Hakuna Matata!  

Image: (Dingo) Echo Travelling to the Mundi Mundi Bash, Australia with Pnd Silverton. 


Nic Papalia from the Western Australia Dingo Association (WADA); once said that the Dingo could otherwise be known as:


‘The Lion King’ of Australia,

Video: Australian Reptile Park

This is a great study from third-generation cattle grazier and naturalist Angus Emmott of Noonbah Station. 





Are We Mad?

Image: New Zealand Arawhata. 1080 drop in 2013 which used THIRTEEN helicopters.

Are We Mad?
Helicopters wop, wop overhead,
Millions of bombs, drop bloodshed.
Devoid in shelter, spray floats round,
as dead carcasses, rot on the ground.

The risk’s, far greater than the cure,
but poison cartel sponsors endure. 
For each wild animal, native’s are lost,
the environment pays irreparable cost.

It makes me sad, it makes me sick,
this apocalyptic, chemical killing blitz.
As the crow flies high in the distance,
‘secondary poisoning’ is persistent.

Family pets, ingest the lethal baits, 
this genocide, does not segregate.
As the insects crawl from their holes,
wait, which way are they going to go?

Parroting the same dubious data;
scheming, since 1996 and thereafter. 
The paymasters seemingly agreed, 
‘confuse with propaganda and degrees’ 

Under the blue, free fall of the sky,
clouds of deadly toxin 1080 fly. 
In the polluting of nearby waterways,
you bet, future generations will pay. 

Wild places should be wild havens,
not man-made poisoning activations. 
Through our veins with each heartbeat;
pulse’s the destruction of every species. 
Victoria Healing 2.9.2022
Killing for cash in the name of Conservation

If I could talk for the Animals


These baits are extremely attractive to our dogs. There is no antidote.

Any animal who ingests 1080 suffers an excruciatingly painful death.

Natives take the bait.

No species is immune.

“Mr. Fox, sir, I won’t do it. I can’t say it. I won’t chew it.” ~ Dr Seuss

Are we mad?

It’s time that Australia catches up with the rest of the world and bans 1080.


Coalition of Australians Against 1080 Poison

Collateral Damage


Together we can, but we need your help



‘Compound 1080 was originally developed as a rat poison in Nazi controlled territory in the 1940’s and some research indicates that the Nazis considered using it to kill people in Holocaust death camps, before deciding it was too dangers for guards’ ~ Brooks Fahy


But, let’s not forget introduced pests did not ask to come to Australia – their presence in Australia is ‘man-made’



Western Australia declared state too dangerous for dogs outdoors.


An online map showing baiting locations today August 2022:


Image: New Zealand. Arawhata December 2008. Carol Sawyer.

Australia is second only to New Zealand in the wholesale use 1080 poison and that is another story.

“We must never, ever, forget our future generations of children” John Hanlon.

Blood Money

Blood Money

Did you know?

Steven didn’t take a single dollar from “Schindler’s List.” He felt it was “Blood Money” because it was making money off of the holocaust. So….he’s has donated every dollar he would have received to groups that educate about the holocaust and fight Anti-Semitism.


We need to teach this story ~ Steven Spielberg

schindlers list hands

This List is Life


“In memory of the countless victims among your people, I ask us to observe three minutes of silence.” ~ Oscar Schindler



In 1993, Yad Vashem awarded Oskar and Emilie Schindler the title “Righteous Among the Nations” in recognition of their efforts to save Jews during the Holocaust at great personal risk. 



‘Spielberg brought to life every nuance of the horror, every emphatic moment in a gut wrenching way..feel for the men and women who faced one of the worst times in the history of human civilisation’


“Because I am proud of being Jewish, I am worried by the growing anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism in the world.” 



“Whoever saves one life, saves the world entire” ~ Oskar Schindler



Memorial Tear Drop

Image: The 9/11 Memorial Tear Drop ~ NYC. Gifted from the people of Russia in 2006


Where were YOU on that fateful day?

When the news of 9/11 hit the news airwaves,

I remember it well as I sat there,

As a call centre consultant

On an Ansett Airlines office chair.


I was working the night shift,

as news came flashing in.

I felt as though the whole world had suddenly dimmed.


The calls came rushing into the centre,

from families far and wide in great distress.

Dreading that loved ones could be entangled,

In that horrific tragic mess.


I was shocked, horrified and aghast,

holding on to the calls, as they came rushing fast.

Trying to soothe Moms, Dads, Daughters and Sons.

hoping to reassure them their family weren’t the ones.


Who had been lost on  ‘T h a t  shocking  D a y’

praying that their loved ones would return safely and be okay.

Yes, I remember well,

Where I was on 

“T h a t   D a y”

Victoria Healing ~ 11.9.2015

Memorial Tear Drop 

Image: Unknown


Top Image:

The 9/11 Memorial “Tear Drop”

Sit’s directly across from NYC, in Bayonne New Jersey, just the other side of the Statue of Liberty, yet we hear nothing about it. This absolutely beautiful, 100 ft. tall monument was gifted to the people of the United States by the people of Russia in 2006, in memory of all those who lost their lives on that fateful day, September 11, 2001.

The breaking in the cracked facade forms the shape of the two towers. The giant suspended tear drop signifies the tears of the entire world that day.

Maybe it’s something that needs to be known, starting today.


May We NEVER Forget!

The Silence Echoes

It is Anzac Day in Australia today.

This repost is in tribute to all the wonderful people and animals

who risk their lives for us




Thank you


Should I end at the beginning?
Or begin at the end?
Today being a significant day in remembrance
Of our Australians and New Zealanders
Who lost their lives or suffered for their new generations to defend.
Was the sound of the “Last Post” a new hope?
Or a reminder of our great loss
A fortunate day now for some
But how many lives have these terrible wars cost?

Conflicts and battles where our innocent women and men,
who were armed and sent in to hell to protect all at home and defend.
Today at Kings Park in Perth, a Memorial Service will be held
To commemorate our brave ANZAC warriors
As a tribute to their bravery, courage and strength.
The Flame of Remembrance will always be burning bright

Never to be diminished

As a guiding Beacon of everlasting light and life
Words can never express,
For how could we ever forget
Those battles that were fought with courage, bravery and honourable intents.
I have no more words… as the silence echoes back
Reverberating along the Whispering Wall
Thank you.
Lest we should ever, ever forget.
Victoria Healing ~ 25.4.2018
Silence Echoes

... 'They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning,
We will remember them.' 
For The Fallen ~ Laurence Binyon

 Art: Cam Scale, Photography: Annette Green 
via Australian Silo Art Trail in Devenish, Victoria  


Silence echoes

Pages that Burned

 At first they’d thought him bizarre,
 until he’d literally taken it, too far.
 All the tell tale signs have been left,
 how the misogynist, het up his quest. 

 Pages of evil pen were turned,
 as naive, gentlewomen burned.
 Deviant; Heinrich Kramer, 
 the maniacal, insane fabler.

 in “Malleuse Maleficarum” of 1486, 
 he wrote how to incriminate a ‘witch’
 He was found to be, brutal and malicious, 
 duly condemned by the church bishop.

 Obsessed with the sexuality of women,
 accusing them with devilry and sinning. 
 Over three centuries he’d preached;
 ‘Hammer of Witches’ conspiracy beliefs.

 You can imagine their screams, in silence,
 of the poor ladies, annihilated by violence.
 Blessed be, those medieval warrior women,
 a history of innocent females is now written.

 You can still hear the echo of those beliefs, 
 in quite a few modern conspiracy theories. 
 Heart breaking and tragic, but true… 
 that this could’ve been done to me or you.
 Victoria Healing ~ 3.12.2020

Image: Wild Witch Academy


An evil book written by a Catholic clergyman, Heinrich Kramer, endorsing the extermination and suppression of innocent, poor women and sometimes men.


It is all about the extermination of witches, how to recognise them, how to accuse them, how to get them to confess and how to execute them. The text was condemned by the church for its inconsistencies with church doctrine and its methods were found to be unethical, illegal and too brutal even by the inquisition. Furthermore, Heinrich Kramer was expelled from the diocese of Innsbruck. The bishop described him as insane and obsessed with the sexual behaviour of women. 

What Is a Witch? Defining Witchcraft in the ‘Malleus Maleficarum’


It is a terrible thing, 
an omen of bad luck brings. 
Abused, reviled and hated;
from the deceptions created. 
Black fur, deep green eyes,
how could they be despised?
A reminder of propaganda,
mistruths and slander. 
How did this come to be?
this being their tragic story. 
Ghastly, crazy superstitions,
over evil witch inquisitions. 
 What the devil’s fib is that?
 about harmless, kitty cats.
 would it come as any surprise,
 another concoction of porky pies.
 Pope Gregory IX, was a weird man, 
 ordering the kill of cats on land. 
 Konrad von Marburg, inquisitor,
 decided black cats were sinister. 
Cats accused as witches assistants,
more Marburg’s hocus pocus victims.
Is a black cat, fortunate or bad luck?
these hate crimes; all Marburg’s bluff. 
He being Infamous, for macabre deeds,
of which ‘luck’ sign, will YOU believe?
Victoria Healing ~ 14.11.2020
Image: Cats 101 

The simple truth is that cats make the world a better place.

As Welsh folklore tells us: “It is very fortunate to have a thoroughly black cat on the premises” (Marie Trevelyan, 1909)

People passed down tales with the intent of dissuading people from being near black cats, as doing so would get you tortured and killed by the Inquisition. These stories then evolved into today’s superstitions.



Konrad von Marburg became a byword for sadism and the dark side of Catholicism. 


Deal with the Devil

 Kneeling before his altar of worship,
 he hadn’t seen the daemon lurking.
 A holy man, head bowed in prayer,
 behind him, evil black eyes stared. 
The devil’s face was hostile and grim,
 as he snatched, taking a hold of him.
 John Lowes was a man of the cloth,
 not understanding what was wrong.
 In the cold dark of several nights,
 John had put up a courageous fight.
 Tortured and tyrannised for 3 days,
 as witch accuser; Hopkins got paid.
 The priest, a man of eighty years old,
 my heart breaks and blood turns cold.
 It wasn’t only women, sent to death,
 men were suspect and put to foul test. 
 Many wish that Matthew Hopkins died,
 so many innocent live’s he’d deprived. 
 Relishing the work of Lucifer himself,
 heartless, egotistical, greedy for wealth.
 Remembering Reverend John Lowes, 
 d’you think his parishioners had known? 
 Hung for being a "witch"?  that he wasn’t,
 … He should never, ever, be forgotten… 
 Victoria Healing ~ 7.11.2020 
Image: BROM 

“May no such blind and bloody superstition and madness ever get head again within this land.” ~ Robert Hawes, (1712)


What is a “witch” anyway? 


princess gwenllian last princess of wales best No Gelin A Vellin Idh Raid Lîn
Image: Princess Gwenllian last Princess of wales  Gelin A Vellin

Some people tutted,
some people, disgusted.
Some people, turned their heads,
Edward I had wished her dead.

Having lost her parents and home,
hidden, rejected, living her life alone.
Banished behind high concrete walls,
instructed to listen for God’ call.

Strange women wearing long dark robes,
were the only caretakers, she’d ever known.
There was cruelty and devilry there,
it seems, no-one had justified or cared.

Dimly lit stained glass windows all around,
locked away in nunnery prison grounds.
Her hands clasped together in prayer,
wondering why was she delivered there?

The abducted true and last Welsh Princess,
Isolated from her own people to attest.
Her crime? she of royal Welsh blood,
a threat to the false king: Edward.

Gwenllian ferch Llywelyn, died on 7th June 1337.
fifty four years, waiting on the will of heaven.
The only orphan child of Llywelyn ap Gruffudd;
and daughter of Eleanor de Montfort.

Stolen in cradle away to Sempringham Priory,
Edward had expelled and denied her.
Wales is now a country left fragmented,
when Edward I stole the crown and ascended.
Victoria Healing ~ 12.6.2020
©The Last Princess of Wales

The Lost Princess of Wales:
Gwenllian ferch Llywelyn
Only child of The Last Prince of Wales: Llywelyn ap Gruffudd.

Gwenllian was imprisoned for life in the Gilbertine priory at Sempringham. The aim was, naturally, that by placing her in the priory that she would never marry and produce offspring that may threaten Edward I.
Edward’s choice of Sempringham was a careful one: it was not just a convent, it was of the Gilbertine Order, a secular sect that kept itself isolated from the world.

She didn’t even know her true name: priory records have her listed as “Wencilian” while she used the signature “Wentliane” – both English corruptions of the correct pronunciation. She is a lost figure of Wales, buried in the wilderness of England, far from home.

princess gwenllian ferch Llwelyn hidden princess
Image: Princess Gwenllian ferch Llwelyn


gwenllian tribute only chil of prince llywelyn ap gruffudd prince of wales

Alien Nation

Mexico US border by JR Artist 1 year old kikito near the tecate border
Image: French Artist; JR Francis


“Don’t look so shocked” he said;
I hadn’t got the heart to lie,
It is not widely known; how the poor, are getting by.

When, we crossed the US/Mexico border,
an eerie air of silence, in anticipation of their law and order.
Standing patiently waiting in the queue,
remaining speechless, seemed the safest thing to do.

Passports were scrutinised and checked,
wondering ‘what on earth’ would come next?
An alien world beckoned, as we approached,
inhabited by poor, starving and disadvantaged folk.

Countless Mexicans, had tried to escape,
but that was, their biggest mistake.
People smuggling, extortion and rorts;
many had died, according to reports.

Refugees, desperately trying to flee, by the thousands.
sneaking across, wild lands and dangerous mountains.
Hidden in the backs of cars and trucks,
left to suffocate, their misfortune and bad luck.

This being the first time, I’d encountered starvation,
Mexico for me, was a strange, underprivileged nation.
I cannot begin to explain the horrors I saw;
never having seen the needy and deprived before.

In our wealthy countries, as comfy as we are,
safe in our warm houses, owning flashy cars.
We may be in ‘self isolation’ but why complain?
when others are desperate, we should think again.

The weak and the vulnerable, have no welfare help,
if parents don’t work, their families don’t fare well.
Now this pandemic; threatens all around the globe,
I wonder how the poor are coping, as I pray in hope.
Victoria Healing ~ 20.4.2020
©Alien Nation


In 1990, I was a “Disney World” tourist. We took a day trip across the San Diego/Mexico border. I wasn’t prepared for what I saw there. I’ve never forgotten my first encounter, with a poverty stricken country. There is a lack of sufficient information from the media, about the Mexican peoples welfare, during the covid19 crisis, making me wonder; what is actually happening over there?

Image: French artist JR has placed the 70-foot tall image of a one-year old boy peeking over the edge of the US-Mexico border. facing the US and overlooking the Californian landscape. The child peers over the wall with curiosity and interest at land on the other side.
The project reacts to president trump’s recent reversal of the DACA program — a policy that protects eligible immigrants, who came to the united states when they were children, from deportation.

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