The Twist

Image: Anne Stokes. Draco Aqua
Dragons, I’ll give ‘em Dragons

Somewhere below, 
an outcast figure, I know.
In unhurried pace,
of sensual grace.  

Come lonely Dragon, 
dance with me.
Let’s twirl, under seas.

The time is right, 
swim, to waking light.
Surface, oceans of blue,
all will see that you are true.

Beneath the pink coral caves,
I see your kaleidoscope displays. 
Pirouetting on your one foot, 
‘In mesmerising, you are good’ 

Come Blue Dragon, spin a twist.
I have seen, that you do exist. 
Naked little alien of the seas, 
arise from seafloor, if you please.

If you get beached on shore,
you won’t be lonely any more. 

Mystical and avant garde;
*Nudibranch Dragon, 
you are a dancing star.  
Victoria Healing ~ 13.4.2022

Image: Draco Aqua (commonly known as the water dragon) can breath both air and water, is an excellent swimmer and has a curious nature. The adult, young and egg are seen here together in an underwater cave. © Anne Stokes. Age of Dragons.

Well, you'll see... 

‘From above, the blue dragon blends into the colour of the ocean, but to anything below the surface they blend into the colour of the sky’ 

Blue Dragon *Nudibranch*

The word “nudibranch” comes from the Latin nudus “naked”

and the Ancient Greek βράγχια (bránkhia) “gills“. 

The first impression of a nudibranch might make you think it’s the love child of the 1970’s psychedelic era and aliens from the future. 

‘You don’t need to go to another planet to see strange alien creatures, they are right here on Earth now, especially in the oceans!’

  dragon aqua nudibranch kev and jordi jurien

Making Waves

Image: Anne Stokes. The Water Lady
Being a person is too complicated, time to find my dragon…!  

Phenomenal movements, cradle the sea, 
as cold winds blow, the waves surge free. 
Queen of the Waters, hears all approach,
catching their spirit, surrenders and floats.

Silently her Sea Dragon, dances in caress,  
in mingling sprays, shifts the raging crest.  
He knows of her moods and how to please,
when Neptune hums, ‘Listen to the breeze'.  

A sea of ancient knowledge in his memory, 
diving deeply, so that audibly, we will see. 
Ever restless, as the sun and moon beams.
Savouring wilds, of acquiescent dreams.

A collective awakening, Jupiter creates, 
as they frolic with fellow Piscine mates. 
If you look closely, maybe you might see, 
the face of the ‘Sea Dragon’ quite clearly.

As the high winds, boil amidst the tides,
air born Flying Fish, cascade as they ride. 
The gush of breakwater, delights in flow, 
as ‘Marco Polo’ echoes, 
‘Onwards, lets go’…!  
Victoria Healing ~ 7.4.2022

’Beckoning water,

bids me swim the breakers edge,

lifted by each wave.

As onwards we’ve pledged. 

~Don Dimock

Image: Anne Stokes.

‘The final character in my series of male and female Elemental Magic Users, this one being the Water lady. She is a mermaid, and in her element of water. She summons the power of the sea as the wave crashing over her head forms into the head of a sea dragon. Flying Fish swim around her and add to the sense of movement’

On April 12 Jupiter and Neptune come together in Pisces for the first time in 166 years.…

Marco Polo.

Marco Polo is usually played in a swimming pool; the player who is “it” shuts their eyes and calls out “Marco” to which the other players must reply “Polo”, thus indicating their positions and making it easier for “it” to go in the right direction.

Unbelievers will be fed to the Dragon

Come Out, Come Out

Image: Anne Stokes. New Horizons
'He is there in the depths of shadows,
but when you need him, he protects what’s his' 
Come Out, Come Out 
It was news to me,
that tiny Dragons swim under the sea.
Winding their wings in waving homes,
in marines secret lairs of leafy domes. 

A destination, floating watery paths,
preordained and hovering in tracks.
Ancient of times in your hidden wish, 
deep down, you know they do exist. 

As veils of separation have been rent,
by outmoded thoughts of discontent. 
Light your torch, to see through night,
a sacred pact, of Sea-Dragons sight.  

Finding her Sea-Dragon she’d sighed, 
‘Darkness had camouflaged the light’ 
Reaching out there, to grasp her hand,
He whispered ‘Now you understand’

You are ’it’
You have been tagged. 
Victoria Healing ~ 6.4.2022 
Come Out, Come Out 
Wherever You Are. 

It’s All in the Game of Hide and Seek.

The seeker should always look for other players.

Don’t hide in the most obvious places.

If you really want to make an effort in bigger places with a large hiding area, try changing your clothes! They may find it harder to spot you.

The goal is for the hiders to take advantage of camouflage of the shadows.  The game is meant to be stealth. When a hider is caught—tagged by a seeker—the hider does not get to hide again and must remain on home base.

Ready or not?


‘Dragon brave and dragon wise,

let nothing escape your eyes.

I summon you from your hidden lair,

All are entrusted to your care’ ~ Unknown



Image: Anne Stokes

“New Horizons”.

The Dragon leads the lady along the path and holds her hand in reassurance. The dragon looks back over his shoulder, as she leaves the past behind and they move on to the new horizons of the future.


The Sea-Dragon’s name is derived from its resemblance to the mythical Dragon.

It is able to maintain the illusion when swimming, appearing to move through the water like a piece of floating seaweed. It can also change colour to blend in, but this ability depends on the Sea-dragon’s diet, age, location, and stress level.



We need to keep the sea safe, especially for dragons


Oh, But I Am Back…!

Image: Steampunk Chug. Caption: ~ Shauna Niequist
Oh, But I Am Back...! 
Sometimes, she’d question her sanity,
in a cold man-made world of un-reality. 
‘She’ her-self ages ago, ceased to exist; 
here, now, she’s found the voids twist. 

Love or loathe her, she doesn’t care,
she has her original in sights to share. 
Staying true to her heart, is the gold,
in surrender to cosmic vision of soul.

Creating her own portal of reserve, 
tracing the ink in her veins words. 
Finding more untapped powers,
beasts hidden have been devoured. 

Monstrous doubts have been slayed,
as this Warrior Dragon paves the way. 
True north, in her journey, she’s begun,
sparkling waves of radiance from the sun. 

With a book and a magical quill on side, 
more fantastical adventures she writes. 
And on this day, she rests and has said,
‘Finally those old nightmares are dead’. 

Weary of battles and being attacked, 
she shouted ‘Oh, but now I am back’ 
With Dragon friends waving on side, 
they told her ‘Now it is time to Ride’  

Steering ships wheel. Standing at ease.
avast, dark clouds and stormy seas. 
Victoria Healing ~ 5.4.2022.
Oh, But I Am Back 

Image: Art by Brian Kesinger



(¸.´(¸.•` 𝐈 𝐚𝐦 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐝𝐫𝐚𝐠𝐨𝐧•***•

From caves and caverns and mountain streams,

I am the Spirit of the Dragon, she is me.


“I have learned to make beauty, from broken things. For I managed to teach myself how to fly, without wings.” -Little girl speak

DRAGON ~ If Dragon shows up, it means: You are emerging into a new phase of your life, one where you’ll be taking more risks and be more vulnerable, yet you are well protected. Stephen D Farmer ~ Animal Spirit Guides.

The Sword of the Dragon

Image: Dragon Reflection. Anne Stokes
‘You deserve forehead kisses by someone who adores you 
and a fire breathing dragon 
to slay anyone who’s ever wronged you’ ~ (Unknown)

The Heart of the Dragon
From the entrances of hell, 
where frightful monsters dwelled. 
Flames and smoke belch out,
extinguishing, chaos of doubts.

They tapped her on the shoulder,
sensing her blood running colder.
From stories of home they’d tell, 
how some, never wished her well. 

Revisiting the situation after birth,
her realisation in ‘survival of worth’ 
Scattering memories on the table, 
her inner grace, became enabled. 

The Sword of the Dragon reflected, 
furnaces where she’d been rejected.
A healing transformation now occurred,
from the ‘scapegoat’ in childhood years.
In the curdling force of her own validation, 
her inner child breathed in contemplation. 
To touch what had been injured and sore, 
a vow and a promise, to love herself more. 

And as the new Moon beamed into light, 
she saw a future vision, happy and bright. 
The Wounded Healer *Chiron* had called,
demanding; ‘No more, will you feel small’
Victoria Healing ~ 31.3.2022
The Heart of the Dragon 

Image: Anne Stokes. ’Dragon Reflection’.

In the picture, a dragon’s eye is reflected in the sword blade and lines up with the eye of the female warrior holding the weapon. The dragon is her friend which she salutes with a raised sword. The image on the blade represents her courage as she has the heart of a dragon.


*Chiron – The Wounded Healer

Points to what triggers us

– to what it is that makes us feel hurt, wounded and rejected.


‘Our wound points to our potential, to the person we could become if we figure it out’


‘Maybe you will glow differently where the sun shines brightly and self love is a natural thing’ ~ ryan.g.adair 

Rainbow Catchers

Image: Lovepaperplane ~ Rainbow Tales
Rainbow Catchers 
Their teardrops wouldn’t fall,
in repulse at the chaos of it all.
’They’ revolted against immorality,
frustrated by a man-made reality. 

He knew something had to be done,
and that He was the magickal one. 
His skin, an aura of spectrum light,
*tourmaline* eyes, watching at night.

He glanced back to both sidewise, 
‘We remember you’ they had cried.
Myths and legends had been spread,
that He should be avoided with dread.

Yet he had no claws, scales or spikes,
born within the arc of blue grey abyss.
A vivid image flashed into their minds, 
his heart and theirs, snuggly entwined. 

He whispered “I’ll make this promise, 
to be truthful, kind and always honest.
In the kingdom of karma and past lives,
as we all dwell in the Heaven and skies.

As each of your battles are fought and won,
lessons will be learned and new are begun'
As the sun reflected over watery mists,
a million colours were curved and twist.

It was at that moment, their mood shifted,
remembering that they and all, are gifted. 
Blessings be to our Rainbow Dragons,
crossing bridges, re-colouring our passions. 

We will all find our own serpent at heart,
for this is where our pot of gold starts’
Victoria Healing ~ 9.11.2021 
The Rainbow Dragon 

Image: The Cosmic System 

‘Challenge is a Dragon with a gift in its mouth. Tame the dragon and the gift is yours’ ~ Noella Evans


Rainbow Meanings and the Pot of Gold Legend

In Celtic wisdom. Provision, magic, fertility, and prosperity.


*Tourmaline* Power stone


Follow your truth with honesty and integrity ~ Anna Stark





The Rainbow Dragon is comparable with Rainbow Serpent legends in diverse cultures and mythologies.

 Genesis 9:13-1. 13: 14-16.

A Fiery Tale

Someone: Dragon’s don’t exist. 
Me: Why? 
Someone: I don’t believe what I can’t see.
Me: You believe in the wind?
Random Person: That’s different
Dragon: Is it?  
~ Pagan, It’s our Path 

A Fiery Tale 
‘Come with me on a journey’ she said,
‘We’ll talk with your heart, not your head’ 
‘You cannot wield it, none of us can,
it’s a conjuring of qi, d’you understand’?

As four elements are delicately weaved,
an unseen fire, fuels sky, earth and sea. 
The *Nwyvre* origin of mental balance,
psychic seer, of emotional challenges. 

In ancient folklore of Brythonic myths, 
*Dewi” is the ch’i of the dragons kiss.
You can’t see the winds flying through,
as in your heart, knows what to do. 

In using the Bards gloves of seduction,
my Dragon came with no instructions. 
‘What’s her name, implored the witch?
where is she now, is there a switch’?

’Her name is ‘Cinder Ella’ she’s the key, 
I didn’t find her, she has re-kindled me. 
The Summoning 

Image: Anne Stokes. Dragon Spirit Conjurer. The Hobbit Hole at Arch Inn

*Nwyvre* (Noo-iy-ruh) ~ Refers to the mental dimension. The life force that is in each of us. The Druids believed the Fire Dragon guards the ‘Inner Fire’ that burns inside our being. Nwyfre is related to the fairy word, which means “sky” or “heaven.”

*Dewi*  ~ Is an ancient Welsh God. The Red Dragon of Wales. Derived from the Pagan God, Dewi. is the official emblem of Wales and was derived from the Great Red Serpent that once represented Dew

The Anglo Saxon word for Dragon means “clear seer”. This implies that the Celts considered the Dragons as prophets and true seers with great wisdom

It is no surprise to discover a Red Dragon on the flag of Wales. The motto roughly translates as ‘the Red Dragon leads us’. Unlike many European tales, Dragons have strong benevolent tendencies, only harming when evil rears its ugly head.

Way of the Dragon

Wanda was on her pathway to find,
where earths magnetic grids aligned.
Searching roads, yet to travel;
her new journey began to unravel.
Winding trails, over land and seas,
to find that place, she was meant to be.
Go left. Straight. Turn back or right?
which matrix to follow, was her plight.

Her face flushing red and puffy,
flummoxed and in an absolute huffy. 
Booming out thunderous mighty roar,
amber eyes glaring, as she guffawed. 

’What path would be her true north?’
disoriented, she studied her course. 
However, little, did Wanda know;
her *GPS sense would guide her home. 

Guarding Ley lines of treasured earth,
Wanda now rests, coiled and curled.
Victoria Healing ~ 19.4.2021 
Way of the Dragon 


When these ‘Dragon Lines’ cross each other their energy spirals into a vortex. If several lines cross at a given point, called a node, it produces a massive vortex of energy.  Dragons were considered the guardians of all knowledge and wisdom.

Remember it is Earth Day on April 22, 2021

Support Your Local Dragon!

If you wonder where Dragon lines are in your area, use your search engine on the internet and put in the word bar ‘Ley lines’ in whatever area you live in and most of the time they will come up. 


‘Wherever the hero may wander,

whatsoever she may do, she is ever in the presence,

of her own essence.

There is no separateness from she.

She is where she needed to be. 

~ Joseph Campbell. The Hero With a Thousand Faces




*** GPS Reference:

Do you know that we have Magnetite crystals inside our brains?

Caltech geobiologist Joseph Kirschvink thinks he might have the answer

 Magnetite allows us to sense Earth’s magnetic field.

Dragon s i t t i n g

Dragon Watch

Bingey the Dragon finds it hard to sleep,
watching movies all day, as he eats.
As his insomnia began to take hold,
a variety of maladies started to unfold.

Overstimulation, anxiety, fight or flight,
his sense of reality, freaked out of sight. 
Locked in, on his own, in self quarantine,
spellbound, as dragons fought on TV screen. 

Clutching his pillow in horror and dread,
waiting on his mates to snuff out, evil, dead. 
Feeling drowsy and stressed in daylight,
since he’s watched on horrors all night. 

Legs up, rigid and huddled on chair. 
stiff and frozen, fixated and scared. 
Breaking free  to reclaim his own power,
Bingey now exercises outdoors, an hour.

Reading a book and listening to music,
before he became more edgy and too sick. 
Drinking more water, eating healthy food,
he has begun to have a peaceful attitude. 

On Dragon watch he’d previously relied,
on drama from others, to his own demise. 
Feeling fired up, now Bingey can sleep,  
dreaming of new crusades, but more sweet.

Whatcha gonna do, if you’re left on your own?
be like Bingey, pause that Game of thrones.
Victoria Healing ~ 3.2.2021

Healthy people can watch TV and remain healthy — especially if they have a binge plan.

Image: The Art of Brian Kesinger. Dragon TV Binging.  


Watching episode after episode of a show feels good — but why is that?

Have a binge plan

Make sure you don’t stream episode after episode right before bed, and then disturb your sleep cycle.

What TV binge watching does to your brain

“All we have to do is to decide what to do with the time that is given to us’ ~ Gandalf 

On a Spectrum

 It’s not what she says, or how she says it,
 Crystal our Dragon can never explain it.
 Anti social with repetitive habits,
 many don’t understand or grasp this. 

 Crystal has always wanted to be, 
 a light worker of the Orbs dynasty. 
 Working at night as everyone slept,
 deep in her cavern, lost secrets kept.

 In Dragons lair, as lightening strikes,
 mystickal energy crosses ley lines.
 Lost in chit chat in her own mind,
 preferring silence and alone times.

 Some have said ‘She looks too sad’
 frosty and klutzy, traits she has had. 
 Flapping her wings and claw licking,
 spectrometer of rays rise on flickering. 

 It’s in Crystal’s aura that you can see, 
 a rainbow spectrum, of light frequency.
 Epidote, quartz and fizz of amethyst,
 moon charged rain, a shard of tryst.

 As virtue of autism spectrum disorder, 
 eyes a twinkle, as prisms transform her.
 These are her quirks and plain to see,
 why would you vilify anyone having ASD? 
 Victoria Healing ~ 30.1.2021

Image: The Art of Brian Kesinger. Dragon. The Orb Maker.  

This is the week of SPED (Special Education), Autism, Dyslexia, and ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) awareness. 

For all who struggle every day to succeed in a world that does not recognise their gifts and talents, and for those who are walking beside them, please let this be a gentle reminder to be kind and accepting of ALL people. 


People with autism are passionate. 

Many people on the spectrum are truly passionate about the things, ideas, and people in their lives. They spend the time, energy, and imagination necessary to truly master their area of interest,

There are many famous people with autism.…/famous-people-with-autism/

Where dragons walked, the lightning was visible. The Path of the Dragon’ was the Celtic term for ley lines.

Dragon Stone is a type of Epidote and is a natural magnifier of any and all energy in its environment and attracts what you output.