Yes to YOU


‘I believe in writing your own story, and that's what I'm doing here.
 Do you wait for things to happen or do you make them 
happen yourself?’ ~ Charlotte Ericsson


Yes-terday, Yester-year

When YOU reflect back, what are the positives you’ve learned?

looking at the negatives, what did you see?

was there a pattern, as a part of your own life journey?


Moments, that you’ve battled against

was there a learning, that now makes sense?

moving on, with logic intact

write your story, then ‘detach’


We are all born for a calling, I think

what was your strength?

what is your inspirational link?

what is your artistic vision?

what is your unique, imaginative mission?


Do you have insights, to help others along?

nothing we have encountered, was really bad or so wrong!

character building puzzles, to learn life lessons

do you understand now, what qualities you were manifesting?


3 Writing stories is a novel idea .png


Writing the points you have remembered, from your history

where was the magic?

did you see the mystery?

what made you strong?

what brought you down on your bended knee?


Can you see a pattern, reading between the lines?

what is your vocation and purpose, can you define?

looking back at your life path, did it make you happy?

do you know, by now,  who and what you want to be?


Our elders were always there, helping us along our way

eternal gifts of wisdom, i believe in, even up to this day!

how well, do you know your  ancestral roots?

which you’ may have lost, in life’s automatic ‘pursuits.


‘Hey Momma’ is my own key,

living life in rhythm, writing and harmony.

sharing perspectives, in the hope that you too can see,

there is a purpose when learning, from your own life-story!



Victoria Healing ~ 18.11.2016

Yes to YOU ~ Hey Momma

" ... and let your very existence be your song, your poem, your story.
 Let your very identity be your book' ~ Charlotte Eriksson ~ 
(The Glass Child)