Cheeky Blinders

‘On a gathering storm, at 5pm came a handsome man, with a dusty black waistcoat and a red left hand ‘ ~ Kevin ~ (aka Thomas Shelby)

It had been one hell of a time,
all bets placed, began at Five. 
He’d appeared at the door,
by his looks, he wasn’t sure. 

Our secret planning was ingenious,
our leader has become too serious.
‘Every day is a bonus’ he’s said, 
but turning 65, filled him with dread.

‘I don’t want any fuss’ he’d cried;
we (pinky) promised, we’d comply. 
We love him for so many things;
inherited in family roots he brings.

Charismatic, wise and cool, 
living by working man’s rules.
Conceived and made in Brum, 
with a naturally sarcastic tongue. 

We had been whispering his name, 
like the Gang Star, of Peaky fame.
We didn’t ask for his permission,
to set him up a ‘Blinders’ vision.  

By order of our Brummy gang,
we’d gambled on ‘flat cap’ plans.  
As he blew the candles on his cake,
a huge smile exploded on his face. 

‘Traa a bit loves’, he later quipped, 
my surprise party was a huge hit’ 
It all went off like a shot with a bang, 
he’d loved his Cheeky Blinders gang. 
Victoria Healing ~ 9.5.2022
Cheeky Blinders

fighting together and winning
Image: Our littlest cheeky blinder *Babby (*Baby in Brummy slang)


peaky boys jordan oliver and finn 1

You’re all Cheeky Blinders now boys! 


peaky finn and zoonie 3

Finn: ‘The first rule about being a Peaky Blinder, is you gotta love animals’ 


What makes a Cheeky Blinder?

1. Family comes first.

2. Remember your roots.

3. Look the part. 


Thanks to all of our Cheeky Blinders and Babbys on a job well F**king done.

The Gypsy’ Curse

Image: Thomas Shelby. The Peaky Blinders.
Roamers, could come and go,
as are the ways of nomad souls.
Free and easy, a simple life,
trading favours, or life advice.

Life on The Patch, was peaceful, 
compared to lives of urban people.
From 1860, it was Romany ground, 
before the lawyers, poked around.

Queen Henty, of Romany tribe,
possessed, all of the land rights. 
Roma caravans, parked in place,
before locals, invaded their space.

Land buyers ran to make a grab,
as big furore of battles were had. 
Allotted to factories and dwellings, 
planned for exploiting and selling.

It was a scam, an unfair eviction, 
Henty swore, an oath of affliction.
‘Do NOT visit ‘Black Patch Park’
especially at night, in the dark. 

An eerie apparition you will see,
this; The Curse of Queen Henty.
It is the haunt of travelling folk,
heed her warning, it is no joke. 

Believe this caution, to be true,
or Henty will creep up on you. 
Victoria Healing ~ 18.4.2022
The Black Patch 
Image: Henty Sentimia Smith

Don’t make Queen Henty turn in her grave.

Queen HENTY (Sentinia Smith), was buried with her husband (in an unmarked gravestone)  in the churchyard of St. Mary’s Church, Handsworth, Birmingham. Henty is said to have placed a curse on anyone who builds over the Black Patch.

The Black Patch Park is where Charles Chaplin was born. The son of Hannah Hill, a Romani-Traveller Woman.


‘Free as a breeze, free like a bird in the woodland wild,

free like a gypsy, free like a child’
~ Elyse Sommer. 




By Order of The Peaky Blinders

I was Inspired to research the history of Romany folk who had lived in Birmingham, after watching ‘The Peaky Blinders’ series. There will always be a special place in my heart, for the Brummy people and the country where I was born that I will always call home.

Romany Heritage


Time is the great author.

It always writes the perfect ending ~ Charlie Chaplin 

A Rose

Image: The Fantasy Art of Molly Harrison. Star Gypsy
‘Everyone hears voices all the time. 
They are what help us to know when we are face to face with a sign, you see’ 
Paulo Coelho ~ The Zahir 


A Rose 
She doesn’t follow society rules,
I’d imagine, if you’re reading this, 
neither would You. 

She's heard this voice, 
since she was a child.
Who, always had her back,
in a way, she can’t describe. 

If she crosses your path.
an omen of good fortune,
if you might ask. 

Stunning, beyond any,
you’ll have ever met. 
A divine prediction,
you will never forget.  

Believe in her, 
to be honest and true. 
If she should offer 
*Deva-Vani* gift to you. 

1,500 years on Indian roads, 
as your fortune, to be told.
With celestial sight, of hand,
Trust her. You will understand. 

Present this Gypsy, with a Rose,
as her *Sanskrit*  Gods; foretold.
Cross her palm, in coins of silver, 
but not gold, it makes her shiver. 
Victoria Healing ~ 17.4.2022
A Rose

“If someone skilled at studying moons, planets, stars and other celestial bodies, were to analyse the Romani migration 1500 years ago, they may very well discover that their routes mirrored that of the stars” ― Karl Wiggins, Wrong Planet – Searching for your Tribe


My grandmother,

told your grandmother,

told me 


The language of the Roma gypsies, have their roots in Indian: 




From ‘Sam’ means ‘samyak’ which indicates ‘entirely’ and ‘krit’ indicates ‘done’


*Deva-Vani* (‘Deva’ Gods – ‘Vani’ language)


The Real History 


Deva Premal and Mitan


Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevay

Sanskrit ( नमो भगवते वासुदेवाय ) is one of the most popular Hindu mantras.

This mantra is understood to be a liberation mantra, recited as a way to achieve spiritual freedom from samsara, or the recurring cycle of death and reincarnation.

I was a gypsy, before it was cool to be a gypsy


One Life

One Tribe

One Nature

One World

One Sky

One Earth

Gypsy Prince

Image: Street Artist. Mr Brainwash

What more is there is to know about Charlie Chaplin?

Well, we might have to revise our assumptions about the man behind the moustache. Chaplin was not only one of south London’s most celebrated sons, but in recently discovered documents, it is now considered that Chaplin entered the world in a caravan on the Black Patch in Smethwick, near Birmingham. His mother, Hannah – maiden name Hill – was a Gypsy Queen descended from a travelling family. His movies and accolades are well known, but it seems his struggles aren’t. Charlie had to win over life before he could win over the audience. Despite his poor childhood and suffering from depression he became a great man. He lived his own life and wasn’t concerned with what other people thought.


“A Day Without Laughter is a Day Wasted.”

The trousers too baggy, the coat too tight, a hat too small and shoes too big. Oh and that moustache. He was the first comedian. He’s not just another name in the history of acting, he is the history of acting. What I loved about Charlie, is that his comedies are always funny, yet no one has ever heard the sound of his voice. He had a natural gift of communication, entirely through his facial expressions and body language. Turning the most despairing of human situations into comedy. He said: ‘To truly laugh you must be able to take your pain and play with it’

I don’t think he ever saw himself as a sad man, even if he was in pain, he never showed it.

There are some great lessons to be learned from his attitude.


Newly discovered letters written to Charlie Chaplin suggest he may have been born into a Gypsy community in the West Midlands


When I’m not making pictures, I’m thinking of them and when I’m not thinking of them, I’m dreaming them

Silents Please

Image: Charlie Chaplin.

There are no words

to wish a Happy Birthday

to Charlie Chaplin



King Clown and the Creator of the Cinematic Universe

Sir Charles Spencer Chaplin Jr. was born on this day 16th April (1889) It is disputed whether he was actually born in London or in the West Midlands. Chaplin was famous in a way that no one had ever been before and arguably, no one has been as famous since.

Actor. Comedian. Director. Musician. Composer. Screen Writer. Producer and Editor.



Chaplin’s face is still one of the most widely recognised images on the planet.



Sir Charles Chaplins birthday 16th April (1889) adds up to 37/10.

Meaning:  ‘1’ The Pioneer. Original. Leader

Aspiration of prominence, in a leadership position, in which an inherent expansive and emotional nature can be expressed. A friendly, kind and generous quality will promote goodwill amongst followers.

Ambitious and progressive, willing to lead and take responsibility. Wishing to improve existing conditions. A positive direct approach to life instills zest in every new enterprise initiated. A visionary, with the ability to translate dreams into tangible products.


To me, Charlie appeared to be childlike and a natural charmer. I’ve always wondered what he would look like without make up. I wasn’t disappointed. 

Image: Charlie Chaplin


Making fun is a serious business 


Numerology Blueprint:

Numerology and the Divine Triangle – Faith Javane and Dusty Bunker   



Image: Ancient Origins
The greatest Parable in history 

Okay. Here's the plan

‘There once was a God’ it is said,
who carried the world on his head. 
He had lived in a golden mansion, 
in an idyllic, utopian advancement.

Ruling a progressive civilisation,
fascinating, universal imagination.
We’ve searched the seven seas,
with diggers in global archaeology. 

Over exaggerated inspiration?
has Plato’ fable been mistaken?  
The greatest philosopher of time,
his parables have become divined. 

On the Island of Atlas, in 360BC, 
was there a flooding catastrophe? 
Idealism. Myth. Valid or Fact?
to that place, we can return back.

There is always an element of truth,
invariably fairy tales, hold no proof.
Atlas is in our collection of maps,
joining dot to dash, trace it back.  
I am loathe to tell you this, 
but I don’t imagine Atlantis did exist.
This is Plato’ pseudo-historical twist. 
Victoria Healing ~ 11.4.2022

‘But nobody got hurt.

Well maybe somebody got hurt.

But nobody we knew’ ~ The Lost Empire

The lost city of Atlantis 

Ancient Greek: “island of Atlas“) is a fictional island in Plato‘s works.


whose dialogues on Truth, Good and Beauty have significantly shaped western thought and religion, wrote and taught under a nickname. His real name was Aristocles 

In creating Atlantis, it seems Plato was writing a moralistic fable showing the consequences of corruption and arrogance.

‘But afterwards there occurred violent earthquake and floods

and in a single day and night of misfortune, all ‘warlike’ men sank into the earth. and the islands of Atlantis disappeared into the depths of the sea. ~ Plato

Image: Lovepaperplane ‘Lose your way, but don’t be afraid’

 2 Corinthians 4:18 18So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal. 

… .- …- . / — ..- .-. / … — ..- .-..

Echo Sounds

Image: Anne Stokes ~ The Water Elemental Wizard who is a Merman

*Insert water music*

Hear and there, 
in ebb and flow of ocean waves,
whisper connections; contemplate.
Cosmic convergence, musical stares, 
sonar resonates, as motion shares. 

Murmurs channel, in turbulent flow, 
whirlpools form, of depths in zone.
God of Mermen, breath of the seas,
commands tide, wherever he please. 

Trident, Wizard wand, or sea spear,
brace for a storm, whenever you hear. 
A touch of Atlantis, a crystal torch light,
perpetual momentum in circling sight. 

King of Earth, Air, Ocean and Fire,
‘Poseidon; tell us, what you desire’
'Primal culture of Atlantean texts, 
repeating history, we would regret. 

‘None are just, black, yellow or white, 
none are ever wrong, or always right.
A multi-verse of wisdom inside and out;
like musical chairs, never shout about. 

We each have a place in tides of change,
let kindness and sharing play in the game'   
Victoria Healing ~ 8.4.2022

Musical Chairs

Set chairs in a circle, one fewer than the number of people in the game and then play music as they all walk around the circle. Every time the music stops, all must try to sit on a chair. This game teaches how to resolve arguments peacefully, deal with disappointment and practice patience. Settle conflicts peacefully by using your words to work out arguments about whose chair is whose or who got there “first.”


Sacred texts tell us of antediluvian civilisations of Atlantis

Ancient Aliens Documentaries.

Image: Anne Stokes

Today we have the Water Elemental Wizard who is a merman, the male equivalent of a mermaid. Here he uses his magic to channel the power of water and create a vortex in the sea.


Detecting and determining the distance and direction of underwater objects by acoustic means.

The first recorded use of the technique was by Leonardo da Vinci in 1490 

Sonar Sound Effects

‘Waves are the voices of tides. Tides are life. They bring new food for shore creatures and take ships out to sea. They are the ocean’s pulse and our own heartbeat.“ —  Tamora Pierce

Out of this World

Image: Valerian Entertainment.
Everybody nervous?
Get strapped in and buckle up…! 

In attraction of the planet, we entered, 
flickering lights, magical in surrender.
In the twists of gravity’s void and fall, 
we were starry, spectral glows of it all.

It seemed only nanoseconds of time, 
as body, mind and spirit, entwined.
The oblivion, in a centrifugal force,
twisting, spinning spheres on course. 

Seemingly ‘Out of this World’ at night, 
multi coloured transition of neon lights. 
Waltzing energy, passions and pleasure.
Topsy turvy; electrically fired treasures.

A little mysterious, a pre-empted risk, 
a state of mind, for an adrenalin fix. 
‘Go on’ she urged, please tell me more,
of creepy Haunted Houses, of doors’

'Glimpsing scary shapes at a distance,
in dread, but focused in our persistence.
Imagining all horrors of skulls and gore, 
tip toeing quietly, but screaming for more’

A sensory barrage of smells and sounds, 
a little dangerous, how thrills were found.   
Sugar candy, popcorn, hot dogs or fries?
tossing soft balls, to win fluffy gala prize. 

Carousels and Giant Teacups of pleasure, 
Ferris Wheel spins in ‘Fun Fair‘ of leisure.
As the Dodgems ‘rolled up’ to Brum town,
‘Fair’ enough, we’d loved, ups and downs. 

From these treasured memories as a kid,
recalling the epic thrills that Fun Fair’s give. 
Victoria Healing ~ 4.4.2022
Out Of This World

How to be happy?

Buy more Fun Fair tickets

It was the Easter FUN FAIR in Stechford, Birmingham, plenty years ago!

*Insert Sad Music*

Then we saw it, now we don’t

The First Fairground Showmen in Stechford, UK.

Life Saver

Image: Cirque du Soleil  Oh n”O”! Don’t worry, with your bestie by your side, you can conquer anything!

Therapist: Have you ever worried tha..
Pisces: Yes 

She didn’t know, if she was coming or going,
but she’d always had that intuitive knowing. 
Imagining all possible scenarios in her head,
it always appeared, that she was being led. 

One minute up, the next minute down, 
sometimes a smile, sometimes a frown. 
Her Piscean tails were my guiding light,
steering me safely, through darkest nights. 

Never letting anyone burst our bubbles,
if they did, they’d be in all kinds of troubles. 
Our fragile mermaid, beached on dry land,
if you were a spectator, you’d understand. 

She heard the entrancing, mysterious calls,
across divine waves, as they’d rise and fall. 
Pushing and pulling her, from left to right,
over squalling, foam seas, of waters in life. 

Journeying on, through time and space,
setting sail for some new exciting place. 
Guided by moons full of mystical dreams,
‘nothing’ can be as controlled as it seems. 

She told me:
‘There’s a lifebuoy and an anchor at hand,
when setting rudder over ocean to dry land.
There is no beginning and a never end,
understand the ‘circle’ is your best friend’  
Victoria Healing ~ 17.3.2022
Beach Yourself 

In dedication to my beautiful Piscean Mom.

Image: Circus du Soleil ‘Celebrating the most vital element of life looking on yourself in water as a mirror 

circus cirque du soleil beautiful mirror

Inspired by the Cirque du Soleil Show about ‘O’

In O, the story is about the water of life itself, how it bears us up, encompasses us as we live on dry ground, overpowers us, continues us, lastly suffocates us.

circus cirque du soleil life saverImage: Cirque du Soleil ‘O’ Life Saver

In Numerology ‘0’ is the Alpha (beginning) and Omega (the highest) as there is no beginning and no end. In this sense, a circle represents eternity.

Pisces season 

Wander Land

Image: Steve Thomas Jones
Wander Land 
Picturing the majestic forests of trees,
all stress was gone and heart put at ease.
Wandering down a path of fond memories,
as a daughter of Welsh descendants.

How could one possibly, simply express, 
those delightful feelings of happiness.
Peaking mountains of the green and wild,
all city life deleted with nature reconciled. 

Precious trips with Mom to visit my Celtic family,
childhood days, made me lighthearted, happy.
The lands of poet; Dylan Thomas and Tom Jones,
and of the glorious golden daffodils back home.

The corner shops, the warmth of hospitality,
seas of blue bells, amidst olde oaks in valley. 
Chopping seas, the cool winding streams, 
in reminiscing; this is what Wales means to me.

Visualising myself amongst these lovely things,
to remember what this memorial day brings.
A reminder of my angelic Mom, now today,
and that it should have been her birthday.

Happy Heavenly Birthday Mom,
time slips by and life has gone on. 
But from our hearts you’ve never gone.

We think about you always,
and we talk about you too.
We have so many happy memories,
but we wish we still had you. 

Always loved, forever missed.
Until we meet again 

‘Obsessed by our childhood tales, we spend our lives searching for our magic door back to our lost wonder lands ‘


‘My beautiful Wales is awash with Bluebells and the odd Daffodil. I think they compliment each other beautifully. Taken at Ten Acre Wood, Margam’ ~ Steve Thomas Jones