Send in the Butterflies

Learning to Fly ~ Art by  Iluka Art & Design [-o-]


A purple butterfly emerges from her cocoon. The meeting places in her wings symbolise Family, carers, health workers & Community.

Artwork done for Art for Epilepsy Auction 2018. With all proceeds going to the Australian Epilepsy Foundation. 

This is one of my memory lane moments… sighs loudly…

How beautiful and kind of  Iluka Art & Design [-o-]  to  donate this stunning Purple Butterfly to Art for Epilepsy  at an Auction in 2018. Where all proceeds went to Epilepsy Action Australia 

When I see such generosity, I often wonder, 

how much was raised and how their donation helped? 

This has reminded me of my favourite Welsh saying:

‘Anfonwch y gloynnod byw’

Send in the Butterflies

Artist: Denise Garbis

Self seeking

See what you see is what you get 12967972_1777194412567118_913001271572523158_oSelf Seeking …


Does anyone know?

Does anyone care?


Why young girls keep posting selfies right there?

Sparking fuel for men to ooh, ah and adore

But this reminds me of prostitutes and self-seeking’s for…

sense of self tragedy to lose sight 12096509_10153628242512731_6227393794827235201_n

Who cares if you can do duck lips?

Who cares if you have curvy hips?


Who wants to see your chest?

Keep it to yourself, that way is best!


Just post your portrait pic

With a nice big wide smile on your lips



20032076_1556620357692784_3834329837478279453_n.jpgWe wonder why girls are being abused and raped,

Stop promoting your wares for goodness sake.


There are more important things in life

Like being the best mother, daughter, sister or wife.


Why do we have to see?

Close ups of female’s anatomy.


Well, I have had my vent…

Now can you tell me what is your intent?


Sex, photos and self-promoting,

Isn’t there more to life?

Because I’m not going to be voting!

Wheel of fortune what you are comes to you 19942998_1690929167606552_1940858140941313138_o.jpg

Victoria Healing ~ 18.7.2017

Seeking Self ~ Hey Momma