a Freshwater point of view

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How about this FREE CAMP?
Million dollar views from our caravan door
Could we get any closer to the ocean?
Do you want a glass of champers while you take in the views? …
You’re welcome.


freshwater point cheers .jpg

Half a dozen caravans perched along the edge of the beach

Only a few sandy footsteps to the ocean, so, easily within reach

As we begin another road trip stop over at Freshwater Point

This is the beginning of our Journey, what more could we want.


To us, the ocean is beckoning, come hither

Although Shire rangers stopped by yesterday

Reminding us that we can only camp free here for another three days


Well, I suppose that’s what you get, when there are no fees paid.


Natural vistas, ocean-lapping sounds,

Smells of beach campfires burning at night

Sausages in the fry pan

Flames blazing red and orange

Glowing and crackling, warmly and bright


Looking up at the brilliance of the stars come evening.

Lighting up over our heads, iridescent lights twinkling all seeing.


Oh look, there is the Milky Way high up in the distance

Being reminded of our indigenous legends.

There are some myths that say

That the spirits live up in the coloured streams of that Milky Way.


Otherwise know as the Stars of the Souls,

Traversing these ancient diverse lands, in a caravan

Ticking off another of our wish list goals

Our world now looks turqoise blue and shades of sand


With that certain natural outdoorsy smell

This kind of lifestyle makes us both feel

Free, healthy, happy and exceeding well.


Next free camp will be at Coronation Bay

That is now only about 100 km’s away,


Weather so perfect at this time of year…

Can you imagine yourself?

Road tripping here?


freshwater point .jpgVictoria Healing ~ 10.5.2018

A Freshwater point of view ~ Hey Momma








Name: Little Freshwater Point Rest Area

Street: Indian Ocean Drive

Town: Arrowsmith

Postcode: 6525

State or Territory: Western Australia


  • Amenities Block
  • Pet Friendly
  • Fishing

Another BYO everything site, overlooking the Ocean


Taking notes


poem my wish for you a poem .png

I think that each day,

everyone should read or write a love letter, quote or a poem.

words from some perpetual dimension, to keep your spirits in the zone to ever flowing.


It’s a feeling of cool calm, relaxed, but alert,

words streaming, reading, scrabbling chats back, to focus on all that they are worth.


Deep within the flow of prayer, thinking and calm,

evocative senses of deep meditation, aligned with a sprinkling of stars.


Moonbeams and magic glimmer through,

sighing in awe as you interpret messages, seemingly sent to you.


Ethereal worlds of magic, mystery and dreams,

sometimes, bursting forth, exploding at the seams.


Words perpetually pulsing through your veins,

like hurricanes they urge onwards their letters to be saved.

Lost in writing, surreal, with divine intervention,

beckoning forwards on invisible pathways of purpose and intention.


Try not to circumnavigate, misinterpret or evade those words,

sensing that flow, listening in intently to what you have just heard.


Memos, rhymes or verse, whatever you may choose,

when lost in the depths of writing poetry, there is nothing to lose.


Spellbound by words, charmed by a verse,

freedom of feelings, filling your heart with wonders and mirth.

Listen intentionally to what you are hearing,

Then pay attention to your feeling-isty feelings.



Victoria Healing ~ 6.5.2018

Taking Notes


Conversation starter

peace .jpg

WORDS SEARCH, search, search… 

Sometimes, I feel

That I’m drowning in my own depths of thoughts

Listening in at the rate of 50,000 babblings by the day

But when peace is in mind

All of that chattering stops and goes away.

I dream of a life, so serene, quiet and calm

Each morning, losing my self in poetry and all of its

“Wordy” charms.

writing dont wish to change the world with words

Mindfully observing,

While ignoring my ‘thinking,’

Writing down these positive thoughts

Reading back written words, to focus on what I should and really ought.

peace my wish for you peace of mind.png

My wish for you

Is that you may also find a style

To remain in harmony as your soul wonders throughout your own depths of inner wild.

In a universe deep inside

There will always be answers you may find

Run away from anything that disturbs your tranquillity

Listen into the good, review and define.

Schedule some time and space

To search for your own magic and grace,

Finding what makes you feel good?

Is in your best interests and you really should.

When you consider that there are 1440 minutes in each date

Can you imagine if you resourced those conversations that focussed only on your great?

Connect with your self, go exploring, dig and delve

Discard the nagging complaints, align with your true inner self…

peace deeper longing calling us to stop

Victoria Healing ~ 5.5.2018

Words Search ~ Hey Momma

peace ever since happiness heard your name.jpg

Daily Spark: Create - Depth

“The expressive body is not literal; it’s very primal, and that’s 
what I feel like when I make the best of my work. 
It’s coming from a primal place rather than an intellectual place” 
~ Michael Leunig

“Our best creative expression comes from the wisdom of our experience rather than the surface of our repetitive day-to-day thoughts. Did you know that you think approximately 50,000 thoughts a day, with about 90% of those being a repeat of what your thoughts were yesterday? Today instead of listening (again!) to the same expression of your mind, get quiet and say hello to your primal, physical, non-verbal self.

Let everything you create be birthed from your primal depths” ~ HeatherAsh Amara.

Thank you for your inspiration HeatherAsh Amara and Warrior Goddess Training.

Waiting on YOU

The future is something which everyone reaches at the rate of sixty minutes an hour, whatever he does, whoever he is”   ~ C.S. Lewis

Just Watch



We can spend it

We can waste it

We can try to hold it back!

We can look forwards to its relevance in the future

What, when, where and why…


Is ‘this’ concept I’m writing about?


may travel caravan memorie .jpg


Don’t you remember

That those hands of time, keep on passing by

Have you ever asked yourself, why does it fly?


When will those little rotating suckers ever stop?

We can’t ever buy back this time again

All of our priorities, shouldn’t be forgot.


Time how did it get so late so soon.png


Time is precious shouldn’t we all think?

Making it count,

Doing our own favourite things.


What is it that ignites your hearts fire?

What are your needs?

What are your desires?


How many days?

How many years?

Will our time’s eventually be mislaid in a long lost and sorry blur?


time lovepaperplane.png


Don’t hold back on things, you’ve always wanted to do

The hands of time won’t stop…

Just… waiting for you.


Cram your days with those things that you enjoy

Consider your favourite bucket lists, goals and urgent ploys.


Don’t sit watching these precious days go by

Because you must know, that all of our time here

Will just quickly fly


plane dreams no words be both soft and wild like petal dream 22366423_1896712713690772_1903633690901976452_n.jpg


“Time is of the essence”

These era’s will keep turning around.

Bring your dreams and desires then

Down to earth and touch base with solid ground.


Don’t waste a second… just yearning for

The moments of happiness that YOU desire,

I implore.

time is precious spend it with the right people.png

Victoria Healing ~ 4.5.2018

Just waiting on you

“Every calendar’s days are numbered”


time come sit with me no agenda no sensors barefoot five


It’s about Time

stop the clock the old and whimsical
Image: The Old and Whimsical 

It’s about “Time”

Do not resist your needs for change.

Do you ever listen to the ticking of the clock?

Wondering when those hands might stop?

You may delay…

But always remember that

Time will not.

Turning points, decisions, what would you like to do?

Those answers will be found

In your own heart,

Where you know all truth.

~ Victoria Healing

 "Time is the most valuable thing a man can spend." - Theophrastus.jpg


Rhyme in Verse


TIME – Hans Zimmer – (VioDance Violin Remix)


Numerology January, I’m ready



rune mannaz self dear past thank you for lessons ready now gateway

in numerology

January represents ‘One”




Your creative and intuitive powers are pronounced and it would be good for you to spend some time in nature or meditation, where ideas that have long been left dormant will now begin to emerge into your understanding.

Secrets will be revealed to you.

Draw upon those new ideas.


may travel caravan and so the adventure begins







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