Faeries Lives Matter!

 A vile era of fear and demonisation, 
 black clouds stormed over all nations. 
 Wars, pandemics, panic and destruction,
 battles of pig headed ego and disruption.

 Bigoted, racist and homophobe, 
 people desperately wanted to know.
 Drama, suspense and mass confusion,
 Trump accusing our Joe of collusion.

 Beyond the shadows, laughed the sun,
 it was Joe, not Trump, who had won.
 74 million had voted; their decision,
 ‘Joe for President’ he has the wisdom.

 in victory speech, none could be better,
 uniting all citizens of America together.
 But, wait, what? did you hear him shout?
 ‘Let’s marshal the forces of 'FAERIES' out’

 What a grand President he will be,
 It seems the world can finally breathe.
 A great day for all souls; and now our task; 
 to bring the ‘Faeries’ of humanity back.

 …And this being Joe’s ultimate final call, 
 he wants ‘Better Angels’ too, for Y’all  
 Victoria Healing ~ 9.11.2020 


Please Note: I would definitely not choose to write about religion or politics; I can only share what comes from heart. I shall wish that you’re not offended, if we have different perspectives.

The emphasis of this poem, is about the ‘slip’ of the tongue: “Marshalling the forces of faeries” which I found kind of cute and worthy of mention.

I live in Australia, not America. My personal views are influenced from the social media debates. 

Killer Time

 Dark clouds shadowed the realm,
 as demons crept into a fiery hell. 
 Entering a forbidden crypt door, 
 I’d not seen anything like it before.

 Havoc, evil, pestilence and plagues,
 mudslides dripping from the graves.
 Blood, skeletons, witches and gore,
 sinister faces swung from the walls.

 Swaying from cellar, holy men sipped,
 nuns writhed, spiral dancing in crypt.
 The cadaverous had travelled quickly,
 to meet in the tomb of deaths infinity.

 Bugs slimed, eyes spied in coven wall, 
 until we heard, ‘It’s time to eat’ called.
 Below graves, the undead came ‘alive’
 as cocktails, nibbles and hot food slimed.

 Thank you to our g’hosts Kerry, Aido family,
 we laughed our way home… back to sanity. 
 Having had a killer time halloweens night;
 we’re tickled to death, we had an invite. 
 Victoria Healing ~ 8.11.2020

Witch, is Which?

 “Quiet back there” Old Magw shouted’
 as each child in class, she counted.
 A scary teacher at the ironworks school,
 her behaviour was said to be most cruel.
The rumours had spread pretty quick;
 that Miss Magw was really an old witch.
 Although it’s doubtful and I do suspect,
 she’d taught her kids to have respect. 
 Victoria Healing ~ 30.10.2020

The most feared Clydach Gorge Witch was said to be that of Old Magw.


Leave Me, Go


In the corpse light of the night,
you’ll know something isn’t right. 
Rarely seen, but always heard,
blurred, disembodied, absurd. 

Cyhyraeth, is on the prowl,
Don’t look now!
Turn a deaf ear,
if it’s death that you fear.

Cyhyraeth Messenger, of ‘Undead’ 
ignore her wailing in your head. 
As she howls, through winds,
and growls “Can I come in” ?

Cyhryraeth exhumed from our Celts,
the Holy Grail’s burial home, of Welsh.
Ghostly, skeletal, spectral phantom,
take heed, she’d hold you to her ransom. 

Have you been warned?
Eternal damnation will be yours,
if you answer to her three calls. 

Be sure to confidently reply,
“I do not want to die”
Leave me, let me go, 
there’s no one at home” 

Run for cover under, pillows and sheets, 
this hag of mists, you don’t want to meet. 

Victoria Healing ~ 18.10.2020



the Cyhyraeth also sounds for Welsh natives dying far from home.

The Cyhyraeth: Meaning “skeleton, “spectre”, “death-portent”, “wraith”) a ghostly spirit in Welsh mythology, a disembodied moaning voice that sounds before a person’s death.

The noise is said to be “doleful and disagreeable”, like the groans and sighs of someone deathly ill, and to sound three times (growing weaker and fainter each time) as a threefold warning before the person expires. 

The Cyhyraeth is a Banshee-like spirit from Glamorganshire, Wales. 


There were a lot of comings and goings,
backwards, forwards too-ings and fro-ings.
As the station wagon was stocked and packed,
luggage being stuffed and stacked in the back. 

Taken hostage and secured in the rear seat,
stolen for ransom, as they handed me treats.
Driving miles, along roads and dusty tracks,
I worried, if I would know my way back?

My world was instantly, entirely rearranged,
I remember thinking that ‘This is so strange’
“Where are they taking me on this ride”
as my tummy was feeling all wobbly inside. 

Scanning the peculiar scenery and vista,
as my sniffs to the air, smelt much crisper.
Where will I sleep? when will I be fed?
worrying thoughts, spiralled in my head. 

Into the dreams of sleepy lands otherwhere,
head down, bum up, I surrendered my cares.
“We’re here” I heard the humans shout,
we’ve reached our stop, let’s all get out.  

Seized and trapped into a small house,
I pondered the unfamiliar and odd layout. 
There I was, in freestanding, metal box,
they called it a caravan; my home, it was not. 

Captive and restrained with a long lead,
sitting warily on the suspicious fluffy seat. 
There was no noise, or people in sight,
was this where I’d spend the rest of my life?

Silent beaches surrounded by blue water,
was this what my humans had sought after?
This was my first road trip, to be fair,
I’ll always follow my family anywhere. 

As chief protector and guardian of my family, 
I take on this responsibility happily and gladly.
It’s not where you walk, its who you walk with,
that was another day, I’m glad that I did. 
Charlie (Am Staff) Healing ~ 12.10.2020
Charlie’s first road trip
Carnarvon ~ Quobba Camp    

Up, Up and Away

UP UP and away australian defence
Image: Australian Defence



Your Boarding Pass



Hubby had always wanted to fly a plane,

loyal to those intentions, he remained.

Then came an experience, out of the ‘blue’

our beautiful children had gifted him to.


Off we drove, over an hour to ride,

to get to the ‘Royal Aero Club’ apron side

Hubby’s instructors name was Jet…

so appropriate, we’ll never forget.


To do his safety checks hubby was concerned,

concentrating intensely, he had so much to learn.

Down on the tarmac, he was all ready to go,

where he would fly? He didn’t know…


Focussing intently on cockpit controls, off he flew

up into the skies yonder, ever so blue.

An awesome sight, an awesome sound,

as I watched and prayed, from down on the ground.


I enjoyed the ambiance of the airfield too,

from the observation deck I had a better view.

Parachute at the ready, oh dear it was not…

strapped tightly into his harness, he took off like a shot.


They did the ‘loop de loop’ as, his world turned upside down,

a little sick and dizzy until he landed back on solid ground.

Jet said ‘he was a natural, his skills so profound’

Long will he tell his story over and over again…


Now Hubby thinks we should call him ‘Top Gun’

Victoria Healing ~ 2.3.2018

Into the Wild Blue Yonder


Mark my words!

punctuation wounded butterfly .png
Image Credit ~ Wounded Butterfly


“Sssh” he said, “now don’t you cry”

as he took her by the shoulders,

she reluctantly, met his eyes.


She said, “There is something I need to question,

here, that I would like to mention;

Can you please, stop and explain,

your breaks and separations”? she exclaimed


Turning away, she dropped down to her knees,

pleading repeatedly, “Can you help me, please?”

Muddled in helplessness, tears and sorrow,

she wondered, if he had actually known?


Flicking the hair out of her eyes,

trying to put, all of this together, in her mind.

Vulnerable and confused,

she didn’t know what to do.


Hatefully proud and not wanting to ask,

how she should accomplish this uncertain task.

She enquired, “Should I  punctuate or not”?

I get all nervous, if I get it wrong, or I’ve forgot.


“Do commas, hyphens and apostrophes still belong?

It seems to me, that some are ignored, misused, or wrong.

These ‘points’ make sense, of what I’m trying to say,

Mark my words… Don’t take the punctuations away”!

Victoria Healing ~ 18.6.2019

Mark my words…

“Punctuation marks are like road signs; without them we just may get lost… Those who disagree are in their usual hurried state…not giving pause where a breath is due.” ― Nanette L. Avery

Rhyme Universe



Game of Dungeons


game of dungeons best enter at your own risk .png


It was dreary, dark and cold,

as this chilling tale unfolds…


Creeping, furtively, down steep Dungeon steps,

feeling rather pensive, we had no idea, what to expect.

Narrow, gloomy and murky, confined spaces,

all in all, it was the foulest of places.


Our horrific, grisly, journey began,

as the Black Death, had plagued the lands.

A sinister sickness, over these realms.

since 1649 when King Charles (I) ruled the helm.


Persecution and retribution had been rife,

against peasant sinners, dating back to 1345.

We met Muckle John, the humiliating court jester,

who was putrid, rotting and despicably festered.


Our blood-thirsty torturer, was next on our route,

would it be thumbscrews, or our heads we could lose?

Tongue tearers, chains, hooks and racks,

suffering and punishment, we feared, was back.


Next, a grim Judge who was justice of the court,

unlocked the Gaols, hefty, chamber doors.

A Witch, was my crime, found guilty as accused,

i had disobeyed their pathetic, medieval rules.


Tried and condemned, as a criminal and convicted,

i had been fated, to become their next execution victim.

To be burned alive, by bonfire at the stake,

was my terrifying penance, for their virtuous sake.


“I was an eyewitness” your honour,

these were the legal systems, of horrors.

There was a sinister mix of death and disaster,

back on that day, when we visited, Warwick Castle…

game of dungeons
Warwick Castle, Stratford, Birmingham, UK


Victoria Healing ~ 3.6.2019

Game of Dungeons ~ November 2018


game of dungeons story of dragons
Image Credit ~ Warwick Castle


Pledge Your Allegiance

“The Warwick Castle Dungeon is a fully immersive, interactive experience that should only be visited by the bravest of people and those with the strongest stomachs”

Rhyme Universe


game of dungeons .jpg
Image Credit ~ Warwick Castle

Quizzy Called

quizzed adrian


“Your Starters For Ten”


There was a quiz night, happening next door,

i hadn’t ever attended one before.

Questions were going to be asked, i knew,

i was hoping, that i could answer a few.


Our odd looking host, appeared in colourful regalia,

cross-dressed between Ronald McDonald and Leo Sayer.

Bamber Gascoyne, he had wished to be,

sitting on a stool, with book perched on knees.


“Fingers to the buzzers” he then said,

“here are your starters for our tables of ten”

We each had to perform our own distinct roles,

intensive team work was to be involved.


In our quiz master’s research for questions,

a lot of sports and old movies were mentioned.

Subjects that i hadn’t known much about,

so quietly i had sat, looking around.


“I’ll have to hurry you” he then said,

drinks and hot food, are soon to be fed.

University Challenge, it was not,

i have to admit, that i didn’t answer a lot.


As the gibble and gabble went on,

many answers were marked up, as wrong.

As a game show host, our eccentric quizzer was fun,

although, i was glad when his questioning was done.

Victoria Healing ~ 27.5.2019

Quizzy called


Rhyme in Verse