Wake up with a Unicorn


’You don’t know anything about me’ Zoonie sighed,
her jaw tightly clenched, settling down for the night.
’Well whose fault is that’? Cornelius retorted’
all of my friendly attempts, you have thwarted’ 

‘I’m an enchanted Horse with a sword on my head,
a protector of magic, happiness and dreams ahead.
If you have a Unicorn to be your best friend,
you are extra special and on me you can depend’ 
Zoonie glanced over,  twinkling hopes, on her face,
‘Okay then, let’s begin with a furry hug of embrace’
Cornelius whispered back in welcoming response
‘Let go of your grief Zoonie, it’s time to move on’

Cornelius advised that there be just one rule:
‘Remember stars sparkle, between me and you.
Two precious hearts in a a mystical union,
now begins the alchemy of happiness infusion. 

It will be sweet to see Zoonie laughing again, 
this is a true story, I wish to have a happy end. 
Victoria Healing ~ 7.4.2021
Zoonie and Cornelius 

Has a Unicorn ever crossed your path? 

The mythical unicorn has long been a source of enchantment. Solitary, swift and graceful, the unicorn had a single spiralling horn growing from its forehead. Sought by many, the unicorn’s horn was said to have medicinal and magical properties. 

It is said that Unicorn energy heals what ails you

Unicorn Symbolism & Meaning

Happy International day of the Unicorn on April 9th.

Bilbies Not Bunnies

Pushing through the shop’s glass door,
there stood a Bilby, I’d not seen before.
The charismatic Bilby is a rare sight,
endangered species, in survival plight.

So, to Bilby yes? or to Bilby no?
these Easter treats, are good to go.
Your mission, should you accept,
to buy a ‘Bilby’ chocolate Easter egg.

Bilby versus Bunny, what’s the harm?
Bilbie’s have big ears too and lots of charm.
The same sweet look, touch, taste and smell,
warm, earthy flavours, we know so well.

Us Aussies aren’t big mates of rabbits,
an invasive species with killing habits. 
Our land down under has this new trend,
funds raised in candy for Bilbies defence.

This being, a statement of Australian pride,
Bilby easter eggs support marsupial life.
Bilbies are so much better than bunnies, 
guilt free treats, make conservation money.
Victoria Healing ~ 2.4.2021 
Bilbies Not Bunnies


“A meeting of adorable minds’

Heart melts, when Prince George met Bilby at Taronga Zoo.




Oii, Oii, Oii

The greater Bilby is also known as the rabbit-eared bandicoot, once occupied over 80 percent of Australia, but due to decades and decades of decline, they’ve become nearly extinct and only a handful of them exist in remote regions of Australia. Australian conservation groups are encouraging public awareness of the greater Bilby by promoting the Easter Bilby as an alternative to the Easter bunny. 


Why you should support the Bilby this Easter 



What can you do?

All you have to do is swap the chocolate bunny to chocolate Bilby this Easter.

Wildlife Conservation Co – link


Their future is in our hands






Top Image: OZ Travellers


king arthur he has to go alone to the darklands legend of king arthur movie19942981_1460464690667246_1111011646246144325_o
Image: King Arthur and The Legend of the Sword ~ Charlie Hunnam


“Why here”? he said;
She replied “Look for Golden Eagles overhead”

Above dome of stars, pinhole twinkles of light,
a whoosh of air and sounds of whistling cries.
You can sense them there in the silence,
watching and waiting for the wind to ride again.

Knowing they are present is reassuring,
as the long ache of truth comes calling.
Way above 3560’ in their *Eryri heights,
wings span over 2 metres wide in flight.

Mountains peak against grey sky,
aware of mind and aware of eye.
Faster and faster, downwards they descend,
sights on prize, plunging; they comprehend.

Narrowing, retaining and keeping focus,
because their heart and mind’s eye control it.
Soaring swiftly, gliding and spiralling,
in their gracefulness, elegant, beguiling.

Shapeshifting Eagles who protect King Arthur,
here, now and in the mists of ever after.
High in the mountains of Snowdonia in Wales,
lies the secret entrance to his resting place.
Victoria Healing ~ 9.6.2020

Snowdonia’s Welsh name is Eryri, meaning ‘Place of Eagles’ #WalesFact


Eryri (Snowdonia)

snowdonia mountains and coast
Image: Snowdonia Mountains and Coast


WELSH: Eryr,
Gaelic: Iolair
Intelligence. Renewal. Courage.
The Druid Animal Oracle ~ Philip and Stephanie Carr Gom

“Eagles were once common in Wales and the Welsh name for Snowdonia is Eryri. “Golden Eagles are a key part of Welsh culture and heritage and they are sadly now missing from the beautiful Welsh landscape.“Imagine the excitement of seeing these incredible birds soaring around the rugged peaks of Snowdonia”


eagle in flight vidar-nordli-mathisen-lzDUUjjYKzk-unsplash

If Eagle is your spirit animal, he will help you to see your life in the wider context, enabling you to make decisions and chart your goals with clarity and objectivity. He is a powerful ally.


Where Wolves?

wolf aware wolf katerina plotnkova
Image: Katerina Plotnikova 



Wolves and dingoes are much the same,
the Celts revered them and bred them to fame.
In Wales, Blaiddudd is their Brythonic name.
representing ‘intuition’ as your inner wilding to tame.

Celts used their furs, on rugs they would sit,
their pelts renowned to protect; had you known this?
Despite today’s scary tales, of werewolves and such,
in ancient Druid times, Wolves were loved very much.

Modern stories tell, how wolves are bad,
todays distortions and myths, make me sad.
Positive traits and accolades that i find;
Boy scouts are named “Wolf Cubs” as sacred signs.

Again, in the ‘Jungle Book’ by Rudyard Kipling,
or Merlin’s friendship with a wolf, Ceridwen gifted him.
Wolf brings a strong sense, of loyalty,
inner strengths, courage and tutorial qualities.

Never fear your inner Wolf’s instincts and power,
his strength will support you, when feeling disempowered.

Victoria S Healing ~ 8.11.2018
©Where Wolves? 

WOLF: FAOL ~ (Gaelic)
Intuition. Learning. The Shadow.
The Druid Animal Oracle ~ Philip & Stephanie Carr-Gomm

WOLF: Welsh: Bleiddudd mynydd

The Celtic stories speak of Wolf as a guide

Image: Katerina Plotnikova



Happy Otter


otter happy otter and the goblet fillets in otter news

“Hey, hold up! Wait for the Otters!”


otter what is a bloody otter seal cat in otter news.jpg


“You can’t just wipe away your history.”
― TJ Klune, 



OTTER ~ Dobhran

Joy. Play. Helpfulness.

Time out! Otter invites us to go with the flow of life. Relax. Let go of daily concerns.



The Otter is known for its strong sense of family ties. Otherwise known as sea dog, who is sacred to the Goddess Ceridwen and to the Irish God of the sea Mannanan mac Lir. If captured, they will grant any wish.


Although, I have never met an Otter in real life…


How would I have known the difference?



Have an Otterly awesome day








E n v i s i o n

albatross lovepaperplane
Image Credit ~ Lovepaperplane

Never Let Go Of Your Wandering Spirit


M o v i n g…  s w a y i n g… r e p e a t e d l y.

high above land, hovering,  over seas.

unlimited potential, airborne,

wandering,  free.


Grace fully…  climbing.



feelings. flying.


Giant wings.

gentle  winds.

poised a b o v e.


heart beats of love.





who can it be?


it is the Albatross. do you  see?

Envision, if only.  we could. all be.

like, the Albatross. flying free. 

Victoria Healing ~ 11.3.2019

E n v i s i o n

Watch The Albatross ~ Fleetwood Mac




albatross to move to breathe to fly to float scott redd.png
Image Credit ~ Scott Redd Photography in New Zealand
"To move, to breathe, to fly to float,
to gain all, while you give,
to roam the roads, of lands remote.
to travel is to live" ~ Hans Christian Andersen


Rhyme in Verse


Albatross ~ Prince of Waves.

Teaches us grace, coming into our lives to show us how to use our bodies in ways that help us move fluidly through any conditions that can seem even treacherous to our wellbeing.

The Albatross is a master at wandering. Teaching us the value of simply finding new roads and pathways; in order to find the road less travelled, if it looks like it might yield more nourishment. ~ Animal/Insect/Plant Totems & Medicine



With a wingspan of over 2 meters (over 7 feet), the short-tailed albatross is the largest seabird in the North Pacific. Its long, narrow wings are adapted to soaring low over the ocean. https://www.nationalgeographic.org/media/endangered-albatross/

The albatross is vulnerable to predation from sharks, large fish and long-line fishing.


Watch Albatross ~ Fleetwood Mac ~ Peter Green 

Aware, Wolf

wolf hunt in pairs lone wolf was a myth.png
Image Credit ~ Katerina Plotnikova Photography


“Some girls are full of heartache and poetry and those are 
the kind of girls who try to save wolves instead of running away 
from them.” ― Nikita GillYour Body is an Ocean: Love and Other Experiments



“The Universe has our backs”

Valuable insights, ideas and new teachings are coming your way, so pay close attention. You are spiritually and psychically protected at all times. ~ Stephen D Farmer ~ Spirit Animals


“For the strength of the pack is the Wolf and the strength of the Wolf is the pack ~ Rudyard Kipling

“People with this power animal will prefer diplomacy and retreat over open hostility or fights but this is not because of cowardice, this is because of a powerful intelligence. Do not expect their spirits to be defeated easily as the wolf totem maintains a network of loyal friends and family for when the going gets tough”


╲\ ╭┓
╭ 🦋 ╯
┗╯\ ╲°•♡

Victoria Healing ~ 5.3.2019

Aware Wolf

wolf protection katerina plotnikova
Image Credit ~ Katerina Plotnikova Photography


“Overall, the greatest threat to wolves is prejudice, 
fear and misunderstanding about the species.”  ~ 
Numerology Daily Matters

Red Riding Hood Review


Katerina Plotnikova Photography


Let us begin with the WOLF;
as a young girl was followed in the woods.
To me this fairytale seems all wrong,
I believe that ‘Wolves are magical, friendly dogs’
Who has distorted and fabricated this parable of old?
to make us fear, our own inner wild Wolf souls.
This fairy tale story, has stuffed up,
twisting true concepts; take a closer look.

A girl in a red riding cloak,
gentle, pure and benevolent to other folk.
Along comes an author, who demonises this story,
now little girls are fearful of wolves in their glory.

Demonising the wolf, instead of a ‘man’
I am not a supporter, follower or a fan.
Look deeper into those macho characteristics,
you won’t have to be an academic or a mystic.

This urban myth is about a ‘man who is inspired,
and willing, to fulfil his physical, lustful desires.
How do you trust any chap or human?
who gives cause for creating so much confusion?

This old twisted fable is a sad illusion.

The Wolf holds the strengths of integrity and knowing,
chased and hunted, he’s survived and keeps on going.
Frick society’s concept, if truth be told!
look into these childhood ‘fables’ from olde.
Why does the masculine, write this as a glory?
we could learn so much from this and similar stories.
Where do we begin?
look at your natural wolf character within.
Victoria Healing ~ 25.2.2018




“The ‘womaniser’ said, “You know, my dear, it isn’t safe for
a little girl to walk through these woods alone.”

Red Riding Hood replied;  “I find your sexist remark offensive in the
extreme, but I will ignore it. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I must be on my way.”


A sexual analysis of the tale may also include negative connotations in terms of rape or abduction.


Rhyme in Verse


I’m not done dancing yet

cranes, 23.5 lets go home, but I'm not done dancing yet.png

crane 23.5 and those who were seen dancing thought to be insane by those who couldnt hear the music .png


Secret knowledge. Patience. Longevity.

The Crane was sacred to early Celts, who left behind many votive images of the bird. Bringing the qualities of patience and perseverance, the Crane will stand for long periods of time peering into the water until the time is right for it to dart at its prey.

TREE ALPHABET The association of the Crane with knowledge comes not only from its link with the sunrise and therefore the East; the place of knowledge, but also with its association with the OGHAM, the tree alphabet of the Druids

~ The Druid Animal Oracle, Phillip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm


crane Marco Gaiotti‎Nature Odyssey Worldwide Photo Group Follow · January 26, 2017 · Dancing cranes, Hokkaido. Marco Gaiotti Photography





When a crane comes into your life you are being asked to use your past as a source of strength in the present.



“It seems to me that the earth may be borrowed but not bought. 
It may be used, but not owned. ... We are tenants and not 
possessors, lovers and not masters.” ― Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings 

crane 23.5 smaller babies by stork but big ones will need a crane





Calling all Possums

possums hello edna you love me possums .png

It will take courage, time and patience’ Harry Possum said

“To gather up supplies while the humans are sleeping soundly in their beds

You have to be steadfast, determined and true”

Captain Harry reminded his possum troops on what they should do.


“We’ll strike after midnight when everyone is asleep

Then we’ll go on our raids to find what treasures they might keep

Beware of the cats and dogs that are lurking around

Tiptoe very quietly be sure not to make any loud sounds”

possum hello stealing hearts .pngThe recruits then all agreed and nodded their heads

“Lead the way forward Captain Harry our families are in dire needs to be fed”

All were standing to attention at Harry’s command; there was no time to lose

They had to get food and water to sustain their families soon.

possum hello night shift .pngHarry Possum was well known in his local district for his success

Striking in the small hours of the morning, to feed his family nest.

“Come on boys, follow me” Harry Possum shouted out

on Harry’s instructions, all of his recruits dodged and darted about.


Time again to put their dangerous nightly strategy into action.

all extreme in their battle search and commando style fashion


When in the dark, silent hours of the night

the human household were all soundly asleep,

high up in the roof rafters

if you listened intensely, you could hear the pattering of tiny feet

possum hello playing possum.png

Harry Possum was making another uninvited house call

looking for some water and snacks hidden in home stores

his good buddy Peter was standing guard, on alert on the garden fence

using his x-ray nightly vision for Harrys’ protection and defence.

possum hello where have all the trees gone.pngA regular night out again, searching for titbits and supplies

to feed their young families before the dawning of yet another sunrise

they all heard a loud ‘meow’ and right before Harry, a giant monster cat had appeared

Harry Possum rushed to hide himself under the roof rafters and eaves.


Hidden out of sight, breathing heavily, crouching down on his knees

to dash back out into the backyard when the right moment he might seize.

when all was clear, he had to sprint mighty fast

another night again, gathering, had become a dangerously risky task.

possum hello surround yourself with animals and people who are kind to them .pngMeanwhile, Possum Pete had discovered some tasty peppermint leaves

now they could all return with replenishment, back to their families.

so if at twilight, you listen all around

you may hear some scuttling and movement going down,


If you think it may be a possum up in your roof or hear a rustling of a tree

think carefully before you shoot at them can you? please!

use a camera, if want to take a shot

Don’t just presume that these cute little marsupials are vermin; they are not.

possum hello we all just want to know that we matter.pngEvery critter has its own distinct personality

contributing to their role in our ecological society

these tiny ring tailed possum are, speedy and small

another endangered species, do you know them all?


There are Western Ring Tailed, Golden, Brush Tailed and Mountain Pygmy

have they all long been forgotten?

then there is Pogo, Captain and well, yes…

Goodnight Possums!

possum hello don't put possum in a cage .pngVictoria Healing ~ 8.4.2018

Possum Responsibilities ~ Hey Momma

possum hello dame edna .jpg