You may find yourself

Sunsets are red,
the ocean is blue,
poems are hard,
so drink wine 😀
wandering off to where there was no wifi for the week,
catch up at Carnarvon, Western Australia only 250 km’s to go on Australia’s Coral Coast 
nanga bay resort 2018 sunset from window.jpg

nanga bay resort 2018 shell beach, adventures start where plans end
salty ocean, float or walk for miles.
nanga bay resort 2018 shell beach we saw shells on the sea shore
We saw cockle shells on the whole sea shore at world famous Shell Beach 
can you almost hear the crackle of shells underfoot when strolling along this world famous Shell Beach?— with Shell Beach, Western Australia 
nanga bay resort 2018 which way today? roxy looking up and zoonie l
coz you can’t google the real world… 

Views off line

Life is…
Step one. Get in your car.
Step two. Drive as far away from suburbia as possible.
Step three. Find a #freecamp, gaze at the real world and stop there.
Free overnighter on the banks of the Murchison River 
Galena Bridge on Australia’s Coral Coast
Did you see the Dragonfly?
Locals in the know told us that when you see dragonflies, its time to follow the sun further up North of Western Australia, as if we needed an excuse.

galena bridge we like the natural look .jpggalena bridge kev in kayak many rivers to crossgalena bridge as the dragonflys

100km’s later … Clearly, our Roxy is not a good travelling companion
Nerren Nerren Rest Area Overlander Roadhouse Billabong Roadhouse

overlander that's it, I'm going home .jpgoverlander roxy zoonie drink this is thirsty work.jpgnerren nerren  what time is the next bus home?.jpg

a Freshwater point of view

Freshwater point morning views Life's a beach .jpg

How about this FREE CAMP?
Million dollar views from our caravan door
Could we get any closer to the ocean?
Do you want a glass of champers while you take in the views? …
You’re welcome.


freshwater point cheers .jpg

Half a dozen caravans perched along the edge of the beach

Only a few sandy footsteps to the ocean, so, easily within reach

As we begin another road trip stop over at Freshwater Point

This is the beginning of our Journey, what more could we want.


To us, the ocean is beckoning, come hither

Although Shire rangers stopped by yesterday

Reminding us that we can only camp free here for another three days


Well, I suppose that’s what you get, when there are no fees paid.


Natural vistas, ocean-lapping sounds,

Smells of beach campfires burning at night

Sausages in the fry pan

Flames blazing red and orange

Glowing and crackling, warmly and bright


Looking up at the brilliance of the stars come evening.

Lighting up over our heads, iridescent lights twinkling all seeing.


Oh look, there is the Milky Way high up in the distance

Being reminded of our indigenous legends.

There are some myths that say

That the spirits live up in the coloured streams of that Milky Way.


Otherwise know as the Stars of the Souls,

Traversing these ancient diverse lands, in a caravan

Ticking off another of our wish list goals

Our world now looks turqoise blue and shades of sand


With that certain natural outdoorsy smell

This kind of lifestyle makes us both feel

Free, healthy, happy and exceeding well.


Next free camp will be at Coronation Bay

That is now only about 100 km’s away,


Weather so perfect at this time of year…

Can you imagine yourself?

Road tripping here?


freshwater point .jpgVictoria Healing ~ 10.5.2018

A Freshwater point of view ~ Hey Momma








Name: Little Freshwater Point Rest Area

Street: Indian Ocean Drive

Town: Arrowsmith

Postcode: 6525

State or Territory: Western Australia


  • Amenities Block
  • Pet Friendly
  • Fishing

Another BYO everything site, overlooking the Ocean


Wishing will


wish happiness starts with you


I can’t help smiling when I think of a ‘Wish’


Are they mixed up concoctions you’ve stirred around and within

A dream, a fantasy, a plan, a hope or a kiss?


In my poems, all of these wishes can come true

As a writer, writing about my own imaginary world to you!


But when I try too hard to express to impress

Words just vanish away and I feel an emptiness

So now I’ve found a way to slow down my soul

Where hopes and wishes mysteriously, gently unfold


It is the same wish that I wish for you…

A wish upon a star

With bright lights shining ever tenderly

Towards your heart

wish I wish for you your wishes come true.png

See your wishes as they become real

Oh yes, there it is

That dreamy like emotion, can you feel?


Don’t hold your passion and persistence back

Your wishes will come true if you take time to ponder what

YOU want,





are at…


wish dont compare your magic.jpg

Victoria Healing ~ 7.5.2018

Wishing will ~ Hey Momma


Wish upon a Moon

“Passion is different from interest. Those who are just interested in things have the “wish”, but passionate people have the “will”.”
― Israelmore Ayivor,

Talking notes

Writers under pressure are, in present tense.

 poem freedom when you come to a point where you have no need to impress anybody, your freedom will begin .jpg

“I tell you now…

I am never lonely or bored writing,  reading or listening to words”

Don’t get me wrong

Poems are meant for scrabbling, jotting, trialling, testing and exploring.


So, do follow on,


“Be your own kind of spontaneous”


poem my wish for you a poem .png

Dear You,


I think that each day,

Everyone should read or write a love letter, quote or a Poem.

Words from some perpetual dimension, to keep your spirits in the zone to over flowing


It’s just like a feeling of cool calm, relaxed, but alert

Words streaming,


Scrabbling chats back, to focus on all that they are worth.

poem your story is still waiting to be written evolver .jpg

Deep within the flow of prayer, thinking and calm,

Evocative senses of deep meditation, aligned with a sprinkling of stars.

Moonbeams and magic beaming glimmers through…

Sighing in awe and gulping as you interpret those messages sent there seemingly just for you.


Quickly, rush to grab your pen

Scramble those memos and whispers from who knows where,

But then…

The realisation that these are some reminders of ‘what you could do’ floats in.


poem future explorer lovepaperplane.jpg

Ethereal worlds of magic, mystery and dreams


They can’t help but burst forth, exploding at the seams.

Words perpetually pulsing through your veins,

Like hurricanes they urge onwards their words to be saved.


Lost in writing, surreal, drifting with divine intervention

Beckoning forwards on invisible pathways of purpose and intention.

Trying not to circumnavigate, misinterpret or evade those words

Sensing that flow and listening in intently to what you have just heard.


Universal signals turning right, then forwards, far out and beyond

A special connection as if, consumed by your own lyrical songs


poem I love a home filled with poetry .jpg


Memos, rhymes or verse

Whatever you may choose

When lost in the depths of writing poetry,

There is nothing ever to lose.


Relaxed, but alert

Catching the depth, analysing those whispered words

Pen in hand, laptop in the fore

What other sentences and meanings might you explore?


Spellbound by words

Charmed by a verse

Freedom of feelings

Filling your heart with melts of wonders and mirth.

Listen intentionally to what you are hearing

Then pay attention to your

Feeling-isty feelings.


What then is your ear-worm for today?

Get your pen ready, don’t edit,

Just run on the lines,

Write away



I hear you may not like to write…


Well that is okay,

There are others out there

Who also share their own creative inner sights


poem grant a wish lovepaperplane model missystock

I’d remind you to read just one poem a day

Letting some new perspectives write out

And read along with me

To play…

poem pjs notes to self .jpg

Victoria Healing ~ 6.5.2018

Talking Notes ~ Hey Momma


poem steampunk junkies typewriter lamp
Steampunk ~ Typewriter with head lights 


“That’s the thing about magic; you’ve got to know it’s still here, all around us, or it just stays invisible for you.” ― Charles de Lint


Swing out Sisters