribes,

still continue to have their views of this,

As the rainbow colours, twinkle and change,

folk see Sirius as UFO, carrying aliens. 

Victoria Healing~ 1.4.2019

Look, Siriusly

stars ufo david magro .jpg
Image credit ~ David Magro Photography






How did an African tribe come to possess advanced astronomical knowledge about the Sirius star system?

Throughout history, many civilizations were fascinated with Sirius, the Dog Star. This bright celestial object occupies an elevated status in various mythologies but none paint a more intriguing picture than the Dogon Tribe of West Africa.


In Scandinavia, the star Sirius has been known as Lokabrenna

(” burning done by Loki”, or “Loki’s torch”  which literally means “burning done by Loki.”


Rhyme in Verse



quobba station compass .jpg


Where bound?

Show your secret signal!

Turn around!

quobba done point paying our respects to the crew of HMAS Sydney .jpg

Sixty-five years, later they find,

HMAS Sydney shipwrecked, from back in that time;

November 1941…

“645” MEN

Had tragically lost their lives.


Exchanges of fire with Kormoran: a warship attack

Where, clearly, no correct signals were given at that…


With sympathy and all due respects, back in World War II

Deeply regretting, that we never knew


That once they were all lost

But now they are Found


Each brave man, has been taken into a count.

On this hauntingly, isolated and lonely, cliff path.


A reminder memorial of exchange of fire


The fight, the torpedoes, the blast

Full steam ahead, plummeting, sinking fast…

quobba station memorial walk kev and zoonie

So sombrely, silently, acknowledging, remembering heroic men,

Here, I then took my pen…




It’s not always fun and happy tales, when roaming new roads

Memories of times gone past will always unfold.

Where the desert meets the sea,

quobba station view .jpg



Laid to rest…


To each of our valiant Men,

God Bless

quobba sydney memorial

Victoria Healing ~ 26.9.2018

Lost is Found

"On 19 November 1941, a battle occurred between the Australian light cruiser HMAS Sydney and the German raider, the 
auxiliary cruiser HSK Kormoran. Based on the accounts of 
German survivors, Sydney closed to identify and was mortally
 damaged by hits from gunfire and a torpedo. 
Both ships sank, 80 perishing in Kormoran.

While there were NO SURVIVORS from SYDNEY’s complement
 of “645”

The absence of Australian survivors left many questions on the precise circumstances of the loss, which continues to arouse controversy" —


quobba station memorial plaque .jpg

HMAS Sydney II – Found. The wreck of the HMAS Sydney (II) was found by the Finding Sydney Foundation on 16th March 2008 approximately 207km (128 miles) from the west coast (Steep Point) of Western Australia at a depth of approximately 2,468 metres.

Relatives react

Royce Laycock was son of an engine stoker who worked on the ship and was only four when his father died. “It’s good news to know that they’ve found the ship, because you really didn’t realise or know what happened,” he said.



quobba station ride car end of track


quobba station best beach.jpgTo be continued>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Traditional Owners


'The land is my mother. Like a human mother, the land gives us 
protection, enjoyment and provides our needs – economic, social and 
religious. We have a human relationship with the land: Mother, 
daughter, son. When the land is taken from us or destroyed, we feel 
hurt because we belong to the land and we are part of it. 
-Djinyini Gondarra

Image at Iluka Art & Design




We’ve travelled around this magnificent land of Oz,

after meeting our indigenous peoples’ I wanted to share this because;

If you have a mind to listen,

our Australian Aboriginal peoples,

hold an ancient and timeless wisdom and vision.


When those first ships sailed into their Australian port,

convicts ruled by kings were told to ‘imprison, annihilate and sort’

Those, our dear elders and ancestors who lived here, in peace,

Were herded like cattle and sold on, just like sheep.


Those invaders brought their booze, crimes and disease,

where are our traditional keepers of this land now, if you please?

Sold out by the wealthy miners for rich men’s treasure and fortune,

now being portrayed by the media as uncivilised people of misfortune.


Our new generation of white settlers want to celebrate this date,

but, don’t you think we should think about this again mate?

tragically two different cultures collided on that regretful day,
Would you celebrate the holocaust or Anzac day with parties and fireworks?


what do YOU say?

Victoria Healing ~ 26.1.2018

#Change The Date


Rhyme in Verse


The Invaders

australia day demonstrate dont celebrate

Australia day is looming; fake flags are being sold out;

shameful invasion, genocide, massacres, WTF are they gloating about?

Apologies should be given on this day instead,

for stealing young children from their family beds.


Bringing guns and judgements under the guise of the church,

tell me now? What was that all worth?

A displaced nation, their culture ignored, misunderstood,

think about those horrific crimes if you would?


Why aren’t we saying sorry?

in memory of a terrible day, that came with no good.

Gifted, spiritual people who hold ancient mysteries,

why have they been forgotten in the invaders history.


I, for one, would never be wrapped up in an Aussie flag,

I’ll be remembering our ‘traditional owners’ of this ancient land.

No snaggers on the barbie for me, no shouting yahoo,

I’ve researched this tragic history,

How about youse?

Victoria Healing ~ 21.1.2018

The Invaders

one pound mob.png
Jandamawra’s Art Exhibition ~ Kinship Jandamarra’s Art


Rhyme in Verse




Never Forget

9:11 kelly price photo
Image: Kelly Price 

9.11... will always be difficult for so many, in so many ways ... 
as we remember the tragic events which occurred in 
history; where we were, what we were doing and what we saw 
on the media, streaming that horrific loop through our TV's 
right into our lounge rooms ... 

As we reflect back to the events of that day, recalling and 
honouring our brave heroes and the innocent victims


…were you on that fateful day?

Dancing Star

Jayden and leila star dancing10675568_850748078311168_4841952120784747953_n (1)

Enter Jayden, the little guy in the photo wearing a hat, posing happily with his proud mom … just loves “Michael Jackson” Jayden is an amazingly talented dancer and had just won his school competition for his body popping dance performance …………….Michael Jackson style



Dancing Star

Why should we make our children fit in?

When they all were born to stand out!

This is a true story and how I think that life should be about


This is my grandson Jay Jay and he reminds me,

When I’m feeling blue

All I have to do…

Is think about my children and grandchildren… that is the power of love which makes my heart smile too


I know our young man, Jay, Jay will go far

Because he is so passionate, a bright naturally talented star

He was obviously born to dance

So we should all give him every opportunity and chance

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But oh…

At school, with all of the bullying, his confidence was dimmed

Even though he has extraordinarily amazingly flexible hip hop limbs


Now he’s older, more confident and bolder

I’m wishing him all the best

This young man is so talented he’ll get a dance role in future I’ll bet


Encouraging and showing our children to be free and unique

So that they can find their own swagger and sassy techniques


It’s all about attitude at the end of the day,

As long as our children are smiling and following their own heart, as they enjoy their time of play

Child cant teach them they are born with it with swag 14258377_1056021054510641_7941911012287791726_o.jpg

Victoria Healing ~ 11.9.2015

Go, go, Jay Jay ~ Hey Momma

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“I’m going to search for my star, until I find it, it’s hidden in the drawer of innocence wrapped in a scarf of wonder ~ 
Thanks MJ (Michael Jackson ~ “Dancing the Dream”)