The Siren

Image: The Fantasy Art of Molly Harrison. ‘Astra’ The celestial Mermaid.
The world has gone quite mad, 
If you could put me back in the water, that would be good.  

The Siren 
She says so little, 
but exudes so much.
mysterious in ethereal flush. 

What secrets will she share?
watcher of moon, shining there.
Mythical, graceful and divine,
Siren of seas in ancient times. 

The night, sees her light,
in sanctity, of inner sight.
She’s coming and going.
in conscious. All knowing.

Balancing heart in mind,
in dreams, she finds.
Visions come and go, 
in memories; You know. 

Under water, she floats,
on rising, she takes notes.
Traveling in her own time, 
to seek, peace of mind.

In the glow of full moon,
sing her celestial tune. 
As you wave her goodbye,
silently, close your eyes.

With a flick of her tail,
a moment to exhale. 
Release and let’s go,
into depths of great, below. 
Victoria Healing ~ 15.4.2022
The Siren 

‘If people are doubting how far you can go, go so far that you can’t hear them anymore. ~ Michelle Ruiz


Today 15th of April;

Mars, the Planet Of Action enters the Emotional and Dreamy sign of Pisces. Pisces wants us to look within and find drive and energy from our inner spiritual warrior so we can be sure in which direction to take. ~ Dale Bradburn ~ (The Little Place of Peace)


Only in my pain, did i find my will

Only in my chaos, did I learn to be still

Only in my fear, did I find my might,

Only in my darkness, did I see my light

~ Unknown


Somethings gotta give

Keep it real and be ready to swim.



PINK FULL MOON ~ 16th April 2022

In the Northern hemisphere/.

Give in to the universal magic and all its surprises.


On the Flip Side

HUNTERS FULL MOON 17th April 2022/.

in the Southern hemisphere


It’s ok, you just forgot who you are, welcome back


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Image: Unknown 


‘Listen to the universe, it is always whispering messages through songs, dreams, numbers, animals and thoughts’


Smuggling Back to Wales


Mom looking at the stream at the bottom of her garden in South Wales. Home of her (paternal) Grandmother ‘Susan Howells’  Cardiff, South Wales. (1940)



“Grief, I’ve learned, is really just love. It’s all the love you want to give, but cannot. All that unspent love gathers up in the corners of your eyes, the lump in your throat, and in that hollow part of your chest. Grief is just love with no place to go” ~ Jamie Anderson


On the day my Mom passed away …

I was too shocked to speak or comprehend, that my life would never be the same.

Would I  ever feel that loved, protected, safe or whole again?

My world had turned upside down and stopped! 

Falling into a cold, empty void of heartbreak and tears. Scrambling and searching to find a ‘safe place’ to store all of this love that I have and will always hold for my Mom. This is the life force and the pulse of my love affair in the blogosphere with “Hey Momma”

My philosophy of life is absorbed from the wisdom of my beautiful Welsh mom and from the most extraordinary love that she exuded not only to me and our family, but all whom she met. 

I had promised Mom that ‘I would trace her Welsh family ancestral roots’ as a legacy addressed to our new generations, yet to come.   

So, a few years ago, after I had come to terms living without her, I began to search for my Mom’s, Mom’s Mom… but that is where I came to a full stop:

‘Gwyneth Jones’ from South Wales? 

W H A T!

A needle in a haystack doesn’t even begin to describe the monumental search I had in store,  but I had made my Mom a promise, that I could not break.

This is where my search into the folklore, legends and history of her birthplace in Neath, South Wales began.

Each day as I’ve researched our Cymru history and culture, I find myself closer to the heart of my great Celtic Mom and all that she had stood for.

Happily, I have found her again, in the silence of sacred mountains, the wildest and deepest of valleys and in the wandering of streams, right back to the memories of my childhood trips to visit my grandparents. And so here I am today, having smuggled myself back to Wales, following in the footprints and spirit of my Mom and our home.

I have met King Arthur and his knights, warriors, goddesses, kings, queens and princesses. It has been quite an adventure! Thank you for joining me. 

There will be more ‘Welsh’ adventures yet to come in a few months time. 

but now, for the next little while, I am going to find ‘my self’ again, getting amongst the great outdoors in the outback of this great ancient land where I live and love today, in the golden heart of Western Australia.

Watch this Space…

X — at Australia’s Coral Coast



Mr Grandson, Roxy and Zoonie, around the campfire on Road Trip, Quobba 2019

You’re, You

tree girl heart own language emotional healer
Image Credit ~ Emotional Healer


“So, when can I start“? I said,

“Are all of these goals?

just in my heart and in my head?

will someone contact me, so that I can be led”?


“Good Heavens” he chortled,

“No, my dear, just play and unwind,

instead of your eternal searching to find.

Everything will come to you, in its own good time…


Following your objectives, is all up to you.

you can’t have a wish that won’t come true.

You just have to recover you’re… You”

Victoria Healing ~ 4.5.2019

You’re, You ~ Hey Momma

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Image Credit ~ Intelligence is Sexy 


“Inspiration can be found, if you look for it. It can be heard, if you listen for it.  It can be felt, if you reach for it. It can be the reason, if you believe in it.”
~ wordsbyt ~ (Evolver Social Movement) 

Rhyme in Verse

Hey Mom

“My Mom used to say, If you don’t have a smile, I’ll give you one”

Hey Mom

These poems, I write,

to send LOVE LETTERS to my Mom …


When you lose your Mom,

it’s akin, to losing your best friend.

Life as you knew it, becomes surreal,

no one left, that you feel, you can depend.


Orphaned, grieving so badly,

mourning, bereft, still feeling so sadly,

writing helps me to deal with the grief,

sending love letters up to her in Heaven from me.


Our relationship, disconnected,

unexpectedly, suddenly, too abrupt.

If only i could just see her for one more day,

i’d give her the biggest hugs and never let her go away.


I was so blessed to have had a Mom like that,

this is my way of keeping in contact.

 If there is any advice, I should ever give,

make the most of your Mom,

whilst she is still here and lives.


Regrets of life, it will be too late, to turn back,

when your Mom is no longer there,

your heart will always ache, it’s a fact. 

 If there is any advice, I should ever give,

make the most of your Mom,

whilst she’s still here and lives.

“Hey Mom”

Victoria Healing ~ 31.8.2015

“One day you’ll realise that your Mom was the best friend, you never knew you had”


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