Happy May Eve

May Festival child celtic girl mayan calendar portal


On May eve, witches and faeries roam,
in celebration, Celts, twirl about Maypoles.
Fiddlers play, party goers skip to beats;
merrily dancing, spiralling earth on feet.

Weaving coloured ribbons into braids on pole,
concentration crucial, no bumping others, a goal.
Casting out winter, to celebrate sun;
cheer and clap, for summer has come.

Bonfires kindled, paying tribute to sun God Bel;
blessing livestock, good fortune and health.
There is joy and revelry in this fertility ritual,
hand fasting, love, passion; seduction, mystical.

Communities gather on village green,
drinking mead, as romance, sets the scene.
Honouring new life, abundance and hopes,
May’s fire dances: create new seeds of growth.
Victoria Healing ~ 30.4.2020
©May Eve
Image: Unknown

Needless to say, this is not your average Beltane.
Here are some simple Beltane activities you can do without leaving your house.

Light a candle.
Have a date night with your lover.
Plant a seed.
Have a celebratory drink.


BELTANE:  is believed to mean “fires of Bel” honouring the ancient sun god Beli, or Belanus”





Come, What May

goddess warrior goddess training dont hide your magic
Image: Warrior Goddess Training

In Numerology
May represents:

‘Five’ ~ “Freedom and new Adventures”

Roses are Red,
April was grey,
I hope we can leave our houses in May

Whatever next?
You won’t have to try hard, this month. You’ll have a thirst for new experiences and adventures. You will have all the help that you need from the universe.

Places to go, people to see! Well really, who needs boring routines?

Trust your ingenuity. Surprise yourself, with what you can achieve. You may find that inspiring ideas come thick and fast. The challenge will be to pick the right ones to develop. Most of what pops into your mind will have potential, so take the plunge.

Communication is paramount this month. Speak your mind on important matters. 

Give yourself a talking to. Indulge yourself with as many exciting exploits as you can and tell people about them, or write about them. You’ll have a strong urge to live life to the full. You’ll have a deep and insatiable yearning to travel physically and emotionally. Excitement and variety are essential, don’t try to do without those experiences but try to inject them into existing relationships.“

Your May mantra, should be:  “Life is about satisfying curiosity”

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Where Wolves?

wolf aware wolf katerina plotnkova
Image: Katerina Plotnikova 



Wolves and dingoes are much the same,
the Celts revered them and bred them to fame.
In Wales, Blaiddudd is their Brythonic name.
representing ‘intuition’ as your inner wilding to tame.

Celts used their furs, on rugs they would sit,
their pelts renowned to protect; had you known this?
Despite today’s scary tales, of werewolves and such,
in ancient Druid times, Wolves were loved very much.

Modern stories tell, how wolves are bad,
todays distortions and myths, make me sad.
Positive traits and accolades that i find;
Boy scouts are named “Wolf Cubs” as sacred signs.

Again, in the ‘Jungle Book’ by Rudyard Kipling,
or Merlin’s friendship with a wolf, Ceridwen gifted him.
Wolf brings a strong sense, of loyalty,
inner strengths, courage and tutorial qualities.

Never fear your inner Wolf’s instincts and power,
his strength will support you, when feeling disempowered.

Victoria S Healing ~ 8.11.2018
©Where Wolves? 

WOLF: FAOL ~ (Gaelic)
Intuition. Learning. The Shadow.
The Druid Animal Oracle ~ Philip & Stephanie Carr-Gomm

WOLF: Welsh: Bleiddudd mynydd

The Celtic stories speak of Wolf as a guide

Image: Katerina Plotnikova



Animal Instincts

tree walk the thoughts from the wild
Image: Thoughts From The Wild 

There are desires to be wild, inside of us all,
stop to listen, you will hear their call.
To know your own animal instincts, you must,
before your bones, vanish in to dust.

Learn the folklore, of the survival of the fittest,
or risk feeling insignificant, within society limits.
What about the loss of your own self-esteem?
forgetting to follow your purpose, vision and dreams.

Even if you feel misunderstood, or misaligned,
You are spiritually and physically protected at all times.
Valuable insights, ideas and new teachings come your way,
pay close attention, to what your animal nature, has to say.
Victoria Healing ~ 27.4.2020 
©Animal Instincts. 


A Blaze

ablaze vibrant women


No one can ever doubt,
if you refuse to put the alchemy of your wild fires out.
Passion burns brighter, than fear,
Your heart warming flame, is the kindling; hold dear.

A blaze, a conflagration,
incandescent, infra red, amber glow.
Self perpetuating heat, all consuming,
look, into the furnaces, of illusions.
Victoria Healing ~ 23.3.2019.
©A Blaze


Image: Unknown

Teiwaz ~ In Patience

In patience listening little girl speak
Image: Little Girl Speak


Moving forwards, on our own paths,
the Spiritual Warrior within ‘self’ is tasked.
Otherworldly riddles will be made clear,
when releasing “self” from all that you fear.
Commitment in your ‘own’ soul path,
waiting patiently, is what is asked.
Cutting away from the dead and the old,
is your mission, to let inner truth unfold.

Never presume, nothing else can be learned,
evaluate and test, then be true, to your concerns.
Patience and detachment, is the warrior’s task,
waiting on the will of heaven, to be forecast.
Victoria Healing ~ 28.10.2018
©In Patience
Rune: Teiwaz:  The Spiritual Warrior. The Sky God.
(Inspired from The Book of Runes ~ Ralph Blum)


“Whatever is most heavy on you, take it off.


and just for this one sweet moment, carve out a place in your heart for peace and just breathe” ~ AVA  ~ Stardust Poetry 

Image: Little Girl Speak


It’s a Woman’s Job

Its a womans job sweet sparkly on the outside untatamed and wild spiritual soul 22
Image: Unknown 


Always duty bound! is a Mom and Wife,
to support, her family, for the rest of her life!
Always putting her loved ones, needs first,
always cooking and washing away dirt.

Always caring what her family eats,
always worrying, what’s happening on the streets.
Always too much work to be done,
always others, are having much more fun.

Always the carer, teacher, nurse and friend,
always the one, on whom everyone depends.
Always there when the day is done,
always her commitments keep, coming along!

Always there for everyone’s needs,
always a housewife in thoughts and deeds.
Always too many jobs on her list,
always expectations, she’s obliged to persist!

Always the one, forgotten at home,
always the one, who’s left, all alone.
Meanwhile our Daughters, follow mom’s trends,
pray, tell me? which generation, will this slavery end?

When a man is retired, he sits back to relax!
but a woman’s job never ends and that is a fact!

Victoria Healing ~ 6.8.2015
©It’s a Woman’s Job

Alien Nation

Mexico US border by JR Artist 1 year old kikito near the tecate border
Image: French Artist; JR Francis


“Don’t look so shocked” he said;
I hadn’t got the heart to lie,
It is not widely known; how the poor, are getting by.

When, we crossed the US/Mexico border,
an eerie air of silence, in anticipation of their law and order.
Standing patiently waiting in the queue,
remaining speechless, seemed the safest thing to do.

Passports were scrutinised and checked,
wondering ‘what on earth’ would come next?
An alien world beckoned, as we approached,
inhabited by poor, starving and disadvantaged folk.

Countless Mexicans, had tried to escape,
but that was, their biggest mistake.
People smuggling, extortion and rorts;
many had died, according to reports.

Refugees, desperately trying to flee, by the thousands.
sneaking across, wild lands and dangerous mountains.
Hidden in the backs of cars and trucks,
left to suffocate, their misfortune and bad luck.

This being the first time, I’d encountered starvation,
Mexico for me, was a strange, underprivileged nation.
I cannot begin to explain the horrors I saw;
never having seen the needy and deprived before.

In our wealthy countries, as comfy as we are,
safe in our warm houses, owning flashy cars.
We may be in ‘self isolation’ but why complain?
when others are desperate, we should think again.

The weak and the vulnerable, have no welfare help,
if parents don’t work, their families don’t fare well.
Now this pandemic; threatens all around the globe,
I wonder how the poor are coping, as I pray in hope.
Victoria Healing ~ 20.4.2020
©Alien Nation


In 1990, I was a “Disney World” tourist. We took a day trip across the San Diego/Mexico border. I wasn’t prepared for what I saw there. I’ve never forgotten my first encounter, with a poverty stricken country. There is a lack of sufficient information from the media, about the Mexican peoples welfare, during the covid19 crisis, making me wonder; what is actually happening over there?

Image: French artist JR has placed the 70-foot tall image of a one-year old boy peeking over the edge of the US-Mexico border. facing the US and overlooking the Californian landscape. The child peers over the wall with curiosity and interest at land on the other side.
The project reacts to president trump’s recent reversal of the DACA program — a policy that protects eligible immigrants, who came to the united states when they were children, from deportation.

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Epilepsy Poets

epilepsy poets in silence we will find the unspoken words its me vlinder
Image: It’s Me Vlinder


Bringing epilepsy out of the Shadows.

Otherwise known as “The Poets Trait” ~ Temporal Lobe Epilepsy
spares essential functions like attention, concentration and
critical judgement, all of which are necessary to sustain artistry,
at the same time TLE predisposes people to such aspects of
creativity and flexibility.  The combination of these two factors,
unique to this form of epilepsy, may even intensify the ability to
see artistically and  to transform that vision into art.”
~ Dr David Bear, (Research ~ “Seized” ~ Eve LaPlante)

Tom Valeo ~ Neurology Today

Epilepsy Support – New Zealand and Australia

“Temporal Lobe Epilepsy is a common neurological disorder that  illuminates the relationship between body and mind” . . .

Epilepsy Moods

epilepsy half battle not giving up52498716_388887005221210_1823919684005658624_n
Image: A Little Bit Wild PJ


Bringing epilepsy out of the Shadows

Depression affects about 20 to 40 percent of people with temporal lobe epilepsy, compared to 3 to 7 percent in the general population. This depression often yields to the antidepressants.

The dance between epilepsy and depression is complex: People with epilepsy often can’t drive or hold a job, problems that can interfere with their quality of life and lead to depression. Still, the interplay suggests that a common underlying problem promotes both conditions. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) often shows that the hippocampus in the temporal lobe of a depressed person shrinks, along with areas farther forward in the brain. These changes are common in people with temporal lobe epilepsy as well.

“You see the same changes in people with primary mood disorders without temporal lobe epilepsy as you see in people with temporal lobe epilepsy,” says Andres M. Kanner, M.D., director of the electroencephalography (EEG) lab at the Rush Epilepsy Center in Chicago.

This means that some medications work for both. One link between temporal lobe epilepsy and mood disorders is the neurotransmitter serotonin. Seizures can be induced in animals by sending electricity into their brain; subsequent seizures then become much easier to induce due to a process known as “kindling.” But if these animals receive antidepressants that boost their level of serotonin, the kindling stops, and seizures become much more difficult to induce.

“This suggests there’s a SEROTONIN DYSFUNCTION in both temporal lobe epilepsy and in mood disorders,” says Kanner.
~ Tom Valeo ~ Neurology Now

Sunshine, reduced sugar, Vitamin B, positive thinking, protein, nuts and seeds, massages, physical exercise and meditation ~ Mind Magic

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