Image: Unknown
The Great Perfection

She was born of a Buddha mind,
her reputation, rare, sincere and kind. 
Divine, seal like, all knowing eyes,
deep brown and luminous, Oh my! 

Meeting all situations with ease,
her personality, eager to please. 
Loyal friend of Llamas in Tibet,
many sought, her love and respect.

‘Little Lion’, a companion, so true,
guarding and watching everything you do. 
Tiny legs, turning wheels of prayer,
following Llamist monks everywhere. 

Soft, sandy, white gossamer coat, 
If you’re lucky, on you she’ll dote.
Only 10 inches tall to her shoulder,
my greatest fear, she’s getting older. 

Our precious Zoonie, unique Tibalier,
I’m so grateful, you’re with me here.
With your Lions mane and plumed tail.
mostly Tibetan Spaniel traits prevail.

Our faithful child of Dzogchen perfection,
venerable as a worshipper in affection.
In our mirror of reflections and memories,
You are one of the greatest blessings to me. 
Victoria Healing ~ 26.8.2022
Dog Zen 

*Dzogchen* (uncountable) (Tibetan Buddhism)

~ The Great Perfection.


~ Accorded a great deal of respect especially because of character.

Name *Zoonie* Meaning Communication and entertainment 

Being a very social person, with a strong desire to interact with their environment.

“If you are reincarnated as a dog, make sure you come back as a Tibetan Spaniel”

Venerable Gonsar Rinpoche

Tibetan Spaniels were never sold, only gifted. They were given with great honour to those who had earned the trust of the monks. Still, their devotion, intelligence, and watchfulness persist, leaving admiring owners to contemplate their own good karma in acquiring such a captivating companion.

Zoonie is our much loved Tibalier.  A mix between the Tibetan Spaniel, well-known for their alert and loyal natures and the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, a breed originally favoured by English royalty.

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if Happiness had a Face

Zoonie: 16.7.2022

Happy Birthday to meee…


Thank you for your birthday wishes, they really made my day!

My little puppy sister Lizzie and I, had an awesome doggy celebration.


We went on a sniff-ari, ate chicken, had lots of treats and I even had a birthday ice cream cake. (Mom said ‘calories don’t count on your birthday’)

Knowing that I have friends who appreciate and love me, is the best feeling.

I hope that even for a moment, I helped you see the world, through my eyes.

Love Zoonie xox


zoonie and lizzie if happiness had a face


Zoonie and I talk in a language that only she and I understand. The language of ‘Older Dog’ love.  She is, in every way that matters, loved and appreciated as much my baby, as my own children. I feel very blessed to have had the gift of her companionship for the last 12 years.

Thank you Zoonie, my beautiful furry friend, for teaching me about the true meaning of life.



Embracing Senior-ness

Image: Zoonie Healing

Embracing Senior-ness 
‘How this time has flown,
since you brought me home. 
What? I’m another year older, 
Is that why Winter feels colder?

I’m hobbling and walking slower, 
that’s a bit of arthritis in my shoulder.
I still greet you with my wagging tail,
no racing in circles, or jumps prevail. 

In my blessing of becoming this senior,
It’s more difficult when listening, to hear. 
You understand, I can’t see as much,
but I still feel your loving, caring touch.

Embracing my senior-ness, 
has been a life-long quest.
I still have personality and charms’
and I notice, you’re holding me;
more gently, in your arms.
Zoonie Healing ~ 16.7.2022


Zoonie: ‘I’m not old, I am just an experienced puppy’


Happiest of Birthdays to our precious furry angel Zoonie.

12 years young. (Sixty four, in puppy years)


Here’s to more adventures and wishing all your puppy dreams come true.

We Love You


zoonie happy birthday year older 13.72022


‘The love of an older dog is a very special kind of love; a love that not many are fortunate enough to know in their own lifetime’ 


Who is the Teacher?

Image: The Fantasy Art of Molly Harrison


The question isn’t who is going to let me, its who’s going to try to stop me

In Numerology and Tarot


Represents May

(Key 5) The Spiritual Teacher.

Religious beliefs. Conformity. Tradition.


“The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.” ― William Arthur Ward



Traditionally this card represents ‘a’ Spiritual Leader. 

I have to be honest, I’ve really struggled to make sense of this. I am a person who values my own (and others) free will and I refuse to follow the constraints of ‘one’ particular religion. I have examined and learned from many different religions and spiritual guides.   

Let’s be real, this ‘old school’ card may have lost touch with our generation. Personally, I prefer to see this card as representing the ‘many’ sages who have awakened our inner awareness.



Where have you looked to gain further knowledge?

Call off the search party.

Learn from a legend.

Your inner self, your inner knowing and your own intuition.

A truth seeker is one that has learned from many teachers and from their own searching and uses that knowledge to work in the present.


‘Blind obedience to authority is the greatest enemy of truth’ ~ Albert Einstein. 



That being said, In all likelihood ‘The Hierophant’ may represent society’s expectations. A true teacher (to me) is not one that follows into the hierarchy or patriarch. I believe we should foster a community in which we are all encouraged to offer our own gifts to create  a supportive and stable community. 



At the end of the day, you would do well to ask yourself;

What are you curious about learning?

Where does your intuition lead you to find those answers?

Are you in a position to provide this for someone else?



I was blessed with some of the very best teachers and I still love to learn.

How about You?


‘The best teachers are those who show you where to look, but don’t tell you what to see’

– Alexandra K. Trenfor


The connections between Numerology, Astrology and the Tarot have been tested through years of research and application.

Numerology and the Divine Triangle.

Faith Javane and Dusty Bunker


Cheeky Blinders

‘On a gathering storm, at 5pm came a handsome man, with a dusty black waistcoat and a red left hand ‘ ~ Kevin ~ (aka Thomas Shelby)

It had been one hell of a time,
all bets placed, began at Five. 
He’d appeared at the door,
by his looks, he wasn’t sure. 

Our secret planning was ingenious,
our leader has become too serious.
‘Every day is a bonus’ he’s said, 
but turning 65, filled him with dread.

‘I don’t want any fuss’ he’d cried;
we (pinky) promised, we’d comply. 
We love him for so many things;
inherited in family roots he brings.

Charismatic, wise and cool, 
living by working man’s rules.
Conceived and made in Brum, 
with a naturally sarcastic tongue. 

We had been whispering his name, 
like the Gang Star, of Peaky fame.
We didn’t ask for his permission,
to set him up a ‘Blinders’ vision.  

By order of our Brummy gang,
we’d gambled on ‘flat cap’ plans.  
As he blew the candles on his cake,
a huge smile exploded on his face. 

‘Traa a bit loves’, he later quipped, 
my surprise party was a huge hit’ 
It all went off like a shot with a bang, 
he’d loved his Cheeky Blinders gang. 
Victoria Healing ~ 9.5.2022
Cheeky Blinders

fighting together and winning
Image: Our littlest cheeky blinder *Babby (*Baby in Brummy slang)


peaky boys jordan oliver and finn 1

You’re all Cheeky Blinders now boys! 


peaky finn and zoonie 3

Finn: ‘The first rule about being a Peaky Blinder, is you gotta love animals’ 


What makes a Cheeky Blinder?

1. Family comes first.

2. Remember your roots.

3. Look the part. 


Thanks to all of our Cheeky Blinders and Babbys on a job well F**king done.

Love Bites

Image: Zoonie
Love Bites

I was in complete shock,
when I saw the new friend I got.
I had to quicken up my pace,
she stalks me all over the place. 

She never comes when called,
unless Mom, has a reward. 
She gives us sleepless nights,
puddles, licks and love bites. 

Curious and eager to learn,
explorations we must discern. 
Zooming around the house,
this sister, I’m yet to espouse.

She needs exercise and training,
play nipping, she’s always trailing.
My fluffy tail, her target of attack,
if I wag it, I’ll never get it back. 

And now, when I fall asleep, 
one eye on her, I have to keep.
I had valued my own solitude, 
but oh, this puppy is so rude. 
Victoria Healing ~ 8.5.2022
Love Bites 

‘Get a puppy they said, it will be fun they said’ ~ Zoonie

Image: Lizzie

Our family has expanded by four paws.

Meet Lizzie our new furry Beaglier baby.

Lizzie was born 16.3.2022.

Got Her day 30.4.2022.

By chance or coincidence? I realised after I picked her up, that this is the very day that my Mom passed and the whole reason I keep these memoirs for future generations.

Perhaps Mom has sent another little angel from Heaven to us all. 

“What having a puppy is really like’

Lizzy crocodile puppy

The Siren

Image: The Fantasy Art of Molly Harrison. ‘Astra’ The celestial Mermaid.
The world has gone quite mad, 
If you could put me back in the water, that would be good.  

The Siren 
She says so little, 
but exudes so much.
mysterious in ethereal flush. 

What secrets will she share?
watcher of moon, shining there.
Mythical, graceful and divine,
Siren of seas in ancient times. 

The night, sees her light,
in sanctity, of inner sight.
She’s coming and going.
in conscious. All knowing.

Balancing heart in mind,
in dreams, she finds.
Visions come and go, 
in memories; You know. 

Under water, she floats,
on rising, she takes notes.
Traveling in her own time, 
to seek, peace of mind.

In the glow of full moon,
sing her celestial tune. 
As you wave her goodbye,
silently, close your eyes.

With a flick of her tail,
a moment to exhale. 
Release and let’s go,
into depths of great, below. 
Victoria Healing ~ 15.4.2022
The Siren 

‘If people are doubting how far you can go, go so far that you can’t hear them anymore. ~ Michelle Ruiz


Today 15th of April;

Mars, the Planet Of Action enters the Emotional and Dreamy sign of Pisces. Pisces wants us to look within and find drive and energy from our inner spiritual warrior so we can be sure in which direction to take. ~ Dale Bradburn ~ (The Little Place of Peace)


Only in my pain, did i find my will

Only in my chaos, did I learn to be still

Only in my fear, did I find my might,

Only in my darkness, did I see my light

~ Unknown


Somethings gotta give

Keep it real and be ready to swim.



PINK FULL MOON ~ 16th April 2022

In the Northern hemisphere/.

Give in to the universal magic and all its surprises.


On the Flip Side

HUNTERS FULL MOON 17th April 2022/.

in the Southern hemisphere


It’s ok, you just forgot who you are, welcome back


mermaid siren Wallpaperstogo

Image: Unknown 


‘Listen to the universe, it is always whispering messages through songs, dreams, numbers, animals and thoughts’



Image: Ancient Origins
The greatest Parable in history 

Okay. Here's the plan

‘There once was a God’ it is said,
who carried the world on his head. 
He had lived in a golden mansion, 
in an idyllic, utopian advancement.

Ruling a progressive civilisation,
fascinating, universal imagination.
We’ve searched the seven seas,
with diggers in global archaeology. 

Over exaggerated inspiration?
has Plato’ fable been mistaken?  
The greatest philosopher of time,
his parables have become divined. 

On the Island of Atlas, in 360BC, 
was there a flooding catastrophe? 
Idealism. Myth. Valid or Fact?
to that place, we can return back.

There is always an element of truth,
invariably fairy tales, hold no proof.
Atlas is in our collection of maps,
joining dot to dash, trace it back.  
I am loathe to tell you this, 
but I don’t imagine Atlantis did exist.
This is Plato’ pseudo-historical twist. 
Victoria Healing ~ 11.4.2022

‘But nobody got hurt.

Well maybe somebody got hurt.

But nobody we knew’ ~ The Lost Empire

The lost city of Atlantis 

Ancient Greek: “island of Atlas“) is a fictional island in Plato‘s works.


whose dialogues on Truth, Good and Beauty have significantly shaped western thought and religion, wrote and taught under a nickname. His real name was Aristocles 

In creating Atlantis, it seems Plato was writing a moralistic fable showing the consequences of corruption and arrogance.

‘But afterwards there occurred violent earthquake and floods

and in a single day and night of misfortune, all ‘warlike’ men sank into the earth. and the islands of Atlantis disappeared into the depths of the sea. ~ Plato

Image: Lovepaperplane ‘Lose your way, but don’t be afraid’

 2 Corinthians 4:18 18So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal. 

… .- …- . / — ..- .-. / … — ..- .-..

Come Out, Come Out

Image: Anne Stokes. New Horizons
'He is there in the depths of shadows,
but when you need him, he protects what’s his' 
Come Out, Come Out 
It was news to me,
that tiny Dragons swim under the sea.
Winding their wings in waving homes,
in marines secret lairs of leafy domes. 

A destination, floating watery paths,
preordained and hovering in tracks.
Ancient of times in your hidden wish, 
deep down, you know they do exist. 

As veils of separation have been rent,
by outmoded thoughts of discontent. 
Light your torch, to see through night,
a sacred pact, of Sea-Dragons sight.  

Finding her Sea-Dragon she’d sighed, 
‘Darkness had camouflaged the light’ 
Reaching out there, to grasp her hand,
He whispered ‘Now you understand’

You are ’it’
You have been tagged. 
Victoria Healing ~ 6.4.2022 
Come Out, Come Out 
Wherever You Are. 

It’s All in the Game of Hide and Seek.

The seeker should always look for other players.

Don’t hide in the most obvious places.

If you really want to make an effort in bigger places with a large hiding area, try changing your clothes! They may find it harder to spot you.

The goal is for the hiders to take advantage of camouflage of the shadows.  The game is meant to be stealth. When a hider is caught—tagged by a seeker—the hider does not get to hide again and must remain on home base.

Ready or not?


‘Dragon brave and dragon wise,

let nothing escape your eyes.

I summon you from your hidden lair,

All are entrusted to your care’ ~ Unknown



Image: Anne Stokes

“New Horizons”.

The Dragon leads the lady along the path and holds her hand in reassurance. The dragon looks back over his shoulder, as she leaves the past behind and they move on to the new horizons of the future.


The Sea-Dragon’s name is derived from its resemblance to the mythical Dragon.

It is able to maintain the illusion when swimming, appearing to move through the water like a piece of floating seaweed. It can also change colour to blend in, but this ability depends on the Sea-dragon’s diet, age, location, and stress level.



We need to keep the sea safe, especially for dragons


Oh, But I Am Back…!

Image: Steampunk Chug. Caption: ~ Shauna Niequist
Oh, But I Am Back...! 
Sometimes, she’d question her sanity,
in a cold man-made world of un-reality. 
‘She’ her-self ages ago, ceased to exist; 
here, now, she’s found the voids twist. 

Love or loathe her, she doesn’t care,
she has her original in sights to share. 
Staying true to her heart, is the gold,
in surrender to cosmic vision of soul.

Creating her own portal of reserve, 
tracing the ink in her veins words. 
Finding more untapped powers,
beasts hidden have been devoured. 

Monstrous doubts have been slayed,
as this Warrior Dragon paves the way. 
True north, in her journey, she’s begun,
sparkling waves of radiance from the sun. 

With a book and a magical quill on side, 
more fantastical adventures she writes. 
And on this day, she rests and has said,
‘Finally those old nightmares are dead’. 

Weary of battles and being attacked, 
she shouted ‘Oh, but now I am back’ 
With Dragon friends waving on side, 
they told her ‘Now it is time to Ride’  

Steering ships wheel. Standing at ease.
avast, dark clouds and stormy seas. 
Victoria Healing ~ 5.4.2022.
Oh, But I Am Back 

Image: Art by Brian Kesinger



(¸.´(¸.•` 𝐈 𝐚𝐦 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐝𝐫𝐚𝐠𝐨𝐧•***•

From caves and caverns and mountain streams,

I am the Spirit of the Dragon, she is me.


“I have learned to make beauty, from broken things. For I managed to teach myself how to fly, without wings.” -Little girl speak

DRAGON ~ If Dragon shows up, it means: You are emerging into a new phase of your life, one where you’ll be taking more risks and be more vulnerable, yet you are well protected. Stephen D Farmer ~ Animal Spirit Guides.