The Siren

Image: The Fantasy Art of Molly Harrison. ‘Astra’ The celestial Mermaid.
The world has gone quite mad, 
If you could put me back in the water, that would be good.  

The Siren 
She says so little, 
but exudes so much.
mysterious in ethereal flush. 

What secrets will she share?
watcher of moon, shining there.
Mythical, graceful and divine,
Siren of seas in ancient times. 

The night, sees her light,
in sanctity, of inner sight.
She’s coming and going.
in conscious. All knowing.

Balancing heart in mind,
in dreams, she finds.
Visions come and go, 
in memories; You know. 

Under water, she floats,
on rising, she takes notes.
Traveling in her own time, 
to seek, peace of mind.

In the glow of full moon,
sing her celestial tune. 
As you wave her goodbye,
silently, close your eyes.

With a flick of her tail,
a moment to exhale. 
Release and let’s go,
into depths of great, below. 
Victoria Healing ~ 15.4.2022
The Siren 

‘If people are doubting how far you can go, go so far that you can’t hear them anymore. ~ Michelle Ruiz


Today 15th of April;

Mars, the Planet Of Action enters the Emotional and Dreamy sign of Pisces. Pisces wants us to look within and find drive and energy from our inner spiritual warrior so we can be sure in which direction to take. ~ Dale Bradburn ~ (The Little Place of Peace)


Only in my pain, did i find my will

Only in my chaos, did I learn to be still

Only in my fear, did I find my might,

Only in my darkness, did I see my light

~ Unknown


Somethings gotta give

Keep it real and be ready to swim.



PINK FULL MOON ~ 16th April 2022

In the Northern hemisphere/.

Give in to the universal magic and all its surprises.


On the Flip Side

HUNTERS FULL MOON 17th April 2022/.

in the Southern hemisphere


It’s ok, you just forgot who you are, welcome back


mermaid siren Wallpaperstogo

Image: Unknown 


‘Listen to the universe, it is always whispering messages through songs, dreams, numbers, animals and thoughts’


Oh, But I Am Back…!

Image: Steampunk Chug. Caption: ~ Shauna Niequist
Oh, But I Am Back...! 
Sometimes, she’d question her sanity,
in a cold man-made world of un-reality. 
‘She’ her-self ages ago, ceased to exist; 
here, now, she’s found the voids twist. 

Love or loathe her, she doesn’t care,
she has her original in sights to share. 
Staying true to her heart, is the gold,
in surrender to cosmic vision of soul.

Creating her own portal of reserve, 
tracing the ink in her veins words. 
Finding more untapped powers,
beasts hidden have been devoured. 

Monstrous doubts have been slayed,
as this Warrior Dragon paves the way. 
True north, in her journey, she’s begun,
sparkling waves of radiance from the sun. 

With a book and a magical quill on side, 
more fantastical adventures she writes. 
And on this day, she rests and has said,
‘Finally those old nightmares are dead’. 

Weary of battles and being attacked, 
she shouted ‘Oh, but now I am back’ 
With Dragon friends waving on side, 
they told her ‘Now it is time to Ride’  

Steering ships wheel. Standing at ease.
avast, dark clouds and stormy seas. 
Victoria Healing ~ 5.4.2022.
Oh, But I Am Back 

Image: Art by Brian Kesinger



(¸.´(¸.•` 𝐈 𝐚𝐦 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐝𝐫𝐚𝐠𝐨𝐧•***•

From caves and caverns and mountain streams,

I am the Spirit of the Dragon, she is me.


“I have learned to make beauty, from broken things. For I managed to teach myself how to fly, without wings.” -Little girl speak

DRAGON ~ If Dragon shows up, it means: You are emerging into a new phase of your life, one where you’ll be taking more risks and be more vulnerable, yet you are well protected. Stephen D Farmer ~ Animal Spirit Guides.

Out of this World

Image: Valerian Entertainment.
Everybody nervous?
Get strapped in and buckle up…! 

In attraction of the planet, we entered, 
flickering lights, magical in surrender.
In the twists of gravity’s void and fall, 
we were starry, spectral glows of it all.

It seemed only nanoseconds of time, 
as body, mind and spirit, entwined.
The oblivion, in a centrifugal force,
twisting, spinning spheres on course. 

Seemingly ‘Out of this World’ at night, 
multi coloured transition of neon lights. 
Waltzing energy, passions and pleasure.
Topsy turvy; electrically fired treasures.

A little mysterious, a pre-empted risk, 
a state of mind, for an adrenalin fix. 
‘Go on’ she urged, please tell me more,
of creepy Haunted Houses, of doors’

'Glimpsing scary shapes at a distance,
in dread, but focused in our persistence.
Imagining all horrors of skulls and gore, 
tip toeing quietly, but screaming for more’

A sensory barrage of smells and sounds, 
a little dangerous, how thrills were found.   
Sugar candy, popcorn, hot dogs or fries?
tossing soft balls, to win fluffy gala prize. 

Carousels and Giant Teacups of pleasure, 
Ferris Wheel spins in ‘Fun Fair‘ of leisure.
As the Dodgems ‘rolled up’ to Brum town,
‘Fair’ enough, we’d loved, ups and downs. 

From these treasured memories as a kid,
recalling the epic thrills that Fun Fair’s give. 
Victoria Healing ~ 4.4.2022
Out Of This World

How to be happy?

Buy more Fun Fair tickets

It was the Easter FUN FAIR in Stechford, Birmingham, plenty years ago!

*Insert Sad Music*

Then we saw it, now we don’t

The First Fairground Showmen in Stechford, UK.

It’s Puzzling

Image: Pin Interest
Them: What are you doing under the table?
Me: Looking for my missing piece    

Is it in your socks or maybe in your bra?
that missing bit, couldn’t have gone far.
Is it stuck on your elbow or glued underarm?
that vital piece of your own unique charm. 

Is it under the table, or fallen in your shoe?
that mislaid tile, the challenged part of you. 
Each shape should fit in and slide together, 
hand crafted, flipped, wriggled and tethered. 

If its fallen apart and broken into bits,
find the lost piece where the section fits. 
It will take dexterity, patience and skill,
looking at the big picture, if you will. 

Don’t lose yourself, to fit odd shapes in, 
take notes of your inside chatter within. 
Try a little introspection and clarity,
to take you into the next level of reality.

It’s in a place, you’ve looked, so far;
in your entire being, a mindset, a bar. 
In all that you’ve experienced and seen, 
there is a mosaic ‘Jigsaw Puzzle’ of dreams.

A dissected map, to assemble by you,
when you find it, you’ll know what to do.
Victoria Healing ~ 1.4.2022 
It’s Puzzling 

‘Small minds discuss the puzzle, great minds study the picture’

Did you know?

That doing jigsaw puzzles can help to keep your brain active.

The Sword of the Dragon

Image: Dragon Reflection. Anne Stokes
‘You deserve forehead kisses by someone who adores you 
and a fire breathing dragon 
to slay anyone who’s ever wronged you’ ~ (Unknown)

The Heart of the Dragon
From the entrances of hell, 
where frightful monsters dwelled. 
Flames and smoke belch out,
extinguishing, chaos of doubts.

They tapped her on the shoulder,
sensing her blood running colder.
From stories of home they’d tell, 
how some, never wished her well. 

Revisiting the situation after birth,
her realisation in ‘survival of worth’ 
Scattering memories on the table, 
her inner grace, became enabled. 

The Sword of the Dragon reflected, 
furnaces where she’d been rejected.
A healing transformation now occurred,
from the ‘scapegoat’ in childhood years.
In the curdling force of her own validation, 
her inner child breathed in contemplation. 
To touch what had been injured and sore, 
a vow and a promise, to love herself more. 

And as the new Moon beamed into light, 
she saw a future vision, happy and bright. 
The Wounded Healer *Chiron* had called,
demanding; ‘No more, will you feel small’
Victoria Healing ~ 31.3.2022
The Heart of the Dragon 

Image: Anne Stokes. ’Dragon Reflection’.

In the picture, a dragon’s eye is reflected in the sword blade and lines up with the eye of the female warrior holding the weapon. The dragon is her friend which she salutes with a raised sword. The image on the blade represents her courage as she has the heart of a dragon.


*Chiron – The Wounded Healer

The April New Moon will rise in our night sky on March 31st and April 1st (2022) as the astrological New Year begins. This new moon is tightly conjunct: 

Chiron ~  The Wounded Healer


The goal of this New Moon is to point to what triggers us

– to what it is that makes us feel hurt, wounded and rejected.


‘Our wound points to our potential, to the person we could become if we figure it out’

‘Maybe you will glow differently where the sun shines brightly and self love is a natural thing’ ~ ryan.g.adair 

Mirror, Mirror

Image: The Black Prince by J_ Patrick
Her heart is shackled in white robes,
behind her iced wall she roams.
Sculptured into fractal  state,
your crystalline, iceberg mate.

Ask her, ‘Why she hides?’
a dam of emotions numbed inside.
Frozen beyond glacial walls,
hear her screams and calls. 

Show a little loving and care,
grasp her spirit magnetic, there.
When those icicles melt.
her warmest feelings will be felt.

Don’t try to rush,
have a little hush.
When you see her,
she sees you,
to tell you what to do.

Brain frozen, since a child, 
only seeing with her eyes.
Chilled in chasmic chaos of inner self,
she knew there was some soul else.

Deep and frost-bound inner soul,
melting and thawing, becoming whole. 
She is a heroine and cool kinda chick,
if you understand your defrost switch.  

There is magic in the diamonds of rough, 
now you’ve chilled into a warrior, tough. 
Victoria Healing ~ 13.3.2022 


‘Whoever gets the Mirror, will be unstoppable’ ~ Maleficent


Behind the the Ice Queen archetype


witch ice water of whimsy art shop


The Ice Witch saves treasures from frozen times, utilising frost energy under the light of the moon. She practices weather magic with a focus on the transformative nature of freezing temperatures. By using modern amenities such as freezers and ice boxes, an Ice Witch can save treasures from the frozen months, for use throughout the year. Contemplative and strong, she can see through the chaos of life. Just as light catapults through layers of ice, this Witch transforms energy into a tapestry of colour and intention. ~ Water Of Whimsy ~ Image: Regan Rolston 2021

I’m Still Here

Image: Stepintoknowing

Do you know why birds sing just before dawn?

Scientists believe its to tell their mates they made it through the night as a way of saying “I’m still here” Maybe that’s why we sing too, why we create art  ~ as a way of saying ‘I made it, I’m still here’ ~ Jeff Goins

Inhale possibility
Exhale creativity

She bit her lip, 
tipped her head and cried.
‘How much more can she take?’ 
(I sighed) 

There’s a buzz of chill in the air,
she says nothing, but I feel it there.
In the deep jungles of her mind,
shadows flicker and intertwine. 

Where moments, stand still,
in the portals of her own will.
A step back from repetition, 
where new ideas are hidden. 

She has her own secret wishes,
beyond cleaning and washing dishes.
Within her dull silence and pace,
it was written, all over her face. 

It’s a sad story, but its true,
this woman, could be me, or you.
Victoria Healing ~ 7.3.2022
I’m still here 


Song Based Writing Prompt.

Put your favourite playlist on shuffle.


The first song explains the characters personality.

Second song explains the protagonist personality.

Third song explains the plot.


My Playlist

Character ~ Whiter Shade of Pale ~ Procol Harem.

Protagonist ~ Forest Hymn ~ Deep Forest.

Plot ~ Time ~ Mike Oldfield





Wander Land

Image: Steve Thomas Jones
Wander Land 
Picturing the majestic forests of trees,
all stress was gone and heart put at ease.
Wandering down a path of fond memories,
as a daughter of Welsh descendants.

How could one possibly, simply express, 
those delightful feelings of happiness.
Peaking mountains of the green and wild,
all city life deleted with nature reconciled. 

Precious trips with Mom to visit my Celtic family,
childhood days, made me lighthearted, happy.
The lands of poet; Dylan Thomas and Tom Jones,
and of the glorious golden daffodils back home.

The corner shops, the warmth of hospitality,
seas of blue bells, amidst olde oaks in valley. 
Chopping seas, the cool winding streams, 
in reminiscing; this is what Wales means to me.

Visualising myself amongst these lovely things,
to remember what this memorial day brings.
A reminder of my angelic Mom, now today,
and that it should have been her birthday.

Happy Heavenly Birthday Mom,
time slips by and life has gone on. 
But from our hearts you’ve never gone.

We think about you always,
and we talk about you too.
We have so many happy memories,
but we wish we still had you. 

Always loved, forever missed.
Until we meet again 

‘Obsessed by our childhood tales, we spend our lives searching for our magic door back to our lost wonder lands ‘


‘My beautiful Wales is awash with Bluebells and the odd Daffodil. I think they compliment each other beautifully. Taken at Ten Acre Wood, Margam’ ~ Steve Thomas Jones

Seeing Eye to Eye

Image: Fine Art of America
Her mind is in a muddle, her heart is in a mess,

her beautiful inner child, is angry, I guess.

To be proud, mighty and strong,

or to be timid, meek and wronged?

What are these feelings, as if we don’t belong?

I’ve neglected and insulted her, locked her in a box

and now I must release her,

to tell her, my self, that all is not lost.

and she whispers in reply,

you must reflect, eye to eye.

Trust no-one that you meet,

who is not an equal mirror of me.

Victoria Healing ~ 3.9.2021

Seeing Eye to Eye 
Image: Little Girl Speak

Isaiah 49 2:

“You are the daughters of a valiant, virtuous Warrior whose eternal, creative Word in your Mouth is a living invincible Sword in your hand”

For the pleasures of your soles

ME: I’m in a bad mood
HIPPOCRATES: Go for a nice long walk and if you’re still in a bad mood,
go for another walk. 

When the world is chaotic, your mind is in a buzz,
with in an infinite overload of ‘out of the blue’ stuff.
Take your mind, heart,  soul and spirit for a walk,
listen out for the exhilarating sounds of nature’s call.

Soul of Mother Earth, to soles of your feet;
Heart to ground, centred in peace.
Heel, then toe, mindfully across terrain,
smell and touch the stability of Earth again. 

Let the grass grow under your feet,
heart lifting moments, as senses meet. 
Earth and Heart, letters are the same;
they’re just ‘sounded’ out in a different way. 
Victoria Healing ~ 27.4.2021
Heel to Toe

‘When you realise Heart and Earth are spelled with the same letters,

it all starts to make sense’ ~ ~Jennifer Bramley ~ Earth Day Tag

Image: Unknown ~ Pininterest


‘The soul of the earth, can best be felt through the soles of your feet.

When you walk arrive with every step. That is walking meditation. ~ 

Thich Nhaat Hanh. 

Kinhin. Walking Meditation. 

This is the Japanese Monk from the documentary Baraka

This Monk is ringing a bell as he walks, so that it chimes at a constant interval, calling people to pay attention and join him on his spiritual journey. 

Mindful Walking Explained

Simply apply the core concept of mindfulness to the process of walking. Focus the mind on the movement of walking. This increases the mind-body connection, heightens mindfulness, and boosts our mental well-being.

“The most primitive way of healing the body is by putting bare feet on natural ground,” says US cardiologist Dr Stephen Sinatra. “I call it caveman medicine and I thoroughly recommend it.”

‘There’s a difference between knowing the path and walking the path ~ The Matrix 

Solvitur ambulando /ˈsɒlvɪtər ˌæmbjʊˈlændoʊ/[1] is a Latin phrase which means “it is solved by walking” and is used to refer to a problem which is solved by a practical experiment. It is often attributed to Saint Augustine.[2]

Image: Unknown