Oda Mae, by God!

Whoop, Whoop Da Whoopi 

It’s Your Birthday Girrrl !!! 

Caryn Elaine Johnson, otherwise known as Whoopi Goldberg, was born on this day 13th November (1955) in Manhattan, New York. Whoopi is one of the most famous women in the entire world.

In Numerology

Whoopi’s Birthdate 13.11.1955 adds us to her life path: 35/8.

Meaning: Inheritance. Power. Ambition. Good Judgement. Recognition.

Inherited strength for work well done in the past. Whoopi is an Individualist, with a forceful mind and a tremendous vitality. A good sense of what the public needs and how to supply it. With a great deal of personal charm. With her vision and foresight she has the opportunity to be a leader.


(Laughs) Yeah!… Our husky, rebellious Whoopi Goldberg is nothing less than iconic. She has made a career out of not caring a fig what anyone thinks. ‘Funny’ outshines  everything. From being Oda Mae crazy, who sees ghosts, to pissing God off when she walks past the ‘The Colour Purple’ Whoopi’s hilarious character was made by God to be loved and appreciated. Ironically, as in her own life, most of the characters she plays have been misunderstood or overlooked by many at first.

‘I think the ‘Colour Purple’ is so bursting with love, the need for connection, the showing of the need for connection around the globe’ ~ Alice Walker


‘Every body wanna be loved’ and there is no-one more loved than our Whoopi, who personifies every feeling, from love, laughter, heartbreak and tears, in her own uproarious  and ballsy style. She tackles the taboo subjects that are usually avoided and is an inspiration to humanity, proving that if you are positive you really can do anything!

whoopi its okay to feel different than the pack thats a fundamental right Whoopie https:www.facebook.com:pages:Timothy-White:432703116800141


Did you know that Whoopi has dyslexia? she began her career as a make up artist in a funeral parlour? Or that her favourite colour isn’t actually purple, its black and that she has a fetish for bizarre shoes. Her best loved movie is the The Lion King’ and her nickname is Da Whoop! Whoopi Goldberg brings so many blessings into all of our lives, but her only daughter, Alex Martin, is her top priority and I double ditto that!


The Lord has blessed us with Whoopi, who despite her fame and superstardom, is one of the most really, real people in Hollywood. She has touched our hearts and made us laugh and cry in so many ways.


Are you having a good time?

If you’re still having fun doing what you do, then do what you do. If it’s not hurting your life…keep going.

If you’re not enjoying anymore, then you have to reevaluate’ ~ Whoopi Goldberg



Stay true to yourself Da Whoop!

purple the color purple whoopi goldberg

God loves everything you love. And your failure to enjoy these things pisses God off far more than most of the things the Bible deems a “sin.” ~ The Color Purple

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‘It’s hard to imagine that this successful woman once struggled in school, hearing words such as “dumb” and “stupid” directed at her’





“…have you ever found God in church? I never did. I just found a bunch of folks hoping for him to show. Any God I ever felt in church I brought in with me. And I think all the other folks did too. They come to church to share God, not find God.”

― Alice Walker, The Color Purple



Numerology Blueprint

Numerology and the Divine Triangle

Faith Javane & Dusty Bunker 

a Sweet Affair

It was a powerful attraction,
knowing she’d find satisfaction. 
Doing her best to snub and ignore,
aware she’d been tempted before.

Clearly, they’d both known why,
'More reaction than good sense' she’d sighed.
In another few minutes, she’d reggret,
deliriously eggstatic in mutual respect.

Their fatal attraction too hard to resist,
should they avoid, eggnore, or co-exist? 
Her desire to taste, smell and touch,
irresistibly appealing, thrilling and lush.

Too late, a breath of sighing pleasure,
heart quickening in gratifying endeavour. 
Lost in wild salacious abandoned moments,
devouring chocolate Easter egg components. 

A good egg today, was too easy to find,
as her addictive senses were inclined.
This sweet appetising, do or die affair,
a delicious happiness, beyond compare. 

The mouth watering aroma of chocolate,
had all been too hard, not to gollop.   
Victoria Healing ~ 2.4.2021
a Sweet Affair

Will you be spending your Easter weekend indulging your love affair with chocolate eggs?


Here are 20 health benefits you may not know about and which will help you to indulge in it with less guilt. In moderation of course – I mean, the guilt!


Why does chocolate have such a strong allure? Why are so many of us powerless to resist when we see it? The answer may surprise you—it’s all because of chemistry.


I’ll admit it. I’m a huge chocoholic.


Images: Cadbury Chocolate. UK

Hide your giant easter egg, with the virtual Cadbury Chocolate Factory in Bourneville, UK.  

The Easter Egg Capital of the World 

Fly me to the Moon

The Effects Of Full Moon on ‘Emotions’

In general, the moon is connected to our emotional selves. Many of the full moon effects on human behaviour and emotions are hidden deep within our subconscious. So when the moon is full, it emits energy that greatly affects us all personally as well as collectively.

This Full Moon falls in the sign of Virgo, something which can ring alarm bells for some. While Earth Virgo offers warm and comforting energy, the more unconventional and emotional souls out there can tend to feel overwhelmed by Virgo’s notoriously critical nature. As the energetic peak of the current lunation, tensions will be running high and the undercurrents and themes since the last New Moon will come to the surface. As such, it’s important to be in charge of the energy you choose to invite in during this time. 27.2.2021

The moon’s effects date back to legends and mythology of ancient civilisations.


Lunar phases also influence human emotions, behaviors, and health.


Top Image: Kevin Healing. The Staircase to the Moon is a natural phenomenon caused by the rising of a full moon reflecting off the exposed mudflats in Roebuck Bay, Broome, WA at extremely low tide, to create a beautiful optical illusion of a stairway reaching to the moon. This spectacular sight occurs from March through to November.

Image Below: Anglesey Druid Order – Urdd Derwyddon Man


Who am I?

 I am, temporal lobe epilepsy,
 society’s “invisible” disease.
 You won’t know about me,
 until, I fall down to my knees.

 Many think that, this is a curse,
 shunned and turned away in history,
 No ‘understanding’ which is worse.

 There are famous people who had this:
 did you know?
 Pythagoras, Socrates, Vincent Van Gogh,
 Lewis Carroll, and the lists begin to grow!

 My Doctor said: “This can be a ‘blessing,
 if you manage; “personality traits carefully’
 To all of those, with this ‘sacred disease’
 learn about the epilepsy positives please.
 Victoria Healing ~ 16.4.2016
 ©Who in the World Am I?
Personality Traits
 “Individuals with temporal lobe epilepsy, share a tendency to increased and extensive drawing or writing often of a cosmic or philosophical nature” Dr Bear called this tendency “Hypergraphia” ~ Tom Valeo ~ Neurology Today
 'Seized' ~ Eve LaPlante
(Robert M Kaplan Neuro-psychiatrist reports; in summary, 
 Temporal Lobe Epilepsy, acute or chronic, is a perfect analogy 
 for mystic behaviour.
Hypergraphia ~ Writing style

Dow (1986) has proposed that mystics not only represent the world’s 
 oldest profession, but the world’s most versatile specialists. 
 Mystics may have been humanity’s first physicians, magicians, 
 artists, storytellers, timekeepers and weather forecasters 
 (Krippner 2002). ~ From the book: "Seized" by Eve La Plante
Mystic: Healer. Visionary. Druid. Shaman. Seer.  

Dragon Watch

Bingey the Dragon finds it hard to sleep,
watching movies all day, as he eats.
As his insomnia began to take hold,
a variety of maladies started to unfold.

Overstimulation, anxiety, fight or flight,
his sense of reality, freaked out of sight. 
Locked in, on his own, in self quarantine,
spellbound, as dragons fought on TV screen. 

Clutching his pillow in horror and dread,
waiting on his mates to snuff out, evil, dead. 
Feeling drowsy and stressed in daylight,
since he’s watched on horrors all night. 

Legs up, rigid and huddled on chair. 
stiff and frozen, fixated and scared. 
Breaking free  to reclaim his own power,
Bingey now exercises outdoors, an hour.

Reading a book and listening to music,
before he became more edgy and too sick. 
Drinking more water, eating healthy food,
he has begun to have a peaceful attitude. 

On Dragon watch he’d previously relied,
on drama from others, to his own demise. 
Feeling fired up, now Bingey can sleep,  
dreaming of new crusades, but more sweet.

Whatcha gonna do, if you’re left on your own?
be like Bingey, pause that Game of thrones.
Victoria Healing ~ 3.2.2021

Healthy people can watch TV and remain healthy — especially if they have a binge plan.

Image: The Art of Brian Kesinger. Dragon TV Binging.  


Watching episode after episode of a show feels good — but why is that?


Have a binge plan


Make sure you don’t stream episode after episode right before bed, and then disturb your sleep cycle. 


What TV binge watching does to your brain


“All we have to do is to decide what to do with the time that is given to us’ ~ Gandalf 

Snow Witch

 Annika is a witchy, sacred girl,
 who lives in a twilight world.
 The sight of snow outside,
 can ease her enquiring mind.

 There is nothing she loves more,
 than a field of fresh snowfall.
 Laying gently on the ground,
 flapping arms and legs around.

 Her arms both form her wings,
 legs cast her gown as she swings.
 Staring blankly into space, 
 her face then falls into a daze. 

 In her euphoric twilight zone, 
 she never feels heat or cold. 
 There is silence in the air,
 and she doesn’t have to care. 

 A stigma came before back in 1494, 
 when they penned olde witchy laws.
 ‘The Hammer of the Witches’
 branded all, with evil glitches.

 But, epilepsy is her blessing, 
 although some think it depressing. 
 Staying grounded is her thing,
 keeping her emotions in the swing.

 Back from her seizure she returns,
 to process all that she has learned. 
 Victoria Healing ~ 1.2.2021

For all who struggle every day to succeed in a world that does not recognise their gifts and talents, and for those who are walking beside them, please let this be a gentle reminder to be kind and accepting of ALL people.

Bringing epilepsy out of the Shadows


The Sacred Disease 

Epilepsy is not a psychological disorder. The brain is made up of billions of nerve cells that communicate through electrical and chemical signals. When there is a sudden excessive electrical discharge that disrupts the normal activity of the nerve cells, a seizure may result.

Seizures cause a change in function or behaviour. A seizure may take many different forms including a blank stare, muscle spasms, uncontrolled movements, altered awareness, odd sensations, or a convulsion. 

People with epilepsy have excelled in every area. What follows is a list of people who are responsible for changing civilisation as we know it, all of whom are strongly suspected or known to have had epilepsy. It’s an impressive group.

Hammer of the Witches.

For centuries, it was believed that epilepsy was caused by evil spirits, goblins and demons. Epilepsy was also linked to witchcraft. A handbook from 1494, Malleus Maleficarum (The Hammer of Witches), claims that witches had special characteristics, including epileptic seizures.

A well-known neurologist has claimed that the history of epilepsy can be summarised as 4 000 years of ignorance, apprehension and stigma.


Image: The Art of Brian Kesinger. Annika. Snow Witch

On a Spectrum

 It’s not what she says, or how she says it,
 Crystal our Dragon can never explain it.
 Anti social with repetitive habits,
 many don’t understand or grasp this. 

 Crystal has always wanted to be, 
 a light worker of the Orbs dynasty. 
 Working at night as everyone slept,
 deep in her cavern, lost secrets kept.

 In Dragons lair, as lightening strikes,
 mystickal energy crosses ley lines.
 Lost in chit chat in her own mind,
 preferring silence and alone times.

 Some have said ‘She looks too sad’
 frosty and klutzy, traits she has had. 
 Flapping her wings and claw licking,
 spectrometer of rays rise on flickering. 

 It’s in Crystal’s aura that you can see, 
 a rainbow spectrum, of light frequency.
 Epidote, quartz and fizz of amethyst,
 moon charged rain, a shard of tryst.

 As virtue of autism spectrum disorder, 
 eyes a twinkle, as prisms transform her.
 These are her quirks and plain to see,
 why would you vilify anyone having ASD? 
 Victoria Healing ~ 30.1.2021

Image: The Art of Brian Kesinger. Dragon. The Orb Maker.  

This is the week of SPED (Special Education), Autism, Dyslexia, and ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) awareness. 

For all who struggle every day to succeed in a world that does not recognise their gifts and talents, and for those who are walking beside them, please let this be a gentle reminder to be kind and accepting of ALL people. 


People with autism are passionate. 

Many people on the spectrum are truly passionate about the things, ideas, and people in their lives. They spend the time, energy, and imagination necessary to truly master their area of interest,


There are many famous people with autism. 



Where dragons walked, the lightning was visible. The Path of the Dragon’ was the Celtic term for ley lines.


Dragon Stone is a type of Epidote and is a natural magnifier of any and all energy in its environment and attracts what you output.


Pen Dragon

 Reading is often an optical illusion,
 causing Pen Dragon daily confusion. 
 When studying books for learning,
 his cognition is deeply concerning.

 Backwards lettering and all upside down,
makes Pen Dragon squint and frown. 
Words skipping about all over the page, 
 causes frustration, igniting his outrage.

 All jumbled up and out of order,
 giving him headaches and nausea.
 Pen Dragon can’t link words to sounds,
 it’s a nonsense, as letters shake around. 

 Printed stories, are mysteries to him,
 he’s vowed that he will ‘Never give in’
 ‘I can do it, I can do it’ he repeats; 
 ‘Letters will never be the ruin of me’ 

 And Welsh green Dragon remembers,
 his breath would singe pages to embers. 
 It was hinted that the great fire in London, 
 was what Pendragon’s ancestor had done. 

 Whatsisname had, had this the same, 
 singled out in classes, as a hot shame.
 Perhaps dyslexia, could, be an advantage, 
 like Harry Potter, aka Daniel Radcliffe. 

 Concluding that having more self esteem, 
 and lots of practice would help him read. 
 Taking small bite sized chunks to fill gaps,
 Pen Dragon paced himself, as he relaxed. 
 Victoria Healing ~ 31.1.2021 
People suffering from dyslexia are highly creative, intuitive and excel at three-dimensional problem-solving. Their visual learning style means they learn best through a creative process. When dyslexics use learning methods that fit their thinking style, they can excel.
 Many people with dyslexia are famous and highly successful as adults.
A Common Welsh Green Dragon:
According to Rowling, a Common Welsh Green Dragon may have been responsible for the Great Fire of London in 1666. 
Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe spoke about his dyspraxia which affects his ability to write by hand and tie shoelaces.
This is the week of SPED (Special Education), Autism, Dyslexia, and ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) awareness. For all who struggle every day to succeed in a world that does not recognise their gifts and talents, and for those who are walking beside them, please let this be a gentle reminder to be kind and accepting of ALL people and especially Dragons 






 Rowina is a scatty, bookworm nerd,
 obsessed with witchcraft worlds. 
 A hyperactive ADHD fidgety child,
 a short attention span makes her wild.

 To maintain and hold her focus,
 she methodically studies hocus pocus. 
 When distracted, edgy or frustrated,
 a sorceress mentality is initiated.

 Known for being twitchy and odd,
 Rowina doesn’t care a sod.
 Non judgemental and open minded,
 she prefers to find her own findings. 

 Biting at the bottom of her lip,
 studying legendary enchanter tips.
 Is it a cult, or was it a religion?
 swotting hard to make her decision.

 A good witch of magic and natural balance,
 casting spells, is her lifelong challenge. 
 To master her craft to become a witch Don,
 is a discipline she’s vowed to take on.

 No-one is harder on her, than herself,
 a wide streak of perfectionism swells. 
 Reworking her spells 7 or 8 times more;
 everyone has seen her tenacity before. 

 Separating fact from fiction, 
 is her fundamental mission. 
 Rowina finds when agitated or mad,
 she puts on her *familiar thinking Cat. 
 Victoria Healing ~ 29.1.2020


The familiar spirit can be an animal companion.


ADHD’s trademark hyperfocus is a serious advantage — if you can effectively channel all that attention and energy into work that makes a difference. “Many scientists, writers, and artists with ADHD have had very successful careers, in large part because of their ability to focus on what they’re doing for hours on end,” says Kathleen Nadeau, Ph.D. 

Image: The Art Of Brian Kesinger 

That Grimoire

 She’d found a key to bolted padlock,
 a mysterious latch, long ago forgot.
 Buried in cobwebs, smothered in dust,
 an olde book, infused of stale musk.

 Grimoire of incantations and spells,
 huge and black, where spirits dwelled. 
 It was almost as if he’d left his mark,
 rituals, metaphysics, hidden in dark.

 Parchment pages were brittle and torn,
 sketches penned before she was born.
 He’d been capable of difficult deeds,
 a kindly man, assisting in others needs. 

 He’d tell where your planets aligned,
 a learned gent in 19th century times.
 Dr John Harries, was a ‘cunning man’
 wizard, leading edge, or slight of hand?

 Incorporating medicine with astrology,
 some of these wonders are an anomaly.  
 Hmm.. she’d sighed, turning the pages;
 “Is this how witch craft has been fabled?”
Victoria Healing ~ 21.11.2020

John Harries was a 19th century Welsh ‘cunning man’ well known for medicine, surgery, astrology, and magic. His note book remains intact, and is available from the National Library of Wales.  Dr John ( a Harley Street practitioner) combined medicine with astrology (which must have seemed like magic to the ignorant) and a natural ability of second sight.  


The term “cunning man” or “cunning woman” was most widely used in southern England and the Midlands, as well as in Wales



Grimoire. Book of Spells


Image: Beatrix The Art of Brian Kesinger