Up, Up and Away

UP UP and away australian defence
Image: Australian Defence



Your Boarding Pass



Hubby had always wanted to fly a plane,

loyal to those intentions, he remained.

Then came an experience, out of the ‘blue’

our beautiful children had gifted him to.


Off we drove, over an hour to ride,

to get to the ‘Royal Aero Club’ apron side

Hubby’s instructors name was Jet…

so appropriate, we’ll never forget.


To do his safety checks hubby was concerned,

concentrating intensely, he had so much to learn.

Down on the tarmac, he was all ready to go,

where he would fly? He didn’t know…


Focussing intently on cockpit controls, off he flew

up into the skies yonder, ever so blue.

An awesome sight, an awesome sound,

as I watched and prayed, from down on the ground.


I enjoyed the ambiance of the airfield too,

from the observation deck I had a better view.

Parachute at the ready, oh dear it was not…

strapped tightly into his harness, he took off like a shot.


They did the ‘loop de loop’ as, his world turned upside down,

a little sick and dizzy until he landed back on solid ground.

Jet said ‘he was a natural, his skills so profound’

Long will he tell his story over and over again…


Now Hubby thinks we should call him ‘Top Gun’

Victoria Healing ~ 2.3.2018

Into the Wild Blue Yonder


Party, hard.


party people with balloon on own tatiana-nino-2963-unsplash.jpg
Image credits ~ Tatiana-nino-2963-unsplash.jpg


Unfortunately, we were invited to a birthday party dinner

parleying on small talk, becoming anxious, i simmered.

huddled, sat sitting there, all alone on the couch,

because, i hadn’t known anyone else.


Their conversations, were exceedingly loud,

ensuring, i was feeling confident and proud,

i wasn’t going to interrupt them, or butt in,

but omg, they all made such a din.


Dragged away, from my own home sanctuary,

truth is, i didn’t want to be at that get together, actually.

after half an hour, i asked hubby, ‘now’ can we go home?

he said, “not yet my darling, you would then have to atone”


Once we had politely stayed as long as we respectfully should,

a few hours later, we could, go home, relieved i was, oh yes and good.

having survived the party gathering that night,

made some new friends, so, in the end, it turned out alright.


It’s been several years, since we have been forced to attend

those social activities, as earlier in our lives, our employment, did depend.

now happily, secret, quiet members of society,

our communal ideals have changed for ever, more than, slightly.


Victoria Healing ~ 20.1.2019

Party, hard.

birthday go wild 22046175_275186212973144_789562373799015569_n

“I used to walk into a room full of people and wonder if they liked 
me, now, I look around and wonder if I like them” ~ Rikkie Gale.
w o n d e r land
Rhyme in Verse

Where have all the hippies gone?

Hippy party 2018 wordpress facebook Lou shaz and me 38670937_198495987692154_4656522973031694336_n.jpg

Have you ever been to a Hippy party?

Flowers, rainbow colours, peace, love and all of that 60’s malarkey


Dressed up brightly with beads and bandanas in your hair

John Lennon spectacles and bell bottom flares.


Hippy party 2018 kev and shaz wordpress hippies 2018.jpg


“Don’t worry be hippy” was the theme for this birthday party

Recording this happy scene

(For our future family generations, not yet started)


Happily hippy, this day was so memorable and great.

Times spent with loved ones, in the future to treasure and contemplate.


Although, unfortunately, I was not a part of that hip scene

But I wish that I’d been old enough back then, to join in their philosophy and dreams.


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A reminder, that life should always be fun,

Free spirited at heart

Celebrating these years and all that we have done.


Be crazy, be brave, be silly, be weird,

Life is too short to take too seriously, my dears.

Hippy party 2018 lou and kev wordpress hippies 2018 .jpg

Victoria Healing 8.9.2018

For Hippies Sakes


Hippy party 2018 fin power to the people wordpress 38742174_294966161252615_4960204876282855424_n.jpg
“Power to the people” with Finn
Go, go, go
Rhyme in Verse
Joy to action

Happy Birthday to You ~ Steve


birthday steve stevie wonder .png
Stevie Wonder ~ Namesake


Between you and me


‘I wanted to bake you a cake, but it would need some handles.

I’d have to make it extra large, to hold all of your candles’


Dear Steve,


What rhymes with birthday?



Wishing you a Happy Birthday as you’re turning 42,

Today is for celebrations and it’s all about you.


Thinking, back now to 1975, the year that you were born,

Just for the records, did you know, that everyone judged me in those days, with disdain ridicule and scorn?


But, I still wouldn’t turn back these hands of time

I would make the same decision

So proud that you are a son of mine


‘Too young to have a baby’ is what they had said

‘Have an abortion, just move on to freedom instead;


Giving birth to a baby at 17?

Are you stupid they told me ‘You have so much life yet to be seen!’?


Now, in 2017, do I have any misgivings doubts or regrets

No, not me, we’ve both seen better days and I hope, for more to come yet.

birthday steve and joshie .png
As you get older, there are three important things that happen. First, you lose your mind. I can’t remember the other two. Happy birthday!


Have a good year with laughter and cheer,

But always remember that we love you and

We will always be right here.


So now I have one last message for you;

I know this is an old cliché’ but remember always ‘to your own self, be true’

birthday steve framed .png

Victoria Healing ~ 9.12.2017

Between me and you ~ Hey from Mom, Dad and Nan.

'May your day be filled with blessings,
 Like the sun that lights the sky,
 And may you always have the courage
 To spread your wings and fly!'~ Celtic Blessings'

‘Don’t worry you are a year younger than you will be next year, so smile and laugh on your birthday, while you still have teeth’


App’y Birthday

birthday Jake framed downloaded 100% apps olutley streamed downloaded 100 per cent totally awesome .pngHappy 11th Birthday to our Mr Jake (alias techno man)
>Log in here< > To know, how much we love you because,
>Password< > Our wonderful, smart, intelligent, genius, young man,
>Enter< > You always have so many gadgets and Apps in your hands.
>Save< > So proud of you and in all that you do,
>Format< > Streaming and uploading
>Send< > Messengers of our hugs and Love through.

> File< > Been looking up a few tech words and app directions,
>Edit< > How to keep linking our special grandson with terrabytes of Wifi
cyber love and surf net ‘plug in” connections.
>Window< >Although, you know, we are not so digitally up to date,
>Bookmark< > We didn’t want to be late, on your special day to celebrate.
birthday jake is that cake we can sniff?.png
>Stream> > Your mega Update Here ><
>Cast< > A Big Happy Birthday. net. com with lots of Birthday cheer.
>View< > + Love Googles from Nanny and Poppy ~ 7.12.2017
Jake nanny google apps .png


10151309_861615547224421_846470763274094564_nLearning… New lessons every day,
Searching for sincerity and truth, always gets you that Way.
Spoke to my little Grandson this morning
Asked him “how his Birthday, day was dawning?”

But … the first thing that came to his mind and he said
Was the list of ‘presents’ that were all in his head,
Feeling then, I had lost his connection,
I asked him do you ‘remember all of your blessings’?

Maybe, it wasn’t the ‘presents’ that you had!
Perhaps it was and should, be, enjoying the people, who love you, to be glad!
Family joshie1956922_654608717986703_6290959426747303552_o.jpgBut ~♥ … Then, it hit me like a brick

Right into my heart …

I wasn’t being true to my own Philosophy for a start!
I’d been so grumpy with my hubby,

When he had forgotten to buy me a present on my last birthday,

So then I was thinking he thought it more important to have saved some money.

At the time, I hadn’t thought that so funny!


Although he had good reasons this year, for that,

At the time he’d just heard about the loss of his Dad…
I was telling him it was about the ‘thought that counts’ fact!
Overlooking his grief, I had tried to prompt him to show,
That if he loved me, then he would just have known!

Emouth red rock me and kev smiley 10553886_630548357059406_6611437289606330861_o
Red Rock ~ Indi Camp 2015

Then, I thought back to all of these 40 years…
He’s been my rock, holding my hand tightly during all of my personal life crises!

You can’t put a cost on those treasures with prices.

So, when I spoke to my grandson on the phone, I realised too late!
Swallowing my words, I coughed and I spluttered
… and did anticipate

What hope is there for children in life?

If we Elders don’t take our ‘own life advice…

Adventures are forever steve n josh13055835_947124108735161_6049600677163656481_o.jpg
Lancelin ~ 2016

Victoria Healing ~ 10.9.2016

Hey Momma ~ from the mouths of Babes

 Joshie and mom 10636724_849416758444300_8320265461853707848_o.jpgI love you ...
 right UP ...
and back ... 


water you waiting for jump in 12829198_918705571577015_8934987058264691881_o.jpg
Jurien Bay

Josh birthday poem ~ 2016

‘Whoop whoop …

It’s party time !!


To our Dearest Joshini


Happy Birthday today

I can hardly believe you are turning six!

Oh my God, how time is flying by so quick.


Our most gorgeous, funny boy in the world…

Can’t wait to watch how your future unfolds?


Sunny, happy, wise little man

I think you’re turning out to be just like your Dad!


We just LOVE to spend our times with you,

Our most special days in life

Are being with YOU! …

Nanny, Poppy, Roxy and Zoonie xxx



Like a Virgin

Happy Birthday today! Like a Madonna!

All images of Madonna from Madonna Universe (Facebook)

Music muse 



NOW… do I have your attention?

Another of my heroes I would like here to mention;


Looking at Madonna and what do you find?

Epitome of a rebel, who speaks out and clearly sings her mind

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Appreciation for her, in all that she does

A great example to show-woman-ship because…


Singing her heart and spirit out, putting on a great show

Many people have copied her and still on she goes!


Doesn’t matter about her age, a true Leo in style

Not taking others judgements to stop her in any way

15443126_1173514802764063_8993486808389944728_oSome mock and taunt her ways of life

But what about ‘those people’ just what have THEY done that is nice?


We all know that her Dad wasn’t happy,

When his Madonna had found a new habit.


Although, then, did you also know? losing her Mom at a young age in life…

Caused her daughter an enormous amount of strife.


Congratulations to those who put themselves out there

Expressing their feelings to others, even though, some, don’t really care


Music is a great, way to entertain and express,

What it means to deal with life, searching to find happiness!

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Lyrics and tunes may stick in your head

As you awake each morning, let that be read


This is the start up to a good day

Cheering you up and positive you will stay


Music, Mr DJ, please never stop playing

Our musicians are my heroes, but that goes without saying!


Turn up the music listen to what there sings

Then you may find the answers to questions on emotional things


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Doubts will be gone,

Providing you with more tools of life to move forward and carry on.


So getting back to my hero; Madonna, what do I see

A fine example of a mentor

Who is wild and free.


Listen to her songs, watching her dance

Proves to me that in life there is always opportunity and chance


In Numerology, gifted with the Master Number 11;

Spiritually talented, as if sent as a sage from up in Heaven.


Poetic, imaginative,  a material girl with great wisdom.

Like a prayer, she came into stardom, sharing her vision!


I have an affinity to her life and her work

Because we were both born in August of that very same year.


By, her example and lead, I always follow

Watching with admiration, at what she will do tomorrow.


She wasn’t interested in the traditional deity’s

So then… condemned by the church,

Ignoring those complaints,

Moving forward to prove her millions of dollars worth


She still carry’s on, showing that She is someone

Who will contest against the masses and their throngs.


Controversial and provocative in so many ways

Brightening up anyone’s worrisome, or depressive phase.


A huge ray of light playing from her heart

Listening to her records, that is the best place to start


Or reading up her bio, you may just be surprised to find

Madonna is very clever and has an intellectual academic mind.


Then another string to her bow

That not many others will know.


Is that Madonna is the queen of the charities

Humble, giving and supporting the minorities


Victoria Healing ~ 4.8.2017

Like a Virgin ~ Hey Momma

(Madonna 16.8.1958)

‘Vogue’ in the car with Jeremy Corden






Born Madonna Louise Ciccone
August 16, 1958 (age 58)
Bay City, MichiganU.S.
Other names Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone (Confirmation name)
Net worth $560 million[1]
Spouse(s) Sean Penn (m. 1985–89)
Guy Ritchie (m. 2000–08)
Children 6
Musical career
Origin New York CityNew York, U.S.
Years active 1982–present
Website madonna.com