True or False?

Excalibur coloured lady of lake


From sword in stone, to magical lake,
where is the true origin and which is fake?
Did King Arthur really possess such a weapon?
was it gifted with Lady of the Lake’s blessings?

A warriors sword is spiritually symbolic;
of his strength and power and knowledge.
Out of ghostly shadows, from chronicles of time,
it seems, what was thought of Excalibur is a lie.

All of these stories, I’d thought were true,
have become a source of something new.
In our world of medieval imagination,
King Arthur has become our champion.

In the real world, all is not as it seems,
up until now, I had mistakenly believed.
Analysing all of the possibilities,
while exploring the most reliable probabilities.

From publishers, sales people, movie makers,
booksellers, travel agents and profit takers.
I return to the usual question;
what is real and what is manipulation?

Secrets of the past, are far from buried,
it appears that truth has been embellished.
The sword had a name, its name was CALEDFWICH,
to Caliburnus now Excalibur; another french twist!

One might have believed, those writers as witness,
their medieval tales had such vivid, descriptions.
With hand on heart, Lady of Lake gives you a bow,
do you see the true ‘Caledfwich’ sword now?
Victoria Healing ~ 28.5.2020
©Truth or Lie?


Excalibur was not the famous “Sword in the Stone”
“It was the Lady of the Lake, offering Arthur a magic unbreakable blade,

The name Excalibur derives from the Welsh Caledfwlch.  Geoffrey of Monmouth, Latinised the name as Caliburnus. In Old French sources this then became EscaliborExcalibor, and finally the familiar Excalibur


Robert de Boron‘s Merlin, the first tale to mention the “sword in the stone” motif.



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To Their Credits

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From Somerset, to Tintagel, to Catterick, to Hampshire,
to Cornwall, to Winchester, to Wiltshire and Yorkshire;
The travel industry has made a good trade,
exploiting King Arthur’s birthplace and remains.

Looking at all of the considerable merits,
when injecting a little ‘King Arthur’ to their credits.
While there is no logical evidence based there,
fact or fiction, encourages tourists, is that fair?

Can you imagine such a thing,
these fake fanciful promotions might bring?
I am of the opinion that all is not quite right,
herein lies my investigative plight.

From Arthur’s birth to death,
there are many legends, but yet;
Excuse me for speaking so plain,
but it’s proven he lived in CAERLEON, Wales.

The fables of King Arthur may be disputed,
however, in Welsh tradition, his origin is rooted.
In *Aneirin’s poem written in AD 594,
Arthur was found in brythonic folklore.

Camelot’s placement in Wales,
is the most credible of tales.
I can see that opinion’s are divided about this,
in finding that ‘mischief makers’ do exist.
Victoria Healing ~ 27.5.2020
©To Their Credits


*Aneirin: *Regarded as one of the early Welsh bard’s and poets, dating back to the sixth century.

His Greatest Undoing

king arthur Charlie Hunnam_ King Arthur_ Legenf of the sword_ Custom portrait_ drawing handmade_ Watercolor Painting_ Art Painting_ Anniversary Gift
Charlie Hunnam_ as King Arthur_ Legend of the sword


Constructed in the seventh century,
Glastonbury Abbey became a rich, powerful monastery.
Located at the heart of Somerset in England,
Pilgrims kept it in good repair and well funded.

In 1184, when a great fire blazed through,
the abbot; Henry of Blois knew just what to do.
Writing under his fictitious and crafty pen name;
‘Geoffrey of Monmouth’ claimed his unworthy fame.

Henry Blois was a rich and learned man,
in the art of manipulation, he was an old hand.
Was it miraculous timing, or ulterior motives?
in finding King Arthur’ lost burial tomb, he’d gloated.

His fundraising ploy and promotion had worked;
wealthy and vulnerable pilgrims had returned.
Glastonbury Tor had been obscure and poor,
it then became rich and powerful in hearts of more.

Truth to be told, Henry was a fibber and fabricator,
and worst of all he was a fake fairy tale maker.
His curve ball is now a concoction of history,
Glastonbury link to Arthur was Henry’ plot twisty.

It was everything he’d dreamed of doing,
becoming famous has been his greatest undoing.
Victoria Healing ~ 26.5.2020
©Crafty Abbot

Geoffrey of Monmouth is a pseudonym for Henry Blois, otherwise known as: The Abbott of Glastonbury, who moved the King Arthur legend from Wales to “Glastonbury Abbey” to find the money to rebuild the abbey which burnt-down in 1184”

Geoffrey of Monmouth Preface

“The first duty of a man is the seeking after and the investigation of truth”
Evidence puts Henry Blois at the centre of the Matter of Britain, it becomes evident that as a respected Bishop, he had to hide his association with the fraudulent tracts he had authored.


“Turning myth into money”

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The Muddling

King arthur muddled ♠♠♠
Image: Unknown

Do you wonder what King Arthur is all about?
no-one really knows if the truth will come out.
Reports and illusions have gone around the table,
but were they all flights of fancy and fables?

Elaborating and bungling actual facts,
appears to be a trend and predominant act.
It’s a conundrum and riddle, most author’s mix up,
Brythonic characters lives, legacies and stuff.

Contradictions are frequently twisted there,
as each author, muddles up medieval affairs.
What we find, in the 21st century,
King Arthur has become a concoction of Brit history.

Imported to Glastonbury, from Wales;
in many of those distorted, fictitious tales.
Arthur had rocked the Magical Ynys Afallon Isle,
with his mate Merlin the Wizard at his side.

However, in the yarns about his tomb and Knights,
it appears that not one of them has got it right.
The truth and evidence is clear to see;
they’ve not written the facts from Welsh history.

Actually, Arthur was solidly Welsh,
Geoffrey of Monmouth moved him somewhere else.
Pseudo-historically; what is false and what is true?
I’ll leave this Avalon to Glastonbury puzzle with you.
Victoria Healing ~ 25.5.2020

Scholarship has simply missed the fact that Geoffrey of Monmouth was a British cleric and the pen name for Henry Blois, the abbot of Glastonbury. Its historical value is almost nil.

Image: Unknown

The Enchantment

The Enchantment Merlin and lady of lake _ (1)

He’d been holding his heart with his breath,
there should have been more dignity in death.
Deeply in love, he’d taught her all he knew;
his demise came, as a bolt out of the blue.

Through walls of air, swirling on hazy mists,
a beautiful yet unbreakable crystal cavern to him.
Ghostly figures of ominous, fluctuating light,
flickered, dancing across shadow of night.

The Lady of the Lake, had been his crush and obsession,
all she’d wanted was for him, to teach her, his lessons.
His infatuation, finally, became his ruin and downfall,
she, imprisoning him within enchanted tomb walls.

Deep within his cocoon, Merlin now sleeps,
guarding his magical powers and mysteries.
Although the cave has become lost over time,
you can still hear his chains clanking inside.

On Merlin’s Hill, East of Southern Wales,
rests our supernatural wizard of magical tales.
Stepping into Merlin’s shoes, at Arthur’s side,
the Lady of the Lake, became the Queen of all time.   

Bit of a shock and a twist isn’t it?
that our Lady of the Lake had resorted to this.
Victoria Healing ~ 24.5.2020

Image: Unknown. (Merlin and the Lady of the Lake)

References and further reading:


According to some variants of the Arthurian legendMerlin was born in a cave outside Carmarthen. The town’s Welsh name, Caerfyrddin, is widely claimed to mean “Merlin’s fort”  

Arthurian Legend

It is common belief that Merlin was created as a figure for Arthurian legend

Geoffrey of Monmouth

Merlin made his first appearance in literature in the early 12th Century in Prophecies of Merlin by Geoffrey of Monmouth. Monmouth based his Merlin on a legend who was called Myrddin. 

Myrddin Wyllt (Welsh: [ˈmərðɪn ˈwɨɬt]—”Myrddin the Wild”,

Lady of the Lake

In the Vulgate Merlin, she refuses to give Merlin (who at this time is already old but appears to her in the guise of a handsome young man) her love until he has taught her all his secrets, after which she uses her power to seal him forever,

The King’s Tower


the kings tower king vortigern King Arthur_ Legend of the Sword Movie Still - #442222 - Movie Insider
Image: Movie Still, Jude Law as King Vortigern. Trivia: Chess *Fidchell  


Ah, here’s the key,
of how a legendary Seer and Mage came to be.
To build a Tower and bastion against attack;
King Vortigern had to keep rebuilding it back.

“So what must I do?” he moaned and cried,
calling on his learned prophets, who had replied;
“To sacrifice the blood of an illegitimate youth
below those foundations, is what you should do” 

“Myrddin the Wild” Bard of woods, was chosen,
and his counselling and insight there, was spoken.
“Your prophets babble and make no sense,
this is what I advise you to do and comprehend.

Excavate the foundations of that faulty Tower,
there you will find your obstacle and all power.
Drain out the pool that is hidden down deep,
there you’ll find two Dragon’s fast asleep”

As Merlin had foresaw and prophesied,
two stones were dug up, holding Dragon’s inside.
One was white the other one red.
they then battled and fought head to head. 

The white Dragon symbolised Anglo Saxons,
eventually conquered by our Welsh red Dragon.
Born and raised in Carmarthen, South Wales,
Merlin; our legendary Wizard had never failed.
Victoria Healing ~ 24.5.2020
©The King’s Tower

Did you know? The name Carmarthen is an anglicised form of the Welsh Caerfyrddin, Caer is Welsh for fort and fyrddin is the mutated Myrddin, This has given rise to the belief that Carmarthen was the home of Merlin the wizard of King Arthur. Legend has it that Merlin is imprisoned in a cave on Merlin’s Hill east of the town.

Image: Movie Still with Jude Law as King Vortigern.
Photo Trivia: Chess
*Fidchell  ~ ancient Celtic board game. The name in both Irish and Welsh translates to “wood sense”; The name has evolved into gwyddbwyll  in modern Welsh.


Lady Luck

Lady of the lake celtic motherhouse of the goddess
Image: Motherhouse of the Goddess 


All she could hear was the beat of her heart,
gliding up closer to surface where ripples part.
Avalon Water Goddess of springs and lake,
in her hand a gift of a sword, for Arthur to take.

Holding his breath, as he took her offering,
waiting and listening, he clasped her proffering.
‘I am glad to have helped you’ she had said,
he, crouching to peer into Lake, of Holy quest.

‘Be open to the ethereal source of water in the well’
where Mystical, Divine Lady of the Lake dwells;
Deep below the murky realms, in enchanted castle,
where wishes are granted, for favours of asking.

NIMUE* dwells in her abyss within infinite depths,
our Lady Luck, the origin of ‘Wishing Well’ requests.
Caring, mysterious, dreamy; Lady of the Lake;
Arthur accepted her sword for his goodness sake.

Queen, High priestess, Healer and King Maker,
Nimue’ treasure was Arthur’s charmed saviour.
Merlins sorceress, student, seer and lover;
her wellspring blessed Arthur’ Legend of ‘Excalibur’
Victoria Healing ~ 22.5.2020
©Lady Luck*  

The Lady of the Lake is also referred to as Nimue or Vivienne.

Offerings at aquatic features would be commonplace. The practice continues today at WISHING WELLS across the country and the Lady of the Lake is remembered as

References and further reading: 

Vivien may very well have been the true Lady of the Lake that is talked about in most Arthurian legends and stories. Vivien, sometimes called Nineve, Nimue, or Niniane is best known as the woman who sealed Merlin in a cave or a tree and put him under a spell. 

Some scholars believe that she originated as the Celtic water goddess Conventina, whose name evolved into Covienna and later gave way to etymological forms like Vivien.

Blind Date

Image: Howard-David Johnson.


He’d caught sight of her during a feast of court,
smitten by beauty, desirous to know her more.
Her eyes were soft and welling with tears,
“I am the wife of Gorlols, so let me be clear.

Faithful and virtuous, to my marriage,
your attention towards me sir, is disparaged”
She would not betray the honour of her spouse,
in an illicit and sinful affair, by playing around.

However, who Uther Pendragon desired, he would have,
he’d craved intimacy with her, as a suitor, he was bad.
Egiyr being a romantic temptation to him,
Uther summoned, the magic and wizardry of Merlin.

‘Disguised as Gorlois’ ~ Uther had intercourse with her,
She then bore him a son; named ‘Arthur’ in childbirth.
Arthurs’ conception having been invoked from magic,
Uther and Egiyr paid the forfeit, disastrous and tragic.

As Uther had asked for a rape, created from a spell,
his wanton and awful debauchery, didn’t abide well.
She, Egiyr, a divine daughter of The Holy Isle,
bewitched by a trance that could not be reconciled.

A life for a life is the universal balance of order,
Egiyr’ soul was taken by *Nimue, the lake sorcerer.
Her heart had been given, as a sacrifice for Arthur;
Uther then saw how his meddling, ended in disaster.

It was Eigyr’ death that sparked Uther’ dictate;
to ‘banish all sorcery’ when he became revengeful and irate.
Victoria Healing ~ 21.5.2020
©Date Rape

In Arthurian legend, IGRAINE is the mother of King Arthur. She is also known in Welsh as EIGYR — She becomes the wife of Uther Pendragon, but her first husband was Gorlois; her daughters by Gorlois are Elaine, Morgause and Morgan le Fay.

*Today NIMUE is best known as Lady of the Lake


After All

olwen _
Image: Unknown


Her hair was flowing as shimmering gold,
glistening of sun light, as this love story unfolds.
She the sun goddess and ruler of three realms,
underworld, earth and heavens.

Daughter of *Ysbadaddenm, king of the giants;
in forbidding her to marry her admirer, he’d been defiant.
A hex of burden had been placed upon his head,
that he would surely die, if his daughter were wed.

“And I am ‘Culhwch’ said her amorous suitor;
“I would like to be betrothed to Olwen in future”
The king of giants set him a series of complex tasks;
certain that Culhwch wouldn’t fulfil all that he asked.

Culhwch sought the aid of his cousin King Arthur,
who assisted him in winning Olwen as his partner.
Brythonic Goddess of sunlight and ’Lady of White Tracks’
her beloved beau, triumphed in executing his tasks.

She was the May Queen bride, appearing in spring,
her hero Culwych delighted her with a wedding ring.
Wherever she had walked white clover would fall;
as Culwych and Olwen loved happily ever, after all.
Victoria Healing ~ 20.5.2020
©For the Love of Olwen

Olwen’s themes are the arts, creativity, excellence and the sun.

King of Giants: *Ysbadaddenm (Hawthorn)


Olwen (pronounced O-loon), 

Welsh Flower and Sun Goddess is most probably an ancient Goddess whose original stories and power have been lost to us. Her name means “Golden Wheel,” making Her the opposite of the powerful Sky Goddess, Arianrhod who was known as “Silver Wheel.”

Olwen, female figure often constructed as originally the Welsh Sun goddess Sulis , British goddess whose name is related to the common Proto-Indo-European word for “Sun” and thus cognate with Helios , Sól , Sol , and Surya and who retains solar imagery, as well as a domain over healing and thermal springs.


The Interpreter

knight celt man on horseUhtred of Bebbanburg - Alexander Dreymon in The Last Kingdom, set in the late 9th century (TV series 2015)_

He listened steadfastly, as the Owl,
began to awaken from slumber and howl.
It’s screech echoing through dark night,
as the moon rose, in luminous delight.

Animals are supernatural for their ability;
to bridge between two worlds of reality.
He had understood every word,
chatting with each animal and bird.

From Blackbird, Stag, Owl, Eagle, to Salmon,
each messenger led Gwrhyr to liberate Mabon.
Known as interpreter, handpicked by King Arthur,
his quest to find Olwen as Culhwch’ love partner.

This is where Gwrhyr myth and legend ends,
in crusading to enquire of his animal friends.
Knight in shining armour and shapeshifter,
Olwyn was; into Culhwch’  hand, delivered.
Victoria Healing ~ 18.5.2020
©The Interpreter

Gwrhyr Gwalstawd Ieithoedd;

MABON: A fortress guarded by Glewlwyd Gafaelfawr, the eponymous porter.

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