Fisherman fails

Fisherman Fails

Shark bay monkey mia, here fishy, fishy.jpg

My fisherman hubby always takes his rods on holiday,
every where we go, his lines are hooked up, angled, ready to play!
Each day he dangles his worms,
but when there are no bites, that causes him major concerns!

At Shark Bay, patiently he’d cast his bait into the sea,
but no fish was he pulling out, they hadn’t wanted a feed!
Sad and forlorn, he questioned the locals of the town,
where are all the fish? Have they sunk or perhaps drowned? 

I kept feeding him big hearty meals to keep up his strength,
in the evening a few beers for his disappointment and recompense.
Then… around the campfire one night…
the local men told him perhaps the reason for his plight and ‘why’ those fish wouldn’t have a bite.
They told him, that the fish, in the Bay are ‘all breeding,’
so, this is their starving and ‘fasting’ season’
‘They have ‘other’ and better things to do…
than get ‘hooked up’ on a line with you.
If you come back again next year,
In April, be sure to bring your fishing gear.
Then you are certain to catch…
massive big fish from the beach, when you cast!’

I’d like to see a smile on hubby’s face in that month,
we may finally get to dine on a seafood brunch.
Victoria Healing ~ 31.8.2017
Fisherman Fails ~ Shark Bay/Nanga Bay Resort

‘Nothing makes a fish bigger than almost being caught’

Shark Bay Nanga fishermen excuses 1. no fish in this ocean.jpg

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Shark Bay Beer, sun in hand drink in hand .jpg

Shark Bay sea fishing.jpg

Shark Bay don't bother me when I'm fishing unless you brought a beer.jpg

Lightening strikes


Image by Marc Russo Photography
Shot Notes: ‘I photographed this at a historic location called Perrys Paddock, Western Australia


On our travels back home from Exmouth, a lengthy 800km ride,

we stopped in Northampton, at a small but friendly campsite.

A sleepy, quiet, traditional heritage town,

pretty green, scenic landscapes surround.


On arrival, we cooked tea and hot showers we had,

then something happened, that made us feel startled, fearful and really bad.

We heard a loud booming bang and saw an illuminating flash of light,

Thunder, lightening and hailstorms resounded, arriving over our heads for the rest of that night!


Imagining, that we’d all be ‘deep fried’ in our caravan there,

I asked hubby, ‘do I need to stress out or care?’

hubby said “don’t worry, put your mind at rest;

we have rubber tyres on this caravan and our shelter conditions are the best”


That thunder and lightening raged and roared throughout the night.

waiting for the roof to fall in, I stayed awake, in fright.

Wishing that I was home or some place else …

looking out of the window to next door, oh my goodness,

 A… watering ‘Well!’

a soggy tent, was pitched, but sinking outside.

How thankful I was then, that, in a caravan we ride.


Next morning, a saturated couple emerged bedraggled, from their tent door,

with a little dog trailing by their side, they said, ‘they had never seen him before’

The poor dog must have been frightened and in a sorry, startled plight,

so he’d tapped on their tent wall to take shelter in their camp that night.


That kind, caring couple let him sleep with them, all in,

although they hadn’t known where he’d come from or where he’d been.

The moral of this story as you can tell;

is that there is always someone else

worse off than you; be kind to others and live your life well.


Now we are back home after being cooped up, in our small van,

where there was no running hot water, showers or toilets, close at hand.

Making us both appreciate and value, our home comforts and luxuries of life,

but still, our road trips, we enjoy and are always, ever so nice.

Victoria Healing ~ 30.8.2017

Lightening strikes ~ Hey Momma

Northampton (Heritage Town) Western Australia


Caravan no words11885031_993902840651318_8472773754188376533_o.jpg


dogs roxy with hat, will you read me a bedtime story.png
Our furry baby Roxy, loves to travel, but hates thunderstorms 




Campfires… ‘an that’

Campfire’s ‘An’ that’

Shark Bay Dogs an that listen closely with curious eyes .jpg

I met an older man at the Nanga Bay Resort campfire, not sure of his name?

Told us tales of his life story, however, I couldn’t get a word in side or edgeways.


As a young man when at work, he’d taken a terrible fall,

Left him suffering with injured back, epilepsy and possibly medically, there could be more!


He’d travelled as a truck driver, around every road in Oz…

Mapping his interesting journey, telling me on the whereabouts of why and because.

Shark Bay thong shack, only in Australia .jpg
The Thong Shack, Shark Bay


He told of how all his life, he’d looked after his parents, who’d had dementia, as they’d grown old.

Although his getaway hobby was; travelling each week, along the great aussie roads.


UNICEF fundraising was his next story to unfold…

He’d met a group of young men and what to him, they had told.

A mission around the world, visiting every country on the globe


One walker had been killed in Afghanistan

But his brother continued walking and fundraising for disadvantaged children, across international lands!


I then had to ask, “Had he got a wife and children?”

He told me… “No because his life had been taken up, caring for his parents.


A Cow farmer he was, from a childhood back when

Breeding different coloured shades of cattle and then,

The highlight of his life, he had said…

A prized stud Bull into a Victorian Grand Arena, he had led.


Well, he then went on, sharing so much, … for more than an hour!

Tales of his life, I took note of paying attention and devoured.


Listening intently to all that he said

But behind his back, everyone was laughing and jeering at him instead.


Sadly they had no patience for his stories, so he drew his chair to me closer…

That man, I respected and admired, because he was 80, or maybe even older…


He told me about the missing link they’d found in his family.

He being the fourth generation from Liverpool and that was his ancestry.


A daring elder, adventuring on his own, across this land…

How brave and courageous he is, that kind of character, I appreciate and want to understand.


Then I thought how lucky I was, to be there

Maybe… this could be the last conversation that he perhaps would share,

I’m glad that I had taken time to pay attention and show him that I cared.


So staring intensely as of each era he told,

He’d conclude with ‘AN THAT’… so then his next chapter would unfold.


So always, when out in the great Ozzie bush

Listening to our elders, for me, is a must.


Warm, balmy nights, drinks in hand

If you’ve ever experienced this, then you will understand


Then this morning, I went trekking off to the loo,

I met our resident young chef and he was unhappy too!

He told me ‘Some bastard had run over me ‘Ganja’

I’m hoping that doesn’t affect him tonight, when he’s cooking our Snagger’s!


Nanga Bay Resort is not what I thought,

You see, the basic and simple things in life are the most charming to remember and record

Nanga bay resort Enthusiast in life 12108214_1143830358979765_944433279481741927_n.jpg

Victoria Healing ~ 24.8.2017

Campfires ‘an’ that’ ~ Hey Momma

‘Maybe some people are just passing through. It's like some 
people just come through our lives to bring us something: 
a gift, a blessing, a lesson we need to learn. And that's why they're here. You'll have that gift forever.’

Danielle Steel



It is… what it is

Shark bay nanga bay resort rainbows bend .jpg

We’ve arrived at Nanga Bay ‘Resort’ now,

Close to the ocean, but winds are blustery, breezy, blowing us around.


However, as one ocker Ozzie in slang to me, had said…

‘At least these gusts keep the ‘flies… ‘but’… from buzzing about your head’


Just 50kms drive from Shark Bay…

A short and brief journey, to ride here today


Sleepy, silent and rustic homestead;

Going for a seafood basket tonight, there is a campfire and restaurant here they’ve all said!


Shauna is the welcoming manager of this resort,

Beautiful lady, with lots of kindness and forethought

Big warm, sincere, heart felt and friendly grin.

Colourful happy character, oh yes please, we’ll move in.


What more could you want?

Living this life, a pit stop on the road

Is so welcoming and nice.


Shark Bay Nanga sundowner .jpg

Caravan is all set up homely and cosy, our parking bay found,

Can’t wait till tomorrow,  when we can have a look-see around.


Old sheep station country… can you imagine?

Everything worn down, dilapidated and gone far out of fashion!



The rules of this campsite here are: That it is the women who are boss,

Ladies rule the roost and men have to obey all of us.


The treasures of a road-trip are about, people you meet on your journey.

Diverse, assorted life stories, from which you are learning.

Listening closely to all of their accounts and tales,

Makes our road-trips interesting and thought provoking, along our way.



Tales around the campfire are amusing and fun

So many characters you meet, as you journey along.


No phones or internet transmission are around

Just healthy views and flickers and twitters of sunsets to astound!


Keep your ears and eyes wide open, take it all in…

Enjoying each rural culture, because ‘it is, what it is’



Victoria Healing ~ 24.8.2017

It is what it is ~ Hey Momma


‘Our destination is never a place, but a new way of 
seeing things’

~ Henry Miller





million star resorts

eyes imagination you can't depend on your eyes when Stars 5 your imagination is out of focus 18891803_1372333556148257_5666438034341045023_o.jpgMillion Star Resorts…


On reaching our destination at Nanga Bay Resort…

We’d checked out and reviewed before and had thought, to stay here, we ought.


So, on our arrival to unload and unhook our caravan,

Unfortunately we met a snooty, patronizing and snobbish, haughty man!


All dressed up to the nine’s in his tailored custom-made khaki’s…

Spiffy hair, condescending and all of that hot air and malarkey!


Toffee nosed, stuck-ups; you can spot them a mile away

‘Five star’ luxury living they want to have each and every day.


Well, he looked at us and asked ‘what do you think?’

‘This all looks very basic and is not good enough for me’


So, what could we say to convert this snooty man?

If he were a real camper, then he would understand.

Shark Bay sunset when you really pay attention .jpg

Life in the bush is all that you need and the best you can get,

Living outdoors on God’s green earth, beach, sunshine and a warm cosy bed.


Well, we didn’t bother to reply to his question;

Looking puzzled at him, we thought he really doesn’t know this X-factor, way of life that he’s missing!


So he huffed off and blustered away, stepping into his luxury car,

Never knowing that he’s missing; these natural wonders, of a healthy lifestyle,

Campfires, sunsets and sleeping under millions of bright, twinkling stars


Shark Bay road, forever life, I want the whole world or nothing.jpg

Victoria Healing ~ 25.8.2017

Million Star Resorts ~ Hey Momma


‘Much of what was said did not matter, and that much of what 
mattered could not be said’

Katherine Boo

Another amazing stars show with David Magro Photography


dear child

for the children…

“You have to write the book that wants to be written. And if the 
book will be too difficult for grown-ups, then you write it for 
 ― Madeleine L'Engle


Child all children need is parents who love them 18880068_1341591642590310_6387778924965743500_o

On watching the life story of Princess Diana last night

Telling the story of how her Mom had walked out of her life…

Diana, searched far and wide, for that missing love and affection

Happiness, harmony and peace of mind.


So this is my complaint for today

Makes me frustrated and sad, to say…


My beautiful Mom too, had been abandoned as a child

Her childhood so sad, never to be resolved as an adult, or reconciled!

Always wondering why her mom and dad had left her…

Her whole life through, she’d felt abandoned and rejected!


Insecure, neglected, with no self confidence,

I will not make apologies for being so blunt…

Sometimes I wonder, if my Mom’s life would have been any different

If her parents had been more loving and consistent?


Isn’t there enough strife in this world?

Without abandoning your children,

Leaving them un-parented, depressed and unheard.


I find it so incredible, but true;

That a parent can walk away from their child

Not caring what they do.


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Off to a better life with another,

Who doesn’t have love, care or any feeling, about the young children spawned by their new lover?

childe boy blue sitting on a tyre 11059419_806466129467627_2333097699218148261_n.jpgHow much damage would that cause their child?

Ignored, alone, feeling reviled.


I can’t understand how anyone can,

Leave their offspring feeling unloved,

Under any circumstance!


Yes, life can be hard,

Life can be tough,

Sometimes challenging,

Other times rough.

Perhaps not feeling, so, in love.


But what about the innocent youngster who doesn’t understand?

How their parent can walk away

Un considered in their Father or Mothers new life and plans.


Child overlooking lake no words19620143_10155439901267731_5649702667458250684_o.jpg

Sad to think that this is a pattern of life

Little children are the one’s who are sacrificed.

Adults should deal with their own s*&t

Honour their responsibilities as a priority and then get on with IT!


Get a divorce or a separation,

But please don’t abandon your children

In your own selfish manifestation


Child anyone who helps a child is a hero to me 18839012_1340406909375450_2473561880099821203_n

Victoria Healing ~ 22.8.2017

Child rescue ~ Hey Momma

There is no such thing as a "broken family." Family is family, 
and is not determined by marriage certificates, divorce papers, and 
adoption documents. Families are made in the heart. 
The only time family becomes null is when those ties in the heart 
are cut. If you cut those ties, those people are not your family. 
― C. JoyBell C.




a real account


Thanks to The Road To Me


Hearts, Angels, photoshop and flowers

some i see, will post to profess all, encompassing love,

to strangers on social media,

or perhaps, on the wings of cute pretty coloured doves.


But tell me… where are the real people who have an ‘actual’ life?

simple life style, written and shared, that would be nice!


20953967_2262964263842831_6144767945627119428_n (1).jpg
Courtesy of S C Lourie and Pebbles and Butterflies


Tuning in each day to my Facebook best friends

always interesting, stimulating, exciting, wisdom, real life and then…

reviewing back to memories of years gone before;

reminding me of all, that I am grateful for.


Topsy-turvy, unpredictable for sure

if it weren’t; we wouldn’t be learning any more,

life is untidy, muddled and chaotic,

it’s not always about being luxurious and exotic.


Simple things in life are so much more exciting

plain and unpretentious, unassuming… all inviting.

messages wrapped up, with real life reality,

sharing comments from your own spirit, is more interesting to see.


Make a start, sharing your thoughts.

write from your heart,

dare, as you ought!


Thanks to Sue Fitzmaurice – Author for this message


Victoria Healing ~ 21.8.2017

Create a ‘real’ account ~ Hey Momma


dance reality is up for grabs1429469_952277634793729_7634849538678946630_n.jpg

Numerology Daily Matters
Rhyme in Verse

Eagle Rocks and Cockle Shells

Shell Beach, may you have sand in your pockets and shells in your toes.jpg

Next on our travel wish list was…


Eagle Bluff, so picturesque! a magical, breathtaking place

Once seen, never forgotten, but no photo’s here,

Because our camera shots wouldn’t take!


We’ll go back another day and try again

As this is a sacred place for our dear Aboriginal women and men

Their indigenous culture is suspicious of…

Any photographs that are taken as they are our traditional land owners of Oz.


Funny then, that my camera wouldn’t work?

Strange goings on, I thought this mysterious law here seems to lurk!


Never before had I had that experience,

I will always honour and respect this circumstance!


Eagle Rock Island was just off in the distance!

They say that this is, one of the best places to come for a visit.


The rock in front of this Bay…

Is where the Eagles and Ospreys come home to stay.


Shallow, clear crystal waters below;

If you visit at high tide, so many marine wonders to know.


It is said that under the boardwalks, is teeming with life

Including Rays, Turtles, Sharks and Dugongs, now that would be nice.


World Heritage listing… and you can see why

Make sure you put this on your wish list and definitely drop by



Shell Beach if you need me call  me on my shell phone.jpgWent off next to visit the wonders of Shell Beach

Cockle Shells are ingrained they say, over nine metres deep.


Sapphire oceans and snowy white Cockle Shell beach

Only a few handful of places on earth, where shells replace the sands to the reef.


Created naturally for over 4000 years

This beach is over 120kms long,

Breathtakingly amazingly so white, pristine and pure;

You’ll want to stay longer that is for sure!

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Lucky and glad to have seen this phenomenon

So much natural beauty, here, is going on!

Shell Beach I need a job on the beach.jpg

Victoria Healing ~ 18.8.2017

Eagles Rock and Cockle Shells ~ Hey Momma

Eagle Bluff is “Located approximately 20 km south from Denham, this 
area is named after the osprey or sea eagles which nest on the rock island just 
offshore. It boasts a boardwalk, which extends over the ocean and 
from this you can see the Useless Loop salt pile as well as the 
spectacular Shark Bay wildlife. Dugongs can be seen during the summer months, when they come in close to shore to feed on the massive sea grass meadows in the Shark Bay area.

The warm, shallow waters of this bay abound in fish species such as 
whiting and mullet which attract dozens of sharks to feed.

The deeper channel water contains many colourful species of coral 
making it great for snokelling if you don't mind sharing the water 
with the sharks.

Eagle Bluff also marks the spot where Captain H.M. Denham carved the 
inscription on a rock in 1858 from which the town derives its name. 
The rock is now placed in Pioneer Park in the township of Denham 
because it was fragile and breaking away from the Bluff.

The raised boardwalk also gives views of two small limestone islands 
once mined for guano and now important breeding bird colonies. 
The larger island is called Eagle Island”


Image courtesy of Shark Bay News. Sunset at Eagle Bay

Travels Journal 2017

Tails on the River


Kayaking doggy tails up the river.jpg
Image: Roxy and Zoonie Kayaking


Tails on the River

Kayaking on the rivers in the great outback.
what more could you want, what more could you lack?
Supplies of sandwiches in the car, drinks in the back.
Our furry girls are loving, enjoying the sun;
freedom to explore, whilst having a little run.
The river is calming and peaceful, the sunshine is out;
an enjoyable happy day, without any doubt.
Got this wonderful place to ourselves,
little white butterflies, are fluttering around.
Fishing rods, are all set up.
enjoying the views, appreciating, this outlook.
Oars at the ready,
kayak is set up on the shore!
How perfect life is,
it’s never a bore.
Paradise is here,
oh my good Lord!
Sounds of silence, hush and still,
savouring serene moments, are brill!

Sun-cream slapped on, this sun is hot,
we’re off to enjoy our day now, so this is your lot.
Victoria Healing ~ 16.8.2017
©Tails on the river 

Image: Victoria Healing

With Roxy and Zoonie


Kayaking, procrastikayaking the art of kayaking when you should be doing something else

Kayaking, dogs girls, life is simple just add water .jpg

Kayaking dogs, kayak hair, don't care.jpg



Dream Messengers


Dreams teachers 18922161_1518543861500434_2830179061960488858_n.jpg

As you wake up from your sleepy dream state;
mystical, magical, as you start to sense you’re awake.
Your emotions and feelings, towards what you have dreamed,
that other dimension, was there, what did you see?

What are the feelings that you’d had?
was it an adventure or feeling, happy or sad?
Those dream teachers always there for you,
guiding you forwards, to what you could do.

Victoria Healing 15.8.2017
Dream Messengers ~ Hey Momma

“Some people see things that are and ask, Why? 
 Some people dream of things that never were and ask, Why not?  
 ― George Carlin