Out of this World

Image: Valerian Entertainment.
Everybody nervous?
Get strapped in and buckle up…! 

In attraction of the planet, we entered, 
flickering lights, magical in surrender.
In the twists of gravity’s void and fall, 
we were starry, spectral glows of it all.

It seemed only nanoseconds of time, 
as body, mind and spirit, entwined.
The oblivion, in a centrifugal force,
twisting, spinning spheres on course. 

Seemingly ‘Out of this World’ at night, 
multi coloured transition of neon lights. 
Waltzing energy, passions and pleasure.
Topsy turvy; electrically fired treasures.

A little mysterious, a pre-empted risk, 
a state of mind, for an adrenalin fix. 
‘Go on’ she urged, please tell me more,
of creepy Haunted Houses, of doors’

'Glimpsing scary shapes at a distance,
in dread, but focused in our persistence.
Imagining all horrors of skulls and gore, 
tip toeing quietly, but screaming for more’

A sensory barrage of smells and sounds, 
a little dangerous, how thrills were found.   
Sugar candy, popcorn, hot dogs or fries?
tossing soft balls, to win fluffy gala prize. 

Carousels and Giant Teacups of pleasure, 
Ferris Wheel spins in ‘Fun Fair‘ of leisure.
As the Dodgems ‘rolled up’ to Brum town,
‘Fair’ enough, we’d loved, ups and downs. 

From these treasured memories as a kid,
recalling the epic thrills that Fun Fair’s give. 
Victoria Healing ~ 4.4.2022
Out Of This World

How to be happy?

Buy more Fun Fair tickets

It was the Easter FUN FAIR in Stechford, Birmingham, plenty years ago!

*Insert Sad Music*

Then we saw it, now we don’t

The First Fairground Showmen in Stechford, UK.



Hold My Hand

Image: Michael Jackson FB

‘To give someone your heart is more than all the wealth in the world’ ~ Michael Jackson.


Me: ‘Thinking’

Maybe the reason our young generation is depressed, is because their music sucks…


‘You know that place between sleeping and awake the place where you can still remember dreaming’? ~

I’ll Be There ~ Peter Pan


michael jackson peter pan hold my hand michael jackson legend

Good Heavens

You mean … that happened back when?
but why didn’t she say something?
… when he said nothing then?..  

Each vibrant painting depicts a symbolic story,
bestowing kingdoms of good treasures and glory.
She began with a word and the word was emotion,
each illustration, imbued with a spiritual potion.

The colours, the liveliness, the right actions,
each story holds human divination satisfaction.
From morning to night, creating from source,
each card, a contemplative signpost for cause.

As genius in the design of costume and arts, 
a deep symbolic wisdom, is held in each card.
Many have walked within her graceful steps,
the Empress of righteous thoughts… she kept.

Today all praise her eyes and ears of truth, 
however, back then, her talents were rebuked.
Rider and Waite held copyrights to her fame,
what a pity, they never testified of her name. 

Incredulously. He, had been her best friend,
embarrassing, is how the ‘Rider Waite’ fate ends.
PAMELA COLMAN-SMITH; Artist of esoteric mysteries, 
aka *PIOUS PIXIE, the designer in tarot card history. 

In memory of her work in faith and labour of love, 
in patience, her talents, elected from heaven above.
In dedication, as I hold my hand on my navel,
I shall bow to her prophecies of mystical tales.   
Victoria Healing ~ 12.6.2021
Good Heavens ~ *Pious Pixie 

Never forgotten. Requiescat in pace

Alone and in the midst of men,
Alone 'mid hills and valleys fair;
Alone upon a ship at sea;
Alone -- alone, and everywhere.

O many folk I see and know,
So kind they are I scarce can tell,
But now alone on land and sea,
In spite of all I'm left to dwell.

In cities large -- in country lane,
Around the world -- 'tis all the same;
Across the sea from shore to shore.
Alone -- alone, for evermore.
~Pamela Colman-Smith


Empress of the Modern-Day Tarot

The Jamaican-British artist responsible for the “Waite-Rider” deck, the most popular in the world, which men profited from while she died penniless. “She changed the face of tarot, creating the first deck with illustrations on every card. “Her tarot deck and many of her other works are an example of women’s work and art and contributions being continually brushed under the carpet, continually undervalued, unpaid, taken for granted.”


‘Discover the childlike magic of just being alive’ ~ Pamela Colman-Smith

She was seeking to create a world in which racist thought and moral hypocrisy would vanish along with high-button shoes and celluloid shirt collars. She wanted everyone to sit on the floor, cross-legged and ‘Discover the childlike magic of just being alive’


Though she didn’t get the credit she deserved, her artwork remains the most recognisable Tarot imagery of all time. Learn all about her talents and history here:




Suppressed Histories Archives

*Pious ~ Deeply religious.

Blessed were her eyes, that they saw,

Blessed were her ears, for they heard’

Images: Pamela Colman-Smith.  

Pamela Colman Smith and The Erasure of Women of colour in Metaphysics

The Secret Door

Cosplay – Steampunk Tinkerbell ~ Howie Muzika 2014
She saw a glimpse of paradise in a butterfly,
brightly coloured flowers and dragonflies.
Where flocks of birds chirrup and sing,
extra sensual pleasures, to her, they bring.  

I don’t know, who didn’t tell you this,
another legend, that history has missed. 
Although, they do say, it is utterly true,
that there is a hidden portal to go through. 

An enchanted garden, across Welsh lakes, 
where our fair folk dwell, for goodness sake.
Envision your wildest, of fantasy dreams, 
of a world, that is as magickal as it seems. 

Using your prayers with good intentions,
whisper favours on the pure will of heaven.
Find the secret door, across invisible lake,
set forwards to holy island, of spritely fae. 

Known as the Welsh kingdom of the Tylwyth Teg,
the Fair Folk. There. Now. it has been said. 
A little bit of fantasy, a little bit of fun,
A little bit of laughter, the spell is begun.

Yet, woe betide, any who bring home, a token,
or the fair family’s blessings, will be broken.
Victoria Healing ~ 10.6.2021
The Secret Door
Image: Marlash.com

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Where are the Story Tellers?

‘Some day you will be old enough to start reading faery tales again’ ~ CS Lewis

As a young girl, I used to sit on my mother’s knee, listening to my (Welsh) great grandmother sharing wonderful stories, about the folklore of my ancestral history. Sadly, those days have long gone. However, I decided to research, where those stories originated from.

It has been a wonderful adventure. And so, in honour of my Great Grandmother, I have rewritten her stories, as memoirs, to be saved for my future generations, so that our ancestral links will never be lost.

What stories were you told by your grandmother?






WELSH FAERIES ~ Y Tylwyth Teg. 

Known anciently  as “Y Tylwyth Teg” which literally means “the fair folk”, Welsh faeries typically live in lakes or streams and sometimes in hill hollows. There are various tales of humans being trapped in the fairy realm and the intermarriage between faeries and humankind. ~ Nia Jones. The Spooky Isles) 

Welsh Fair Family ~ Tylwyth Teg  


Welsh Faerie Tales


The Door of the Tylwyth Teg



It was said, that if your little finger was crooked on the end, it was because you were descended from fairies. 

You have the same power available to you as the fairies do.  It starts with loving the Earth through your heartfelt gratitude and appreciation, but more important, through your actions.  The fairies can help you reconnect in a more intimate way with the Earth, and all they require is your willingness to pay attention to the trees and plant life around you and demonstrate your care. ~ Stephen D Farmer Ph.d 

They’re waiting for you

Spirits of Nature:

The real reason there’s a connection between fairies and witches is simple – nature. Fairies are the spirits of nature, so naturally when witches work with nature, they are working with fairies. 

Fairy Food and Libations: 

Traditionally, fairies loved sweets so anything you’ve baked at home is a perfect fairy offering.

Other Offerings

The fairies are appreciative of shiny things. Sparkly offerings like jewellery, crystals, stones, and glass are appropriate. Fairies like Celtic flute music, tinkly wind chimes, and people who care for the earth and wildlife. So make your gardening ventures an offering to the fey.

~ Otherworldly Oracle.

~ Pantheos 

Dip deep enough into the folk history of any European country and you will find stories about another folk who share our natural world.

Open the Door

Knock, Knock 


From June 10 – July 7. 

Oak  ~ D’Duir ~ Door. 

The Tree of Life. Strength. Stabiliser. 

The Oak brings ~ Wisdom. Health. Luck. Prosperity. Protection. Endurance. Courage. Self determination.

A gateway to new understanding. 

Great spirit of Oak, 
grant we courage and wisdom.
Knowledge and strength, 
in making our decisions.

And in each fortunate
and blessed opportunity.
We pray; your power of 
protection and security. 

May we enter the doorway, 
into your noble graces.
Which lead us towards,
ethereal and sacred places. 

May we listen in patience  
and clarity to your stories. 
In the kingdom of awareness 
and of your beneficent forces.
Victoria Healing ~ 8.6.2021
Open the Door: D’Duir  



‘The Celtic word for Oak is “Duir” and the name “Druid” comes from a combination of the word “Duir” and the word “wyd” which means “to know.

Recognised as the trees of shamans; The doorway leading between the worlds. A portal to the divine.

Oak groves were used as sacred places of worship before churches came to be and the Druids are named after this holy tree’ ~ Heather Luna. The Oak and the Acorn


Exploring Celtic Meaning Oak Tree and the Ogham: The oak is considered a cosmic storehouse of wisdom embodied within its towering strength.

Celtic Meaning: Oak Tree Symbolism in Ogham on Whats-Your …


The Oak Moon is the seventh Moon, also known as The Moon of Strength and is associated with  the Summer Solstice (in the Northern hemisphere) and the Winter Solstice (in the Southern hemisphere).



The medieval Welsh poem Cad Goddeu (The Battle of the Trees) is believed to contain Celtic tree lore, possibly relating to the crann ogham, the branch of the ogham alphabet where tree names are used as mnemonic devices.



In Welsh tradition Gwydion and Math use the flower of oak with broom to fashion the beautiful Blodeuwed



I believe in the magic of trees
Magickal properties:
‘Use Oak twigs fashioned into a pentagram as a decorative amulet, to protect your home, car or wherever you place it. Witches who work with the Fey, will find their efforts enhanced by using an Oak as portal. Oak faeries are brave and strong and if you ask respectfully, they can confer endurance” ~ Witches and Witchcraft. com 

Mine Faeries

Image: Coblynau _ keepers of the Cavern Scrolls.
 "Come tiny dwarves, give me a hand,
 in these treacherous dark cold lands”
 “Look behind you” they would call,
 "follow our thumping on tunnel walls.

 Don’t be fooled by our grim, ugly looks,
 or the misleading fairy tales in books.
 We may only be, one foot, 6 inches tall,
 but we hide down here, to assist you all.

 Loading buckets, flitting about shafts,
 finding rich veins, when we are tasked"
 Deep in the bowels of middle earth,
 men and boys slogged, treacherous world.

 Dark, dusty and a grave, kind of place,
 unpredictable, the perils, at coal face.
 Colliers gouged at shafts with hammers,
 in unsafe and unhealthy sort of manner.

 Multitudes, had lost their lives over time,
 in black abysses of murderous coal mines.
 Coblynau were pitmans guides, back then,
 is this fairytale or wink from dwarf friends?
 Victoria Healing ~ 10.11.2020
Image: South Wales Museum
Image: South Wales Museum

Coblynau are mine faeries, mythical gnome-like creatures that are said to haunt the mines and quarries of Wales and areas of Welsh settlement in America.[1] In Wales, they are called Coblynau (or coblyn) The sound of their knocking brings good luck, a sign that a rich vein is near. 



Old Knives Tale


They’d warned him not to travel at night,
that if he saw her, he should stay out of sight.
But he, being an old wise man of the bush,
didn’t take kindly to ghost stories and stuff. 

He loved to go wandering off the beaten track,
he hadn’t expected, that he’d never get back.
As ghostly phantom appeared in the distance,
he’d called out to ask if they “Needed assistance”

Ahead, an old woman, in four cornered hat,
greying dress, wooden pot, held in her hands.
‘Woah up’ cried that old creepy, evil apparition,
she cackled with laughter; he’d made a bad decision.

‘Heaven help me’ shrieked and wailed the old man,
the stories of GWYLLION, are true; well “I’ll be damned”  
The old Welsh fairy who leads travellers astray,
was, who the old man had met, that unfortunate way.

It was right, what they’d told him, about all of this;
so he followed their instructions, to give her his ‘Gift’
Drawing his sharp steel blade, out of its sheath,
pointing, pointy end, as towards him she’d reached.

Zap, boom! old Gwyllion vanished, fading in thin air,
a lucky escape for the old man, still standing there. 
This sorcery and spell cast, today, still holds true,
a warning “Never gift knives to friends, from you” 
Victoria Healing ~ 19.10.2020
(Image: Dollightful) 
The Gwyllion are female fairies of frightful characteristics, who haunt lonely roads in the Welsh mountains, and lead night-wanderers astray. 

Welsh ghosts and fairies are afraid of a knife.
 It is also said that once a knife is drawn in front of her, she disappears as they reputedly do not like knives.

According to one superstition, a knife presented as a gift will sever the friendship between the giver and the recipient. The only way around this unfortunate outcome is to tape a penny to the knife. The coin must be promptly removed and returned to the giver as a form of symbolic payment.

“Whoa up!” is an English form of a Welsh cry of distress.

Leave Me, Go


In the corpse light of the night,
you’ll know something isn’t right. 
Rarely seen, but always heard,
blurred, disembodied, absurd. 

Cyhyraeth, is on the prowl,
Don’t look now!
Turn a deaf ear,
if it’s death that you fear.

Cyhyraeth Messenger, of ‘Undead’ 
ignore her wailing in your head. 
As she howls, through winds,
and growls “Can I come in” ?

Cyhryraeth exhumed from our Celts,
the Holy Grail’s burial home, of Welsh.
Ghostly, skeletal, spectral phantom,
take heed, she’d hold you to her ransom. 

Have you been warned?
Eternal damnation will be yours,
if you answer to her three calls. 

Be sure to confidently reply,
“I do not want to die”
Leave me, let me go, 
there’s no one at home” 

Run for cover under, pillows and sheets, 
this hag of mists, you don’t want to meet. 

Victoria Healing ~ 18.10.2020



the Cyhyraeth also sounds for Welsh natives dying far from home.

The Cyhyraeth: Meaning “skeleton, “spectre”, “death-portent”, “wraith”) a ghostly spirit in Welsh mythology, a disembodied moaning voice that sounds before a person’s death.

The noise is said to be “doleful and disagreeable”, like the groans and sighs of someone deathly ill, and to sound three times (growing weaker and fainter each time) as a threefold warning before the person expires. 

The Cyhyraeth is a Banshee-like spirit from Glamorganshire, Wales. 

She Wished It Back

Lady of the lake sisters of the mists
Image: Sisters of the Mists

The minute she said the ‘word’

she wished it back…

It had disappeared along with the light.
just as daylight fades towards night.
In another dimension, at specific times,
the Lady of the Lake and Avalon intertwined.

A city sunken, beneath lakes in Wales,
where watery mists lay beyond, veiled.
‘ANNWN’ is the Welsh haven and hidden otherworld,
where Fae creatures have been seen and heard.

Rising up from beneath watery depths,
finding human husbands, their mortal quest.
Listen then, for the chiming of bells,
there underwater, fair Lake Maidens dwell.

In this land without death or disease,
is a ‘very deep place’ that fulfils spiritual needs.
The door to Annwn will only appear,
at specific times, when the invisible becomes clear.

Thankfully this legend has been preserved and kept,
remaining forever a testimony, to our beloved Celts.
Victoria Healing ~ 15.3.2020
© She Wished It Back

Avalon may also be thought of as a later reflection of Annwn. Like Avalon, Annwn (pronounced ah-noon) was thought at times to be an island. It translated to ‘very deep place’ and was titled “Isle of Apples” or “Isle of the Blessed. Sources indicate that Arthur was taken to Avalon to heal.


lady of the lake annwn water fairies
Image” Unknown Artist

In Welsh folklore, the Gwragedd Annwn are beautiful fairies that live beneath lakes and rivers and are counted among the Tylwyth Teg or Welsh fairies. They are also known as the Lake Maidens. 

Away with the Faeries

fairys be found questioningly .png
Image Credit ~ Rhymes Universe 

A Way with the Fairies 

Guardians of sacred Lore and protection,

original purveyors in ‘charming’ reflections.

Chameleons of purity in their white flowers,

to creative red berries, flaming, empowered.

Healing medicine for herbal remedies,

a natural cure for blood pressure and heart disease.

Fragrant fruits, rich in medicinal vitamin c.

everlasting creators of protective therapies.

It is said that faeries may be found to dance and linger,

under the blooms of these magical Haw bringers.

Hawthorn Trees are blessers of love, luck and fertility,

budding in times of courtship and at birth ceremonies.

Never bring their Holy Grail flowers inside for decoration,

illness or death will be sure to befall someone.

Original May Flowers and ribboned May Pole,

from back when the legends of Celtic customs were told.

Victoria Healing ~ 13.5.2020

hawthorn faery
Image Credit ~ Unknown

In loving memory of Sarah Beales.


From May 13 – June 9th

Hawthorn ~ Illusionist. Balance of duality

Celtic Tree Alphabet: H ~Huath.

Meaning:Contradiction, Consequence, Relationships
This tree is good for clearing the air in communication.

Astrology Sign: Gemini.


(Ogham is pronounced “Oh-m” or “Oh-wam”)

Each sacred Tree symbol, represents a feeling, attribute or essence.

Hawthorn – The Illusionist
May 13 – June 9

Hawthorn signs in Celtic tree astrology are not at all what they appear to be. Outwardly, they appear to be a certain persona, while on the inside Hawthorn’s are quite different. They put the term “never judge a book by its cover” to the test.

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hawthorn fairy the enchanted portal
Image Credit ~ Oogie Boogie Witch

”The fair maid, who on the first of May,
Goes to the fields at the break of day,
And bathes in the dew from the hawthorn tree,
Will ever strong and handsome be”.
(Old English Nursery Rhyme)

Rhyme in Verse