Koala dreams

koala living the dream .png


“I'd love to hold a koala. They sleep 22 hours a day, eat 
eucalyptus leaves and just hang out. I want to spend some time 
with that guy” ~ Milo Ventimiglia


.Would you like to live a Koalas life?

As burrowers, Koala’s shared a special connection with the earth. Aboriginal wisdom recognises this relationship.

We could learn a lot from Koalas

If a KOALA shows up:
You may need a relaxing retreat from daily life for a few days, so plan one soon and get away.
Be aware of your emotions, yet remain detached from them and keep them contained.
You’ve been working hard and need to rest, perhaps take an afternoon nap.
~ Animal Spirit Guides (Steven D Farmer, PH, D)

Allow the Koala to share their many valuable insights with you.

What does a koala bear symbolise?

“Don’t move so fast. Don’t rush to that next appointment.”


koala if you hadn't woken me up I'd still be sleeping
KOALA SPIRIT ~ Australia Koala Foundation



If you see a KOALA in your DREAMS, it means that you have good luck in your friendships. … Seeing a koala is also indicative of emotions and feelings like security, nurturance, and protection.

If Koala shows up, it means:
Practice a slow breathing meditation and notice how it feels to be in a state of deep relaxation.
Explore your interest in Shamanic arts and practices.

one of the most important aspects of Koala Bears is that they remember the time-before-time. They carry a genetic memory of primeval ancestors and mysteries. To this day Koala climbs toward the heavens watching and waiting for the sacred Ancients’ return. From this vantage point they protect self while honouring nature.

koala love me or leaf me .png
KOALA BODY ~ Perth Zoo ~ Experience Perth

KOALAS are very fussy eaters and remind us to watch our diets.
Are our foods healthy, nourishing and easily digestible?…



Some people think that Koalas sleep a lot because they get drunk on
the eucalyptus oil in the gum leaves - not true! However the gum 
leaves are fibrous so their bodies need lots of energy to digest 
them which is why they sleep to so much.


… A Baby Koala is called a “JOEY”

koala a bundle of joey its cuddle time.png
What do you mean, I’m not a bear? I have all of the koalifications ~ #SaveTheKoala  #NoTreesNoMe Australian Koala Foundation

What Animal, Bird or Insect have you seen today?

Rhyme in Verse



Dream Helpers

dreams 11728690_1592699844315612_8672403592245230767_o


While recently clearing out some clutter,

my heart went right into a flutter.

Oh wow, ‘old work diaries and dream journals’, I muttered.


Reflecting back to those dreams that I wrote,

and how I had found some pleasures in finding the anecdotes.

In that crazy world back then, of fundraising and promotions,

Expectations were high to create, eye catching  notions.


Reading back between those lines,

I noticed my hurrying and stress: far too busy for rhymes.

With this hyper-graphic condition, I’ve got,

my passion was always sparked when I was put, on the creative ‘spot’


Although, I hadn’t known this back then,

a Bull Terrier with determination and I still am.

Sales targets to meet!

pressured on deadlines; ‘you must complete’


However, what I’m noticing now,

is how…

My dreams were more adventurous back when,

fantasies of treasures, castles, animals and mystery dens.


When working in advertising and promotions,

suspense, anticipation, consistently creating new marketing potions.

I guess that is why I still do this to this day,

newspaper training has made me that way.


So where would I have been?

without those go-between helpers of my dreams.

Ideas that came in the dead of night,

although sometimes peculiar, I’d research their insights .


What a hard business world it would have been,

if I hadn’t listened, to those secret friends in my dreams.


How lucky was I?

when paying attention to my Dream Guides…

life became a huge adventure to get by.


Victoria Healing ~ 19.2.2018.

Dream Helpers ~ Hey Momma

write i dont need an alarm my ideas wake me up 26240455_938798762937632_1436514398737946192_o

Numerology Daily Matters


Charming snakes

The ‘Rainbow Serpent’ by Iluka Art & Design [-o-]

Yesterday, a Snake came knocking at our daughter’s door

What a palaver, what was he visiting for?

Calling for an emergency back up, she speed dialled up her dad

‘Can you come rescue us, this big boy looks bad!’


Off hubby went running with a snake catcher he had made

A pole with a lasso to catch him, before this serpent may invade.

They waited patiently for a while for the snake to rear his head

Snaky had suspected that his new friends might want him dead.


Catcher at the ready, all eyes, focused on the drain-hole as our big boy hid there

That was where he had  slithered and slinked

All eyes were in a stare…

Waiting for him to emerge from deep down his makeshift den and lair.


Northern Territory snake 15799910_1409503119062197_4858085045037765105_o.jpg
Northern Territory Snake


Finally, up he popped looking all around…

Everyone held his or her breath, not making any sound.

Hubby was at the ready, pole catcher in hand

But the snake stayed too low, deeply burrowed down in the ground.


Patiently waiting, not a peep was made…

Hubby didn’t  want to be forced into using a garden spade.

As they all waited and watched with baited breath

The professional snake catcher came to the rescue, before anyone’s life could end in  death.


… Oops too late, our bad boy saw him standing there,

So he disappeared quickly back down into his lair.

Black bag and tongs at the ready, the snake catcher made his move

But the snake ran around the garden quickly evading his catcher’s tools.


snake charming out of a hole
The Dugite is a species of venomous, potentially lethal, snake native. The local Aboriginal Nyungar name for the dugite is dobitj. Wikipedia


Then a quick snap and our snaky was caught,

Everyone’s nerves jangling, they had all been so fraught.

But now the snake man had our boy in his grasp

Whoop, whoop, Job well done, he had successfully performed his task.


Now our bad boy the Dugite, has returned back to his home

Where he will be safe, comfy and free again to slither, slide and roam.

Victoria Healing ~ 16.2.2018

Snakes charms ~ Hey Momma

Rhyme in Verse


That was not the first time we had encountered a snake

snake seeing snakes makes people hiss terical
The King Brown (mulga snake) is a venomous snake found in Australia.Mulga snake – Wikipedia   
DON'T try to catch them, but only admire them from a distance if they
 slink cross your path in the wild.

Several years ago while visiting Karajini National Park, we met a 
King Brown (Mulga) Snake, well actually hubby met him first.

When sight-seeing in these remote regions,  I always  always get 
the hubster to walk in front of me. Luckily for me that day, 
because hubby has razor sharp eye-sight and thankfully spotted a  
beauty 'King Brownie' before I and other hikers stumbled on to him. 
These snakes are venomous and very dangerous - 
you should never approach one to get a close-up photograph of it!

The Rainbow Serpent 

snake calendar rainbow serpent‘Every great story begins with a Snake’

‘Long ago in dreamtime the earth lay still. Nothing grew and nothing lived except for Goorialla the rainbow serpent. One day Goorialla went off on a journey. As he moved across the land his tracks formed creeks, rivers and even mountains.

One morning, he heard singing in the distance. As he came closer he watched the group sing and dance and he knew they were his people. He was welcomed. Suddenly, a big storm began to gather. Everyone was running for cover. The two young Bil-Bil brothers went to warn Goorilia who told them to jump in his mouth for cover. The next morning, they couldn’t be found, but everyone knew what had happened. You can still see Goorilia’s spirit in the sky today as a rainbow, after a storm’


Numerology Daily Matters


Ngintaku Dreaming

art snake swan river Loretta Egan's artwork
‘Home’ The Swan River in red with small circles that represent tress along the river. The Waugal (snake) who protects the Swan River. There are camps north and south of the river, along with tracks left in the sand ~ John Roeder. Loretta Egan’s artwork

Make a splash

Advice from Sea Lions... Make a splash!

Seal only deep as I look can I dream 11247896_800478240066416_5503702421480536630_n.jpg

On Totem Animals

If SEAL shows up it means:

Your creative imagination is active and fertile right now, so keep a
 journal nearby and write in it every day. Your dreams will be clear
 and vivid, so play close attention to them for any messages 
from your subconscious.


The cycle of challenges are complete, and you’re now moving into a time of plenty and abundance. Stay attuned to your natural rhythms, such as sleeping when tired, eating only when you’re hungry and exercising when you feel the urge.


seal advice have a playful spirit.png

  • This is the time to let your self experience joy and be playful
  • Listening to all that’s around you is important, especially to yours and others feelings.
  • Take the time to stretch or do yoga to keep your body flexible.


If SEAL (Sea Lion) is your totem animal:

You are creative and imaginative.


You are very outgoing, easy to talk with and tend to brighten up any social gathering

You’re very adaptable and have always been able to meet any challenges head on and re-bound from them. You’re able to see behind the masks of others and intuitively and empathetically understand their emotions. You’re an emotionally expressive individual, yet you never let your feelings overwhelm you.


sealion spend time at the beach.png

What Animal, Bird or Insect have you seen today?


Working with the sacred animals of the Druid tradition: Seal (Ron)
Love, longing, dilemma. ~ The Dan nan Ron ~ The Song of the Seals
(by Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm)
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Dune Boggy

“Knowing where the trap is—that's the first step in evading it.” 
 ― Frank HerbertDune


Dune Boggy

lancelin don't get carried away .png
Cable cars? This was an April Fools joke posted on Lancelin Facebook page, that had the locals up in cars… oops’d

Cruising on down…

To the famous’Back Beach’ in Lancelin town.

Looking forwards to a smooth ride ahead?

Oops, I’m sorry, that this was too soon ‘to be said’


I’m not going to mention who the novice driver was


He was totally embarrassed to be

Stuck on top of a sand dune, this image would set the scene

lancelin hope clouds observation.pngBogged on top of a delicate white, sandy dune

Now we’ve got that sinking feeling that we’re looking like buffoons.

‘Max tracks’ out to the rescue again,

But there were no wheels spinning sounds we were waiting and then…


Rocking on its belly, Pirouetting … on the sand dune peak at the top,

All four wheels in that dreaded, ‘you’re going nowhere, we are all in lock’

Tyre pressures down, perhaps that would help?

But nothing would give us any momentum, from the pinnacle of this sandy shelf.

lancelin beach tow the man on his own must wait till others are ready.pngWhat to do?

Looking puzzled… hoping we’ll attract another 4-wheel driver soon.

Feeling self-conscious and perplexed,

Is there another way over this sand dune; that we can get?


Lots of people gawping and looking…

But none of them are approaching or coming.

Thirty minutes digging deep into the soft grainy sand

Trying to get the max tracks under the tyres of our Prado 4WD van,

lancelin advice show your true grit.pngThen our rescue hero drives along…

Snatch straps hooked to the tow bar just where they belong.

With a whoosh, high speed and a grunt,

We were thankful to get those tonnes of shove and shunt.


Now will it be a smoother ride ahead?

‘Look out for others tyre tracks in front’ let that be said.

So back on the road,

Albeit humiliating, mortified that we all had, had to be towed.

lancelin embrace the winds of change.jpg

Windy city, ever so much, what could we expect?

Lancelin is the home of international Kiteboarding championships, how did we forget?

lancelin.jpgAfter our retrieval, we noticed kite surfers flying, gliding high above.

I looked out to follow them at sea and I think I fell in love.

Regretting then, that perhaps that was the way

We should have been transported on to the ‘Back Beach’ at Lancelin this day.

lancelin osprey do birds know where they're going or do they wing it.pngOr maybe like this resident Osprey

Who’s moved his home beside the beach,

Soaring high, elevated, away from that soft… quick sands reach.

lancelin advice from a sand dune stay loose
In midday light the dunes sand looks perfectly white, although at dusk and dawn the yellow colouring is more visible. 
Own this or any pic on the page by ordering it here

Victoria Healing ~ 11.2.2018

Dune Boggy ~ Hey Momma

“The mystery of life isn’t a problem to solve, but a reality to experience.”
― Frank HerbertDune

Sink or swim?
This car was heading south and simply ran out of beach. It took 
5 hours to get the car out of the sea but thankfully no one was 
seriously hurt and the driver lives to have another go sometime 
down the track. See pics of the rescued vehicle here - 


“Any road followed precisely to its end leads precisely nowhere. Climb the mountain just a little bit to test that it’s a mountain. From the top of the mountain, you cannot see the mountain.” 
― Frank HerbertDune

lancelin advice make positive ripples.pngDriving On Sand Dunes: Tips and Tricks

There’s nothing quite as thrilling as conquering a sand dune, but there are some deadly consequences to approaching the hills without proper preparation.

If you want to tackle the dunes, heed these golden rules to stay safe.






Game on


playstation listening ears .png

‘Just play have fun and enjoy the game’ ~ Michael Jordan



We each have a play-station, that costs nothing to use,

A ‘built in’ console where you don’t need controls, plugs or a fuse.

Play each day to your own thoughts as they come.

Reloaded, programmed, synced to your desires, yahoo, automatically it is done.

play station jog your meory.pngA totally portable free network to stream,

See’s you on Face-time…

This is the podcast of your wildest dreams.

Sit back relax, to download those games in your head

No app is needed, just ‘listen-in’ instead.

Why do people ask what I was thinking, when I write these poems?

Well, I just listen in to my free audio book and let the words keep on flowing.

playstation free audio book.pngWe each have a guardian of these realms,

Transfer your final fantasy, to place within your self.

Where is your x-factor, do you know?

Tune in to this and go with your own flow.

playstation friends to the core last guardian.pngThose fun and games that people play

Browsing will show you, your own way,

Just sit back, observe and listen, to what they all have to say.

Victoria Healing ~ 7.2.2018

Games On ~ Hey Momma

playstation step up to your game final fantasy.png“The key to sustained happiness is to connect to others, to be kind, and to tap into a sense of belonging.” ~ Simon Thomas

Find your perfect game

™All rights reserved to you


playstation gift wrapped.png

All content, games titles, trade names and/or trade dress, trademarks, artwork and associated imagery are trademarks and/or copyright

Just play

If you have questions or comments and would like to contact me, please feel free to email me at vhealing@hotmail.com or visit

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Seeing Stars?

you can only see the stars on a finite

Hey Momma


“Would you agree”?

There are zillions of Stars in the sky …

And that life is much more simple

When you never ask the reason why.

Once upon magical moments …

I wish I could share an image with you

The amount of Stars in the Exmouth night sky

When I look out of my caravan window view.

Saturated with magnificent gemstones

Realising that you and I are not alone.

Night has turned into daylight

Billions of shiny stars, twinkling rays into our campsite home.

When you’re at the top end of Australia

In the small, early hours of the morning …

Just before the Moon goes down

And the new Sun is yet to be dawning …

You can’t see the pitch black, dark of the night;

Because all of the Stars are shining so glittery

Sparkling like diamonds so bright.

Then as morning appears on the horizon,


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Understanding Dingo’s

Image taken at Karijini National Park 2016 … This was a friendly Dingo we saw scavenging for food, in our campsite at Karijini National Park. We had our young grandson Finn (2yo) with us at the time. Of course, our first thought was to make sure that Finn was safe.
Dingoes have a prominent role in the culture of 
Aboriginal Australians as a feature of stories and ceremonies, 
and they are depicted on rock carvings and cave paintings.[13] 



‘Take a chance and trust the person you are wanting so desperately to trust’

A baby dingo is born to the pack and she is the smallest of all the other dingoes born that season. The other dingoes made fun of her and as she got older the pack relentlessly continued to bully her. In shear desperation she left her pack for a life of solitude.

She wandered the bush alone without family and without friends, until one day she met another dingo. She worried that if she befriended him, he would make fun of her and hurt her, so kept her distance and continued on her journey.

One day as she was hunting for food in a rugged gully, her leg became trapped between two rocks. She tried in vain to free herself to no avail. After days of being trapped she saw the other dingo carefully approaching her. She was so weak with exhaustion that she could not protest when he gently pulled her by the leg and released her from the rocks. From there on both dingoes became friends and spent the rest of their lives always watching out for each other, finding trust that they had never experienced before.

Is trusting people an ongoing issue for you? Trust is not a weakness but you may have learnt in the past that trust can lead to being hurt. Sometimes it’s worth taking the risk because when you do find trust in someone it is a gift from the Universe. Take a chance and trust the person you are wanting so desperately to trust ~ It will be worth it …

From the “Aboriginal Dreamtime Oracle”
@ spiritdreaming.com.au

Kimberleys bear life much simpler on back roads 13938228_1028587703922134_7266047646530200117_o.jpg
Bear enjoying his road trip at El Questro. Camp in the Kimberley’s