February Feelings ~ Numerology

calm down beautiful things poetry lovers


“Sharing is Caring”

In Numerology the month of February represents TWO ~ The Duo

Which promises to be fantastic for building relationships, not only with others, but also with yourself. Reach out to others, although you must use caution to avoid becoming a doormat. Don’t get caught up in surrendering your dreams and desires to satisfy someone else’s and end up feeling powerless or mis-used.

Killing Them With Kindness
Diplomacy is at the heart of this month. Yes, there can be lots of ups and downs in your relationships, so your key will be ~ “co-operation” ~ otherwise drama may become a recurring theme.

Is Someone Pushing Your Buttons?
Keep a level head and see all sides of an issue. Build bridges, to get over them.
The good news is that February will bring a sense of balance back to everything.

Your mantra this month should be…

“Look For The Beautiful Things”

Numerology Daily Matters
Image: Poetry Lovers

It Takes Two

Lost and Found

lost and found Camping is my life arent you thankful that your childhood happened before tehc took over
Image: Camping Is My Life


There is a beauty in everything, but not everyone sees,

we ignore the flowers and then walk past the trees.

Birds in the distance sweetly singing their songs,

but it seems that we’re all tuned in to technology,

don’t you think, that, this is wrong?


Generations from the 60’s enjoyed playing outside,

we’d go on adventures or cycle off on bike rides.

Now our children are all tuned in,

to war games on the TV, they are imaginary fighting to win.


They don’t know fact from fiction anymore,

while they concentrate on their Iphones,

shrugging, shoulders, that everything else, is a bore.

Our next generations have been ‘desensitised’ to the reality of life,

making me wonder, what will their future years be like?

I suspect, by these examples, it will not be so nice. 


Some don’t know how to read, others don’t know how to write,

all they are interested in, is the next video games they can fight.

I hope that I am wrong,

and all of this ‘unawareness’ turns out all right.


Where are our young artists, painting outside the lines?

where are the colouring books, dot to dot, or crosswords to find?

As they focus on their Xboxes? well, then, who can we blame?

when children are lost, to be found, playing, imaginary war games,

Victoria Healing ~ 5.6 2017

Lost and Found



 To Be Found 



Risk Takers

risk takers mini skirts growing up in 60's:70's .jpg
Image: Growing up in the UK 50’s/60’s


Life in the 70’s, growing up as a teen,

was big, brash, transformational and extreme.

Pop music, soul, reggae and rock and roll,

“Top of the Pops” tunes, for rebellious souls.


Mini skirts, big shoulders and big hair,

high boots and bell bottom flares.

Staggering clumsily on platform shoes,

an era we had believed, there was nothing to lose.


Brightly coloured,  shiny, plastic coats,

wearing hot pants, to boldly, Go, Go, Go.

Anything could happen in fashion back then,

from revolutions to the moon landings of men.


The age of action heroes and melodrama,

Pacman, Star Wars, to Space Hopper disasters.

Hangman, noughts and crosses, skipping ropes,

Hop scotch, checkers, yoyo’s and sharing silly jokes.


That decade in the 70’s of divisions and extremes,

apartheid and nuclear war were persistent themes.

In reminiscence of those times,

when PM Margaret Thatcher, had sold out the mines.


Arthur Scargil’s trade unions of collusion,

ransoming workers, in strikes of mass confusion.

Kenny Everett’s campaign, gave our Gay’s a chance,

against the establishments, of pig ignorance.


Longhaired footballers and local corner shopping,

new computers were being installed at the office.

Our motto of life… “If you give, you will get”

work hard for a living, if you want goals, to be met.


We had no expectations, entitlements or privilege,

respect for others and good manners, our derivative.

The divergent, defiant, risk takers of that decade,

were a lot more important, than most appreciate.

Victoria Healing ~ 29.5.2019

Taking Risks



2020, a year in Numerology, to be sure, to be sure

2020 numerology
Image ~ A girl in Wanderlust

In Numerology 

The Year 2020 adds up to “Four” 


“If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost. Now put foundations under them” ~ Osa Johnson

This is the number of stability. A year to get focussed and concentrate. Look at the small print. Take life a little more seriously in 2020. Have a clear intent. Keep your nose to the grindstone, as this is your year to remain grounded and solid.

Plan your work, to work your plan

Focus on your inner stability, physically, mentally and emotionally. Start where you are, find out what you need, have a plan and follow it through. Be determined to persist through difficulties and problems. Dig deep to create a strong foundation, then you will know, how to reach your goals.

Be sure to be sure!

Have clear expectations, while also knowing your guidelines and limits. Look at all sides of every issue, then bounce between the pros and cons, to understand how to make your decisions.  Be sure to be sure, by breaking down your big goals and commitments into small steps.

Commit to a present location, relationship or a line of work.

Your mantra for the year 2020 should be:

“Better safe, than sorry”

2020 know your worth and then add interest .jpg
Image: My Closing Thoughts


January Numerology, Trailblazers

January one a girl in wanderlust
Image ~ A Girl in Wanderlust


In Numerology

January Represents ‘One’

Trust in the magic of new beginnings. 

Have you ever asked yourself, what you’re trying to prove?

This month calls for new beginnings, potential and initiative. Motivated by originality, uniqueness and purpose. It brings with it, courage energy and positivity, but wait, it is not about concrete achievement, so much as the creation of opportunity. A pure urge to action.

Something is coming into being, a new force to be reckoned with.

“One” is ambitious, the pioneer, driven to break new ground.

Your inner self whispers to you of solitude and self sufficiency. However being on your own doesn’t mean going off dreaming, it means having the opportunity to take action.

You seek the road less travelled. You will be yearning to start something totally new. Have faith in yourself in life and the realm of possibilities.

Your mantra should be:

“There are no limits to my ideas”

one a girl in wanderlust
Image ~ A Girl in Wanderlust