Let’s talk about the Elephants in the Zoo


elephant foot tricia

“I’ve always thought elephants walk as if they have music being piped into their heads that no one else can hear. And from the roll of their hips and their swagger, I’m going to guess that the artist is Barry White.”
― Jodi Picoult, Leaving Time

“Seeing  life from an Elephants point of view”


“The question is, are we happy to suppose that our grandchildren may never be able to see an elephant except in a picture book?” ~ David Attenborough

elephant talk the more you read more you know permai

‘We should all go on a luxury holiday’ Tricia announced…

She was terrified about poachers and being exploited by tourism clowns.

Putra Mas pondering on her wishes trumped up

‘I’m all ears my darling Tricia, but that would take an enormous amount of good fortune and a lot of luck”


As a smart and obliging friend that Putra Mas has always been

He was sensible to understand, but reminding her that her wish wouldn’t eventuate so easily.

elephant talk zoo putra mas im all ears and tsks
Putra Mas means ‘Little Prince’ tipping the scales at a whopping 4,240 kg.


Tricia then went off researching with their local travel agents to find;

The world’s best holiday destination that she had, had, on her mind

A lush Asian Rainforest set in Australia that had been specifically designed.


All creature comforts were provided at the grand hotel Perth Zoo.

Massages, manicures, with glorious mud, tropical swimming pools.

Queen Elephant sized beds, five star extravagant open barn rooms.

elephant zoo tricia the massage was a nice touchBirthday parties, activities lots of fun and games

The kind of people who would keep them all well, healthy, happy and safe


The room service was rated as ‘second to none’

Devoted keepers who pampered them all with friendly ‘one on ones’.

Long, lazy dirty scrub-baths and elephant sized ficus leaf snacks

“Come on guys” Tricia shouted; “let’s book now, where are our travel bags?”


Their good friend Premai excitedly; then butted in,

“I’m packing my trunk right now, so when does all of this fun and indulgence begin?

elephant talk zoo premai means pretty when an elephant in the room introduce herThe very next day the Elephant Rescue team sneaked up…

Broke the elephants free from their shackles and safely hid them all in the back of their getaway trucks.

I can’t even show or tell you the horrors that I’ve seen,

It turns my stomach and breaks my heart to see the barbarity and cruelty of those poachers in their financial greed.

elephant talk zoo if anyone wants to know what elephants like people only more so

Did you know that one elephant is killed every 15 minutes in Africa because of  ivory trade?

Then, I’m guessing that you have heard about these brutal acts too

Follow this story if you would like to read some particularly good news …

Victoria Healing ~ 25.3.2018

Let’s talk about the Elephants in the Zoo ~ Hey Momma



Like nowhere on earth, help to protect it

Perth Zoo is one of the world’s leading conservation zoos, supporting local, regional and international projects designed to conserve species in the wild.

At more than 100-years-old, it is a West Australian icon.



Did you ever see an Elephant fly?


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Where’s Quolly?

quolly is is me you're looking for.png


“Motherhood has a very humanising effect. Everything gets reduced to essentials”

~ Meryl Streep

quolly the great gift of human beings is that we have empathy

“If we can confirm a breeding population up there, we’re really 
getting somewhere” ~ Carnarvon Station Reserve 


quolly cute alert.png

In a sunburnt country at the top end of Oz,

There is a desperate mission to save our native indigenous Quolls…

Chased away from their remote scrubland bush homes.

These tiny Aussie battlers used to fossick, run around and roam,

quolly a good man is hard to find.pngForaging in remote woodlands, scrub and deep under ground

The girls are desperately seeking males, but sadly none can be found!

Their family, friends and suitors have all long gone

This is unacceptable, sad and so wrong!

quolly the measure of success how we leave the world for the next generation.pngLively, attractive small bush marsupial animals,

Brutally wiped out by those newly introduced cannibals.

Of all God’s creatures, great and small,

Most people want to save a Lion or a Tiger, but what about a tiny Quoll?

How could you not love these little guys?

Cute pink pointy nose, little round ears, big bright pleading eyes.

When I found out about these little dudes, I just wanted to cry…

quolly here I am where I ought to be .png
A Quolls home is in the Bush

Look at this adorable little face; she has so much to say

Can you help us Aussies to save them; there must be some way?

A sad story about mans cruelty and inhumanity

Changing the natural habitat for their control and vanity.

European settlers many years ago

Imported foreign animals, deciding that these friendly, outgoing local Quoll’s should go.

Quolly control the sad thing no one is doing anything to save them .pngJust like the Tassie Tigers these little guys will soon be extinct

Can we all help to bring our small Quolls back from the brink?

Another little eco engineer on God’s earth was made;

Why introduce foreign animals that just want to kill, destroy and invade?


Too soon, these little critters will only be found in myths and legends

I hope and pray that we could try to stop this tragedy from happening.

quolly peek efficiency .pngVictoria Healing ~ 19.3.2018

Where’s Quolly? ~ Hey Momma

quolly I once was lost but now Im found .png






“Get to know our incredible quolls while you can. Australia’s four quoll species face an uncertain future due to ongoing threats from habitat destruction, feral cats and foxes, cane toads, and disease. Saving these special animals from extinction will be a long and difficult task, but the prognosis is not all bleak” ~ QuollSA


quolly dude here I am caught snoozing.png  


Perhaps, the only documentary you will ever see about Quolls.


“The Wunambal Gaambera traditional landowners have lived and hunted
 here for thousands of years and call it Uunguu – their living home.
 Everything in Uunguu (all the plants, animals and culture) is 
precious and must be looked after properly under traditional 
Wanjina and Wunggurr Law”

quolly what animal, bird or insect have you seen today.png

Possum responsibilities

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Quokka Friends


Look Who Was Here

The Hopman Cup is an international tournament, held here in Western Australia, each January. This is what happened in 2018…


How The Quokkas Taught Their New Friend to Play Tennis

A Quokka is a fine example of evolvement, survival and growth.

even an unknown tennis player had wanted advice about what our Quokka’s all know.

Roger (someone or other) had asked the quokka’s how he could ‘ace’ his game.

he wanted to know how these sassy critters had come by their notoriety and fame.


They have their own ‘advantages’ as you can see,

being famous icons of their game and grins ‘volleys’

Each Quokka calls its own ‘deuce.’

so they gave Roger their grip and score on “how he could become famous” too.


He was told that ‘If you get a sneaky attack from your sparring partner,

smile and chortle loudly with great guffaws and toothy laughter.

With a gripping hug and a warm embrace;

you may become as famous too, when people see YOUR smiley face”.


Passion and preparation is the key,

just keep serving your smiles indefinitely;

‘No Roger Federer, this is not a ‘racquet’;

You have just entered the great “Australian Selfie” can you hack it?

Victoria Healing ~ 17.3.2018

Quokka Smiles


quokka quoting sometimes you have to accept that a quokka played better on the day than you .png
Tennis superstar Roger Federer’s cute quokka selfie,


ONE happy snap from a certain tennis legend not only broke the internet but is now doing wonders for WA. When Roger Federer came to Perth for the Hopman Cup, he happily promoted WA to the world.

More than half a billion people read about his visit to Rottnest Island, and now, the “Federer Factor” is in full swing – with record numbers of tourists flocking to the holiday island.

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a Toucan of Encouragement

toucan can to begin begin






Given the vibrant, bright beautiful images of the Toucans and their habits, I can see that this description represents a Toucan pretty well. Although, after researching google,

I have found out that these beautiful birds are now becoming endangered, why? Because people want to ‘keep them as ‘PETS’


“ENDANGERED Toucan: Toucans are found in South American rainforests, they have an important role in the eco system dispersing seeds from fruits and berries. They also feed on small birds, bugs and reptiles.

These iconic birds are very popular pets, and many are

CAPTURED to supply demand for this trade”

toucan can god loved birds invented trees man invented cages.png

“Toucan Talk”


Twitter and tweet to your own hearts content

Even a croak is better than non-living like the walking dead.

Don’t be afraid to circumvent in your own particular style

Look at the example of our beautifully coloured, bright Toucan a while.

toucan can talk .png

Although a warning for people, is now… that I fear,

‘Locking these birds in cages’ is endangering them, I hear.


Why do the customs of our community?

Attempt to withhold and imprison all of our natural creature beauties?

Let yourself shine out, in your own innate style, I’d say … ‘absolutely.’


Take a Toucans example as a word of advice

Speak up and out, don’t always think twice!


Your life should be lived by way of your own passion, enthusiasm and choosing

Radiate your own colours brightly, beyond the dull and boring of ‘society illusions.’


toucan can i have to remind myself some birds are not meant to be caged they are just too bright

A Toucan of Encouragement  Victoria Healing ~ 15.3.2018

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toucan can what bird animal or insect have you seen today

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Enter the Red Panda

Po: Ooh, so um, I sHould... stop talking?
Shifu: If you can. ~ Kung Fu Panda

redpanda no comment zooborn.jpg

(RED) PANDA’S ~ are the symbol of gentleness, compromise, and patience, they are marked as “Vulnerable” on the endangered animals list.



“When your mind gets agitated, it becomes difficult to see.
But if you allow it to settle, the answer becomes clear”
~ Kung Fu Panda, Master Oogway
panda enter red I'm really getting tired of sleeping jokes.png
Perth Zoo


Rest, chill, relax, unwind, 

loosen up… let go of thinky thoughts in your mind.

stream into ‘this exact moment’ don’t be logically defined.


Red Panda’s know just what to do,

lounging around on bamboo trees, grapes at hand, all ready to chew.

lazing about all day, in a meditative zone,

contemplating sleep, they like to be left alone.


Cuddly and cute, they sprawl and loaf about.

when they chat they make funny twittering sounds.

The life of a Red Panda is not all it seems…

it appears that they live the life, that we all aspire to in our wildest dreams.


Contemplate the meanings, of a life like this

tune in to yourself, to experience what this is.

take some Red Panda moments, out for yourself,

good nutrition and exercise is beneficial to  health.

Victoria Healing ~ 13.3.2018

Enter the Red Panda

red panda take three deep slow breaths let go of your mobile

Rhyme in Verse

Lark, out loud

lark dont be afraid of being different be afraid of being like everyone else .png

“Up With The Larks”

When everything is silent and the world is asleep

the little Lark gets ready to sing her song, so sweet.

Up with the Larks, freedom abounds

tweeting and twittering her harmonious sounds.


She doesn’t care if no one responds,

she knows that, this is just where she belongs.

You will never trap her into some cage

she will always sing her heart song as dusk twilight fades.


Sing for yourself, don’t wait for applause

a Lark sings for herself from her own passionate chords.

Trilling noisily, loudly and sweet

she brings laughter and smiles to all whom she greets.


Listen to her twittering in the morning

wake up with her, while the sun is just dawning.

Soak up and in to that fresh sunrise morning light

then your day will be happy, joyful and just as bright.

Victoria Healing ~ 10.3.2018

Up with the Larks

Totem Animal

“Life begins the morning, you sit in your garden”

Lark Symbolism - Pure Spirit www.pure-spirit.com/more-animal-symbolism/508-lark-symbolism

lark secret passion scott redd .png

For the love of Bilby Joey


good morning he said and he meant it .png


‘It’s tricky to get photos of me, because I sleep all day and 
actually, sometimes I can fall over on my side when I’m sleeping 
(every so often, with my feet in the air)
When I am on the alert this is my best photo angle” ~ Bilby Joey

bilby wanted a life for tinka and her enormous ears .png


They need a rabbit proof fence; did you know?

for our future Bilby generation who may become extinct and sadly go.

Their past, present and future is looking really tense

needing protected areas in the outback, where the flora is luxurious and dense.


Many predators roam around the bush “out-back” here,

slowly invading their homes and making them live in terror, danger and fear.

‘Endangered species’ … well, yes, they are now on ‘that’ dreaded list

only 600 in Queensland Australia are ‘counted’ to exist.


So to Bilby yes, or to protect Bilby not …

what do you know?

Do you think you could help to ensure that we Bilbies will continue to grow?

they’re cute little critters with pointy ears and a long pink snout’

it would help them very much, if there were more of them about.


During the day they burrows and at nights they go out,

you may have seen their sandy mounds in remote regions … here, there and dotted around.

I hadn’t know enough before, about these charming little ones,

I only know ‘now’ about ‘what’ and ‘why’ and how their extinction would be so terrible and wrong.

Victoria Healing ~ 9.3.2017

For the love of Bilby Joey ~

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bilby views easter egg trails all that is gold may not glitter .png

WHY IT SHOULD BE BILBIES AND NOT BUNNIES THIS EASTER http://www.australiangeographic.com.au/topics/wildlife/2017/04/10-reasons-australians-should-celebrate-bilbies-not-bunnies-this-easter/

bilby perth zoo ssh breeding back here .png
Have You Ever Seen a Baby BILBY
In the Dark…? ~ http://bit.ly/Up7RnO at   Perth Zoo
Perth Zoo breeding program is part of regional recovery efforts to 
safeguard the Bilby from extinction. Major threats to the Bilby 
include foxes and cats, competition from rabbits, and habitat loss. 
Learn more:  at ZooBorns.

Totem animal





Beetle mania


a Bug "in time"
Coincidences and symbols: ~ Beetles are a sign of good luck.
They represented eternal life to the ancient Egyptians.
~ Signposts ~ Denise Linn


Are ‘The Beetles’ your FAVOURITE Insect?

“Never give up on a project and always find a way to see things to a full resolution or completion. You waste nothing and recycle obsessively”


beetle jitter bug .png


We have scuttling bug Beetles, in every shade, colour and hue,

then there are V Dub Beetle cars and The Beatles music to listen to.

I had a nightmare about these big black bugs the other night,

crawling everywhere, a scary, creepy feeling, I was shocked at that sight.


Referring back then, to the codes of dream symbology,

I read and was asked: “what was it? that was ‘bugging’ me.

However, I was even more intrigued to find,

that our creepy sneaky Beetle is the universal shout out of a ‘good luck sign’

As the ancient Egyptians and Pythagoras had well defined.

Victoria Healing 8.3.2018

Beetle Mania ~ Hey Momma

beetle if you tell your wish to scarab walk around it wish comes true.png

“The Egyptian Scarab Beetle was associated with the god of the 
Rising Sun called Khepri ~ representing rejuvenation, divine wisdom
and immortality”



Beetles have a major role to play in maintaining the health of Australia’s ecosystems — breaking down leaves, wood and animal remains.

Here are some of the most spectacularly coloured Australian species you’ll ever see. https://goo.gl/sbP9K4

beetle bugs live in sects .png
The Nature Conservancy Australia


Rhyme in Verse

Have you seen a Tern around?

tern run from anything that does not strengthen your wings.png

Totem Animal

Take Terns

Excellence, expectancy, mindfulness’



Have you seen a TERN around?

If people took more time out to watch the flights of birds

I’m sure that there would be more romantic printing of words.

Have you ever just looked up, to see birds flying in the sky?

Beauty, all pervading, an omnipresent and tranquil heavenly sight


These delicate White (Fairy) Terns, can be seen on Lord Howe Island,

delicate pristine white plumage, so graceful, uplifting and enlightening

I think if I saw one, I’d be very excited.

how about you? Would you be as delighted?


The symbolic message that this beautiful fairy TERN brings,

is that a degree of freedom will supply you with many things.

Victoria Healing ~ 7.3.2017.

Take Terns.

tern wont need a magic carpet or wings to fly simply open your eyes look up to the skies.png

In the Land of the Burrowers

in the land of the burrowers, you must scratch where it itches

 wombat family heirs and graces.png

“Morning: Slept.
Afternoon: Slept.
Evening: Ate grass.
Night: Ate grass. Decided grass is boring.
Scratched, hard to reach itchy bits.
― Jackie FrenchDiary of a Wombat


wombat wisdom dig deep .png

Underground, overground Wombat’s are we,

Although not as common or well known as those koala’s may be!

Many don’t notice us, many don’t see,

We spend our days underground and our nights roaming free.


Living on the fringes of society we are,

When we feel down, we just roll over and look up to the stars.

We won’t be bullied or pushed around

Standing firm with our feet on solid ground.


Having poor eyesight, we can’t see so far…

But our ESP kicks in and then there are no holds barred

We should all learn from a wombat spirit

Scratch where it itches and live life…  innit…

Victoria Healing ~ 6.3.2018

In the Land of the Burrowers



You feel intimidated, bullied or pushed around. You feel caught up in a rat race. Someone has treated you badly and you want to stand up for yourself.


Whenever attacked by predators, the Wombat jumps into the nearest hole in the ground and presents its rear side to the predator. The rear cartilage prevents the predator from harming the Wombat. Can you just imagine that?


For those not familiar with the charms of our clever WOMBAT:

They can easily grow up to one metre in length and weigh up to 36k. Their sharp claws and stubby, powerful legs make them great diggers. They are nocturnal critters.

Although sadly for us all, they are now on the “Endangered List” ~


wombat  jake says light at end of tunnel.png


You SEE a WOMBAT, you have all the resources you need for the dramatic changes that are going on in your life right now, but you may have to dig for them. Strive for what you want but stay detached. Speak up for yourself.


What Animal, Bird or Insect have you seen today?



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