Seeing Eye to Eye

Image: Fine Art of America
Her mind is in a muddle, her heart is in a mess,

her beautiful inner child, is angry, I guess.

To be proud, mighty and strong,

or to be timid, meek and wronged?

What are these feelings, as if we don’t belong?

I’ve neglected and insulted her, locked her in a box

and now I must release her,

to tell her, my self, that all is not lost.

and she whispers in reply,

you must reflect, eye to eye.

Trust no-one that you meet,

who is not an equal mirror of me.

Victoria Healing ~ 3.9.2021

Seeing Eye to Eye 
Image: Little Girl Speak

Isaiah 49 2:

“You are the daughters of a valiant, virtuous Warrior whose eternal, creative Word in your Mouth is a living invincible Sword in your hand”

For the pleasures of your soles

ME: I’m in a bad mood
HIPPOCRATES: Go for a nice long walk and if you’re still in a bad mood,
go for another walk. 

When the world is chaotic, your mind is in a buzz,
with in an infinite overload of ‘out of the blue’ stuff.
Take your mind, heart,  soul and spirit for a walk,
listen out for the exhilarating sounds of nature’s call.

Soul of Mother Earth, to soles of your feet;
Heart to ground, centred in peace.
Heel, then toe, mindfully across terrain,
smell and touch the stability of Earth again. 

Let the grass grow under your feet,
heart lifting moments, as senses meet. 
Earth and Heart, letters are the same;
they’re just ‘sounded’ out in a different way. 
Victoria Healing ~ 27.4.2021
Heel to Toe

‘When you realise Heart and Earth are spelled with the same letters,

it all starts to make sense’ ~ ~Jennifer Bramley ~ Earth Day Tag

Image: Unknown ~ Pininterest


‘The soul of the earth, can best be felt through the soles of your feet.

When you walk arrive with every step. That is walking meditation. ~ 

Thich Nhaat Hanh. 

Kinhin. Walking Meditation. 

This is the Japanese Monk from the documentary Baraka

This Monk is ringing a bell as he walks, so that it chimes at a constant interval, calling people to pay attention and join him on his spiritual journey. 

Mindful Walking Explained

Simply apply the core concept of mindfulness to the process of walking. Focus the mind on the movement of walking. This increases the mind-body connection, heightens mindfulness, and boosts our mental well-being.

“The most primitive way of healing the body is by putting bare feet on natural ground,” says US cardiologist Dr Stephen Sinatra. “I call it caveman medicine and I thoroughly recommend it.”

‘There’s a difference between knowing the path and walking the path ~ The Matrix 

Solvitur ambulando /ˈsɒlvɪtər ˌæmbjʊˈlændoʊ/[1] is a Latin phrase which means “it is solved by walking” and is used to refer to a problem which is solved by a practical experiment. It is often attributed to Saint Augustine.[2]

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wishing will


I can’t help smiling, when I think of a ‘Wish’
mixed up yearnings, stirring within.
a dream, fantasy, a plan, a hope or a kiss?

In a poem, all wishes can come true,
in imaginary worlds written for you.
See your wishes as they become real,
that dreamy emotion, can you feel?

Don’t hold passion and persistence back,
take time to ponder what you want,
Why? and where you are at.
Victoria Healing ~ 7.5.2018
Wishing Will 

“Passion is different from interest. Those who are just interested in things have the 'wish' but passionate people have the 'will'.' ― Israelmore Ayivor

Extra, Extra!

extra extra celt goddess Warrior Bride of Christ Greeting Card for Sale by Constance Woods


“Come on” she said;
“I’ve thought of something fun to do”

That inner child hidden within us all,
no matter how old, yearns to feel life once more.
The real world is a confusing and chaotic place,
wishing we could grow wings and fly away.

Writers are imaginary and fantasy thinkers,
escapism, mystery and romance bringers.
Fractured thoughts flick through our minds,
as make up, dreamers of stories, of all times.

To future generations a precious gift,
fantasy elements critical, with exciting twists.
Rest assured, however you relate,
your wonderland is yours alone, to contemplate.

Great literature is when the author has the gift,
as “Chrétien de Troyes” adding extra knights with twists.
Developing Holy Grail and Camelot from Arthurian tales,
borrowing from Welsh characters he’d regaled.

To give you the low down and tell you the truth,
his story telling was fictionalised in novel, as new.
Dear Chrétien; romantic poet of fantasy creation;
Lancelot, Percival, Galahad and Yvan, he’d emulated.

Beautiful fables and moral games, they were,
but true history had been redacted and turned.
A man with a strong faith and sense of duty,
Will Chrétien de Troyes be remembered? Absolutely.
Victoria Healing ~ 2.6.2020

Knights of Chrétien de Troyes: “The inventor of the modern novel”
Fantasy Knights:

Lancelot: His first appearance is in Chrétien de Troyes’ poem.

Percival: First made famous by the French author Chrétien de Troyes. Replaced in later English and French literature by Galahad.

Galahad: The illegitimate son of Lancelot

Yvain: Starring in Chrétien de Troyes’ late-12th-century

Chrétien also has the distinction of being the first writer to mention the Holy Grail[15] (Perceval), Camelot (Lancelot), and the love affair between Queen Guinevere and Lancelot (Lancelot)

Image: by Constance Woods
Copyright 2007

(Robert de Boron‘s Merlin, was the first tale to mention the “sword in the stone“) 


Rhyme Universe


“Never lose that little child that’s inside of you. Hold onto her spirit with all your heart” ~ Unknown

Animal Instincts

tree walk the thoughts from the wild
Image: Thoughts From The Wild 

There are desires to be wild, inside of us all,
stop to listen, you will hear their call.
To know your own animal instincts, you must,
before your bones, vanish in to dust.

Learn the folklore, of the survival of the fittest,
or risk feeling insignificant, within society limits.
What about the loss of your own self-esteem?
forgetting to follow your purpose, vision and dreams.

Even if you feel misunderstood, or misaligned,
You are spiritually and physically protected at all times.
Valuable insights, ideas and new teachings come your way,
pay close attention, to what your animal nature, has to say.
Victoria Healing ~ 27.4.2020 
©Animal Instincts. 


A Dream Friend

girl thinking


“Excuse me” she had called out,

“Do you remember,  where I can be found?


It had all got off to a bad start,

she was gloomy and depressed in her heart.

Feeling sorry for herself and in a foul mood,

I could see that she was sad by her grumpy attitude.


“But all of this is unbelievable” I stammered,

in fascination, I was besotted, enamoured.

Swinging my legs off the edge of the bed,

listening intently, to what was being said.


She ushered “it’s all just easy stuff,

are you curious and willing enough”?

“Is this science fiction”? I prompted

“do I know you, or have I forgotten”?


Like a moth to a flame we were drawn,

with foresight, ideas and potential galore.

“When awakening, to wipe the sleep from my eyes”

she was still there, chit chatting inside.


Even when I’m sleeping, she’s awake

I had heard her, for goodness sake.

When switching off the lights,

she’d always been present, that was right!


I shook my head knowing that I was resisting this idea,

but then my unconscious awareness became clear.

Then a most peculiar thing happened,

becoming mindful of old repetitive thinking patterns.


Conforming to the laws of scientific reasoning  and logic,

my subliminal self, had long been forgotten.

At once, I felt a settling of nerves,

shifting between past and present senses on alert,


Feeling a great gush of excitement,

formed by our renewed bonds of alliance.

“This must be it”, I then thought,

our friendship has been recovered, after all.


Hugging, squealing and shrieking in delight,

I thanked my long lost friend for her dreaming insights.

unconscious girl on telephone, i'll see you in my dreams clementine
Image Credit ~ Clementine


Victoria Healing ~ 29.6.2019

A Dream Friend

“The unconscious mind is an enigma. The things we do are determined both by our conscious and unconscious minds. Thus, delving deeper into the unconscious mind is a fascinating adventure. It also helps us better understand who we truly are” ~

Facundo Cabral

Rhyme Universe


Sigmund Freud. The father of psychoanalysis studied the unconscious mind.  Most of the unconscious mind quotes that exist are his.

The interpretation of dreams is the royal road to a knowledge of the unconscious activities of the mind”. ~ Sigmund Freud 

He found that they were hidden messages that, once interpreted, gave direct access to the unconscious mind.

Tiny Tears

tiny tears little girl speak.png
Image Credit ~ Little Girl Speak


The twitch of the doorknob startled me,

“Hello my darlings”, she whispered


Was it too fantastic to believe?

that she actually had existed.

We had both been eager accomplices,

our love had been swift and instant.


Two blinking, rock a bye, blue eyes,

she, fashioned into a perfectly, miniature size.

We, beguiled and spell bound,

by her angelic, smiley mouth.


She was fed, bathed and rocked to sleep,

her soft floppy body, warm and sweet.

Not only did she laugh, but shed real tears,

our other girly friend in early years.


Teeny bare feet, perfectly formed hands,

there was one for me and one for my cousin Anne.

Mine wore blue and Anne’s wore pink,

our Nan had brought, these precious gifts.


Those “Tiny Tears” baby dolls were all the rage,

for young girls, back then, of our age.

These words that trigger happy recollections.

treasured moments of childhood reminiscence.


I learned about life from my Tiny Tears doll,

to cry my tears out, before carrying on.

never to withhold sadness in, for too long.

to listen to my heart, where in, I most belong.


This may not mean a lot to you,

but it means so much more to me.

My beloved cousin Anne, left this world at only 29,

These are the cherished moments, of our happier times…

Victoria Healing ~ 9.6.2019

Tiny Tears


tiny tears best


Dedicated to Anne, my brave and dearest play-mate.

My beautiful Cousin who passed away at the tender ago of 29 years young,

from ovarian cancer.

Forever in my heart, my darling ~ Anne Wheatley ~ 10.5.1958.

Anne's tiny tears with knitted dres from Nan
This is Anne’s original Doll, named “Susie” lovingly saved by her sister Sarah, who now shares Susie with her own grandchildren. Outfit crocheted by our Nan, Beatrice. 

Rhyme Universe


close friends best


“Oh, you will learn from it, believe me,

I have plans for you my friend”


And so, with that being said,

she moved forwards, to where she was led.

a long narrow pathway, ran beside the house,

treading softly, as quiet as a mouse.


A gateway opened into a tiny, concrete yard,

enclosed by brick walls, bleak and stark.

Eerily still and strangely quiet,

imaginary games, playing, in silence.


The sun was hidden, behind the roofs,

dark windows, staring, seemingly viewed.

Spiralling buildings, towered around.

there were no traces, of anyone else found,


Those first eight years, playing alone in the back,

she wanted for nothing and neither did she lack.

Riding around on her three wheeler bike,

Mitzi, her poodle, played happily alongside.


Self-awareness, independence and inner growth,

this was how, these traits, were learned, I supposed.

Some, would feel, lost, abandoned, or rejected,

but, this is where, my solitary self, I detected.


Loving the peace of being alone,

deeply connected with a feeling of home.

Victoria Healing ~ 10.6.2019


born when i was born

Latch Key Kids

They said we were the forgotten generation, like no one wants to remember who we are but yet we were the latch key kids as some would call us or ‘free range kids’

I have heard people say that we were unsupervised, raised wrong, lazy, lackeys, and careless. To me you can say what you want about us because we learned how to be self-independent. ~ (Anon)

Rhyme Universe


Thanks for this reminder  ~




Heart Felt

heart best friends lightest hearts
Image Credit ~ The Eyes of Children Around the World


“My Heart is unfathomable, i think it’s too big,

sensitive, intense and makes me overly, overthink.”

Somewhere within, came a voice in reply,

“Listen to whom you are and what’s going on inside”


“Don’t be afraid, to treasure your hearts space,

Don’t be afraid, to convey your hearts warmth on your face.

Don’t be afraid, to smile with your heart race,

Don’t be afraid, to share, the passion of your hearts embrace.


Don’t be afraid, of your hearts mysteries, unknown,

Don’t be afraid, to touch your heart, where it feels home.

Don’t be afraid, that your heart will be alone,

Be most afraid, that your heart’s death is unknown.


Every heart dies, when least expected,

Every day, you should try, to remember this”

Ignoring this inner voice, has always been my folly,

not listening inside, when i hear it’s calling.


This inquisitive, deeply, sensitive spirit,

questions impermanence, of life limits.

These feelings that, as writers, we write,

emphasise with clarity, our own inner sights.


Hand on heart, “i will try not to doubt,

these feeliest, of feelings, when speaking out”

Victoria Healing ~ 1.6.2019

Heart Felt

heart authenticity palavras & Reflexions
Image Credit ~ Palavras & Reflexions


“We are all of us born with a letter inside us, and that only if we are true to ourselves, may we be allowed to read it before we die.” ― Douglas Coupland 

Rhyme Universe

Deter me not

child warrior little girl speak
Image Credit ~ Little Girl Speak


“But what about Courage”?

asked she,


“I’ve spent my whole life, struggling to speak”

never one to back down from her challenges,

she’d looked for help in survival guide management.


Many hadn’t understood her at all,

it has felt like she was talking, to brick walls.

And then, this day, has finally come,

when all of her doubts, have become undone.


No longer expecting others to understand,

she forged a path forwards, to a novel circumstance.

As she entered her sentiments of heart each day,

reading between the lines, what she’d wanted to explain.


Inscriptions were written up there, on her wall,

about how she had even, got there, at all.

and then this day, she will just disappear,

in scribing she’d found the means to dispense of all fears.


She had finally found her strengths, pluck and courage,

never again would she feel, dejected or disparaged.


Within these battles of words, i finally see,

i’ve learned all about bravery and how, that is

determined, by me.


Victoria Healing ~ 31.5.2019

Deter Me Not

courage stacie martin i was fed about who i am
Image Credit ~ Stacie Martin


“It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.”
― E.E. Cummings


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