Epileptic Brain



“Hypergraphia: (a passion for writing) is acknowledged to be a product of the epileptic brain, involving intensifications of the feelings that lead anyone to write or draw.  ~ Seized  ~ Eve LaPlante

writing to me is simply thinking through my fingers dreamweavers


Epilepsy is a neurological malfunction,
it is not a mental health dysfunction.
We are missing our ‘emotional ‘link;
It is not, what you have been misled to think.

Stigma, myths and old propaganda abound,
many feel pity, disregard ‘facts’ and misunderstand.
Epilepsy is connected to our creative and artistic traits,
we have positive capabilities, this is not, just about our shakes.
Victoria Healing ~ 27.5.2017
©Epileptic Brain ~ Hey Momma

“The tendency or even compulsion to write excessively, has been apparent in many Temporal Lobe Epilepsy patients we follow, including some of the most well adapted and highly functioning. These patients may take creative writing courses, belong to poetry groups, or write short stories. Some of the work they produce is excessive, ruminative and moralistic. It is the driven nature of the writing, its excessive quantity and the repetitive moralistic and philosophic content that we tend to associate with TLE” ~ Seized: Temporal Lobe Epilepsy as a Medical, Historical, and Artistic Phenomenon.

Epilepsy Support – New Zealand and Australia



There’s a better Way

Sometimes I think I need a spare heart to feel all the things I feel 1377204_527769510639198_255252509_n

"There's a better way, for you and for me and the entire 
human race” ~ Michael Jackson


Turn off the TV,

back away from the News!

In their media frenzy

broadcasting mostly tragic views.


Manchester was attacked,

catastrophic and unexpected

Now, there is nothing that we can do.

to help those poor souls who were involved and affected.



DANGER, ALERT, can you hear that sound?

Spreading so much negativity and fear all around.

Hate campaigns,

Spreading ‘vigilante aims’

Everyone points their fingers

to which religion it was, that we should all blame?


Listening ? Ladakh 14915354_1130183777064432_7165861741790204326_n


Reporters tell us that it was a suicide bomber

Oh my Lord, what a terrible horror.

Looking out for the heroes and helpers,

So many brave people, those are the ones that we should honour!


Tragedies are occurring  every single day,

most of them in other countries,

So we all turn our backs and look away.



Turning  those negatives, into positives.

Learning from these lessons.

Sending love, prayers, compassion

and sincere blessings.


Victoria Healing ~ 24.5.2017

“There’s a better Way” ~ Hey Momma


Listen up

listening little girl speak
Image ~ Little Girl Speak

Listening. . . quietly . . . all around . . .

the sounds of nature always astound!

Listening to gentle rains falling, now on the lawn

the sounds of birds tweeting, as we greet another new dawn.

Free and wild, like Mother Nature intends,

no TV or radio blasting, to drown out your feelings or senses.

Looking upwards to the birds flying around,

tweeting and chirping, that is my favourite sound.

Listen intently, what do you hear?

nature is calling if you stop right here!

Supporting, protecting,

nurturing peace of mind,

Counting our blessings

When we stop . . . to search and find.

Victoria Healing ~ 23.5.2017

Listen up ~ Hey Momma

Hush Ups


When you’re told that you have temporal lobe epilepsy,
you’re left feeling anxious about “How will this affect me”?
A plethora of research, you will have to do,
as neurologists only know about the pharmacy drugs to prescribe to you!

Our hidden dilemma is to find out about what stigma, is true.

All of the drugs don’t help the fact,
adding to your condition, and how side effects will react.
Getting a better understanding of your personality and moods,
are those the ‘traits’ of epilepsy, or are those drugs affecting you?

After spending half an hour with my neurologist the other day
all he was interested in talking about,
Was himself and how he’d been on another aeroplane.
after that conversation, he tripled my meds again,

In my consultation experiences, (and I’ve had a lot)
each time i’ve visited the doc,
He’s taken a lot of fee paying time,
bragging, about flights over the world and what riches he’s got.

Is that the perks of these jobs?
well can you tell me?
If this is this just a coincidence?
or not?

When I’ve asked about the medicinal marijuana campaign,
he’d wanted to know,  “Where are the profits and what could he gain”
Who are these Doctors answerable to? that is my quest,
Is it the pharmacy companies?
I’ll let YOU decide the rest.
Victoria Healing ~ 18.5.2017
©Hush Ups ~ Hey Momma

“No thief, however skilful, can rob one of knowledge, and that is why knowledge is the best and safest treasure to acquire” ~ L. Frank Baum