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“Fairy” Tales

In Wales there were tales of humans trapped in the Fairy realm who have the ability on Halloween to communicate with human forms.

They are related to the tales of King Arthur and his Queen “Guinevere” – otherwise known as “White Phantom”

They say that Welsh Faeries may live in the Lakes and are associated with Moonlight dancing.

“The Mists of Avalon” –(Marion Zimmer Bradley) is an interesting book if you would like to know more about the Celtic Folklore!

WITCH: In early modern Celtic folklore the Witch was otherwise known as a “wise person” or they were called “cunning folk,” or “wych” which is where the term “Witch” has evolved from. — with Victoria Healing and THE MISTS OF AVALON by Marion Zimmer Bradley.

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fairy child the oogie boogie witch

March Musings

march i have no other goal than to follow my heart

In Numerology, the month of March represents;
Three ~ Creative Expression.

“Play Time”

We each have a special talent or ability, this month will ask you to go find it. Get those creative juices flowing and ideas will come thick and fast. Make sure that you get a chance to have some ‘play’ time

There is nothing more important than to be free to use your imagination. Go ahead express yourself in your own unique style. Sing, write, draw, sew, paint your heart out!

Not sure where to begin? Sit quietly in a room where you won’t be distracted or disturbed. Close your eyes, take three deep breaths, exhale…
Imagine yourself strong, vibrant perceptive, aware and shining brightly.

Focus on what is true for you. When you’re ready open your eyes. Follow your whims and fancies and you will be rewarded. Play is a serious business, children learn from it and so will you, so make time for it.

Find opportunities to free that creative spirit within!

Do More Of What Makes You Happy” ~ should be your Mantra

Victoria Healing ~ March 2020. 

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“Draw the art you want to see, start the business you want to run, play the music you want to hear, write the books you want to read, build the products you want to use – do the work you want to see done.” ~ Austin Kleon

march musings three find those hidden wishes decorate your world

If the Sky could Dream

dragons if the sky could dream

Sweet Dreams

Now I lay me down to rest,
I pray that all the world be blessed.
Lady moon and sister star
watch over me from afar.
Mother Earth is always there,
and keeps me safe within her care.
The Lord of dreams will dance and sing
and happy dreams to me he brings.
and when I wake to greet the day
Brother sun will light my way…
(Author Unknown)

Today the old tales are kept alive by the Welsh speakers. There are an estimated 600,000 of them and the numbers are increasing. Traditional Welsh culture has been kept alive by the popularity of the Royal National Eisteddfod, a ceremonial gathering of musicians, poets and craftsmen.

In the late 19th century children were not encouraged to speak Welsh in school. If they did so, they were punished by having a piece of wood called a ‘Welsh Not’ hung around their neck.

Possibly the most important record of early myth, legend, folklore and language of Wales is contained within The Mabinogion . The Mabinogion is a collection of eleven stories translated from medieval Welsh manuscripts including tales of pre-Christian Celtic mythology and traditions. Although translated from medieval text, the tales record characters and events from several centuries earlier, including mention of a revolting Roman Emperor and even reference to the Arthurian legend.


dragons people think Im crazy cos i talk to dragons enchanted portal

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Come over to the Welsh side, we’ve got Dragons

dragon sword of truth anne stokes
Image: Anne Stokes. “The Truth” based around the concept of giving trust. The image is full of symbolism. In the picture the woman gives her trust by offering the sword of truth. The hope is that it will be used alongside her. However it is a weapon and in the wrong hands it could be used against her. If this happens she will be hurt, but the dragon will stir, which represents her anger and inner strength.


“There was a time when people accepted magical experiences, naturally”

This web-blog has become my voyage of discovery.

as I now begin to trace back my Mom’s Welsh Celtic footsteps to her birth place of Port Talbot, in South Wales. Sadly, as a young child, she had been relocated to Birmingham.

I remember when I was little, that she’d enjoy taking me back to Cardiff, in Wales as often as she could, to visit our folks. I have fond memories of those days. In each of their houses, there were remnants of welsh national costumes, Welsh love spoons hung from their walls, there were so many questions that I hadn’t asked them about their customs and traditions, until now. 

“But How Will I Know My Family History?”
Wales was a land of story tellers, although, unfortunately those traditional lores appear to be dying out. I think that its beliefs and customs have been lost in bleak and scary translations.  Yes, their legends can be deep, dark and spooky. However, in my eyes, they live in the land of ‘moving curtains’ (Their analogy: everyone looks out for each other) … and what about their secrets and magic? bridging between the visible and invisible. 

New Chapter
In this next chapter of my web-blog affair, I hope to unravel their intricate folklore, quite simply. To ensure that our Celtic family heritage is never lost to our new generations.

I began this diary, to express my grief after losing my Mom,  but through writing these poems, now five years later, although the pain is still there, the healing has begun. It’s time to follow the path to find my matriarchal ancestors. There comes a moment, when these two origins have to co-exist.

My Mom was a beautiful pure Welsh Celt, who had thick black hair, deep brown, soulful eyes and the most fragile transparent white skin.

She had a loving wisdom, that was always ‘knowing” 

Mom was one of life’s greatest gift’s to me…

Victoria Healing ~ 5.2.2020. 
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I Heard dis Poet

Benjamin zephania
Benjamin Zephaniah

On facebook, I saw dis poet,

from my old home-town, back in Brum,

“Benjamin Zephaniah”

Born in the Caribbean of Handsworth Woods,

where I’d lived as a very young mum.


Ben, he had a challenge,

when he was attending school,

He was labelled as “dyslexic”

the teachers had called him a fool.


Way back then in the 80’s,

Handsworth Woods was known as Europe’s multicultural town.

The heart of good old Birmingham,

so many ethnic people spread around!


Sounds of reggae music,

Smells of ganja smokes.

Curries in the kitchen,

and dancing, rapping folks.


Happy bright jigging Rastafarians,

carrying ghetto blasters on their shoulders.

Dancing away life’s worries,

never concerned about getting older …


The old houses they were shabby,

two up and then two rooms down.

But the vibrant people of cultures,

they never wore a frown …


There was a special “vibe” there,

you could feel it in your blood

Likewise, the band “UB40” had began their dub!


Thank you “Benjamin Zephaniah”

for reminding me back to that time …

When I fell in love with reggae music,

and Bob Marley just blew my mind!


bob marley

Bob Marley played “heart pumping” music,

Showing jah dance could shed the blues.

I always loved those pulsing vibes,

wanting to be Jamaican,

‘n’ join their tribes!


Their bright rasta colours, soul sounds and earthy smells,

I vividly remember them,

as I recall back my memories now.


So many happy faces,

Jiggling jah men, hip hopping around.

They had a snappy swagger,

as they sashayed from their hips.

Their feet always dancing,

Jah music  booming loud …


Happy boppy music … ‘I and I’ imagined,

I was living in “Kingston Town”


Beautiful Jamaican families –

on Sunday mornings,

dressed up in brightest clothes.


Parading off to churches,

to sing gospels and hallelujah’s,

with dignity, grace and repose.


Gone are the days from way back then,

but I always do remember,

When I hear dat reggae soul sound playing.


Come to think of dat now and den!

maybe dat is where I learned ‘dis beaty beat, rap pen …

Victoria Healing ~15.10.2015

I heard a Poet

Benjamin Zephaniah was born in April, 1958 and was raised in the 
Handsworth district of Birmingham, which he called the "Jamaican 
capital of Europe". He is the son of a Barbadian postman and a 
Jamaican nurse. A dyslexic, he attended an approved school but left
aged 13 unable to read or write.
He writes that his poetry is strongly influenced by the music and 
poetry of Jamaica and what he calls "street politics"

“Mr Professor Zephaniah said pupils should have a greater awareness of the “different cultures and languages” within Britain. “Hindi, Chinese and French are taught [in schools], so why not Welsh? And why not Cornish? They’re part of our culture,” he said.The poet made his comments during his first visit to the National Eisteddfod, which took place in Meifod, Powys” ~ BBC Cymru 

”I think poetry should be alive, you should be able to dance it’ ~ Benjamin Zephaniah


Brigid ~ The Fiery Arrow

celtic belisima goddess celts lakes rivers fire, crafts and litht brighid consort of belenus very strong interpretation

 February 1st is Imbolc! (pronounced EE-Molc) is also called Brigid’s Day

and it is a Gaelic traditional festival marking the beginning of Spring.


“Fiery Arrow”

Whilst there are many male warriors we hear of the most,

there are many female, of whom we should proudly boast.

Brigid our blessed Celtic Goddess of fire,

healing by means of her sacred flame, to all, she inspires.


Our patron Saint of cattle and patroness of smiths:

“The Lady” Goddess, of creative consciousness.

Bringer of prosperity, goddess of fertility,

sharing healing powers with gentleness, in her humility.


Victoria Healing ~ 25.10.2018

Brigid: The Fiery Arrow


“Her Fire is the spark alive in every one of us”


The Celtic goddess Brigid ~

Meaning ~ Creator and co-creator in all aspects of life.

‘Fiery Arrow’, ‘Bright One’, or ‘High One’ in the ancient Celtic”

Brigid ~ ‘Bo’ ~ Cow. A new flame. Nourishment. Motherhood. The Goddess igniting the Poets heart. You are a creator and co-creator in all aspects of your life.

(The Druid Animal Oracle ~ Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm)


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