Who is the Teacher?

Image: The Fantasy Art of Molly Harrison


The question isn’t who is going to let me, its who’s going to try to stop me

In Numerology and Tarot


Represents May

(Key 5) The Spiritual Teacher.

Religious beliefs. Conformity. Tradition.


“The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.” ― William Arthur Ward



Traditionally this card represents ‘a’ Spiritual Leader. 

I have to be honest, I’ve really struggled to make sense of this. I am a person who values my own (and others) free will and I refuse to follow the constraints of ‘one’ particular religion. I have examined and learned from many different religions and spiritual guides.   

Let’s be real, this ‘old school’ card may have lost touch with our generation. Personally, I prefer to see this card as representing the ‘many’ sages who have awakened our inner awareness.



Where have you looked to gain further knowledge?

Call off the search party.

Learn from a legend.

Your inner self, your inner knowing and your own intuition.

A truth seeker is one that has learned from many teachers and from their own searching and uses that knowledge to work in the present.


‘Blind obedience to authority is the greatest enemy of truth’ ~ Albert Einstein. 



That being said, In all likelihood ‘The Hierophant’ may represent society’s expectations. A true teacher (to me) is not one that follows into the hierarchy or patriarch. I believe we should foster a community in which we are all encouraged to offer our own gifts to create  a supportive and stable community. 



At the end of the day, you would do well to ask yourself;

What are you curious about learning?

Where does your intuition lead you to find those answers?

Are you in a position to provide this for someone else?



I was blessed with some of the very best teachers and I still love to learn.

How about You?


‘The best teachers are those who show you where to look, but don’t tell you what to see’

– Alexandra K. Trenfor


The connections between Numerology, Astrology and the Tarot have been tested through years of research and application.

Numerology and the Divine Triangle.

Faith Javane and Dusty Bunker


The Way of The Emperor

Image: You cannot pass, go back to the shadow. ~ Gandalf. 
Tolkien Gateway. Art By Gonzalokenny  (Middle earth is my home)

The Way of The Emperor


Person giving directions: You can’t miss it.

Me: You wanna bet?


Say goodbye to March and Hello April with the guidance of Tarot Card:

(Key 4) THE EMPEROR who rules over strategic thinking. Stability. Reasoning and critical thinking, which are the functions of the conscious mind.

My grandfather taught me that ‘There is a place for everything and everything should be in its place’ those words were gold to me; in a past life (work) when I was an events manager. If I hadn’t had the vision to calculate an event, it could have turned into a shambles. The same holds true for us all, through the month of April. As someone once said ‘Everything happens for a reason’  Question it, trust it and If you look closely enough, you will see it.



Where do you need to take ownership of your own life? How can you step up and lead the way towards where you want to be?


I imagine ‘The Emperor’ as the wise old man, the patriarchal mage,  who sets out rules and plans. He gives structure and offers knowledge. He calls you to use your wisdom, to bring clarity to any future projects.  Focus on whatever it is that needs revision for improvement in your life.



Identify what you want.

Identify the situations you need to change.

Draw from your past experiences.

Make your vision gradual and believable.



Slow down, talk slower. Walk slower. Stop multi tasking when you don’t have to. Do one thing at a time. Do it with more intention.  Be present.

It all begins and ends in your mind. Instead of waiting for others, waiting for opportunities, or putting our power in things outside of ourselves, be systematic, strategic and highly organised, stick to your plans until the end. Aries Season offers us the energy that allows us to take our power back and to know that we always have what it takes to find our way forward.


‘Last night in private, I asked the wise old man, to reveal to me the secret of the world. Softly he whispered ‘Hush’ in my ear. ‘It’s something you learn, not words you can hear’ ~ Rumi


The Emperor encourages us to focus on the reasoning and critically thinking mind.


March of the Empress

Image: The Empress: The art of Awen/Jamie Raley ~ Thanks to Bernadette Rose-Smith


‘To the divine mischievous spark in you’


In Numerology the Tarot card representing March is:

Key 3: The Empress ~ Femininity. Creative Expression. Nature. Nurturing. Abundance.


This is your invitation from the Empress tarot card to remind you of your creative talents. You deserve to feel the sensual pleasures of nature and of nurturing yourself and those you love. The Empress is one of the Tarots happiest, most passionate cards. 


‘Creativity enables us to lose ourself and find ourself at the same time’ ~ Thomas Merton


… and of course the question in your head;

‘Can you do this’?

Yes, you can!

Find yourself a quiet space, hunker down and play with your inspiration. It’s a journey navigated by the meandering of your imagination. Have an idea, but don’t judge don’t overthink the plot, because you can learn so much along the way.

Need some help?

A Spell of Creativity 
My favourite art is the colour of March,
with quietude of mind and open heart. 
Orange candle, illumination of the sun,
gives strength and ability to overcome. 

Amethyst, Rose, Lavender and twigs,
invokes and protects creativity within. 
‘The Empress’ of your genius smiles,
all creative expressions be compiled. 

Embrace the alchemy that makes you unique,
use your own voice, in that which you seek.
With gratitude of blessings to come,
this uplifting incantation, will be done. 
Victoria Healing ~ 2.3.2022
A Spell of Creativity 

The Creative Process

This is awesome.

This is tricky.

This is terrible.

I am terrible.

This might be ok.

This is awesome.

I am awesome!



It all adds up

Numerology – 3
Element – Earth
Planet – Venus
Astrological Zodiac Sign – Taurus

There are no coincidences. There IS an order in the universe and here is a key that can put your world into logical perspectives. Numbers are also synthesised with Tarot keys, planets and signs and decals of the zodiac.

The Empress says:

Allow yourself time and space


Rituals for Creativity


Give your brain fair warning


Orange candles are Inspiring



Rose stimulates creativity



Wind, rain, snow and sun,

Let today be … fun

Dawn dusk, night and day

Let us play

The High Priestess of February

Image: Hannah Lemholt

Always listen to the voice in the back of your head.

Put that mystic on speaker phone if necessary


In Numerology the Tarot card representing February is:

Key 2: ’The High Priestess’

The Call: The High Priestess is a calling to go deep, see with your heart. Go within. Acknowledging that the natural world is comprised of both light and shadow, she positions herself between these two polarities.


“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honours the servant and has forgotten the gift.”~ Albert Einstein



You’re taught that you have five senses.







But it’s more like nine, which include:


Dream Messages.

Gut feelings.

Deja Vu .

You should give these more attention.



Your psychic Intuition is the most powerful way to find the answers you seek.

The High Priestess is suppressed in our society.

She is the wise woman, who knows without schooling.

She has more insight and wisdom in her little finger than most have in their entire heads.

She has the ability to use foresight, to make problems vanish before they grow.

With more of her insight you will be able to find solutions to problems that will completely bypass the ‘us versus them’ approach, which characterises so much of male dominated society.

We must become more willing to be guided by our intuition.



What does a gut feeling mean to you?

What comes to mind?

Your first instinct is usually right.

Take time for solitude.

Observe everything.

Pay attention to your dreams

Find a calm moment.

Want or expect nothing. Be neutral.

Ask the question.

Allow all thoughts and feelings.


The High Priestess is the guardian of the subconscious mind and the teacher of sacred knowledge and hidden mysteries. If you have concerns in your relationships, it is important to follow your instincts, but to do so in a way that is not a detriment to you or the relationship. 



The connections between Numerology, Astrology and the Tarot have been tested through years of research and application.

Numerology and the Divine Triangle.

Faith Javane and Dusty Bunker


Always trust your gut, it knows what your head hasn’t figured out

Instinct is a marvellous thing. It can neither be explained or ignored ~ Agatha christie

The Magician of January

Image: What sort of magic power do you have?


In Numerology the Tarot card representing January is:

The Magician’

Key 1

The Message: Unique. Pioneer. Also known as The Enchanter. Magus or Juggler.


Always stay on the bridge between the invisible and the visible. ~ Paulo Coelho


Do you think only magicians can perform magic?

There is no such thing because we all have the same capabilities. It is all about tapping into that potential and using it in the best way possible. That is what magicians do, they tap into that potential. Let your mind become still, by becoming patient.



The Magician is one of my favourite Tarot cards and represents the conscious mind, which is concentration and singleminded attention to a specific idea or goal. Every moment of our waking lives is motivated by some kind of desire. Look at the ideas ‘The Magician’ is offering you.



The Magician card stands for ‘reveal’ as in a magic trick. Now is the perfect time to move forward on an idea that you recently conceived. The seed of potential has sprouted, and you are being called to take action and bring your intention to fruition. The skills, knowledge and capabilities you have gathered along your life path have led you to where you are now, and whether or not you know it,



Poof!  Now here’s a new idea, why didn’t you think of that before? Truth is that you probably had that intention all along.

Hold your vision to see what can be done and have the strength and fortitude to do it.



The Magician card is numbered One – the number of new beginnings and opportunities



The connections between Numerology, Astrology and the Tarot have been tested through years of research and application.

Numerology and the Divine Triangle.

Faith Javane and Dusty Bunker


2022 is the Year of The Lovers

Image: Claire Roige Photography

In Numerology the Tarot Card representing the year 2022 is:

‘The Lovers’

Key 6:

The Message: Love Relationships. Partnerships. Family. Co-operation.


What could make you feel more connected and loved by your partner? 


‘Partnership is giving, taking, learning, teaching, offering the greatest possible benefit while doing the least possible harm.’― Octavia E. Butler,

The Lovers are an obvious reference to partnership and marriage. encompassing all pairs of opposites: Male and female. It is the self, independence and unity.

But it is not just about physical relationships but about the inner synthesis, between opposites, that has to occur before it happens with another being.

Balanced relationships or enlightened ones, come when first we love ourselves and act, at all times, as integrated and whole beings, for it is by acquiring perfect equilibrium and inner unity, that we can truly merge with another with integrity and equality.



While every relationship is unique, it takes dedication, work, and love to make it work. Sure, there will be ups and downs but working through problems together is what makes relationships stronger.

This year, there will be an urge to create a peaceful, loving and comfortable environment, surrounded by family and friends. Domestic life will be your highest priority.

The Lovers can be a powerful card that helps you get clear about your own values and find harmony within yourself. Don’t settle for relationships that won’t let you be yourself


‘Love me for all that I am. There is no need to fix me. No need to think there is something wrong with me. Never make me feel that I am alone’ —r. m. drake

This Explains It All 

The connections between numerology, astrology and the Tarot have been tested through years of research and application.

~ Numerology and the Divine Triangle. Faith Javane and Dusty Bunker


The Up sides of Down

Image: Pink


I don’t care how old I am, hold my shoes!


There’s Safety in Numbers

In Numerology the Tarot card for December is:

(Key 12) The Hanged Wo/Man



Meaning: Reversal.

As if suspended by the feet, like a pendulum at rest. The Hanged person represents someone who is poised in consciousness and under perfect control. S/he is conscious of the one power everywhere, yet centred in their self.



While not all of us have acrobatic flair, or spare aerial hoops and circus trapezes, just happening to be hanging from the ceilings in our lounge rooms, we all have the ability see our world upside down. When we use any kind of ‘inversion’ therapy, it helps tune into our mental focus, balance, and brain function. In a karaoke carpool with Jeremy Corden, my fave girl crush; P!nk revealed that she sometimes sounds better when singing upside down. “It has to be a scientific thing,” she said. She’s not wrong. 



Yes, it sounds bizarre, but it’s true, that any kind of reversal is a powerful way to see the world through new eyes. This posture can make you feel happier and more energetic, due to the increased blood flow to the brain.



Can you do a headstand? whoa, did your eyes just roll? …  ahem, yes, okay, in the real world, if you are like me, we are not all ‘that’ athletic, but there are other ways to get ‘your head upside down’ Your first step to getting there could be by practising the easy yoga pose of a ‘Downward Facing Dog’


tarot downward dog Vector cute unicorn in a downward dog yoga pose

Image: Vector cute unicorn in a downward dog yoga pose




When your natural intuitive senses are overturned, life has more meaning and colour. Standing on your head enables you to become more inspired, focused and calm.



is a radical force which encourages an alternative choice or perspective. ~ a reminder of the psychic nature of things which defy reason. 

~ The Celtic Tarot ~ Helena Patterson


‘We are searchlights

We can see in the dark.

We are rockets pointed up at the stars,

We are billions of beautiful hearts’ ~ P!nk



The Hanged Man



How to get upside down.





-“–” —

The connections between Numerology, Astrology and the Tarot have been tested through years of research and application.


Numerology and the Divine Triangle.

Faith Javane and Dusty Bunker


Current vibe: Working for the lifestyle I promised myself


To Do Justice

Image: Stacie. Martin


That moment when you read your cards

and you don’t like what they say

so you keep shuffling

and you keep getting the same card…


Okay I got it!



In Numerology the Tarot Card representing November is: 

(Key 11) ~ JUSTICE

Meaning: Fairness. Truth. Teaching and guidance. Balance through justice.

Law of cause and effect. Karma.



The message at the heart of the ‘Justice’ card is ‘self understanding’ Take responsibility for how you live your own life. weigh up the pros and cons and act with integrity. You control your own destiny and are responsible for your own actions. Let others focus on their own lessons.



All things being equal, take a step back and look at the big picture. There is a link between good sense and recognising the errors of the past.



I refuse to believe in the modern hyped up kind of ‘karma’ where I wish bad fortune on others. How could I judge, when I’m far from perfect myself. It’s the intent behind what we ourselves do, that decides ‘our own’ fate. It has nothing to do with revenge or punishing others.


“How people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours.”- Wayne Dyer 


It is impossible to use your potential to the fullest, until you know who you are. Learning to be tolerant of yourself and of your own shortcomings makes it easier to accept that it is okay for us all to be flawed. This is how you grow. We all have fears, but our hopes and aspirations are what really matter. 

We can will and create almost anything we wish, but real fulfilment comes only when we first tune into our inner direction and divine guidance. It is only by reviewing your own weak spots that you are able to avoid repeating them.


justice tarot 11 november role for everyone you meet

Image: The Original Tarot on Point 


I never lose, I either win or learn



November In Sights

The connections between numerology, astrology and the Tarot have been tested through years of research and application.

Numerology and the Divine Triangle.

Faith Javane and Dusty Bunker



Well Come Change

Image: Shiori Matsumoto (1973, Japanese)

Me: Shuffling Tarot cards

*Twenty cards fallout*


She hadn’t let Faith play outside,
although, that girl moaned and whined.
Globs of Hope, spilled over the edge,
a dream potential, a destiny meant. 

Gripping Faith’s hands real tight,
stepping forwards, on wheels of life.
Destiny said ‘Let’s get one thing straight;
change is as constant, as is a new date’ 

Razing the old, to raise the new,
from higher ground, a perfect view.
Faith then turned, to blow her a kiss,
Hope knew, that this is, what it is. 

Some people say luck, others fate,
you know friends, it’s never too late. 
Spin the wheel, to place your bets,
when change comes, have no regrets. 

As this, your brand new cycle begins;
into fortune’s circle, you’re invited in. 
Victoria Healing ~ 29.9.2021
Well Come Change 
Image: Burlesque __ The Kapowder Room Secrets

‘Destiny is a Wheel of Fortune and its your chance to spin it’ ~ Unknown 


In Numerology the Tarot Card representing October is: 



Meaning: Growth. Fortune is on your side. A time of positive change.

A situation suddenly moves forwards.

The next rotation can bring exactly what you want. The positive side to this card is Good luck, karma and destiny. The negative side is resistance to change.


The connections between numerology, astrology and the Tarot have been tested through years of research and application.

Numerology and the Divine Triangle.

Faith Javane and Dusty Bunker

State of Grace

📷 @maya_gypsea Witches Gallery 
It’s an enigma and a puzzle, it’s true,
when casting the Rune; Sowelu.
Complex, yet simple to understand,
that the life force is at your command.

God made you different from others,
yet, he made us sisters and brothers.
A place for everything, everything in place,
seeking self discipline and the state of grace. 

There is an exact, law, order and action,
smiling at chaos, with a note of satisfaction.
God of the light, wholeness and pure power,
the divine spark of the sun’s beauty, devour. 

Long since, searching and struggling to control,
watching attentively; as heart wholeness evolves. 
The self realisation that you’re on the right path,
is the pivotal message of this rune’s task. 

Do not stray, from your dreams and desires,
appreciate your infinity, as vision transpires.
Allowing the warmth of light, glow into your life,
as you the ‘Spiritual Warrior’ take your flight. 
Victoria Healing ~ 23.9.2021
State of Grace

Image: The Book of Runes ~ Ralph Blum


Meaning:  Wholeness. Life Force. The Sun’s Energy.

There is a prayer known as the Gayatri, that embodies the spirit of the rune of ‘Wholeness’


You, who are the source of all power,

Whose rays illuminate the world,

illuminate also my heart,

so that it too can do your work. ~ The Book of Runes ~ Ralph Blum.

Image: Wisdom of the Hidden Realms. Collette Baron-Reid


Joyful activity. Celebration of life. Abundance.

The Sun Dancers celebrate you and remind you of the laws of success. Expect the best and praise it in advance. Create the reality you envision.