Go Find Her


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“I Have an Idea”

Go find her…
… then, she will be okay,
that little girl, you’ve locked away.
She may be scared and a little shy,
search for her, it is time.

You used to spend time together.
playing outdoors, no matter the weather.
You used to, write, draw, crayon and read a lot.
So many things, that you’ve forgot.

Stupidly, you’d behaved like a brat,
telling her to shut up, what did she think about that?

You’d never taken time to tell her that you cared,
You stopped her, when with bravery, she’d dared.
You’d called her stupid and dumb,
hiding her away, when adulthood had come.

You didn’t kiss her, to say goodbye,
You were thoughtless, harsh, mean, unkind.
We all quarrel with those we love,
perhaps your inner child has run off.

Feeling distraught, she’s hidden herself away,
I have an idea,
Let’s persuade her, to come out to play…

Victoria Healing ~ 31.3.2019
I have an Idea

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Image: Little Girl Speak

Rhyme in Verse


I’d like my crayons back, please’ ― Hugh MacLeod 

In, Knowing

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it’s because we are below the stars and not above,

that we find it difficult to daydream, enough.

Secrets, emotions and dreams collide,

when pausing to unwind, seeking that place of reconcile.


Feet firmly planted, on solid ground,

head upwards, in contemplation of clouds.

perceiving things in a new light,

“knowing” our own worth and inner sights.


From Pisces fish, around, to Aries ram,

reading our stars, whenever, we can.


Although, some have said:

“life should be lived, at full steam ahead”

but i say, “what if, we took better ‘care’ of ourselves, instead”?

Victoria Healing ~ 30.3.2019

In, Knowing ~ Just Saying

Rhyme in Verse
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Numerology ~ April, 2019

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-“–” — in Numerology 

The month of April Represents “FOUR” 

Eyes Down

“Life is full of beauty. Notice it. Notice the bumblebee, the small child, and the smiling faces. Smell the rain, and feel the wind. Live your life to the fullest potential, and fight for your dreams” ~ Ashley Smith


April is a month to get focussed and concentrate.

be rigid, but resilient, pay close attention.

Build, construct and rearrange, look at the small print.

this is a good month to make sure that all of your goals are set.


Lay down solid foundations, put down your roots,

secure all things, including your attitude.



magic hearing in the silence is just as precious as seeing in the dark my black heart


“I love to chase my shadow to see how it rests in the the dark” ~ Muna Khan

Numerology Daily Matters
Rhyme in Verse


Green, Lights


green wild woman sisterhood messy hair dirty feet
All Image Credits ~ Wild Woman Sisterhood.


The sun, barely up, gives clarity to day’s light.

the warmth of emerald, glowing, in our sights.

as night’s darkness lifts,

a perfect colour is lit.


Green, for go, now are you ready?

green is refreshing, perpetually.

green is the colour of balance, healing and harmony.


i believe in the magic of green,

i think that it is,

the prettiest colour that i have ever seen.


Legends say, that in the mornings,”first you must,

calm yourself, observe quietly and trust”

although most of us seldom look closely

stuff and nonsense, is in our minds, mostly.


Disturbances and disruption,

prevents our natural earthly connections.

we are unable to appreciate our universe

in its absolute perfections.


Mother Nature offering, her magical healing energies

i can see, green grass, an abundance of leaves on trees

gifting, to all of our therapeutic needs.


To stop that chitter, chattering of mind?

oh yes please and thank you,

it is about  t i m e…

Victoria Healing ~ 29.3.2019

Green, Lights

Rhyme in Verse

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Image Credit ~ Wild Woman Sisterhood


COLOUR CODE: Green is the colour of balance and growth.


Inner Sense

glasses see the world greyfeathers
Image Credit: Unknown 

She had…

…a pair of rose tinted glasses that she wore,
whenever her life had become an ordeal, or chore.
she began to look for the good, in the bad,
when feeling fearful, unhappy or sad.

She had…
a light switch that she could turn on and off,
when the circumstances of life, got a little too tough.
Facing head onwards, to challenges, twists and turns,
retraining her mind to focus on, all that could be learned.

She had…
recovered her own sense of ‘self’ since back then,
learning, that trials and tribulations, can be used for benefit,
when using, her own inner sense.

She had…
seen for her self, that blessings are sometimes hidden in disguise.

She had…

Simply, only needed… to open her eyes.

Victoria Healing ~ 28.3.2019

Inner sense

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Rhyme in Verse


a Word?

words love john-jennings-438856-unsplash.jpg

“Your words have power use them wisely.” Anonymous

When words, pens and hearts collide,

our soul sends messages, letters, divined.

laced together, bedazzling, sparkling lights,

The “spelling” of words, casting magical inner sights.

In the love of poetry, spirits run free,

if i couldn’t write, then i wouldn’t be true to me!

weaving rhythms, waves and patterns

dancing in tunes and songs of lyrical passions…

Victoria Healing ~ 27.3.2019

A Word

poet words fascinating dalena michelle duco

“Your word is the power that you have to create; it is a gift.”

~ Don Miguel Ruiz

Rhyme in Verse

Listen, hear

crow in sky

Can you hear me?

can you see me?

i’m big, black, shiny and beautiful,

a secret unknown, an omen of mystery


Do you hear me caw?

don’t be afraid, i’m not that scary, at all.

i’m clever and intelligent, i’d recognise your face

i can even mimic other birds voice traits.


Loved and revered by ancient shamanic tribes

a protector, prophetic and known as, life guides

who am i, do you know?

see, listen, hear, i’m a big black beautiful bird

cawed the crow.


Protectors and healers, back in Celtic days

listen to us cawing, now don’t be afraid.

Victoria Healing ~ 26.3.2019

Can you hear me caw?

Rhyme in Verse

Don’t Stone the Crows

I love these beautiful big black birds, but I believe that they are really under appreciated.


“Nothing is unreal as long as you can imagine like a crow”~ Munia Khan




CROW ` Be very watchful over the next couple of days for any clear omens or signs that will guide and teach you. Expect a big change very soon. You’re about to get a glimpse into some future event that affects you directly.

Stephen D Farmer ~ Animal Spirit Guides.


When our little crow friend is calling, it is to tell us that the time of change is here. It’s time to step into our authentic power.

Crows not only harbour the message of change, but also remind us about the creation and magic all around us. The crow’s striking black colour represents the colour of creation. This is a representation of the immense power each and every one of us holds to take hold of our own destiny.

Mastering, mind



success meaning of life spiritual awaken soul 7804_2239901739592146_1160528209515642880_o


Can you Master your own mind?

can your reasoning, be well,… seen and defined?

What about your thinking views?

or does,  your “mind” become a little confused?


What are your goals?

what are your dreams?

what does ‘success’ mean to you and to me?

when we each see our life, so differently.


Some aim for a six-figure salary,

I look for peace, quiet and serenity.

Hearing whispers of the wind,

feeling the warmth of sunlight on skin.


The sweet fragrant scent of a rose,

those things, only happiness, knows.

To nurture  your ‘self’

masters your mind, as well…


Victoria Healing ~ 25.3.2019

Mastering, mind

Rhyme in Verse



live island bohemia gisela weldon
Image Credit ~ Island Bohemia, Giselle Weldon


“But we try to pretend, you see, that the external world exists altogether independently of us.” ~ Alan Watts


Dear beautiful spirit, you are,

seen, with affection of heart,

sensed, in minds eye.


Wizards of desire,

magicians in disguise.


Wishes, do not, come on demand,

they are conjured, by your very own hand.

in discovering your own true path,

is the subtle craving of ‘this’ life’s task.


When awareness, touches soul,

what prompts your inner yearnings to unfold?

a kiss on the lips, a smile, a radiant glow?

how do you, ever, really know?


Perhaps, a twinkle, in another’s eyes,

the same joy, rising in a sunset, painting skies.

is it in the reverberation of sound?

harmonic echoes, of rebounds


The exhilaration of breathing in,

exhaling, with sighs…

do we ever, really understand the whys?

remembering, the dance of our lives

all, too quickly, s u b s i d e s.


Victoria Healing ~ 24.3.2019

Live, Now

Rhyme in Verse

Wait for the calm

emotions hirsy
Image credit ~ Hirsty.com.au


“You can’t stop the bad things happening,

but, you can choose how to react” ~ Anon


Rising up, breaking, crashing down,

watching waves pounding on the ocean,

listening to noisy, lulling and soothing of sounds.


Sometimes rough, grey and wild,

other times, still, blue, clear and calm,

like, our emotions, teaching;

how to weather, gusts, squalls, and storms.


Control and adjust

Wait for the calm, You must.

Victoria Healing ~ 22.3.2019

Wait for the Calm ~ Hey Momma


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Image Credit ~ Hirsty Photography


Rhyme in Verse