Numerology 2017. Out with the old

Goodbye 2017


Thanks Evolver Social Movement


The change from one cycle to the next can be almost unnoticeable and easy, or it can be very dramatic and life changing.

Big changes can occur when we are moving through one cycle to another.


2017 gave us an opportunity to focus on ourselves.

It was time to discover a new you before the cycle of 2018 begins.


What did you learn?


‘I have learned many things.

I have outgrown relatives who gladly offer criticism, but not support.

I have outgrown my family’s unrealistic expectation of me.

I have outgrown shrinking myself for those who are intimidated by my intelligence and outspoken nature.

I have outgrown people who conveniently disappear when life gets a little dark.

I have outgrown those who take pleasure in gossiping and spreading negativity.

I have outgrown dull meaningless conversations that feel forced.

I have outgrown those who don’t take a stand against ignorance and injustice.

I have outgrown trying to please everyone.

I have outgrown society constantly telling me I ‘m not beautiful, smart or worthy enough.

I have outgrown my tendency to fill my mind with self-doubt and insecurity.

I have outgrown trying to find reasons not to love myself.

I have outgrown anything and anyone that does not enrich the essence of my soul.

I have outgrown many things … and I’ve never felt freer’

Facebook ~ The Idealist.


You can't let people scare you.

You can't go your whole life trying to please everyone else.

You can't go through life worrying about what everyone else 
is going to think.

Whether it's your hair, clothes, what you have to say; 
how you feel, what you believe and what you have. 

You can't let the judgement of others stop you from being you.

Because if you do, you're no longer you. 

You're someone everyone else wants 

you to be. 


what if I told you

christmas five what if I told you there was no secret santa .pngFestiveness


This year we’ve all planned and prepped early to reduce festive stress,

Turned away from celebratory expectations, in search of peacefulness.


We’re not having a big customary roast turkey family dinner

Instead we’ll all just go out in the morning, visiting each other.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Gifts are wrapped, all under our tree,

Bikes ready for the boys to cycle, are hidden in the library.


Time to relax?

What a treat, oh my goodness, we are stress free.


This is a change from old Christmas times past,

Running around shopping, frantically, dreading this monumental task.

christmas star cookies
Shortbread Stars

Yesterday, I cooked shortbread cookie stars and bagged cheesecake ball treats

Looking forward to munching and eat.


Visiting our family on Christmas day,

We’re all excited, no stress, cooking in the customary old traditional way.


Breathing in a big sigh of relief

Only two sleeps away, now I feel at peace and with ease.

christmas rum balls now I'm drunk 25552050_1772706099429541_1683536037730815665_n

Victoria Healing ~ 23.12.2017

Got balls?  ~ Hey Momma

christmas balls
Thanks Jen Healing for another great and yummy recipe ‘Tim Tam Cheesecake Balls’


Tim Tam Cheesecake Balls

  • 1 packet Arnotts Chocolate Biscuits
  • 250g Cream Cheese
  • 300g Milk Chocolate
  • 100g White Chocolate.
Crush Tim Tams in a food processor.

Add cream cheese, mix well.

Roll into small balls.

Freeze 30 minutes.

Melt milk chocolate, dip and coat balls with chocolate while 
still frozen.

Melt white chocolate, drizzle on top.

Use any other flavour Tim Tams if desired.

christmas nine turkey stuffed .png



Your interpreter


How to decipher your Dream Symbols for 

Do you have a “Dream Dictionary”?

dreamer why must I be what the wold tells me 24173017_1653046111425838_1714873515677451882_o

.I think of these in the same way as a computer processes daily input.

They are just clearing your mental and emotional clutter about your day’s happenings and rerunning your experiences. You should identify these dream messages easily. These dreams are helping to alleviate any of your concerns.


You usually have one teaching dream a night, usually these dreams prepare you for what is going to happen the next 24 hours. Many discoveries and inspirations have come from these higher levels of teaching dreams

Problem Solving

These are dreams you have asked for. Learning how to program dreams and understand their messages is one of your most valuable inner resources.


This dream will give you a glimpse into the future. You instinctively know when you receive these dreams. As you learn dream symbols you will be able to read your messages more clearly.

Prophetic or visionary

This type of dream comes from the mystical levels of awareness. It may have a personal message or contain a universal truth.

Outside Interference

This dream is produced when something in your physical environment is disturbing you and is getting incorporated into your dream story. This also applies when falling asleep watching TV.

Anatomy of a Dream

Dreams usually present themselves in three steps.

  1. Time reference ~ example: If you are shown a house where you lived as a child, the house will represent old ways of thinking that started back then.
  2. They will show you how the problem is manifesting itself in your life now.
  3. They will present a solution to the situation, or how you can learn from and move beyond the challenge that is limiting you.

Always remember that YOU are your best interpreter!

dreams be both soft and wild

Have you got your Dream Dictionary’s ready?

Your interpreter ~ 22.12.2017

(All info taken from “The Dream Book’ ~ Betty Bethard)

Good Night


journals for the future


Do you have your Dream Journal handy? have you looked back at any of those memoirs?

This is my personal example of Dreams Journaling, but you will find your own way of recording your messages.

I checked back to one of my old Dream Journals (4.10.2010).

This is the ‘dream recording’

dreams sometimes dreams are wiser than waking 18922161_1518543861500434_2830179061960488858_nEXAMPLE ~
I had written: ‘I was walking with my Granddad in a magical, mystery castle, finding treasures, saw a picture frame with a poem written to my Mom.

Dream Symbols Interpretations:

Castle ~ “Reach for your dreams, bring them into reality”
Grandfather ~ Wise, mature, masculine part of self
Treasures ~ Talents, abilities, creative powers, gifts.
Mother ~ older, wiser, more mature part of self.
Picture ~ How you are seeing things at this time, a picture to awaken a past memory.
Frame ~ There is no interpretation, but I felt that this was a ‘sign’ to particularly write and remember this dream.
Poem ~ Inspiration, creativity, message from guidance.

I always tune into my dreams and see them as an adventure. After waking up, I always note my dream messages straight away. (if I had any) and then I would have fun decoding them, so this then became my daily secret habit. I haven’t shared these dreams with anyone else before, I am using them as an example to show you what it is like to have your own private, personal counsellor, to guide you on your journey.

This method has always helped me through any challenging times. Now today, the funny thing, looking back in hindsight, is that, at the time of the dream, I hadn’t thought about writing ‘poetry’ and now it is my hobby. Then, over the years, my family and friends have always asked me for ‘dream interpretations’ because they know how passionate I am.

So, coincidentally, I am now wondering is this message ‘timely’ for our Dream Weavers group? Could this have been a ‘precognitive or visionary’ dream?
‘Reach for your dreams, bring them into reality’
What do you see?

This to me, is why it’s so important to write our dreams down and date them, because I hadn’t understood, the full interpretation at that time, now 7 years later, under different circumstances, I see a new message. I would love to say, that I’ve got everything figured out, but I am always learning and evolving. What do you think?

Dreams teachers 18922161_1518543861500434_2830179061960488858_n

Future Dreams ~ 22.12.2017

The dream book, Betty Bethards

Good Night

a wake up call

Are you awake yet?

Dreams reach high every dream precedes your goal .pngImagine if you could..
Understand your Dream Symbols easily?

Are you curious about dream symbols?
Do you wonder why they are speaking to us in symbols?

This may seem strange, but once we understand the meanings they are much clearer to communicate with ourselves and others.

Communication between people can be difficult, we all have different perspectives and life experiences and so many things can be misunderstood because of perceptual filters.

Once we understand the language of our ‘Dream Symbols” we cannot mistake any messages. After a while, you will know instantly what is being given to you.
With routine regular practice, decoding the symbols will become another natural instinct and will become part of your life.

The Starting Point

The first place to begin is to understand that everything in the dream
is all about “YOU”
1. ‘People’ in your dreams represent qualities in yourself.
2. A ‘house or building’ is YOU. Look at the rooms, the structure, what do they mean to YOU. Various rooms and how they are decorated and arranged indicate that particular part of your life. Dining room = fellowship. Bathroom = cleaning, eliminating and so on.
3. ‘Vehicles’ represent your self. Representing your mode of travelling or being in the world. Look at the vehicle, if it is a car, is it going uphill, downhill, what colour is it?
4. Water represents your emotions, fire is purification, air is the spiritual self and earth is the physical self.

Once you get the idea, the codes are really quite logical and easy to remember.

Universal Messages
Any symbols given to you, whether in fantasy, meditation or in fact during your waking state are all the same.

These are all coded easily recognised messages from self to self.

dreamweavers it might look like I'm doing nothing, but in my head I'm really busy .png

‘The universe is whispering to you in every moment’
Even in waking life, ordinary everyday events, carry communication and can be a reflection of your subconscious mind.
Now, that is another insight, if you’re interested?
Have you read the book “Signposts” by Denise Linn?
This is another ~ ‘must have’ Book.

Although, always remember that YOU are your own best interpreter.
If others give you different ways of looking at your symbols, use your own intuition to feel whether their suggestions are correct for YOU.

Now, I’m not saying you should try to memorise all of these symbols repetitively. The best way to understand them is by your own personal experience and practice.

Once you know these symbols, you will recognise them naturally and

dreams night shifts did you know when you wake up with a song in your head message21371195_724542721067733_8361605201713486645_n

Wake up call ~ 22.12.2017

From: The Dream Book by Betty Bethards

Good night


Dream Messengers 

Do you believe?

Your Dream messages could help you to understand and solve your problems?

dreams are todays answers to tomorrows questions

Have you ever had a worry or concern that no matter which way you look at it, you just can’t find a way to resolve the issue?

During the day our conscious mind can struggle and wrestle with a problem, but when it is released to the super-conscious mind, the answer effortlessly appears.

This technique has been used for centuries to get insights.

Before going to sleep…

  • Bring your problem to mind.
  • ‘Mentally’ describe the problem you want resolved and then repeat to yourself ”tonight I will have and remember a dream message as a solution to this concern”
    Completely release the situation.
  • Rest in the expectation that you will receive an answer.

Now, don’t worry if the answer didn’t come overnight, you may have to wait a few days, continue asking your question each evening until you get the message. This may take about three days.

dreams nine 18:9 if you can't sleep at night because you slept in afternoon framed .png

When you wake up, write down everything you can remember.
Including how you are feeling, impressions, as well as images.
Or you may wake up with a clear sense of just knowing what to do!
Then perhaps, at sometime during the day, something in waking reality will trigger an image or impression from the dream and you will have your answer.

Remain positive, aware and always have the expectation that you will receive a response. Of course, it is best to avoid using any alcohol or mind-altering substances during this time.

Good Night.

7 Dreams framed you know that place between sleep and awak remember dreamingDream Messengers ~ 22.12.2017

Part three: The Dream Book, Betty Bethards

Dream Catchers

epilepsy dreams calling you


Imagine ‘Catching a Mouse by its tail’

Slowly, slowly


When waking up each morning, don’t jump out of bed quickly, try to lay quietly and silently, waiting to ‘catch’ one ‘instance’ or tip of memory from your dream, even if it is only a small symbol to recognise.

You will then find that you remember your dream ‘adventures’ as they return easily.



When hearing an alarm clock ringing, we instinctively ‘jump’ up out of bed to get ready for work, it’s during those times you can miss your ‘dream memories’

Allow yourself a quiet, dreamy space, before rushing into the day ahead.


Part two: The Dream Book, Betty Bethards

Catching tales ~ 22.12.2017


follow your dreams


Dreams Journaling
 Although we dream all night, our best ‘teaching’ dreams come between 3.00 and 4.00am, or right on the moment of waking? Of course dreams can also come at anytime, even when we are only catnapping.

Use it or Lose it!

  1. This is why it helps to keep a Dream Journal by the side of your bed at night. If you don’t record those memories, then it will be difficult to remember.

Even if you are one of those people who find it hard to remember their dreams, you will usually have a vague sense about it, this could be a feeling of upliftment, frustration, concern or peace etc. Just write it down.

If you have a memory of the dream images, write or draw those too. We are in an altered state of consciousness and bound to forget, if we leave it until morning.

When we honour and record our dreams, we can bridge the gap between levels of super-consciousness and waking reality.

Although, if you don’t remember or understand an important dream message, don’t worry, you will be given the message again and again, until you finally get the idea.

Date your entry, so that you can begin to see patterns and recurring themes.

writing eight so many words so little time 22 dreams come trueFrom: The Dream Book by Betty Bethards


Part One ~ 22.12.2017

Follow your Dreams ~ Hey Momma


Tilly the Tram


train all aboard tilly .png


This story is a tribute to my Mom, who had told me that she would dearly love to write a children’s book about ‘Tilly The Tram”

Sadly she never got to start or finish her story.

Mom told me that ‘Tilly’ was an old abandoned tram that had come to the end of her tramway line and had been dumped in the middle of a forest, left all alone, rusting and decaying, until one day, some young children found her and started playing in her car and that cheered Tilly up no end.

I have always believed that Mom had created this concept as a metaphor for how she had felt at that time in her life.

She was 65 and living alone. Sadly she passed away at 69 years young.
This is my positive version of Mom’s story to ensure that Tilly is never abandoned again.
(Each character in this story are named after her great and grandchildren)

train as soon as I saw you I knew an adventure was going to happen.png


‘Tilly’ the Tram is back on her tracks,
she’d stopped at the station, to take a quick nap.
Tooting off again, with her new polished, shiny wheels,
looking for new adventures and great holiday deals.

She starts out in Perth for her great and grandchildren to jump aboard,
we’re off to Melbourne, the Twelve Apostles in Tilly the tram, oh wow,
they all laughed and thought.


train keke koala says blessed are curious.png


Little Keanu ‘Kee Kee’ our Koala was excited all that day,
when he jumped aboard Tilly’s streetcar, eager to visit new places to explore and play.


train how do you find missing tram follow the tracks .png


Along hopped his big brother “Joshie” our inquisitive Kangaroo,
then their cousin Finn, the Sea Lion, all chug, chugging off to adventures new.
As Kee Kee the cheeky Koala and Finn our smiley Sea Lion began on their way
they all had jelly and custard for their breakfast that day.


sea lion finn 10850215_1572633482953064_2186690209549023979_n


Excitedly perched upright and observing from their seats,
gazing out of Tilly’s windows, wondering what adventures would come
and how many new people could they might meet.


train jake says light at end of tunnel.png


On the platform they met a smart little guy who’d come to greet,
he said his name was Jake the wombat, he’d been burrowing deep under a tree.
Jake wanted to meet his brother ‘Joshie’ the cheeky Kangaroo,
they all held hands with their sister Abby; our prim, proper and clever Emu.

train always arrives at station what platform to take.png

Eagerly waiting in Victoria station, at the trackside,
they were all so excited as they set off on their big adventure ride!
playing games of Monopoly, Uno and checkers, until their bedtime drew nigh.


train window elisa 9474_747111635380491_1916473725706148502_n


The man in the moon was smiling down on them,
Rip Van Winkle, rubbed his eyes, emerging from his den.
Telling them that they now “needed to get their heads down and sleep,
to rest well, before a new morning peeps”


Windjana 3517610_988740447906860_3496537563668353370_o


They dreamed of slippery Snakes and scary Crocodiles that night,
and Sharks and Spiders who might try to bite.
All around and above them, shone bright twinkly Stars,
they had travelled a long way happily inside Tilly’s safe tramcars.

Jordan the topsy turvy Turtle boarded at the next platform to join the ride.
he’d swam to greet them on the Melbourne high tide.

exmouth Turtle steve magical 11235345_789360421178198_2520121747257248120_o


Tilly smiled happily as she greeted each beloved guest,
off sightseeing, she was and so pleased with her exciting quest.
No longer left on the tracks all alone,
Tilly grinned contentedly, anticipating new sights to see and roam.


eight Train intelligence without ambition is like bird without wings10648236_1571242719758807_804051672997928571_o


Hey Momma ~ 9.12.2017

Tilly the Tram ~ Victoria Healing


Next Stop :

~ Brunch with Booker

~ Making tracks to visit Cooper and Kenzie


At birth we boarded the train and met our parents, and we believe
they will always travel by our side. As time goes by, other people 
will board the train; and they will be significant i.e. our siblings, friends, children, and even the love of your life. However, at some station our parents will step down from the train, leaving us on this journey alone. 
Others will step down over time and leave a permanent vacuum. Some, 
however, will go so unnoticed that we don't realise they vacated 
their seats. This train ride will be full of joy, sorrow, fantasy, 
expectations, hellos, goodbyes, and farewells. Success consists of 
having a good relationship with all passengers requiring that we 
give the best of ourselves. The mystery to everyone is: 
We do not know at which station we ourselves will step down. 
So, we must live in the best way, love, forgive, and offer 
the best of who we are. It is important to do this because when 
the time comes for us to step down and leave our seat empty 
we should leave behind beautiful memories for those who will  
continue to travel on the train of life' ~ (Unknown)


“You're waiting for a train. 
A train that will take you far away.
You know where you hope this train will take you, 
but you can't know for sure.
Yet it doesn't matter . . .
Because you'll always be together.”
 ― Cobbs, Mal Inception

Happy Birthday to You ~ Steve


birthday steve stevie wonder .png
Stevie Wonder ~ Namesake


Between you and me


‘I wanted to bake you a cake, but it would need some handles.

I’d have to make it extra large, to hold all of your candles’


Dear Steve,


What rhymes with birthday?



Wishing you a Happy Birthday as you’re turning 42,

Today is for celebrations and it’s all about you.


Thinking, back now to 1975, the year that you were born,

Just for the records, did you know, that everyone judged me in those days, with disdain ridicule and scorn?


But, I still wouldn’t turn back these hands of time

I would make the same decision

So proud that you are a son of mine


‘Too young to have a baby’ is what they had said

‘Have an abortion, just move on to freedom instead;


Giving birth to a baby at 17?

Are you stupid they told me ‘You have so much life yet to be seen!’?


Now, in 2017, do I have any misgivings doubts or regrets

No, not me, we’ve both seen better days and I hope, for more to come yet.

birthday steve and joshie .png
As you get older, there are three important things that happen. First, you lose your mind. I can’t remember the other two. Happy birthday!


Have a good year with laughter and cheer,

But always remember that we love you and

We will always be right here.


So now I have one last message for you;

I know this is an old cliché’ but remember always ‘to your own self, be true’

birthday steve framed .png

Victoria Healing ~ 9.12.2017

Between me and you ~ Hey from Mom, Dad and Nan.

'May your day be filled with blessings,
 Like the sun that lights the sky,
 And may you always have the courage
 To spread your wings and fly!'~ Celtic Blessings'

‘Don’t worry you are a year younger than you will be next year, so smile and laugh on your birthday, while you still have teeth’