Wanders of the World?

‘Going for a walk. Because. I want to stay healthy. 
Taking a bag of M&M’s because let’s be honest here’  
What a wonderful world it would be,
if we could all speak with the trees.
if garden shrubs grew candy sticks
and rain drops gave you a happy fix.

If the moon was twisted with lime,
as the sun’s rays beamed apple pie.
If Earth was coated in milk chocolate
and snow dripped ice cream droplets.

Flowers would bloom in strawberry jelly,
and insects were covered in blue berries.  
If grass grew within rainbow sprinkles
and no-one ever got old or wrinkled. 

If pink marshmallows fell from the sky,
and no one ever, had a reason to cry.
If spiders webs were woven of candy floss,
and wild flowers grew out of our socks.

If rocks and stones were rose crystals
and life was made so much more simple. 
If all people were honest and kind,
and sad thoughts just fell from mind.

There would be no sickness or disease,
and you could just do as you pleased. 
Where death just meant, you sat in a chair, 
and everyone visited to have chats there. 

What a wonderful world this would be,
in your imagination, can you now see? 
Victoria Healing ~ 25.4.2021
How wonderful it would be

Words Inspired from 
this Image: By KIKA KUTOVA
IG @kutovakika
On Page: At Witches Gallery