Attention. April.

april when life gets a little blurry adjust your focus carry on


In Numerology
April represents:

‘Four’ ~ Build a Solid Foundation

Due to Corona, we officially now have three days in a week;
1. Yesterday.
2. Today.
3. Tomorrow.

No-one needs to tell you, that human civilisation is experiencing massive changes right now.

You may feel that your every day life, now holds many restrictions, but true liberty comes from getting satisfaction from doing what has to be done and doing it gladly.

We have to start where we are, find out what we need, have a plan and follow it through, step by step. Complete each step before proceeding to the next.

April is a more serious month requiring hard work to set the foundation for whatever you’re working on: job, relationships, health, or family. Persist through hardships and obstacles, no matter how long it takes, or how hard it seems.

Remain calm when everything around you is in chaos and be a port in the storm for others. Keep a sense of perspective and take things in bite sized pieces, until you have sorted it all.

Your Mantra should be: “Rome wasn’t built in a day”

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Our World is Changing Again

tsunami of changes never walk alone hirsty
Image: Hirsty Photography ~ “A Golden Beam Of Hope” 

From shore to shore on a deadly breeze,
the coronavirus19 has brought the world to its knees.
A second “Tsunami” breathing disaster and death,
Our world is changing yet again…

Plundering, marauding and roaring from the east,
this grim reaper suffocates and kills all he meets.
Global “Pandemic” is the new name.
Our world is changing yet again…

This new tsunami heralds from air and sky,
“social distancing” has become the new catch cry.
Stay indoors, safely at home,
avoid this deadly virus, as he stalks and roams.

Kindness towards others is back in fashion,
appreciating our priorities, our new passion.
Learning from my own World Vision tsunami experience,
if we pool our resources, we will get through this.

Can you see that we are beginning a new trend,
by helping our precious earth to mend.
No, our world will never be the same,
as we let mother nature breathe again.
Victoria Healing ~ 30.3.2020
© Our World is Changing Again

“We may all be alone right now, but we’ve never all been so connected and reliant on our fellow humans” ~ Hirsty Photography

“Crown or Wreath?”
The name “coronavirus” is derived from Latin corona, meaning “crown” or “wreath”


Waving on the Beach

Exmouth kev watchign sea tsunami poem11947711_826895244091382_8797323404087739187_o

Sitting on the beach, watching hubby at fishing,
seeing the sun sparkles on the sapphire ocean glistening.

Hearing a rumbling, then thoughts turn to “listening”
watching the mists swirling off huge waves in the distance.

For a moment I imagined a tsunami might come,
onto the beach while we’re basking in the sun.

Remembering back to the day, that the world was aghast,
on Boxing Day 2004, the news came breaking out fast.

A huge tidal wave had roared over the Indian ocean,
260,000 washed away, countless numbers of children orphaned.

Hundred foot waves barrelling Indonesian shores,
a warning only announced, ten minutes before.

Pedophiles had come searching that day,
looking for any children alone and misplaced.

I was working for World Vision Australia, back then,
no time for thinking thoughts or grabbing my pen!

Emergency operations to send aid relief,
the World Vision team received our logistics brief.

We all rushed to perform the best that we could,
with the talents we’d been given to help, as we should.

I will never forget those emergency operations, till the day I die,
those thoughts and memories will never fade …
how would the vulnerable have ever got by?
if the World in their compassion, hadn’t supported those aid teams to fly.

Victoria Healing ~ 7.9.2015
Waving on the Beach  ~ Hey Momma

Although, I no longer work for World Vision, this personal recollection, is how I felt at that time. World Vision Australia changed my view that when we work in unison with others, we really can make a difference! 




Love on the Beach

lou shaz wedding all on the beach

What could be more perfect for Shaz and Lou,
Than wedding vows sealed on the beach, with an ocean view.
Bare feet squished in white powdery sand,
Turquoise sea, lapping all around.

The smell of salty air,
Bridal party eagerly waiting there.
Oh the joy and anticipation,
Of love vows shared with our jubilation.

How appropriate this all seems,
The matrimony ceremony of their dreams.
May the sun shine from high up above,
Blessing our beautiful couple with forever beams of love.

May your marriage bring you both all that you desire,
Patience, tolerance and all that you each aspire.
May a smile be always upon your faces,
Knowing that this union has been forever fated.

The ocean be the fullness of your love ever flowing,
Ebbs and tides be the ups and downs to keep you growing.
Each grain of sand, being moments of love shared perpetually,
Rocks to hold each other fast, that together you forever be.

The breath of each cool sea breeze,
To provide, all that you deserve and need.
Sea shells, whispering of love, from lost loved ones always near.
May your future be all that you both hold dear.

May your hearts be full of fun, pleasure and laughter.
Today, tomorrow and for ever after.
Victoria Healing ~ 22.2.2010
Love on the Beach

She Wished It Back

Lady of the lake sisters of the mists
Image: Sisters of the Mists

The minute she said the ‘word’

she wished it back…

It had disappeared along with the light.
just as daylight fades towards night.
In another dimension, at specific times,
the Lady of the Lake and Avalon intertwined.

A city sunken, beneath lakes in Wales,
where watery mists lay beyond, veiled.
‘ANNWN’ is the Welsh haven and hidden otherworld,
where Fae creatures have been seen and heard.

Rising up from beneath watery depths,
finding human husbands, their mortal quest.
Listen then, for the chiming of bells,
there underwater, fair Lake Maidens dwell.

In this land without death or disease,
is a ‘very deep place’ that fulfils spiritual needs.
The door to Annwn will only appear,
at specific times, when the invisible becomes clear.

Thankfully this legend has been preserved and kept,
remaining forever a testimony, to our beloved Celts.
Victoria Healing ~ 15.3.2020
© She Wished It Back

Avalon may also be thought of as a later reflection of Annwn. Like Avalon, Annwn (pronounced ah-noon) was thought at times to be an island. It translated to ‘very deep place’ and was titled “Isle of Apples” or “Isle of the Blessed. Sources indicate that Arthur was taken to Avalon to heal.

lady of the lake annwn water fairies
Image” Unknown Artist

In Welsh folklore, the Gwragedd Annwn are beautiful fairies that live beneath lakes and rivers and are counted among the Tylwyth Teg or Welsh fairies. They are also known as the Lake Maidens. 

‘That’ … I Can’t Tell You

light wonder lust
Image: Wonder Lust

“It’s amazing” she’d thought,
“I want to learn and understand so much more”
That was her passion and obsession;
to know how everything linked and connected.

To understand synchronicity of the sacred invisible,
back to when life wasn’t measured by linear, but cyclical.
How the ether was filled with spirits and energy,
that in reality, there was an ethereal synergy.

Welcoming the mystical, living within natural things,
using abstract thinking from her own life experience.
An otherworldly veil, that could not be disguised,
enchanting her world, as she’d lived out her life.

Seeing the earth with her Heart, not her Eyes,
in her mind, ‘That’ which could not be described.
When looking for secret meanings to find;
the closer she got, she’d sensed her own light.
Victoria Healing ~ 14.3.2020
© “That” I Can’t Tell You

Planning for Friday 13th?

friday 13


“Knock on wood” it’s Friday the 13th our lucky day!

Hubby just asked me ‘if I have any superstitions? …
I told him ‘No, I think it’s unlucky to have superstitions’

Ever wonder what the big deal is about Friday 13th?
“Superstitions about the number 13 seem to create the fear of Friday the 13th”

For the ancient Celts ’13’ is the perfect number. Everything is interconnected, even numbers. All numbers had meanings, or associations:
“13” represents good luck and moving with the flow of energy. Expect changes, because old ideas are being swept away to make room for new and better ones.

Needless to say, Hollywood has banked big time by playing on our fears… especially on a dark and stormy evening, when the rest of the world is similarly situated under a blanket pulled up to their eyes in fear.

“Friday the 13th was considered a very powerful day to honour creativity” and to celebrate beauty, wisdom and nourishment of the soul.

Forget superstitions, let’s celebrate Friday the 13th!…

friday 13

Friday the 13th is the day of the Goddess and is a beautiful day for creating and celebrating life. It is a beautiful day for getting in tune with your emotions and sensitivities and giving thanks to the beautiful Goddess that lives in us all.

The Spiritual Significance of Friday the 13th


Bedd Branwen

celtic rune woman image canon

“Answer my question,
have you learned your lesson? “
His eyes then fixed on hers,
as she tried to find her words.

“Would you give up everything for that man?”
as he reached out to hold Branwen’s hand.
It was an inquiry, but, there’d been no choice,
in an arranged wedding, she’d had no voice.

A marriage ordained with an Irish king,
a Welsh woman with vision in the greater scheme of things.
Her husband King Matholwch had treated her badly,
a cruel and abusive relationship, sadly.

Battles began with her groom and avenging brothers,
resulting in the destruction and downfall of others.
Branwen, was left broken hearted,
over the wars, she’d felt that she had started.

She, known as the Goddess of true Love and Beauty
alliance for her kingdom’s peace, was her duty.
She a protector of mistreated women,
offered her forgiveness in their offences of sinning.

Ancient evidence, proves this is a true tale.
only pregnant women survived that bloody war in Wales.
Branwen died, from insufferable despair and grief:
Answering his first question; “No, she wouldn’t leave”
Victoria Healing ~ 2.3.2019 .
Bedd Branwen

The Overlooked Goddess
Branwen is the ancient Welsh/Celtic Goddess of Love, Beauty and Forgiveness whose name means White Raven. She is also a major character of the famous book Mabinogi (Mabinogion). Although she is often related to folklore, there are some interesting pieces of evidence suggesting that the goddess could have been based on a real woman from history. The Bedd Branwen

The Bedd Branwen Period
A period of the Bronze Age is named after her – Bedd Branwen Period (1650-1400 B.C.). There is a ruined grave on the Alaw Riverbanks that is Branwen’s resting place. Archaeologists found two urns with human remains there; it is theorized Branwen was an actual person during the Bronze Age.

Image: Wendy Bishop

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