Welcome Mr Wilson

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Welcome Mr Wilson

He’s so cute,
he’s my Grandson’s, new baby Kitten,
and he already thinks; he rules the roost.

He’ll grow up,
to be like Mr Garfield, when he’s a big cat.

He’ll look grumpy and mean, but we all know that,
will only be, how he looks and not as cranky, as they portray him in cartoon books.


He’s a charming delightful furry little man,
and we’re all, already big fans;

Except when he sneaks into his moms’ bed, while they are away,
well, “I’m just keeping your pillows warm” you can hear him say.


A new wonderful addition to our family, so sweet

just the type of cat, you’d like to meet.

Furry and soft with big amber eyes true,
Mr Wilson we’re so glad that, you are a part of our family now too.

Victoria Healing ~ 30.6.2015
Mr Wilson

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