Butterfly Kisses

Image: Don Dimock in Oregon.  Do you see a Heart shape on her


Butterfly Kisses  

Born to be wild, born to be free,

there is a Butterfly essence within her, do you see?


She finds her magic deep inside,

fluttering and pirouetting onwards in flight.

Petal propellers, kisses atop fragrant flowers,

her senses, enlightened, become empowered.


Hovering by on a wisp of a breeze,

is this world, all that it seems?

Bursting out of her cocoon, taking off in flight,

living all that she’d dreamed she might.


Dancing around, from flower to flower,

making the most of each and every hour.

never looking back or behind,

a flick of her wings and onwards she flies.

Victoria Healing ~ 30.7.2017

Butterfly Kisses ~ Hey Momma


Kissed by a Butterfly

I especially adore the Butterflies.

They fascinate me with their delightful little aerodynamic agility as they flutter on by. Yesterday, a small delicate white Butterfly just landed on my cheek for a moment… and it felt just like a kiss from Heaven.

(It is said that when a butterfly passes by, it is a visit from a deceased loved one)

butterfly kisses little girl speka
Image: Little Girl Speak


Butterfly symbolises to us that we should; “Lighten up” and not take everything so seriously. It is also a time for a change and to break out of the cocoon.

The butterfly is one of the most emblematic totem animals symbolising personal transformation. If you see the butterfly as your totem or spirit animal, pay attention to the areas in your life or personality that are in need of profound change or transformation.


Numerology Daily Matters
Rhyme in Verse

‘Love is like a Butterfly, it goes where it pleases and it pleases wherever it goes’

~ Dolly Parton

Write There


book with open pages

There’s something quite mysterious and magical,

when you sit down to write out a poem.

You appear to lose your ‘thinking’ mind,

whilst your pen keeps on flowing!


There’s a feeling of anticipation, on what words you will write!

you just keep listening ‘inwards’

to your own letters of inner sight.


I find this hobby so much better than meditation!

there is never any danger of missed communication.



Victoria Healing ~ 29.7.2017

Write there ~ Hey Momma



in justice

Justice for baby ‘Nate’
11059419_806466129467627_2333097699218148261_n.jpgWoke up this morning
With little baby *Nate* on my mind …

A drunk driver crashed
Through his bedroom wall!
Beautiful baby boy;
Didn’t stand a chance!

Innocently sleeping in his bed
When the car came crashing in …

My heart just fills with dread
When I think about the scene
A nightmare situation;
Then the “drunk driver” tried to flee …

How can that be?
A mother with three children herself!
She should have left those drinks
On the bar room shelf!

Where is the justice in this?
She only got two years …

A murderer gets life!
Well isn’t this the same?
Nate’s whole family left shattered
And the drunk driver was to blame!

Her life now goes on
But what about Nate’s whole family?
Their baby boy gets murdered
She took his precious little life!

Car boys toys20232409_1273119922800189_3388293463265551384_o.jpgSo many drunk drivers
Who don’t really care …
About the lives they threaten
When their drinks become their aim!

Just because you’re drunk
Is not an explanation –
It is all the same!

Thinking about her own little self
Was her only vocation …

No lessons learned
She can move along now …

No wurries mate
She gets to be with her kids!
I feel angry she has caused so much grief

Does she feel any sorrow?
Devastating Nate’s family
And all of their tomorrows …

But wait …
Are you all safe sitting there right now?
Or when you’re sleeping in your bed …
Be aware and now …

Will another drunk driver …
Come crashing in over your head

Now just imagine …
If it were your own baby sleeping there?
Would you just scroll by ….

Without a worry
Or a care …

5 Bubbles 5 sometimes you just have to blow bubbles Bubbles 13340052_1172848466101126_9083776098164495551_o
Victoria Healing ~ 28.7.2015
*Justice for baby Nate’ ~ Hey Momma*

Rain dancers


rain, the kimberley framed a promise is a cloud, rain, afulfillment .png


Most people complain about the rain,

but i never do …

i love to hear those sweet sounds trickling down onto ground,

splashing against my windowpanes, how about you?


Refreshingly clear,

wishing that you too could hear!

sensing,  smelling, renewal and freshness

grass turning bright forest green, plants, appearing olive and jade!

the most awesome vision, like picture frames all beautifully arranged!


Like wise to a fantasy or in a dream,

the landscape is looking pure and so clean!

feelings, soothed and relaxed

looking through the glass, hearing tip, taps.


I love the sunshine, coz i live in the Land of Oz!

but the gardens need some watering because …

drought dries our earth, right up

nothing can grow or is fertilised enough.

so our small plants can find this, very, very tough.


rain dancer, when your flowers start blooming the old farmers almanac



Planting new seeds as they sprout through

using the water hosepipe is all that we can do!

then we can sit back and relax!

Mother Nature is in charge

she is never known to be slack.

knowing what is needed, she always gives back.


Nourishing us all with her timing of seasons

every term has its reasons

even the cyclones, winds, storms and thunder

all have their purpose, that fills me with wonder.


So can you tell me then why?

are all the songs written about rain,

unhappy, sad with concerns about feelings of pain?


Our precious Native American Indians used their chants!

making up songs in celebrations as they danced.

appreciating and honouring this wonderful earth … that we all have.


All around the world,  our indigenous communities,

respected and worshiped these opportunities!

wouldn’t it be good to go back to that time?

when people appreciated that ‘all’ of nature is Divine!

Tribal Time to notice when ponder shaman s kelley harrell no words world hopper Myanmar long neck 12244848_905306406225510_2838707412656383914_o

All shaman’s were well known for their rain dancing

look how they harmoniously resonated, humming and chanted!


Looking at my garden now

our little Willy Wagtail friend just popped in for a drink

oh no, our water fountain, is on the blink, blink!


Wagging his tail as he jumps around

rap, a tat, tat,

can YOU imagine that sweet tweeting love sound?

purple girl running with birds domenic limm arteide18555841_1493208440700643_5974914891057877694_n.jpg

Victoria Healing ~ 23.7.2017

Rain Dancer’s ~ Hey Momma


Rhyme in Verse

rain dancing

Rain dancers

all Sums up


Decode Your Destiny - At the moment you were born, your 
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Onion song the world is just a great big onionLemons if life gives you lemons try a pumpkin18920217_1514195878601899_1460235343446779787_n.jpg


“People want to ignore what they can't understand. 
They're looking for logic at any cost.” 
― Alice HoffmanPractical Magic
dreams do come true if we wish hard enough JM Barrie Peter Pan
Dreams do come true, if we wish hard enough ~ LovePaperPlane


Life all comes down to Numbers
at the beginning of each day;

there is even a number allocated, for the romance in your Name;

if happy in life, is where you want to be?

seek a little advice from the Numerology Tree


tree celtic tree of life no words12115726_1005738536114530_6571158410355384437_n.jpg


Astrology, is the same, presenting a clear vision

but Numerology is a logical science too …
helping to make your own personal decisions

when you don’t know what to do!


When you know your own Numbers

life makes much more sense,
your reality will be clear.

I would sincerely, like to recommend!


dance reality is up for grabs1429469_952277634793729_7634849538678946630_n.jpg

Victoria Healing ~ 25.7.2015
All, Sums up

Numerology Daily Matters

Rhyme in Verse

Remembering the Cathar’s


celtic rune woman in mist Pierrick VAN-TROOST unsplash.com:vantroostpierrick


Imagine a World that is caring and true?

where Love is the currency and truth the view.

Sharing with each other, experiences of life,

each living together as one ~ soul tribe.


No lies or dishonesty, or feathering their own nest,

reaching out hands to each other,

doing their very best.


Sharing gifts, experiences and talents of life;

remembering to honour, each other’s ways,

respecting their insights, wisdom and advice.


Coming together as a community,

around the globe,

sharing their wealth of knowledge and stories of old.


Faith, hope and trust, their values in life;

helping others, would be no sacrifice.

Above all, love for each other,

their common glue and tithe.


The *Cathar’s* had lived this Way

up in the Pyrenees Mountains,

in the South West of France.

Their joys were expressed, through community dance.


Until the king’s soldiers marched 220 Cathar’s en masse into a bonfire,

one tragic night, those faithful heroes, were pushed onto a blazing pyre.

But, little did those legionnaires know, there was no death for all sent there,

those Cathar’s had faith and trusted in God without any fears at all,

believing that their God would be waiting for them;

… behind His veiled wall.


celtic belisima goddess celts lakes rivers fire, crafts and litht brighid consort of belenus very strong interpretation

Victoria Healing 27.6.2015

Ode to the Cathar’s ~ Hey Momma*

Inspired by: ( “~Rising out of Chaos” ~ The New Heaven and the 
New Earth ~ credit:Simon Peter Fuller ~”pg 105)
(*”The Cathar Prophecy ~ France in 1244 AD”*pg 200)


The Holy Grail aka Davinci Code 
The film, like the book, was considered controversial. It was met 
with especially harsh criticism by the Roman Catholic Church.
"Approximately 220 Cathar's were burned en masse in a bonfire at the 
foot of the pog when they refused to renounce their faith. 


I got it!


book with open pages

I’ve got my Facebook “Social Book” today!
wow it is incredibly good…

reminds me of the times
we’ve all played
sharing jokes, having fun
over cyber waves

Sending messages to each other
much laughter
lots to discover
many memories to always treasure

Different perceptions
experiences and thoughts of our lives
written on each page
so meaningful and wise

Sharing some giggles and chuckles,
reflections, political news …

written in between, serious types of views.

Threads of thoughts are scattered
over each page,
all of our comments
how we like to play

to planning road trips along our way



Much to be grateful for
reading  all of these views,
how i love Facebook and making new friends too.

It is clear, that we’re all connected
each and every one,
threads of “like minds” compelling us
having so much fun!

Thank you Facebook

I love my new Book;
thinking of ordering the pages from 2015
to take another look

I’d had lots of housework that i’d set out to do
oh, but look, here is another new friendship book”


37:1 Friendship Forever friends bear hugs 15492376_1338157752872380_3911892845174394753_n.jpg

Victoria Healing ~ 21.7.2015
Thank YOU ~ Hey Momma

Rhyme in Verse
Joy to action


Boom shaka laka

purple i choose to have magic and miracles in my life 18157780_1407057226004779_5726441397813450244_n

Boom Shaka Laka definition: 
'A spell, charm, invocation, or hex is a set of words, spoken or unspoken, which are considered by its user to invoke some 
magical effect’


Listen with your heart, hear with your ear,

what are your dreams?

can you make them clearer?


Write dreams down,

even those that make you scared or frown

there is always an underlying message that will astound.


Look at those dreams messages logically, to find any clues.

you’ll be certain then, to know just what you should do.


Victoria Healing ~ 21.7.2017

Boom Shaka Laka ~ Hey Momma

Rhyme in Verse
Joy to action

and we all shine on


Bowie dont know where Im going but it wont be boring20157253_994579657311592_948986122131011492_o
David Bowie ~ The Life, the Legend, the Man (Facebook)


We all have a dreaming best friend who sits on our shoulder

whispering in our ears, ‘come on get bolder’


Turn that new page,

what chapter are you on?

bookmark that spot, continue dreaming on



We’re  only here for a short time on this Earth,

let your thoughts unravel,

trying not to dim,

all that you need to discover within.


Listen in, close off all of that din

then your intuition will surely sink in.

what is your thought for the day?

follow that feeling…

moving on forwards, in your own Way.


Surprise events illuminate with that ‘thought’

then you will be doing what you know that you ought!

listen in, for the rhyme, sense in for the rhythm,

then life becomes easier to make all of your decisions.

Universe heart is the canvas11717419_802223306558576_4555407841973773528_o (1)

Victoria Healing ~ 20.7.2017

Solid Ground ~ Hey Momma

Numerology Daily Matters


Rhyme in Verse











Listen to your heart


Poles to poles

Calling, Pole to Pole*

Out from the Deep … 

I watched David Attenborough
ON *Pole to Pole* last night …

A man of adventure and great inner sight …

The Human species has inhabited this planet
For over 250,000 years or so …

David documents
That the warming of our planet
Is affecting those …

Weak and surviving …
Becoming extinct;
Before we know it
They will be gone in a blink!

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New babies being born
Out there in the Global Forest
As the corporate miners and land developers
Make it tattered and warmed …


Only forty *Amur Leopards* now left in the World?
That news just chills me and makes me wonder
Why? are we allowing
The poachers to plunder?

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Devastated and dug up all of our lands
Deforestation, #WTF$KC
To put toxic chemicals into tin cans?

Want all we may, wait if we must …
But who are the ones
Damaging our Earths fragile crust?

Pay attention to this moment …
It is a moment in *time*

Hoping the World continues on with its rhyme

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For the sake of our Children?
How often do we hear that?

But will we really do anything
To make this nonsense stop?

I see lots of love hearts, upon Facebook walls
Angels and stars and pretty blue flowers
But do we really care?

If our world is getting soured!
From those who continue to dig

For their: gold diamonds, fur coats and big rigs! …


Victoria Healing ~ 19.7.2015
Calling from Pole to Pole ~ Hey Momma

“We are here to notice each thing, so each thing gets noticed” 
 ~ Meaning of Life ~ *Annie Dillard*




Amur Leopards ~ Pole to Pole


Polar Bears ~ Pole to Pole


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Rhyme in Verse