D’ye k e n?

(⁀‵⁀,) ✫
.`⋎´ ✫

Rune Kano ~ Kenaz
Meaning: Opening, Fire Torch.

rune keno find yourself be that.jpg


A rune of wide opening, Kenaz renews your clarity

giving and receiving, in total faith

that you are now, in the right place


Each morning, having clear intent,

focussing forwards, towards destiny meant.

lighten yourself up, look within your own heart.

all will be made clear, where you should start.


rune keno ive given ou a piec of me do something good with it

Awareness of the flames;

desires, burning, beating within your own heart

focussing passions, into that perfect centre

this is where, harmony, mentors.


Learning from adversities, once disguised as blessings

time is now right…


move forwards,


honour your higher soul intentions.

rune keno people will stare make it worth their while

Victoria Healing ~ 18.10.2018

D’ye Ken? ><>< Rhyme in Verse

(Ascribed from “The Book of Runes ~ Ralph Blum)



Here cometh the Badger


rune keno kenaz.jpg

“Kenaz is known to anyone alive,
By his bright, clear flame,
Who always burns there
Where princes sit together”


rune kenaz

Kenaz is a light that gives clarity. It connects us with knowledge and svesnošću, enables understanding of life, insights and opening towards wisdom.  It is the inner light that guides us when we explore our inner worlds.

Positive Traits: intellectual knowledge, purity, clarity, Revelation, enlightenment.
Negative Traits: ignorance, confusion, false hope, lack of intolerance and clarity.


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the G i f t

rune gift gebo rainbow 2 if you dont have a rainbow to give. give a smile it works the same .png

The Gift


We each have a special gift inside of us

buried treasure, deep within our hearts

when we begin to share this;

courage makes a start.


There is a Rune called Gebo

that describes exactly this.

you will recognise this symbol

it is shown as a kiss X


The only stipulation, is that you need to be

flexible, adaptable and respectful, do you see?

we each, have different perspectives

all unique, as individuals, we may be.


If you are true to you

and I am true to me

together we will find

our special gifts, in friendship and harmony.

friends learning who are real friends 22141042_1786420764988588_1376019557277741374_n

Victoria S Healing ~ 17.10.2018

><>< The Gift ><><

rune sowelu best mirror is an old friend


Celtic Blessings

With sunshine on your shoulders

Shamrocks at your feet

A rainbow in your pocket

And “friendships”, ever sweet.

Angels to protect you

Good luck to light your way

And may blessings surround you,

For ever and a day

~ Ireland Calling


rune gebo frith connection

Gebo ~ Partnership ~ Gift. ~ (Ascribed from The Book of Runes ~ Ralph Blum)

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w o m a n, as

“Mannaz ~ own S. e.l. f. above all



“I want to read the Runes,” said she;

about real life, magic, adventure and mysteries

can you imagine, if there be; answers shared

this book already written; do you want to look there?


“Mannaz” is a symbolic cast.

a good omen, for this task

what then, would YOU ask?


rune mannaz ehwaz you are a force to be reckoned with.jpg

Stop that noisy jabbering fool in your ‘thinking’ head

bullying, criticizing, this can’t be done, that can’t be said!

understand then, the charms of the runes, my friend

Ancient wisdom, where all life never ends.


“Mannaz” will remind you, “to your own self be true,”

This is who you are and what you could do.

nourish your spirit and soul

each symbol, “your own” treasure and gold


rune mannaz from a word to a word sowelu sally photo .jpg

Living your life, in an ordinary way

Although looking for the ‘extra’ in the ordinary, each day

contentment, wholeness, stillness, within self

becoming mindful and balanced, before anything else.


“Do nothing in excess”, is the phrase

each morning, willing to begin, anew again

when you practice this ancient art

following, potential passions, born of your heart.


Treasure the essence, of your own true self

your wisdom, poise, maintaining your good health.

Above all;

Do not follow the paths of anyone else.

rune sowelu wholeness .jpg


Victoria S Healing ~ 15.10.2018

Above all ><>< Rhyme in Verse,

rune mannaz self she left old story behind and stepped into a new once upon a time

(ascribed from ~ The Book of Runes by Ralph Blum)

rune mannaz

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T’was’ all H a l l o w s


halloween sleeping twas

T’was 3am, in early hours of morning, one bleak, black night,

drifting woozily, dozily, i sensed a strange scary presence, sit by my side

some thing, or some one, had, sat down, their imprint left in my bed

i woke with a start, anxiety, utter feelings of terror and dread.


Quickly, turning to switch on my bedside light

heart pounding with fear, immobilised in fright

who was that apparition seated beside me?

into great panic, a feeling of foreboding and full freeze!


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Too terrified to turn around, to look and to see,

but knowing, i’d have to pluck up courage, to find who or what that eerie presence might be?

slowly, quietly, searching, probing all around…

feeling my heart thumping, beating at full pound


Was my night visitor, werewolf, monster, ghoul or apparition?

was i really awake, or locked in, with devils of mockery and derision?

to my great horror, there was no physical, human presence there.

although, wardrobe door, beckoningly, beguilingly for me to stare


halloween door  t'was .png


Too cowardly and lily-livered to investigate or look

sprinting out of that dread full bedroom as fast, as i possibly could.

imagining footsteps of ghostly ghouls or beasts, sprinting eerily from behind

wondering, if i’d gone crazy, or had i, just, lost my mind?


halloween batgirl turn on dark afraid of light with hood twas devil shadow mirror bat flying down shadow


racing for cover and protection, to the bathroom i fled…

hurriedly switching all the lights on, to dispel bad ideas from my head.

splashing my face hurriedly, to oust those fearful thoughts

staring back at me from the mirror: can you guess what i saw?


halloween mirror pic,twas if i dont be myself who will i be

Spectres, otherworldly mists, shadows, swirling, hazily around

i was frozen to the spot, too scared to make even, the tiniest of sounds.

orbs of ether lifted… a face appearing, on my rear left shoulder

but wait; hang on, i’m feeling a little less fearful and a tiny bit bolder!


.. my late Grandfather, gazed at me in the mirror, right behind me

i could hardly believe my eyes, what a happy, heart warming, sight to see!

feeling, protected and more secure, I have no fears any more

knowing my Granddad is always guarding us all, beyond veiled doors.


When I told hubby, about my beloved, night surprise guest

he looked at me horrified and asked are you certain, or do you jest?

“weren’t’ you frightened of what you have seen?


… i replied  “but no, my darling, how could i be fearful?

Now, I know, our dearly departed are always watching our backs, in our “Dreams “


halloween twas unbrella grave yard with eyes.png

Victoria S Healing ~ 13.10.2018

T’Was ><>< Rhyme in Verse

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Rhyme in Verse




at the G.A.T.E.W.A.Y.


rune brick wall thurisaz live life large

RUNE ~ Thurisaz

‘Stop, before you go’

A few days ago, I cast out a rune

the symbol was Thurisaz, seemingly, Thor’s warning and predictor of darkness and doom.

frozen, stood standing still, mouth wide open, gaping in contemplation, to dread

oh my goodness, now, where, how, what, when, did i forget?


Oh no, why this particular charm, a message to me?

what lesson was therein, that needed to be seen?

engaging rune experts, enquiring about this test

in the hope that they would shed light, simplify strategies, for this quest.

rune life can only be understood looking backward, but it must bel lived forward.jpg

Their messages were wordy, long, grey, dark and bleak

don’t you dare enter this gateway, before you self-seek

shock and horror, i stood stunned, immobilised and aghast

i looked at that dreaded closed gateway before me, wondering what was it that, i lacked?


rune thurisaz


I heard a grind, a loud groan, a twisting of key, to bolted lock

looking inside myself to see, what it was, therein, that perhaps i had forgot?

like a bolt of thunder and a lightening strike

the door opened widely, to show me with all of its Might!


rune journey to find yourself begins with a step
Thanks to The Hermit ~ Facebook.


To my own self i had not been true,

more self, love and attention, the memorandum, on what i needed to do!

looking at the door, now, outstretched and wide open


I realised right then, if, I were to move forward, then more ‘self-care’ was the token.

Thurisaz in his wisdom, right there, had loudly spoken.

Victoria S Healing ~ 11.10.2018

at the G.A.T.E.W.A.Y ><>< Rhyme in Verse

(“Gateway. Place of Non-Action. The God Thor”

this is my poetic interpretation of “The Book of Runes” ~ Ralph Blum)


rune thurisaz if you find humour you survive .jpg

“The most common way people give up their power,

is by thinking they don’t have any.” ~ Alice Walker (Revolutionary Petunias)


rune gateway open door

No rune is just “good” or “bad” but needs to have a full picture of its “character,”

Meaning: this rune has two seemingly contradictory meanings: div and trn. However, both point to the aggressiveness of aggressive nature that is difficult to escape. It refers to various disruptive forces in the subconscious, conflicts, the blockage of creative energy, all that does not rest until we move to the necessary change. On the other hand, it represents the god Tor, that is, his hammer, the weapon he was defending the gods and the people of the ice giants. This speaks of its great patronage - this rune can stop the action of the enemy and even return the negative energy from where it came from.
Positive features: protection, defense, fertility and regeneration, survival of the difficulty, need for action 
Negative features: problems, conflicts, aggression, destruction, attack, sudden change that we are not prepared for. 
Deity: Tor ~ http://huginnmuninn.net/Rune/ZnacenjeRuna.html


Rhyme in Verse



lets, g r o w

rune hagazla great things never come from comfort zones .jpg

Odins Rune |-| HAGALAZ



Letting go of your doubts, a chant from this stone

how do you handle disruptions, do you fight back, or will you atone?

Hagalaz brings a message to you

about changes and freedom, can you follow through?


rune you are unique .jpg

To your own self be true,

if you suspect harmful vibes, turn your back, walk away

break free from those perpetual drama plays.


Let all negativity  go

Hagalaz |-| is the great awakener, that life, is yours, wake up and grow.


only give your time, energy and efforts to those who support

at times of ‘disruption’, give this message, some thoughts.


rune hagalaz free thinkers seem crazy .jpg

Victoria S Healing ~ 8.10.2018

Lets g o ~ ><>< Odin’ Runes

(Poetic interpretation from The Book of Runes ~ Ralph Blum)


Are you strong enough? ~ Sheryl Crowe and Stevia nicks

rune hagalaz projects now realised

The hailstorm of Hagalaz clears away stagnation, weakness and 
disease, and once it is passed the way is cleared and strong 
new growth can manifest. The appearance of Hagalaz suggests that 
a time of testing is at hand; it is up to the individual to find 
the strength within them to turn adversity into opportunity and 
destruction into rebirth”
Pronunciation: ha-gah-laz ~ |-| 

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Rhyme in Verse



let us, b e g i n

rune cookies .jpg


INGWAZ is the rune that I cast out today

This is the way forward, I think that, I should here say.


runes baby warrior

Ingwuz is your charm and reminder to begin it now

what is your vision, what is your dream?

keep focussing on that, if you know, what I mean.


This rune is tethered, akin to the moon,

stormy waters and emotions, your time is calling, let your fears be subdued.

new beginnings are starting up now.

take your life by the reigns, be prepared to know how.


Ingwaz reminds us to become centred and grounded,

let all that you wish for, become compounded.

free yourself from tension, anxiety and worry

take some time out, be patient, don’t hurry.


Remain calm and certain in all that you do

then your destiny will be revealed,

just follow this trail through.


A new life, a new path

Is this what you ask?


Unfold your wings, crack open your shell

Life as you know it, will become happy, as well.

runes viking cat .jpg

Victoria S Healing ~ 7.10.2018

Letters B e g i n ><>< Rhyme in Verse

(Poetic translation from The Book of Runes ~ Ralph Blum)

runes ingaz (ing) represents fertility. freyr was the statues the other 2 being odin and thor .png

The hexagon represents balance, and the symbol in the middle 
comes from a INGWUZ RUNE - meaning Fertility, New Beginning. 
It may indicate a time of joyful liberation, a new life, a new way.
 As a rune of great power it means that you have the strength to 
reach your completion, the solution from which there is a 
new beginning. 


)0( (Notes worthy: Today’s numerology 7.10. 2018 is not merely by chance,

This date also adds up to the ‘1’ ~ new beginnings, become enhanced) )0(


C h a r m i n g

runes you were wild once dont let them tame you.png

casting from the runes

“From a word to a word I was led to a word

From a work to a work I was led to a work” ~ Odin


Find a quiet place, cast out, a magical, healing rune

be guided toward your destiny, treasures, fortune.

ask a question of your runes oracle when feeling in a bind

what is the significance of that symbol, there that you find?


runes the viking runes.png

Learn their language, let them speak

If, it is your own self reflection, that you do seek


A reminder, a call, to direct your attention

hark on, as i reiterate, these stones are not a future prophecy or prediction

think of their symbols as; meaningful signs, or notices of intentions


Renewing your focus, evoking new chances

moving forwards, towards better circumstances.

follow these letters as they are thrown

understand those reflections, as they become known


runes stop playin small be the bad ass you meant to be .jpg

They speak of pathways of changes and growth

‘seekers of truth’  i would appeal to you, make of life, the most

sacred knowledge, initiated from ancient times past

let their messages, mantras and chants be cast.


Detach then, from outcomes, fear and worry

but a reminder to be patient, don’t be in a hurry

let the runes guide and transform

the destiny you had chosen, before the day you were born.


Odin of Asgard, was known as the greatest seer,

fortunes, inner sights and divination were made clear.

ancient wanderer, God of poetry and healing

woden warrior, Valhalla to him, was appealing


Cast these sacred runes as guidance for your own learning

although, you should remember at all times, to be discerning

runes may all our daughters be divinely blessed.jpg

Victoria S Healing ~ 6.10.2018

c h a r m i n g ><>< Rhyme in Verse

(a poetic interpretation) ~ from ‘The Book of Runes’ by Ralph Blum


rune warrior .png

Runes (Meaning) ‘Old English rūn ‘a secret, mystery’; not recorded 
between Middle English and the late 17th century, when it was 
reintroduced under the influence of Old Norse rúnir, rúnar 
‘magic signs, hidden lore’.


Odin, also called Wodan, Woden, or Wotan, one of the principal gods in Norse mythology. … Odin was the great magician among the gods and was associated with runes. He was also the god of poets. Odin | Myth & History | Britannica.com

Asgard In Norse religion, is one of the Nine Worlds

Valhalla, a magnificent hall where half of all those who die in battle are sent



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Rhyme in Verse



s e c r e t, promises

dogs blogs secret code winks .jpg

(on cosmic codes – Part 1)

get even with odd numbers…

numerology 1 meaning of life know your purpose just know

your numbers are up


be amazed, entertained, flabbergasted and astounded,

have fun working out your own numbers with our new group at

Numerology by the Numbers Closed Group

don’t believe me?

here is YOUR key to UNLOCK your secret doorway to a sacred path with

numerology, as your guide.

numerology by the numbers .jpg

there are only nine simple steps to follow…


Kimberley finn stepping on stones purnulu 13584906_993008624146709_5663144924011916944_o.jpg

this is a place where one journey leads to another, these journeys are not navigated by chance, there are signposts for you, yourself to discover.

use these stepping stones to help you to understand your own, one true path.

so, trust me, when i say, that you don’t have to be a maths genius to work out your own numbers.

if i can add up, anyone can!

every calendars days are numbered

Victoria S Healing ~ 6.10.2018

Secrets, calling ~> Rhyme in Verse

numerology by the numbers you had the power all along my darling .jpg


a promise lives within you

if you’d like a FREE numerology reading, or want to know more about how YOU

can work out your own life-direction for yourself, join our new group @

Numerology Daily Matters @healingvictoria 

numerology 1 expecting change without putting effort waiting for a ship at the airport


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Rhyme in Verse



FULL s t o p


Wyndham boab tree advice from a tree enjoy the views 3528123_993200960794142_8906770915822040416_oit’s 6am in the morning

these rains have come yet again

sitting listening quietly, with blank white paper, poised with my pen

hearing loudly, noisy birds squawking in the trees

fighting to find their rightful place to, in shelter be


isn’t our life a little like that?

are we all fighting for survival?

hiding our real emotions under our hats

throwing out words, hoping our message is understood


is anyone listening, or paying attention?

oh, that would be so good.


I hear those raindrops, hitting softly on the ground

tinkly, sprinkly moments, of good life ‘real’ sounds

which made me wonder, is it in our ‘nature’ to stop, silently and stare?


taking a special moment

to S T O P listen, look and wonder

w h o

and what

is outside, ourselves,

write there…


Shark Bay Dogs an that listen closely with curious eyes .jpgVictoria Healing ~ 5.10.2018

FULL s t o p <~M~> Rhyme in Verse


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Rhyme in Verse