French it up


Paris framed french it up .pngRecollections from our Paris trip several years ago
Viewing The Louvre and the old home of Vincent van Gogh,

Evening cruises along the River Seine, aboard a glass window boat

Magnificent French treasures, to enjoy, savour, envy and gloat


Gazing up towards twinkling illuminations of the Eiffel Tower
Sparkling brightly as the moonlight shone and devoured.

Melodies, serenades, to all those who were there
Romantic old-fashioned songs, evocative of dreamy love affairs


Idealistic and romantic, 

Parisian city, so fashionable, charming and enchanted

Paris bonjour coffee framed .pngCrowds passing by on narrow, cobbled, tenement streets,

French lovers embracing, kissing, cuddling;

Starry eyed, dreamy and so sweet.


Traffic banked up from back here to over there,

Although no one appeared to fret, worry, stress or care.


Passed on by the Moulin Rouge and the Champs-Elysees

Magnificent scenery,

Reminiscent of old worldly, magical, mystical days


Famed for elegant fashion, couture and classic label designers,

Although those inflated prices had astounded and surprised us.


Toured on by the Arc De Triomphe
Golden statues, spiralling with passion, ambient of love.

French gentleman sipping cappuccinos outside café’s, chattering away
The barista’s wearing starched aprons ~ bidding us a “good day”

Bon jour and j’adore, French folk would cheerily nod to us, and wave.

I’d love to return back there, on another fortunate day.

Paris framed, paris is always a good idea .png

Victoria Healing ~ 21.11.2015
Paris Memoirs ~ Hey Momma

L’amour est la poésie des sens.
Love is the poetry of the senses~ Balzac


Paris framed send me to paris and don't let me come back .png