Love Bites

Image: Zoonie
Love Bites

I was in complete shock,
when I saw the new friend I got.
I had to quicken up my pace,
she stalks me all over the place. 

She never comes when called,
unless Mom, has a reward. 
She gives us sleepless nights,
puddles, licks and love bites. 

Curious and eager to learn,
explorations we must discern. 
Zooming around the house,
this sister, I’m yet to espouse.

She needs exercise and training,
play nipping, she’s always trailing.
My fluffy tail, her target of attack,
if I wag it, I’ll never get it back. 

And now, when I fall asleep, 
one eye on her, I have to keep.
I had valued my own solitude, 
but oh, this puppy is so rude. 
Victoria Healing ~ 8.5.2022
Love Bites 

‘Get a puppy they said, it will be fun they said’ ~ Zoonie

Image: Lizzie

Our family has expanded by four paws.

Meet Lizzie our new furry Beaglier baby.

Lizzie was born 16.3.2022.

Got Her day 30.4.2022.

By chance or coincidence? I realised after I picked her up, that this is the very day that my Mom passed and the whole reason I keep these memoirs for future generations.

Perhaps Mom has sent another little angel from Heaven to us all. 

“What having a puppy is really like’

Lizzy crocodile puppy

Heaven Scent


Heaven Scent

It had been a dreadful choice,

but she’d had no voice.

We facing our ultimate test,

to give our darling furry baby rest.

That pleading look in her eyes;

we couldn’t ignore or deny.

She was so tired and weary,

we were despairing and teary.

That dreaded day had come,

this most painful deed was done. 

We broken hearted; then next morning,

behold, a scented message came pouring.

as if to say;

‘Don’t fret, mom, I haven’t gone away’

That floral, honey, sweet aroma,

our spirits, were uplifted, sobered.

The fragrance of Jasmine, sensual, exotic, 

we have never forgotten it. 

Now, each year on the anniversary of Roxy’s passing,

that Jasmine tree blooms, as if ‘ever lasting’ 

Today, as, I now smell this scent,

I remember that it is, Heavenly sent.

Victoria Healing ~ 16.2.2022



Our hearts were broken on this day, February 16, a year ago, when we lost our beautiful gypsy princess ‘Roxy’

We never really “get over” the loss of our furry babies, but we learn how to better cope with it. There’s not a single day that we haven’t missed you … 

Roxy Healing

26.12.2008 ~ 16.2.2021

Forever in our Hearts.


Jasmine is considered a symbol of affection and eternal love and to honour the dead.

In India Jasmine is used to honour the dead. Many believe that jasmine is symbolic of divine hope and spirituality.


Extrasensory Perception Through Scent ~ (Clairalience)

When you catch the signature scent of your loved one in spirit or a scent that simply reminds you of time you spent with that person, it could be a sign that his or her spirit is near.

Braving the Storm?


Happy National Pets Day  

Braving the storm?

Last night was ruff, for our paw baby ‘Gypsy’ who was on ‘high’ alert, after sensing tropical cyclone Seroja. was ‘Heading’ her way. Luckily the storm pawsed by without incident.

The pupparazi took this photo, it was the leashed they could do…

Dog Senses…/

Tropical Cyclone Seroja…/tropical-cyclone…/100060654

Wake up with a Unicorn


’You don’t know anything about me’ Zoonie sighed,
her jaw tightly clenched, settling down for the night.
’Well whose fault is that’? Cornelius retorted’
all of my friendly attempts, you have thwarted’ 

‘I’m an enchanted Horse with a sword on my head,
a protector of magic, happiness and dreams ahead.
If you have a Unicorn to be your best friend,
you are extra special and on me you can depend’ 
Zoonie glanced over,  twinkling hopes, on her face,
‘Okay then, let’s begin with a furry hug of embrace’
Cornelius whispered back in welcoming response
‘Let go of your grief Zoonie, it’s time to move on’

Cornelius advised that there be just one rule:
‘Remember stars sparkle, between me and you.
Two precious hearts in a a mystical union,
now begins the alchemy of happiness infusion. 

It will be sweet to see Zoonie laughing again, 
this is a true story, I wish to have a happy end. 
Victoria Healing ~ 7.4.2021
Zoonie and Cornelius 

Has a Unicorn ever crossed your path? 

The mythical unicorn has long been a source of enchantment. Solitary, swift and graceful, the unicorn had a single spiralling horn growing from its forehead. Sought by many, the unicorn’s horn was said to have medicinal and magical properties. 

It is said that Unicorn energy heals what ails you

Unicorn Symbolism & Meaning

Happy International day of the Unicorn on April 9th.

Same, but Different

“Don’t bother” Zoonie mutters,
‘I don’t want a new sister or brother’
I’m so lost and confused,
I need my best friend’ she continues.

Feeling my heart pull and pinch, 
because she doesn’t respond or flinch.
Everything was different and she knew,
a huge void in our lives was the clue.

She’d ignored her new purple friend,
as he followed every where she went.
Trudging each room, no place to just be,
she looks forlorn and pitifully at me.

Tail limply tucked down under,
you can see her sigh and wonder. 
Eyebrows tightly scrunched into frown, 
still searching and looking around.

Her new mate patiently waits and stares,
but you can see Zoonie doesn’t care.
Her childlike sense of wonder and awe,
is lost, she’s different than before. 

The same comfy sofa and fluffy bed,
but still, she mournfully droops her head.
The day that she lost her darling sister, 
nothing in the world comforts or assists her.

Her new purple unicorn is bigger than she,
I hope that they make friends eventually. 
Victoria Healing ~ 6.4.2021.
The Same, but Different

Image: Zoonie with wanna be friend Cornelius, the Purple Unicorn.


It’s been a long six weeks since we lost our darling Roxy.

Roxy was more a mother than sister to Zoonie. It breaks my heart to see the sadness and confusion in Zoonie’s eyes. She is grieving for her soulmate. How do you explain to your dog that her best friend will never be coming back?

a Healing Journey


 If it should be that I grow frail and weak,
 and pain should keep me from my sleep,
 Then will you do what must be done,
 ‘For this ~ the last battle ~ can’t be won.

 You will be sad, I understand,
 But don’t let my grief, stay your hand,
 For on this day, more than the rest,
 Your love and friendship must stand the test.

 We have had so many happy years,
 You wouldn’t want me to suffer so,
 When the time comes, please let me go.

 Take me to where to my needs they’ll tend.
 Only, stay with me till the end.
 And hold me close and speak to me,
 until my eyes no longer see.
 I know in time, you will agree,
 It is a kindness you do for me.

 Although my tail, it’s last has waved,
 From pain and suffering, I have been saved.
 Don’t grieve that it must be you,
 who has to decide this thing to do.

 We’ve been so close, we two for all these years,
 Don’t let your heart, hold any tears. 

 ~ Unknown. 

We are relieved that Roxy is back at home. Her sister Zoonie has a big smile on her face, wagging her tail happily, for the first time this week. I swear she knows that her sister is back here with us.

Our little gypsy princess is now sleeping peacefully, in our library, which was her favourite place.

#Euthanasia: Is the hardest decision you’ll ever have to make, but because something is hard, it doesn’t mean it’s not right. In fact, some of the most meaningful things we do in life are difficult — raising children, honouring our responsibilities, and most importantly, being with loved ones during their last moments.

Thank you Passing Paws Pet Crematorium and Dr Andrea, at Vet Visits for taking good care of our dear little girl Roxy Healing.

‘The happy memories of her life shared, are what endure’


And so this is our story about the process we went through, with the healing and grieving that led us to peace.


#petcremations #petloss

Roxy Healing. 26.12.2008 ~ 16.02.2021

A Bitter Pill

It was a dreary day in September,
I was sick as a dog,  as I remember.  
My snorting, came by day and night,
something about me wasn’t quite right.

A professional diagnosis was required,
medication with steroids, transpired. 
These side effects are unkind, brutal,
but to keep on taking tablets is crucial. 

Always ravenous, endlessly thirsty, 
my hair is thinning and I’m growing curvy. 
I’ve been talking to my mom,
about “what pill is this” I’m on.

Mom is watching my every move,
each little change in my attitude.
“I’m sorry” I say “I’m too tired to talk,
don’t want to go for any more walks”

Mom looks deeply into my eyes,
“I’m sorry my darling” she cries.
“I beg your pardon, please” I said;
can I have a healthful diet instead?

Real meat, eggs, fish, veggies and rice,
and probiotic yoghurt would be nice.
When she came back from shopping,
I wagged my tail, happy eyes a popping.

In her bag she’d had; a steam vaporiser,
Hemp oil, and healthy treat appetisers.
its just a matter of resting and waiting,
for my ravenous appetite to be sated.

My vet said; I now have “Cushing’s Disease”
damaged from ‘toxic steroids’ if you please. 
Look at what those tablets have done!
I just hope, that I am the only one! 
Roxy (Tibalier) Healing _ 16.10.2020


There were a lot of comings and goings,
backwards, forwards too-ings and fro-ings.
As the station wagon was stocked and packed,
luggage being stuffed and stacked in the back. 

Taken hostage and secured in the rear seat,
stolen for ransom, as they handed me treats.
Driving miles, along roads and dusty tracks,
I worried, if I would know my way back?

My world was instantly, entirely rearranged,
I remember thinking that ‘This is so strange’
“Where are they taking me on this ride”
as my tummy was feeling all wobbly inside. 

Scanning the peculiar scenery and vista,
as my sniffs to the air, smelt much crisper.
Where will I sleep? when will I be fed?
worrying thoughts, spiralled in my head. 

Into the dreams of sleepy lands otherwhere,
head down, bum up, I surrendered my cares.
“We’re here” I heard the humans shout,
we’ve reached our stop, let’s all get out.  

Seized and trapped into a small house,
I pondered the unfamiliar and odd layout. 
There I was, in freestanding, metal box,
they called it a caravan; my home, it was not. 

Captive and restrained with a long lead,
sitting warily on the suspicious fluffy seat. 
There was no noise, or people in sight,
was this where I’d spend the rest of my life?

Silent beaches surrounded by blue water,
was this what my humans had sought after?
This was my first road trip, to be fair,
I’ll always follow my family anywhere. 

As chief protector and guardian of my family, 
I take on this responsibility happily and gladly.
It’s not where you walk, its who you walk with,
that was another day, I’m glad that I did. 
Charlie (Am Staff) Healing ~ 12.10.2020
Charlie’s first road trip
Carnarvon ~ Quobba Camp    

Looking for a Friend


I’m a ‘love to love you’ kind of chap,
with smiley face who loves couch naps. 
I have a kind and gentle heart,
I’m confident, outgoing, jolly and smart.

I’m a bundle of muscle, beefy and strong,
don’t judge my looks, you’ll get me wrong.  
I’m charming, with a larrikin attitude,
a cheerful, tolerant and playful dude.

I’m not a ‘Hop to it’ kind of chap,
when you call, I shan’t always come back.
Yes, I can be impulsive and obstinate,
but a fierce, ferocious brute, I am not.

You won’t hold on to me, if I want to run,
playing chasey with you, is much more fun.
I’m a little clumsy, I’ve heard some say,
but I’ll apologise with kisses right away.

I am Charlie, an American Staffy pup,
please give me a chance to look me up.
I’ll share my fluffy toys and tugs of war, 
play ‘Catch me if you can’ chases and more. 

How beautiful the world could be, 
if only, you'd just be, a friend to me.
Victoria Healing ~ 11.10.2020 
This letter has been sent to you from, our new furry baby Charlie.
Charlie has fallen in love with Nanny Zoonie, who refuses to play with him

The American Staffordshire terrier, sometimes called the “Am Staff,” is a medium-large dog with a muscular build and square head. Though known for its courage and high energy level, the American Staffordshire also has an affectionate and loyal disposition. Contrary to its tough appearance, the Stafford is a gentle dog breed.

Once they become familiarised with people, this dog will be loving and caring. It is good around children as well, despite the reputation.


Our Miguel was a feisty, loyal little fella,
until the awful day that he met Rottweiler, Bella. 
Both were vigilant and protective of their moms,
as their battles for leadership, raged on.

Each fighting for their territorial rights,
Miguel was a tiny, but brave sight.
Rescued from the animal sanctuary,
an important member of our family.

Following in his moms footsteps everywhere,
they were a happy, devoted and bonded pair.
However, a Tibetan spaniel is only 10 inches tall,
much too little to get into battle’s and brawl.

Miguel was no match for a giant Rottie, 
his small size and stature he’d forgotten.
Brave and true to the last day of his life,
with a lion mane and huge expressive eyes.

With his plumed tail, curled high in the air,
highly spirited he’d always take on a dare. 
Bred for their guardianship in monasteries of Tibet, 
loyal and true, forever on watch, to protect.   

He defender, as a gallant and heroic boss, 
but those natural traits came at a great cost.
One horrendous day in their perpetual conflict,
Bella growled, snatched Miguel, mauled and bit.

Our fearless Miguel, then lost his rights and life,
how we’d all wished he hadn’t put up a fight. 
This is a reminder when introducing new pet friends,
that on both dispositions you must depend. 

Now our little man is guarding Heavens door,
Miguel doesn’t have to be brave any more. 
Always in our hearts, cherished and loved,
still watching, with God’s guardianship from above. 
Victoria Healing 29.9.2020
Still Watching  
The frisky and curious Tibetan Spaniel was bred ages ago for sentinel work on the walls of Tibetan monasteries. Known for a flat, silky coat and “lion’s mane” around the neck, the Tibetan Spaniel forms a tight, worshipful bond with their humans.