May day, May day

freedom you were wild once dont let them tame you.png

“You’ll never take away my freedom”

In Numerology

 May Represents ‘FIVE’

Come What MAY…

May is bound to bring lots of unexpected opportunities will be on their way, so get your dancing shoes on and gear ready. Keep an open mind, try many different new things. Give your sense of adventure a twirl.

Do YOU remember dancing around The May Pole?

Okay so that may seem like a celebration of the past, but being in nature and celebrating with dance is a solid way to lift your spirits.

Trees have always been the symbol of the great vitality and fertility of nature. Traditionally May Pole dancing was performed by the young girls from the Medieval villages as part of the May time celebrations. The May Pole was connected with the Celts.

Go buy some colourful ribbons. There may not be a May Pole around, but an alternative is to go to the park and tie them on the branches of a tree. That might help you to laugh and feel lighter.


may beltane the vanaver caravan.jpg
Vanaver Caravan


If you didn’t guess already “Freedom” is the revolution for the month of May.

You may get a little giddy, so many pleasures, now how much time do you have?


What does Freedom mean to you?


Better Health?

More time?




Different job?

Different marital situation?


freedom braveheart its all for nothing if you dont have freedom.jpg


Be fearless

Be a risk-taker


may travel freedom one life why arent we running


Stress Free Zoned

float stress free zone exmouth.png
Just add water ~ Exmouth


“When you swim you don’t grab hold of the water, because if you do you will sink and drown. Instead you should try to relax and float” ~ Alan Watts



You’re busy being a mother, best friend-daughter-girlfriend-sister-boss—mentor and doing busy women things and that is why you sometimes need to take time out for yourself give your own self-love. Two or three times a day, devote a small portion of your time to getting clear about what you want.


“You need your emotions. Become friends with your emotions through feelings so that you can tell if something is going on or not. Explore what you discover. Learn to love your senses. Honour your friends as they go through their own stuff, just don’t get involved in it” ~ Bringers of the Dawn. Barbara Marciniak.



a Hope letter,

Image: It’s Me Vlinder


“If you're reading this...
 Congratulations, you're alive.
 If that's not something to smile about,
 then I don't know what is.” 
 ― Chad SuggMonsters Under Your Head


“Beginnings are scary, endings are usually sad, but it's the middle
 that counts the most. Try to remember that when you find yourself 
at a new beginning. Just give hope a chance to float up. 
And it will, too...” ― Hope Floats


Dear, (insert your self)

Do you ever gaze and dream upon the brilliance of the illuminated moon at night?

Shining ever brightly beyond your other worldly sight

Do you ever wish upon a star?

That you could be twinkling just like that, high up above, a way, yonder, afar


Linger for a moment to breathe in the freshness, of the cool night air

Wait a moment… see… feel… STOP!

Remember that feeling of a mystical spelling moment right there.


“Hope” is a charming gift like that

Only it isn’t out there

It is that feeling of warmth ever glowing ‘with in’ the beats of your own heart


Take that light from deep within your soul

Letting your super natural magical destiny unfold.


I hope that you take time

To take time out for yourself

To learn more about you

And your inner charmed self


Look forwards to the day

when those secret desires will come out to play.

I hope that you hope beyond fear

Knowing that your dreams are closer to near.


Maximise your chances

Gamble on the odds

Be stubborn and of good cheer

And do that again and again

Create that, do you hear?


hope sell your crap pay your debt do what you love.jpg

Put in some effort

Of otherworldly delight of the highest order

Then you will find that you have crossed those boundaries

… and stepped over that border


hope surround yourself with work that inspires you.jpg

Victoria Healing ~ 29.4.2018

A letter of Hopes ~ Hey Momma

Rhyme in Verse


“I hope and I hope and I hope” ~ Tia Sillers

Poetic License, But It Could Be Verse

writing epilepsy poetry I don't know what I was thinking too busy listening .png

When people ask me what I was thinking when I write?
I couldn’t tell you,
I was listening in, to my subconscious and inner sight.
Sometimes I may feel like I am in a daze or trance,
Oh well!
a side effect of epilepsy and hyper-graphic circumstance.

When an idea, a word or a sentence pops into my head,
I have to write those thoughts down, “I MUST” let them be said.
In the words of our accomplished expert; Doctor David Bear
an epileptic trait is our ‘poetry’ with an additional artistic flair.
Look back on this history there.

Attention and super hyper concentration is a talent we all have,
and critical judgement; I don’t think that is too bad.
Sensitive, empathetic and creative thinkers,
Cravers of philosophy,

This is an intense passion, can you not see?

Others may judge and stigmatise this condition that we have
and that is okay.
While ‘self-preservation’ is my motivation;
writing rhyming poetry, is my chosen way.

Our specialist neurologist, Dr Bear said that,
“The ability to detect connections,
is found within the sparks of our creativity.
It is a compulsion, a passion and intrinsic ability”

There are unique gifts to be found in adversity,
You just have to find them for yourself, do you see?

Now that I have found Poetry it is all rhymes and verse’s to me.

Victoria Healing ~ 24.4.2018

©Write, on
writing you'll never be able to silence a woman who writes 21271192_1627376004002776_8582245903940616142_n.jpg

It has also been suggested that Lewis Carroll who penned “Alice in Wonderland” may have suffered from temporal lobe epilepsy.[19] 

The Poets Trait
“Temporal Lobe Epilepsy spares essential functions like attention, 
concentration and critical judgement, all of which are necessary to 
sustain artistry, at the same time TLE predisposes people to such 
aspects of creativity and flexibility.

The combination of these two factors, unique to this form of 
epilepsy, may even intensify the ability to see artistically and to transform that vision into art. ~ Dr David Bear, (Seized ~ Eve LaPlante)

Silence echoes

kings park anzac.jpg

Should I end at the beginning?

Or begin at the end?

Today being a significant day in remembrance

Of our Australians and New Zealanders

Who lost their lives or suffered for their new generations to defend.

Was the sound of the “Last Post” a new hope?

Or a reminder of our great loss

A fortunate day now for some

But how many lives have these terrible wars cost?

kings park lest we forget anzac.jpg

Conflicts and battles where our innocent women and men,

who were armed and sent in to hell to protect all at home and defend.

Today at Kings Park in Perth, a Memorial Service will be held

To commemorate our brave ANZAC warriors

As a tribute to their bravery, courage and strength.

The Flame of Remembrance will always be burning bright

Never to be diminished

As a guiding Beacon of everlasting light and life

Words can never express,

For how could we ever forget

Those battles that were fought with courage, bravery and honourable intents.

kings park and botanic garden anzac day These Sunset Services will be conducted around the Flame of Remembrance and will offer an intimate service including a wreath laying ceremony. .jpg

I have no more words… as the silence echoes back

Reverberating along the Whispering Wall

Thank you.

Lest we should ever, ever forget.

kings park a memorable experience Kings Park and Botanic Garden Like This Page · April 13, 2015 · Planning to attend the Dawn Service this Anzac Day?

Victoria Healing ~ 25.4.2018

Silence Echoes ~ Hey Momma

April 25th

A day when we remember “all” of our fallen ANZAC soldiers, both

Australians and

New Zealanders.

Crowds will gather at Kings Park Memorial, Western Australia at dawn, where tributes and prayers are shared, wreaths are laid and a the final bugle calls, then…

A minute of silence for PEACE

kings park anzac LAST POST

In commemoration of our Heroes and their landing at Gallipoli on the 25th April 1915

The Flame of Remembrance. The Whispering Wall and 
The Pool of Reflection was dedicated by 
Queen Elizabeth II at Kings Park and Botanic Garden

kings park whispering wall .jpg

The Whispering Wall

The rounded curves of the War Memorial at Kings Park allows for some acoustic reverberation. Sitting at one end and having a friend sit at the other side of the curved seating area you can whisper to each other and hear perfectly like you are right next to each other but are really about 25metres away. Take in the serenity of the views.

kings park place of reflection ].jpgThe Place of Reflection

Is a beautiful, tranquil hidden treasure in Kings Park. It is dedicated to providing solace for anyone who has suffered loss or trauma.

This peaceful spot offers hope, renewal, understanding and healing. Enjoy a quiet moment here.

kings park memorial .jpg
We would like to thank especially the Indigenous men who bravely fought for our Beautiful Country, Australia in WWI and WWII

Prior to European settlement and exploration, Kings Park 
(Mount Eliza) was known as Mooro Katta[3] and Kaarta Gar-up, 
the Aboriginal names given[4] by the Nyoongar inhabitants. 

This area has been an important ceremonial and cultural place 
for the Whadjuk tribe

when Doves fly




dove the voice sam perry.png

“Once I started I couldn’t stop” ~ Sam Perry

Who said Sam Perry is controversial? Why? Because he has a unique talent, bordering on genius. Typically when someone presents something new and different to the masses, there are critics and put downers. The programme is called “The Voice” and Sam’s voice is almost angelic and ethereal. He is his own one-man orchestra and has no need for back up bands, instead he uses his own pre recorded songs and plays them back through a loop station while singing back again into his mic’ as he creates layer upon layer of magnetic and otherworldly echoes.

How could this be controversial or he be breaking any rules? Sam is using his own vocal harmonies reverberating back through a beat box live on the spot.

His performance was dynamic, power full and seriously resounding

Sam shocked everyone at #TheVoiceAU with his electrically charged performance, and if that wasn’t enough, when they offered to help vary his musical genre and style he astonished those  judges when he replied…

“I just want to do ME’

Did I say I was excited-cited… You bet!

Sam definitely got my votessss and will be

THE VOICIEST VOICE” to hear in the future. Listen-isten here.



So, what has all of this got to do with a ‘DOVE?’

No, I didn’t randomly go off ‘track’



Get real… Sssscccrrrattttccchh out the old and loop in the freaking new and powerful!



“When Doves Cry”

Sam Perry – IS ‘The Voice’ Australia 2018



If you’re from Australia, watch and hear here:

When Doves Fly ~ Sam Perry

The rest of the world, watch and hear:…


The Voice Australia with Sam Perry MusicFollow

dove sam perry
Sam Perry ~ Vocal Loop Artist Extraordinaire


Numerology Daily Matters

Time truth it carries is an echo of ones that came before .jpg



Use your words


“How odd I can have all this inside me and to you it’s just words.” 
 ― David Foster Wallace



Young Josh turning chairs

words share your story free your heart your beautiful life by alexa ortiz .jpg


Young Josh held the judges and audience spellbound, after he had finished his powerful performance, the judges asked him about how, why and when he had begun to sing?


Josh who is only 15 years old, cheekily grinned back at them and said

“It was because he had always talked a lot and every one had told him to shut up”

Josh had then adapted all of his excess ‘talking’ energy and ideas, into singing, because he had found it too difficult to stifle his ‘self expression’ inside.

Now this little guy has definitely got the gift of awareness and flexibility and the where with all to channel his amazing talents into other areas.

I was blown away by such wisdom from someone so young.

Josh was a charmer alright and his wise words gave me a EUREKA” moment when I realised then that; perhaps this could very well be the reason why…

‘Writers have a need to write’ and ‘singers will have to sing.’

… Because ‘Words’ will always need a “Voice”


words if you touch one thing with deep awareness .jpg



Rhyme in Verse

Riddle me why, answer me this?


kite is it a bird for some its supremacy for others anotherday kite flying lancelinAs they can hover above,

And are known to be buoyant and soar,

Sometimes they swoop down to the ground,

In order to explore.


Magnificent and graceful,

Centred, floating and seemingly forever pace full.

Twisting and turning,

Adaptable and flexible

Yet discerning.

kite the optimist wonders how high pessimist how soon .pngFlying high up in the sky

With a calm and peaceful mind



I think, would be their wise advice.

Natural and respectful,

Gentle and kind…


What do you think that I could have in my mind?


They each have an identical name

I believe the feelings would definitely be the same.


Some are made of paper;

Another type has wings

Or perhaps a parachute, attached to durable knotted strings


Then can you riddle me this?

Why do we use the same title to list?

These different types of ‘things

Have you guessed the answer yet?

Is there something that you’d suggest?

Well I’d imagine by now, you’ve recognized this quest

Should we put these questions to a test?


Is a “Kite”? a small Eagle bird?

Attached to a board,

or a made of paper

… kind of word?


What does it mean to you?


Have you thought?

I think that all of these ‘Kite’s’

Are all awesome anyway and that is my answer and report.

kite is it never tie your happiness to someone elses kite .pngVictoria Healing ~ 21.4.2018.

Riddle me why?

Rhyme in Verse

“When fears are grounded, dreams take flight”





kite is it the bad news is time flies the good news you are the pilot.png


KITE’s  are raptors like the Eagle. The message here is that we should always remember to try to look at the big picture and to see things with clarity.


In the endless reaches of the North West of Australia there exists another world known as the Kimberley’s. A place that is unlike any other I’ve seen. This ancient country is secretly hidden in plain sight of the red ochre sandy Desert. There, I find, that life is so much simpler, wild and rugged.

It is here that we get to see multitudes of Kites (birds) hovering above. If you should ever have a chance to watch them in flight you would be spellbound too.


kite is it less flapping more flying .png



writing saphrosyne beach with book  .jpg
On the Beach, Exmouth, Western Australia.

“When you go out to enjoy nature, leave all expectations behind” ~ Tom Brown 

Playing with ‘words’
is quite an addiction,
Finding a thesaurus …
checking the correct diction!

Writing the first thoughts that stream into head,
jotting on notepaper idea’s to be said.

History and research, or family views,
how are you feeling?
it may help others too.

Philosophy, stories, whatever comes to mind,
share your opinions, feelings, sincerity and kind.

Letting poetry run through your veins.
Enjoy the practice,
processing each day.

Inspired by a topic,
letting words fall,

lost in reverie, daydreaming more.

Shuffling the ideas and phrases at play.
share your unique thoughts in your own special way.

Victoria Healing ~ 4.9.2014


Reverie ~ “A state of being lost in one’s thoughts”

writing silence touched in a noisy world .jpg

Rhyme in Verse

I’m not done dancing yet

cranes, 23.5 lets go home, but I'm not done dancing yet.png

crane 23.5 and those who were seen dancing thought to be insane by those who couldnt hear the music .png


Secret knowledge. Patience. Longevity.

The Crane was sacred to early Celts, who left behind many votive images of the bird. Bringing the qualities of patience and perseverance, the Crane will stand for long periods of time peering into the water until the time is right for it to dart at its prey.

TREE ALPHABET The association of the Crane with knowledge comes not only from its link with the sunrise and therefore the East; the place of knowledge, but also with its association with the OGHAM, the tree alphabet of the Druids

~ The Druid Animal Oracle, Phillip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm

crane Marco Gaiotti‎Nature Odyssey Worldwide Photo Group Follow · January 26, 2017 · Dancing cranes, Hokkaido. Marco Gaiotti Photography





When a crane comes into your life you are being asked to use your past as a source of strength in the present.


“It seems to me that the earth may be borrowed but not bought. 
It may be used, but not owned. ... We are tenants and not 
possessors, lovers and not masters.” ― Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings 

crane 23.5 smaller babies by stork but big ones will need a crane