Jurassic Park

Hubby spotted this Perentie Lizard and took a snap shot at Charles Knife National Park in Exmouth 2015. We were told that they are usually shy and it is quite rare to find them! Our little mate was an absolute stunner!


Found …
“Jurassic Park”
On a walkabout yesterday,
this is a “Perentie” Lizard over 1.5 metres long.
He represents “Ngintaku Dreaming”
to our indigenous culture
Protecting the “Song lines”
from here to the South of Australia.

So the legends say …

Look at his markings!
magnificent colours,
Reminds me of the dot paintings,
of our dear Aboriginal artists.

Love this land Australia,
surprises me in every way prehistoric, ancient and mythical lands,

It seems never to have altered up to our current day.

The “Perentie” is one of the fourth largest Lizards in the world
I’d just knew I’d see a (mini) Dinosaur,
somewhere out here…

Victoria Healing ~ 12.9.2015

Rhyme in Verse



According to the mythology, Mount Woodroffe, the highest mountain in 
South Australia, is also the Ngiṉṯaka Man as he rears up to look over
 the country. He is returning to his home in the west. The 
significance of these cultural routes is central to Pitjantjatjara 
spiritual connection to land. Each individual is custodian of the 
land they are born in and the Creation Ancestor who walked and sung 
that land into being in the beginning. If the land and songline 
is destroyed people are severed from the core of their being, 
they get sick and die.

External links

The Ngiṉṯaka is one of several Creation Ancestor Beings of the Aṉangu Pitjantjatjara Western Desert Speaking Original people of Central Australia. It is associated with Angatja, an area along an important Tjukurpa or Dreaming Songline.

It is one of the two great reptiles of Uluru (Ayers Rock), Ngiṉṯaka and Milpali.

Ngiṉṯaka Songline is the major creation story in the Angatja area. Pitjantjatjara land is criss-crossed by the tracks of many Creation Ancestor Beings; the lizard, carpet pythonsnakedingoemu, tjala (honey ant) and maku (witchetty grub), among many others.



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