War on Peace


The Lighthouse at Exmouth, Western Australia


Six weeks …
Enjoying peace and harmony in glorious Exmouth lands
Then last night at 8 o’clock, almighty skyrocket sounds.

US Military airplanes practicing “War” games
Overhead in the sky in their warfare jets
Who gave them permission here?
To carry out operational strategic tests!

What the heck where they doing here at night?
Zooming loudly over the skies
So many in flight …


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Makes you stop and think …
“Military airbases” in remote lands
What are they plotting to do in “restricted government” grounds?

This is Australia not the United States of A?
Why don’t they take their killing jets and go home to play.
So much hidden in politician’s plans
I would love to find out …

How do they have legal rights to be playing “war games”
In this beautiful rural,
Country town?


Exmouth yardie creek ibis 11958248_825404164240490_8760433349786420192_o.jpg
Cape Range National Park, Exmouth, Western Australia

Victoria Healing ~ 20.9.2015
War on Peace ~ Hey Momma

A lot of history retold at this location about the origins of Exmouth. Once "owned" by the US Government for war tactics 
also oil drilling and looks as though it still is in 2015 ... 
Here is a beautiful poem written at this location by Tim Winton  
at Vlaming Head Lighthouse.




once upon my time in India

Image Credit ~ The Eyes of Children Around the world


Since childhood, i’ve always wondered

“why am i here”

‘what is the meaning of life?


In the 1990's, I was privileged to be invited to visit India 
to attend the annual 'World Peace Conference' which is hosted 
by The Brahma Kumaris at their World Spiritual University. 
(A World Peace Initiative on behalf of the United Nations)


This conference was where, I found some ‘Peace in Mind’

the lesson, that made so much sense to me.

“Keep your life ‘Simple’

“Find your own unique ‘Creativity”

“Take a ‘responsibility’ to help your fellow neighbours in deed”


If we each understood this easy philosophy

we would be contributing in our own way

towards creating a world ‘united’ in peace and harmony.

Victoria Healing ~ 24.2.2019

Once upon my time in India



Numerology Daily Matters
Rhyme in Verse

Jurassic Park

Hubby spotted this Perentie Lizard and took a snap shot at Charles Knife National Park in Exmouth 2015. We were told that they are usually shy and it is quite rare to find them! Our little mate was an absolute stunner!


Found …
“Jurassic Park”
On a walkabout yesterday,
this is a “Perentie” Lizard over 1.5 metres long.
He represents “Ngintaku Dreaming”
to our indigenous culture
Protecting the “Song lines”
from here to the South of Australia.

So the legends say …

Look at his markings!
magnificent colours,
Reminds me of the dot paintings,
of our dear Aboriginal artists.

Love this land Australia,
surprises me in every way prehistoric, ancient and mythical lands,

It seems never to have altered up to our current day.

The “Perentie” is one of the fourth largest Lizards in the world
I’d just knew I’d see a (mini) Dinosaur,
somewhere out here…

Victoria Healing ~ 12.9.2015

Rhyme in Verse



According to the mythology, Mount Woodroffe, the highest mountain in 
South Australia, is also the Ngiṉṯaka Man as he rears up to look over
 the country. He is returning to his home in the west. The 
significance of these cultural routes is central to Pitjantjatjara 
spiritual connection to land. Each individual is custodian of the 
land they are born in and the Creation Ancestor who walked and sung 
that land into being in the beginning. If the land and songline 
is destroyed people are severed from the core of their being, 
they get sick and die.

External links

The Ngiṉṯaka is one of several Creation Ancestor Beings of the Aṉangu Pitjantjatjara Western Desert Speaking Original people of Central Australia. It is associated with Angatja, an area along an important Tjukurpa or Dreaming Songline.

It is one of the two great reptiles of Uluru (Ayers Rock), Ngiṉṯaka and Milpali.

Ngiṉṯaka Songline is the major creation story in the Angatja area. Pitjantjatjara land is criss-crossed by the tracks of many Creation Ancestor Beings; the lizard, carpet pythonsnakedingoemu, tjala (honey ant) and maku (witchetty grub), among many others.



glass houses

‘People in glasshouses should never throw stones’

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It seems to me that people who gossip,

Need to get their own houses in order, or have they forgot it?

There are two sides to every story, to be fair

Its not all about black and white, there are shades of grey blended there.

Continue reading “glass houses”

Family tree, to rent

Family Tree, Wanted For Rent!

birds love doves where there's love theres life.jpg

Love Doves

We have a new little feathered family moving into our shrub tree…

A little pair of doves, kissing and canoodling, in the photo, do you see?


They’ve been stalking our gardens for a few days now,

Checking out this location and if our branches, stoop, bend or bow!?


Along came a huge black and white Magpie parading and marching along,

I hear those birds in the morning, warbling, such loud trilling songs.

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Master Magpie too, he was reviewing our grounds

Having a good nosey and poking in our bushes all around.


That must be a sign that now for certain, that there is springtime in the air!

Romantic moments, everyone flying around, watching all the flocks hovering ,or standing side by side there.


Birds are all singing and flowers blooming altogether over town!

It’s refreshing to see the beauty of nature, as you observe and take time out to look, see around.


Wildlife dates and mating; now that is a happy pleasing sight,

I wonder when their new babies will take off on their first flight?


Sitting in the garden, relaxing, minding my own business…

I wasn’t expecting new tenants! our little feathered neighbours, looking for a ‘Home Open’ viewing visit!


“I’ll be back”

Victoria Healing ~ 11.9.2017

Family Tree, for Rent ~ Hey Momma

birds love doves staging a coo.jpg


Never Forget

9:11 kelly price photo
Image: Kelly Price 

9.11... will always be difficult for so many, in so many ways ... 
as we remember the tragic events which occurred in 
history; where we were, what we were doing and what we saw 
on the media, streaming that horrific loop through our TV's 
right into our lounge rooms ... 

As we reflect back to the events of that day, recalling and 
honouring our brave heroes and the innocent victims


…were you on that fateful day?

dreamtime learning

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WARNING Oh no! ... get the rangers or the SWAT team ... 
looking out for this King Brown Snake when at Karijini NP... 
they can be very dangerous .. I was told that 
if a snake has a head shaped like an arrow it is venomous, 
if it is round then it should be ok ... but I'd run either way ...
Snake arteide 21432910_1610507568970729_9078574352656301780_n.jpg
Thank you Arteide

Dreamtime Learning (Card)

Once when the land was still being created there was a giant serpent and as he weaved his way through the land his body would leave deep gullies deep in the earth. Some of the animals didn’t like the serpent as there were times that he would change the shape of the land, which meant they would have to find new ways to survive.

On one occasion as the serpent disturbed the water in a shallow stream, the fish became stranded on the banks of mud. As fear overcame the fish they took their first breath of air and realised that they were able to breathe air like the other land animals. As the heat of the day began to dry their bodies, one by one they started to dig themselves into the cool mud.

Now every year when the dry season comes and the wetlands begin to dry up, the lung fish begin to breather air and dig themselves deep into the mud until the wet season returns and they can again return to their beloved water home.


Your ability to be flexible and ‘go with the flow’ is one of your strong points, however sometimes flexibility can provide us with too many choices. You have a short attention span and are too willing to change tactics half way through the game, but this is a time to just make a decision and stick with it. No changing the game plan this time ~

Follow it through and you will attain your victory.

Storytelling from my favourite deck of cards
The Aboriginal Dreamtime Oracle @ Spiritdreaming.com.au
Dreaming milky way 20915617_1950126841667937_2872674759519235347_n.jpg
Enter Victoria Healing shared Winston Walford‘s post. A Multi coloured Milky Way Dreaming 


Dreamtime relates to the stories which encompass our 
Aboriginal values, beliefs and lore ~ essentially Dreamtime 
is our ancient bible which explains our creation and provides us with the guidance of how best to understand to live our 
lives. Whilst being at one with mother earth and father sun. 
Our DREAMING is about the track on which we travel during our seasons and our different phases of LIFE ... 7 Dance It's not how you look its how you see 19148939_1525715607449926_6235699994620472442_n.jpg

Dancing Star

Jayden and leila star dancing10675568_850748078311168_4841952120784747953_n (1)

Enter Jayden, the little guy in the photo wearing a hat, posing happily with his proud mom … just loves “Michael Jackson” Jayden is an amazingly talented dancer and had just won his school competition for his body popping dance performance …………….Michael Jackson style



Dancing Star

Why should we make our children fit in?

When they all were born to stand out!

This is a true story and how I think that life should be about


This is my grandson Jay Jay and he reminds me,

When I’m feeling blue

All I have to do…

Is think about my children and grandchildren… that is the power of love which makes my heart smile too


I know our young man, Jay, Jay will go far

Because he is so passionate, a bright naturally talented star

He was obviously born to dance

So we should all give him every opportunity and chance

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But oh…

At school, with all of the bullying, his confidence was dimmed

Even though he has extraordinarily amazingly flexible hip hop limbs


Now he’s older, more confident and bolder

I’m wishing him all the best

This young man is so talented he’ll get a dance role in future I’ll bet


Encouraging and showing our children to be free and unique

So that they can find their own swagger and sassy techniques


It’s all about attitude at the end of the day,

As long as our children are smiling and following their own heart, as they enjoy their time of play

Child cant teach them they are born with it with swag 14258377_1056021054510641_7941911012287791726_o.jpg

Victoria Healing ~ 11.9.2015

Go, go, Jay Jay ~ Hey Momma

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“I’m going to search for my star, until I find it, it’s hidden in the drawer of innocence wrapped in a scarf of wonder ~ 
Thanks MJ (Michael Jackson ~ “Dancing the Dream”)




10151309_861615547224421_846470763274094564_nLearning… New lessons every day,
Searching for sincerity and truth, always gets you that Way.
Spoke to my little Grandson this morning
Asked him “how his Birthday, day was dawning?”

But … the first thing that came to his mind and he said
Was the list of ‘presents’ that were all in his head,
Feeling then, I had lost his connection,
I asked him do you ‘remember all of your blessings’?

Maybe, it wasn’t the ‘presents’ that you had!
Perhaps it was and should, be, enjoying the people, who love you, to be glad!
Family joshie1956922_654608717986703_6290959426747303552_o.jpgBut ~♥ … Then, it hit me like a brick

Right into my heart …

I wasn’t being true to my own Philosophy for a start!
I’d been so grumpy with my hubby,

When he had forgotten to buy me a present on my last birthday,

So then I was thinking he thought it more important to have saved some money.

At the time, I hadn’t thought that so funny!


Although he had good reasons this year, for that,

At the time he’d just heard about the loss of his Dad…
I was telling him it was about the ‘thought that counts’ fact!
Overlooking his grief, I had tried to prompt him to show,
That if he loved me, then he would just have known!

Emouth red rock me and kev smiley 10553886_630548357059406_6611437289606330861_o
Red Rock ~ Indi Camp 2015

Then, I thought back to all of these 40 years…
He’s been my rock, holding my hand tightly during all of my personal life crises!

You can’t put a cost on those treasures with prices.

So, when I spoke to my grandson on the phone, I realised too late!
Swallowing my words, I coughed and I spluttered
… and did anticipate

What hope is there for children in life?

If we Elders don’t take our ‘own life advice…

Adventures are forever steve n josh13055835_947124108735161_6049600677163656481_o.jpg
Lancelin ~ 2016

Victoria Healing ~ 10.9.2016

Hey Momma ~ from the mouths of Babes

 Joshie and mom 10636724_849416758444300_8320265461853707848_o.jpgI love you ...
 right UP ...
and back ... 


water you waiting for jump in 12829198_918705571577015_8934987058264691881_o.jpg
Jurien Bay

Josh birthday poem ~ 2016

‘Whoop whoop …

It’s party time !!


To our Dearest Joshini


Happy Birthday today

I can hardly believe you are turning six!

Oh my God, how time is flying by so quick.


Our most gorgeous, funny boy in the world…

Can’t wait to watch how your future unfolds?


Sunny, happy, wise little man

I think you’re turning out to be just like your Dad!


We just LOVE to spend our times with you,

Our most special days in life

Are being with YOU! …

Nanny, Poppy, Roxy and Zoonie xxx



in the stars


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I’ve searched this earth, remote regions and snorkelled  the depths of the sea…

And now… I want to go googling the night stars so that you can likewise see!


When I look up at the evening skies when visiting WA’s North

Like twinkling diamonds, millions of stars beyond, up above.

15235923_1184580378256910_1440845589273041837_o.jpgI wished up on high, that there would come a day…

When I can take a snapshot of those starry moments, in my ‘own creative way’


Fascinating to see, how the stars cover, engulf and fill the dark nights

Twinkling, flashing, blinking, magnificent, planetary delights


Wonders of enchantment and jaws dropping in awe,

Of our beautiful world and I want to see so much more.

21122261_1454847571230188_5775877651425805822_oMy favourite Stars Photographer David Magro is visiting Perth

Booking into his workshop and field trip soon, so I that can acquire and work…

…To learn how to shoot, develop and print,

The heavens above and those starry, starry night blinks.


In the meantime I’ll paint a canvas of how I have seen…

Capturing those magical star gazing moments and show you the feelings, I feel

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Victoria Healing ~ 9.9.2017

Wishing on a Star ~ Hey Momma

Stars I see paintings drawings in poorest cottages vincent10433748_865745010144808_3301646624482364987_n
Starry, starry nights ~ Vincent Van Gogh

My Dreams are coming true  soon … my ‘prints’ will come!