You may find yourself

Sunsets are red,
the ocean is blue,
poems are hard,
so drink wine 😀
wandering off to where there was no wifi for the week,
catch up at Carnarvon, Western Australia only 250 km’s to go on Australia’s Coral Coast 
nanga bay resort 2018 sunset from window.jpg

nanga bay resort 2018 shell beach, adventures start where plans end
salty ocean, float or walk for miles.
nanga bay resort 2018 shell beach we saw shells on the sea shore
We saw cockle shells on the whole sea shore at world famous Shell Beach 
can you almost hear the crackle of shells underfoot when strolling along this world famous Shell Beach?— with Shell Beach, Western Australia 
nanga bay resort 2018 which way today? roxy looking up and zoonie l
coz you can’t google the real world… 

Views off line

Life is…
Step one. Get in your car.
Step two. Drive as far away from suburbia as possible.
Step three. Find a #freecamp, gaze at the real world and stop there.
Free overnighter on the banks of the Murchison River 
Galena Bridge on Australia’s Coral Coast
Did you see the Dragonfly?
Locals in the know told us that when you see dragonflies, its time to follow the sun further up North of Western Australia, as if we needed an excuse.

galena bridge we like the natural look .jpggalena bridge kev in kayak many rivers to crossgalena bridge as the dragonflys

100km’s later … Clearly, our Roxy is not a good travelling companion
Nerren Nerren Rest Area Overlander Roadhouse Billabong Roadhouse

overlander that's it, I'm going home .jpgoverlander roxy zoonie drink this is thirsty work.jpgnerren nerren  what time is the next bus home?.jpg