Would You Agree?



exmouth stars exmouth visitor centre vlaminhead lighthouse
Image ~ Exmouth Visitor Centre. Vlaminghead Lighthouse


“Would You Agree”?

that there are zillions of Stars in the sky?

and that life would be more simple,

if you never asked the reason why.


Once upon magical moments,

I wish I could share these images with you.

The amount of Stars in the Exmouth night sky,

when I peep out at night, through my caravan window view.


Saturated with magnificent gemstones,

makes you realise, that you and I are never alone.

Night has turned into daylight,

billions of shiny stars, twinkling onto our camp home.


When you’re at the top end of Australia,

in the small, early hours of the morning.

Just before the Moon goes down,

and the new Sun is yet to be dawning …


You can’t see the pitch black, dark of the night;

because all of the Stars are shining so glittery,

sparkling like diamonds, so bright.


Then as morning appears on the horizon,

the light show and all of their dazzling Stars,

melt right into the skyline,

vanishing and blinking, out of sight.


It’s so hard to explain in “words”

I’d never seen anything like this before.

When I see super natural sights in the Universe,

I’m inspired to share this magic…

With you, one and all!

 Victoria Healing ~ 22.8.2015

“Would you agree”?

exmouth stars billion star views exmouth visitor centre
Image ~ Exmouth Visitor Centre

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