Smuggling Back to Wales


Mom looking at the stream at the bottom of her garden in South Wales. Home of her (paternal) Grandmother ‘Susan Howells’  Cardiff, South Wales. (1940)



“Grief, I’ve learned, is really just love. It’s all the love you want to give, but cannot. All that unspent love gathers up in the corners of your eyes, the lump in your throat, and in that hollow part of your chest. Grief is just love with no place to go” ~ Jamie Anderson


On the day my Mom passed away …

I was too shocked to speak or comprehend, that my life would never be the same.

Would I  ever feel that loved, protected, safe or whole again?

My world had turned upside down and stopped! 

Falling into a cold, empty void of heartbreak and tears. Scrambling and searching to find a ‘safe place’ to store all of this love that I have and will always hold for my Mom. This is the life force and the pulse of my love affair in the blogosphere with “Hey Momma”

My philosophy of life is absorbed from the wisdom of my beautiful Welsh mom and from the most extraordinary love that she exuded not only to me and our family, but all whom she met. 

I had promised Mom that ‘I would trace her Welsh family ancestral roots’ as a legacy addressed to our new generations, yet to come.   

So, a few years ago, after I had come to terms living without her, I began to search for my Mom’s, Mom’s Mom… but that is where I came to a full stop:

‘Gwyneth Jones’ from South Wales? 

W H A T!

A needle in a haystack doesn’t even begin to describe the monumental search I had in store,  but I had made my Mom a promise, that I could not break.

This is where my search into the folklore, legends and history of her birthplace in Neath, South Wales began.

Each day as I’ve researched our Cymru history and culture, I find myself closer to the heart of my great Celtic Mom and all that she had stood for.

Happily, I have found her again, in the silence of sacred mountains, the wildest and deepest of valleys and in the wandering of streams, right back to the memories of my childhood trips to visit my grandparents. And so here I am today, having smuggled myself back to Wales, following in the footprints and spirit of my Mom and our home.

I have met King Arthur and his knights, warriors, goddesses, kings, queens and princesses. It has been quite an adventure! Thank you for joining me. 

There will be more ‘Welsh’ adventures yet to come in a few months time. 

but now, for the next little while, I am going to find ‘my self’ again, getting amongst the great outdoors in the outback of this great ancient land where I live and love today, in the golden heart of Western Australia.

Watch this Space…

X — at Australia’s Coral Coast



Mr Grandson, Roxy and Zoonie, around the campfire on Road Trip, Quobba 2019

Happy Hours

roxy zoonie seagul kev fishing exmouth

Paradise one minute, Heaven the next,
in this lucky land, of Australia, feeling blessed.
Fishing rods set up and shelter for our girls,
watching the sea, for fishing line swirls.

Calm turquoise ocean, lulls over the shore,
never could we ever be bored.
Seagulls swoop by, just for a look,
watching intently, what’s on the end of hubby’s hook?

Turtle nesting , well hidden in the dunes.
remaining cautious, in case they hatch too soon.

Spotter planes, flying high in the sky:
seeking whale sharks for their clients to snorkel by.

Although there are no guarantees;
Mother Nature is in charge, of unpredictable seas…

Tasty snacks and some chicken pate,
soft drinks, although, I’d prefer a latte!

Back to the caravan for an afternoon nap,
a visit from our neighbours, when they get back.

Happy hour at 5pm: our friendly travellers arrive,
chatting around the campfires, side by side. 
Consuming too much wine, beer, chips and dips,
oh dear, this camping life, is ending up on my hips!

Time for a barbie; steaks, eggs and snaggers,
not too far to go, if we get the drunken “staggers”

Chilling and calming, this life is so relaxed,
our only stress, being, will hubby  land a “big catch”

Victoria Healing ~ 13.8.2015
©Happy Hours 




quobba station compass .jpg


Where bound?

Show your secret signal!

Turn around!

quobba done point paying our respects to the crew of HMAS Sydney .jpg

Sixty-five years, later they find,

HMAS Sydney shipwrecked, from back in that time;

November 1941…

“645” MEN

Had tragically lost their lives.


Exchanges of fire with Kormoran: a warship attack

Where, clearly, no correct signals were given at that…


With sympathy and all due respects, back in World War II

Deeply regretting, that we never knew


That once they were all lost

But now they are Found


Each brave man, has been taken into a count.

On this hauntingly, isolated and lonely, cliff path.


A reminder memorial of exchange of fire


The fight, the torpedoes, the blast

Full steam ahead, plummeting, sinking fast…

quobba station memorial walk kev and zoonie

So sombrely, silently, acknowledging, remembering heroic men,

Here, I then took my pen…




It’s not always fun and happy tales, when roaming new roads

Memories of times gone past will always unfold.

Where the desert meets the sea,

quobba station view .jpg



Laid to rest…


To each of our valiant Men,

God Bless

quobba sydney memorial

Victoria Healing ~ 26.9.2018

Lost is Found

"On 19 November 1941, a battle occurred between the Australian light cruiser HMAS Sydney and the German raider, the 
auxiliary cruiser HSK Kormoran. Based on the accounts of 
German survivors, Sydney closed to identify and was mortally
 damaged by hits from gunfire and a torpedo. 
Both ships sank, 80 perishing in Kormoran.

While there were NO SURVIVORS from SYDNEY’s complement
 of “645”

The absence of Australian survivors left many questions on the precise circumstances of the loss, which continues to arouse controversy" —


quobba station memorial plaque .jpg

HMAS Sydney II – Found. The wreck of the HMAS Sydney (II) was found by the Finding Sydney Foundation on 16th March 2008 approximately 207km (128 miles) from the west coast (Steep Point) of Western Australia at a depth of approximately 2,468 metres.

Relatives react

Royce Laycock was son of an engine stoker who worked on the ship and was only four when his father died. “It’s good news to know that they’ve found the ship, because you really didn’t realise or know what happened,” he said.


quobba station ride car end of track

quobba station best beach.jpgTo be continued>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Lost in transit

quobba car lost in transit last


Meandering along, ohhh, So slowww…

Towing our little caravan… all packed and ready to rove.


Music volume, turned loudly up,

Listening to The Bee Gees

Butterfly feelings of excitement, we’ll never be rushed.


Engrossed with magical, tranquil, ancient scenery

This is the way that everyone “living”, should be

Stopping at another rest-point, taking a short break

Our furry babies, happy for more time, we should take.

quobba lost in transit do you know our way back from here

We share the driving,

Me from the passenger seat,

Hubby at the wheel

I find that this… is the better, steering deal.


Lost in transit, now which way should we go?

Looking for roads where, we don’t yet know.


Waves to our fellow travellers passing by

Nodding knowing glances, we all know why

All on our own road trip adventures galore

Hoping to meet again, when on our camps in this great outdoors.


Why not stop for a moment?

Wanting and needing to explore,

What is that signpost roadside, have we been there before?

Following red sandy dusty tracks to find out more


Lost in transit, oh, how difficult, this is to explain

As we prepare, a get up and go again.

You don’t need a lot of cash to live this style of life

Free and cheap camping would be my best advice.

quobba done point done this is how you phone a friend in the outback me at lighthouse find reception

Victoria Healing ~ 25.9.2018

Lost in Transit…


To be continued>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

quobba lost in transit .jpg

The Aquarium Affects

quobba aquarium has anyone seen robinson crusoe?

‘Only Robinson Crusoe had everything done by Friday’


We found a world of relaxation at this Aquarium spa and health retreat

Blue skies, salty air, white sandy beach,

Everything desirable is so easily within reach.

quobba aquarium talking to the birds

How could any words, ever possibly describe

These hearty, feisty feelings of being really truly alive

These are the affects of the Aquarium, mind, body and spirit, submissive…



Cancelled visits to the gym, beauty parlour and spa

This is completely free and I’d rate this health resort here, five golden dreamy stars.

Getting away from noisy shopping centres and dusty inanimate streets

Meeting other friendly campers, having a chat, a glass or two of wine, sharing tales and tasty nibblies to eat.


Running away from the office; escaping that tired TV and old couch,

Life is so much better, when you are exploring the outdoors,

Instead of mindlessly existing, trapped, restrained in a suburban lifeless house.




Take off your make-up; kick off those stiff old clompy shoes

When out in the wild, only au natural and comfortable will do!


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Victoria Healing ~ 23.9.2018

The Aquarium Affects

Free to View

This is The Aquarium as the locals call it. Just a kilometre from the spectacular Quobba Blowholes

Calm, (warm) coral filled lagoon teaming with fish and shells a plenty. White sandy beaches ideal for snorkelling, safe swimming, sun bathing and safe, easy swimming for children.

Must do at The Quobba Aquarium


via Blowholes Road
Carnarvon, Western Australia

“I’ve spent all day doing nothing and I’m still not finished yet”

To be continued>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


quobba blowholes king waves kill  we nearly fell into this 36063927_1691780757602822_6120547517441507328_o.jpg

Marvels, I wander


Nine days spent enjoying seclusion, sight seeing, exploring

Point Quobba, you would find, is neither dreary nor boring.


Where to begin, where should we start?

Well here we are, at the spectacular Blowholes, where we had first parked our car.


Killer King Waves, powering up 20 metre jet stream fountains

From below deep sea caves up and over, craggy rock ledges all about them

Don’t step towards the edge, or you’ll be sucked deep down into the watery depths of the Indian ocean.


Many people have lost their lives at this furiously fearsome, stunning spot,

A natural, marvel, phenomenon, but risk your life, you must not!


quobba blowholes 1 is there something out her that you may have forgot2

You just never know just when those almighty surging sprouts will shoot up,

Volatile, random, back away from these cliffs, I implore you that you should and definitely must!


quobba blowholes2  find the extra in the ordinary 2018.jpg




Breathtaking to see


The Oceans fury was impressive,

Difficult to predict,

A swell

Of awesomely spectacular, to me!


quobba blowholes explore hidden spots 3 .jpgVictoria Healing ~ June 2018


quobba blowholes psst who going to tell dad cant fish.jpg

a stop by this coastline pulls you in, serene, yet rugged it can be deadly, with a dangerous swell that can turn into King Waves, capable of crashing over the top of the rock ledge. This coastline needs to be treated with caution and care – lives have been lost by unsuspecting souls here.

Evolver Social Movement

“You live like this, sheltered, in a delicate world, and you believe you are living.

Then you read a book… or you take a trip… and you discover that you are not living, that you are hibernating.

The symptoms of hibernating are easily detectable: first, restlessness. The second symptom (when hibernating becomes dangerous and might degenerate into death): absence of pleasure. That is all.

It appears like an innocuous illness.

Monotony, boredom, death

Millions live like this (or die like this) without knowing it.

They work in offices. They drive a car. They picnic with their families.

They raise children. And then some shock treatment takes place, a person, a book, a song, and it awakens them and saves them from death. Some never awaken.” ― Anaïs Nin




Point Quobba

Western Australia

To be continued >>>>>>>>>>>






Where? is the ‘Point’

quobba done point zoonie lets make a run for it life on the run.jpg

“We’ll be off line for a while, our neighbours had freaked us out … someone had named their Wi-Fi, “FBI Surveillance” 


So we had secreted away to this distant, remote beachside town

Stumbling into shanty shacks, protruding up, all around

Fisherman of the sixties had built these lean-to sheds for their homes

Right next to the ocean, where, you imagine, forever, their ghostly spirits might wander and roam.


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Wild and deserted, are these rare and valuable outback sights

So you may wonder what these folk did while nights turned into daylight.


Corroded truck wheels, old stringy fishing nets.

Rusty gasoline drums, there was so much, not to forget.

Living alongside this seashore as they all pleased,

These reminders back to when, I’d suppose, life would have been such a breeze.


A couple of fish, snaggers or a chop

Tossed on to an old tin Barbie would have made a wholesome meal for the lot.


Creepy and eerie, now many years have, slipped on by?

Was it just my imagination?

Or would apparitions of Phantom Fisher Zombies, come stumbling alongside


Beach combing these remote, lonely and forgotten sands


Seeking shelter,




We all found a site at Point Quobba to park up our caravans.

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Victoria Healing ~ some times in June 2018

Where is the “Point”?




Point Quobba

To be continued >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

quobba where is the point point kev pointing up get back to girls

Located in WA’s Coral Coast region, 75k North of Carnarvon.  Only $11 a night and kids are free, The camp host comes around at 6 every night to grab the cash, a great place to stay and bitumen the whole way except the last 500 metres and you can fit everything from swags to 5th wheelers no worries at all!

“Quobba” meanings

“Quobba” ~ surfboard fins tipped to revolutionise the world of surfing. … The Quobbafins — and the name comes from the Aboriginal word meaning “first” or “best”

as I was saying

carnarvon if you want to be led astray follow me.jpg


Here are our musings of past months on the road,

better than material stuff, cash or giant pots of gold.

You can’t put a price, on these travel experiences,

new places to visit, carnal, sensory, adventurous, mysterious.


carnarvon life on the road isnt all plain sailing .jpg


In Carnarvon, there were torrents of storms and rains,

our caravan nearly sank, but still, enjoyment never waned.

Looking back at our caravanning  adventures,

although, some recollections, may have had to be censored.


Circumnavigating, with our instincts and senses,

primal, ancient impulses are recalled and re-invented.

Victoria Healing ~ some times in June 2018

As I was saying

carnarvon happiness is in the eye of the beer holder.jpg

To be continued >>>>>>>>>>