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Image: Dolores O’Riordan FB

Are You Listening?

Happy Rock and Roll Heavenly Birthday

Dolores O Riordan

Remembering Dolores Mary Eileen O’Riordan who was born on this day 6th September (1971) – The Irish soprano, who led the Cranberries to worldwide fame as one of the most popular bands of the 1990’s. With a Celtic-inspired singing style that sometimes included yodelling and a thick Limerick accent, she made no attempt to hide.  Her first solo album, ‘Are You Listening’ was released in May 2007 and Dolores powered the band’s best known hits such as ‘Zombies’ and ‘Linger’…

dolores the journey halls of record keepers

Image: The Journey


I first heard Dolores’ angelic voice in the early 90’s. Her songs seemed to be poems infused with syllables full of music. The vibes of her lyrics always penetrated deep into the heart, of my soul. I am overwhelmed with emotions, tears and memories on hearing this, my favourite song:

You Tube: ode to my family. the cranberr!es

“Ode To My Family”

‘My mother

My mother she’d hold me

She’d hold me

When I was out there’ ~ Dolores O’Riordan


I hear the echoes of this lullaby, like a prayer, reminding me of my own Mom and the tears still fall when I play this. Perhaps Dolores was a Healing Angel, she always seemed so fragile to me ~sort of the way I’d picture guardian angels, translucent and delicate. I sigh now, at how quickly life has passed by. It seems impossible to exhaust these memories, they help me to find that silver lining and I’m happy to let them Linger. Enjoy your family while you have them.

In Numerology

Dolores’ Birth Date adds up to Life Path: (Master Number): 33

Meaning. ’33’ Spiritual Messenger. Avatar.

Dolores had a special purpose. She was a reformer who had a strong desire to make the world a better place in which to live. She absolutely fulfilled her mission.

Image: Dolores O’Riordan. FB


Dolores last message sent from New York, October 2014

‘Erase human disgrace… hostility is bad and Human greed is sad …

People must accept each other for what we are … no changin’ no rearrangin’, no pushing no shovin, just sweet harmonies…

Beautiful people everywhere !!!!

Enjoy your life, lighten up’ 

Love Dolores O’Riordan



‘Like-minded people are drawn together, but sadly with Dolores gone,

All that we have left are her memories and lyrics of her songs.

Thank you dear Dolores for helping us cope our tough times through,

Your thrilling voice, Ode’s to our family and … ‘Du, Du, Du’

~ Victoria Healing

another head hangs lowly…

Holy Shift


Beltane Blessings to all in the northern hemisphere and a Blessed Samhain to those of us in the Southern Hemisphere of Australia and South America who are edging towards winter.

‘Counting dates by moon and not the sun, knowing that in the cosmos, all circles, as one’

Turn the wheel of time, as you wish

Southern Hemisphere ~ Friday, 30 April ends evening, of Saturday, 1 May 2021.
Cerridwyn ~ Goddess of the Witches…/goddess-of-the-witches/

in the Northern Hemisphere ~ Saturday, 1 May 2021.
Creiddylad ~ Summer Loving May Queen…/summer-loving-may…/

The Celts knew well, the way of the stars and sea, observing nightly realms, in knowing, what was to be.…

Return to Innocence


Art: Cerridwyn ~ Collette Barron-Reid

Bulls Eye

Image: Pleiadian Stars 
‘By the Gods, it’s all of them’
 he’d shouted;
 How could they have doubted?
 At a distance of 444.2 light years;
 closest constellation cluster to earth.
 In eye of Taurus of great central sun,
 the essence of cosmos rises up AN/ON.
 Sacred solar heavenly wheels turn,
 new octaves of experience, learned.
 Starry infusions of greater reality,
 attaining of freedom and mastery.
 Merging magnetic veils at last,
 Aeons of preparation, have passed.
 Hey diddle, diddle, Taranis of skies,
 turning about cosmic circles of life.
 God of thunder, powers of lightening,
 celestial forces,  perpetual reuniting. 
 Benevolent ‘Sky Wheel God’ of virility,
 vital for wealth, health and fertility.  
 Sound the bronze Druid’s horn,
 mimic the rumbling of bull’s roar.
 Spiral dances, dream all awake,
 the choice is yours, to partake. 
 Pleiadians of ‘Seven Sisters realms’
 ‘Bid you God speed and fare thee well’ 
 Victoria Healing 2.3.2021

Taranis ~ at the Bull Ring ~ Birmingham, UK

‘We are seven sisters, 

twinkling all in one, above the back of Taurus.

We are dancing for the moon.

We are shining in the sky.’ ~ Pleiadian Stars 


Meet Taurus

Zodiac Zone: Meet Taurus ♉


500 light years from planet Earth is a small cluster of seven stars located in the” Constellation of Taurus of the Bull” known as Pleiades. The cluster is actually the eye of the bull in the constellation of Taurus.

The distance to the Pleiades can be used as a key first step to calibrate the cosmic distance ladder. As the cluster is relatively close to the Earth,

The name “seven sisters” has been used for the Pleiades in the languages of many cultures, including indigenous groups of AustraliaNorth America and Siberia. This suggests that the name may have a common ancient origin.[40]


Forming the profile of a Bull’s face is a V or K-shaped asterism of stars. 

In Celtic mythology Taranis was the mighty god of thunder. In Welsh and Breton the word for thunder is taran.


“I am the child of earth and starry heaven.” – Petelia Tablet 


Hypothetically Speaking:

Image: The Dish. David Magro Photography

‘Hey diddle, diddle’ nursery rhyme.

Among these origin stories are: that the figures in the rhyme refer to constellations in the night sky: Cow – Taurus, the Bull. The Dog: ~ Canis minor ~ The Dog Star. 


Bull: Wealth. Beneficience. Potency

~ Philip & Stephanie Carr-Gomm

Goddess of the Witches

 Ceridwen, from Welsh legends, was unique,
 Great wise Mother, if it is truth that you seek.
 An ode, to our dear Lady “Awen”
 of ancient origins who scribed “Amen”

 Shape shifter, in magickal gift of prophecy,
 wise and sacred, talented of philosophy.
 Back when in ancient times, it was trendy to be,
 gastronomically; a hot culinary cooking queen.

 Sprinkling herbs and stirring the pot around,
 for a year and a day, hubbly bubbly sounds.
 No cackling caws, our “Lady” she was!
 stirring her spoon making her family, broth.

 Return to sacred mists from veils of time,
 messages, betwixt and between the lines.
 “Behind the dark clouds, beams the sun,
 lessons we’ve learned; may obstacles be gone”

 Trust in yourself, that you cannot fail,
 wisdom and alchemy, inner sight to prevail.
 Victoria Healing ~ 26.10.2018

Often referred to as a “Cauldron Goddess” and “Goddess of the Witches”, Cerridwen is strongly associated with Samhain and Halloween.

Ceridwen was an enchantress in Welsh medieval legend:


The Night before Winter

Welsh ~ ‘Nos Calan Gaeaf’ in English means the night before  winter in Wales,

Nos Calan Gaeaf even influenced how Americans celebrate Halloween.

Wise Women


 Wedges of mauve, cauldrons of peach,
 daisy chains, lavender, bare feet.
 Treasures of pure natural things,
 swept along with breezes of wind. 
Herbal potions, cherry blossom pie, 
 crystal twinkles under moonlit sky.
 Wild woods and mountain streams,
 elixir of leaves gathered from trees.
Medicine women, midwives, healers, 
 empathetic, wise, kind teachers.
 Brave, intelligent, up to their deaths,
 in the 1542 “witch panic” inquests. 
Over 100,000 gone, never be forgotten,
 the way women were killed, was rotten.
 Yet, another excuse for oppression, 
 did human kind ever learn its lesson? 
 Victoria Healing ~ 2.11.2020

"It was not ‘witches’ who burned. It was women.” ~ Fia Forsström

After much debate over Halloween about our perception of witches, it’s got me to thinking… Why DO we call women, ‘witches’ and why are they promoted as old, ugly hags, who wear black pointy hats?

What do you imagine, when you hear of the word  witch?

First Woman Hanged in Wales

Gwen ferch Ellis was the first woman to be hanged

“It is clear from the evidence she was proud of her work as a healer.”

As historian Frances Timbers notes in her book, A History of Magic and Witchcraft, ‘witchcraft is a metaphor for oppression in an age in which persecution is an everyday occurrence somewhere in the world’.

To The Market


Sow ~ Hau (Cymric)

Generosity. Nourishment. Discovery.

Sow, with her large litters symbolise abundance and fertility. Giving generously and freely, knowing that you in turn, are nourished and sustained. 

The Pig as nourisher.
The celts farmed pigs to such a degree that, they were noted for having such enormous herds of swine, that they had an abundant supply for salt meat.

The ability of pigs to discover the earths secrets is one of the reasons why the pig is so important in the Druid tradition. Both female and male pigs are sacred to the Goddess. The Sow representing her life giving aspect. The Boar symbolising her life taking. So much so that the Sow is used in ritual practice on Halloween.
The Druid Animal Oracle ~ Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm

Halloween Ritual
Yr Hwch Ddu Gwta
. The Stocky Black Sow.
Tailless black sow. To scare children.

Cerridwen, Welsh Goddess of Transformation, Inspiration and Knowledge  was also known as White Sow.

The Celts viewed Pig as a sacred animal – both the wild boar and the domesticated female pig, the sow. They associated sow with the cycles of birth and death, regeneration, the moon, the underworld and intuitive wisdom.

Cooking Queen ~ Ceridwen

Leave Me, Go


In the corpse light of the night,
you’ll know something isn’t right. 
Rarely seen, but always heard,
blurred, disembodied, absurd. 

Cyhyraeth, is on the prowl,
Don’t look now!
Turn a deaf ear,
if it’s death that you fear.

Cyhyraeth Messenger, of ‘Undead’ 
ignore her wailing in your head. 
As she howls, through winds,
and growls “Can I come in” ?

Cyhryraeth exhumed from our Celts,
the Holy Grail’s burial home, of Welsh.
Ghostly, skeletal, spectral phantom,
take heed, she’d hold you to her ransom. 

Have you been warned?
Eternal damnation will be yours,
if you answer to her three calls. 

Be sure to confidently reply,
“I do not want to die”
Leave me, let me go, 
there’s no one at home” 

Run for cover under, pillows and sheets, 
this hag of mists, you don’t want to meet. 

Victoria Healing ~ 18.10.2020


the Cyhyraeth also sounds for Welsh natives dying far from home.

The Cyhyraeth: Meaning “skeleton, “spectre”, “death-portent”, “wraith”) a ghostly spirit in Welsh mythology, a disembodied moaning voice that sounds before a person’s death.

The noise is said to be “doleful and disagreeable”, like the groans and sighs of someone deathly ill, and to sound three times (growing weaker and fainter each time) as a threefold warning before the person expires. 

The Cyhyraeth is a Banshee-like spirit from Glamorganshire, Wales. 

Take the Chair

bards chair Cardigan in Wales an der Cardigan Bay, was es alles zu sehen und zu erleben gab
Image: 9′ High Bardic Chair ~ Cardigan Castle

There was fun, frivolity and big smiles,
as each competitor recited their lines.
Some were sad, mournful and touching,
others, uplifting, happy, or grumbling.

Love was one thing, divorce the other,
some even talked about their own mother.
None interrupted as each poet stood up,
praying that today, they were in luck.

Listening intensely to wordsmith raps,
following the recitals, everyone clapped.
Rhymes that had all come together;
where listening in and silence tethered.

That first day when it all had began,
Lord Rhys had invited the Bards to stand.
From across the valleys of Wales they came,
to a ceremony; which still happens today.

Amid towers of Cardigan Castle in 1176,
poets and musicians all voiced their pitch.
In their diversity and commentaries of life,
audiences were entertained with delights.

Charmed, amused, bewitched and beguiled,
the Bardic Chair, awarded to favoured style.
Keepers of stories and secrets shared,
at the annual festival: National Eisteddfod.

This showcase is still repeated each year,
the victor gifted with a magnificent chair.
Among spiral stairways, within stone walls,
you can hear the musicians and bards call.

Rhys ap Gruffydd, known as our Lord Rhys,
instigated this arts and cultural masterpiece.
All were given an excellent opportunity,
to be crowned as *Barddoniath of their community.

In celebration of writers, poets and traditions;
Eisteddfod literally means “To Sit and Listen”
Victoria Healing ~ 18.6.2020
©Take the Chair

Eisteddfod:The closest English equivalent to eisteddfod is “session”; the word is formed from two Welsh morphemes: eistedd, meaning “sit”, and bod, meaning “be”.

‘The Crowning of the Bard’.
The National Eisteddfod of Wales dates back to 1176. Lord Rhys invited poets and musicians from all over Wales to a grand gathering at his castle in Cardigan. A chair at the Lord’s table was awarded to the best poet and musician, a tradition that continues today in the modern Eisteddfod.

*Barddoniaeth” Welsh: The whole towering edifice of poetic endeavour
Image: 9′ high Bardic Chair (Castell Aberteifi – Cardigan Castle)

 — with Victoria Healing at Castell Aberteifi – Cardigan Castle.

cardigan castle
Image: Cardigan Castle.  ~ The History Man


princess gwenllian last princess of wales best No Gelin A Vellin Idh Raid Lîn
Image: Princess Gwenllian last Princess of wales  Gelin A Vellin

Some people tutted,
some people, disgusted.
Some people, turned their heads,
Edward I had wished her dead.

Having lost her parents and home,
hidden, rejected, living her life alone.
Banished behind high concrete walls,
instructed to listen for God’ call.

Strange women wearing long dark robes,
were the only caretakers, she’d ever known.
There was cruelty and devilry there,
it seems, no-one had justified or cared.

Dimly lit stained glass windows all around,
locked away in nunnery prison grounds.
Her hands clasped together in prayer,
wondering why was she delivered there?

The abducted true and last Welsh Princess,
Isolated from her own people to attest.
Her crime? she of royal Welsh blood,
a threat to the false king: Edward.

Gwenllian ferch Llywelyn, died on 7th June 1337.
fifty four years, waiting on the will of heaven.
The only orphan child of Llywelyn ap Gruffudd;
and daughter of Eleanor de Montfort.

Stolen in cradle away to Sempringham Priory,
Edward had expelled and denied her.
Wales is now a country left fragmented,
when Edward I stole the crown and ascended.
Victoria Healing ~ 12.6.2020
©The Last Princess of Wales

The Lost Princess of Wales:
Gwenllian ferch Llywelyn
Only child of The Last Prince of Wales: Llywelyn ap Gruffudd.

Gwenllian was imprisoned for life in the Gilbertine priory at Sempringham. The aim was, naturally, that by placing her in the priory that she would never marry and produce offspring that may threaten Edward I.
Edward’s choice of Sempringham was a careful one: it was not just a convent, it was of the Gilbertine Order, a secular sect that kept itself isolated from the world.

She didn’t even know her true name: priory records have her listed as “Wencilian” while she used the signature “Wentliane” – both English corruptions of the correct pronunciation. She is a lost figure of Wales, buried in the wilderness of England, far from home.

princess gwenllian ferch Llwelyn hidden princess
Image: Princess Gwenllian ferch Llwelyn…/imprisonment-gwenlli…/…

gwenllian tribute only chil of prince llywelyn ap gruffudd prince of wales

The Last Welsh Prince

Last true prince of wales Plans for Wales' first taxes since 1283

How could they stand by and watch?
their prince ‘beheaded’ and left to rot.
There were no farewells or goodbyes,
below the London tower; shouts and cries.

The cold hand of repression, laid its spell,
skies darkened; over a ‘head’ known well.
Lost native Prince of independent Wales,
Llwelyn ap Gruffyd; a champion, impaled.

Edward called Llwelyn, a rebel in 1277,
as he marched his army on Wales again.
His mission? to eradicate and disinherit,
to kill the genuine Prince, without merit.

Edward I rubbed his hands together,
inserted as king of Wales forever.
Rightful heir, slayed by Edward’ troops,
Llywelyn’ head; sent to England in 1282.

Llywelyn ap Gruffydd had been known to be,
our last defender of freedom and liberty.
Dark, angry clouds, gather North and South,
screams rippling into silence, buzz around.

The memory of Llwelyn, whispered, hushed,
tributes to his honour, vanish into dust.
Land of lakes, high mountains and deep valleys,
Llewelyn the true title holder in Cymru history.

The sun will shine again, directly overhead,
on a land born free, when the truth is read.
Victoria Healing ~ 15.6.2020.
©The Last Welsh Prince

Llywelyn Ap Gruffudd, (died Dec. 11, 1282, near Builth, Powys, Wales)

Prince of Gwynedd in northern Wales. Within a year after his death Wales fell completely under English rule.

His head was carried to King Edward I, who ordered that it be displayed on a pike, in London.  Apparently, it stayed on display for over 20 years.  The rest of his body is purportedly buried at Abbey Cwmhir, northeast of Rhayader in Powys.…

Most historians have ignored or discounted the activities of the Welsh. Since then and to this day, the title Prince of Wales has traditionally been given to the intended successor to the English throne.…

Image: Last true Prince of Wales. (Wales’ first taxes were payable in 1283)