Great. Outdoors!

beach Perth beach1401477_479893435458233_1679979619_o
Beaumaris Beach, Western Australia 


Extreme new rules are in place, for this crisis,
limiting all of our outdoor exercises.
Half an hour is deemed quite okay,
locked in for three weeks, so today was our day!

Imagining abandoned and empty streets,
inhabited by a creepy, zombie apocalypse.
Yet, our world seemed, quite the same,
a little quieter, a few cars remained.

To feel the sand under feet, at our beach,
was our happy nirvana, to reach.
Finding a secluded spot; our quest,
others, seemingly held the same behest.

Dodging each other as we jogged along;
all, in avoidance of mass throngs.
Concealing ourselves, under shady rocks,
hearing lulling sounds of ocean, my heart had forgot.

Those thirty minutes allotted for exercise,
revived our hearts, souls, spirits and toned thighs.
Refreshed and ready to return to quarantine:
now feeling, calm, revitalised and serene.
Victoria Healing ~ 7.4.2020
©Great. Outdoors!

It’s Bear’s Life

Bear 2016 Kimberleys bear life much simpler on back roads 13938228_1028587703922134_7266047646530200117_o

Mr Bear came into our lives, over eight years ago,
beautiful, deep soulful honey eyes, his heart made of gold.
Travelling all over the top end of Australia with us,
as we’d lavish him with a great amount of extra fuss.

If you needed a love lifeline, he was always there,
providing all of his tender, sweet and loving care.
Constantly by our sides, our precious family member,
our valiant protector, but, never did he loose his temper.

You’d never find another, who’d love you so much,
as he too was appreciated, with strokes of our affection and love.
But, sadly that dreaded day had come,
when he was too tired and all of his adventures were done.

His health ailments and pain, had became too much,
although, he’d never complained, or fussed.
One day, without warning, he pleaded for his rest,
we all knew that, to let him go to sleep, was best.

Tears are now in my eyes, as it is hard to describe:
How much we all miss him still, sitting by our sides.
How much he was loved so dearly;
but Mr Bear needed sleep, he showed us, quite clearly.

I think you’d say he was happy to have been, a part of our family,
He’ll always be in our hearts, remembering his life, but now, so sadly.
Never will he be forgotten, or replaced;
we will always remember Bear’s loving charm and gentle grace.

Nobel patriarch, we were blessed to have had you in our lives,
our happiest hours were spent, with you, right by our sides.
Victoria Healing ~ 6.4.2010
©It’s Bear’s Life

“We Never Knew We Were Making Memories, We Were Just Having Fun”

dogs bear ruby and girls Christmas dogs 1491529_504024643045112_1151892386_o

Christmas partying with his travelling companions, in Busselton.
From left to right; Roxy, Zoonie, Ruby and their big brother Bear

family bear finn ruby and mr wilson

Bear, with his brothers and sisters:
Hiding at the back, Grumpy cat; Mr Wilson. Right Mr Finn. Front Princess Ruby.


Bear 2020Bear, sneaking in a nap.


Bear, keeping an eye on everyone.


Puppy sitting his new baby brother, Charlie

bear paw print broome 2014

Bear leaving his paw print at Barne Hill Station, in Broome.


Sleep peacefully Mr Bear.

We Love You

Fish Out Of Water

holiday heaven a woman cannot survive on wine alone she needs camping


This is the time of year when,  (under normal circumstances) we would be packing up our caravan for our annual winter getaway up in the Northwest of Australia.
For obvious reasons, we’re grounded, but I can still reminisce … 

A Fish Out of Water
I’ve spent hours watching everyone fish on the beach,
sitting on my deck chair, within an arms reach.
As I write poems, or read books and glance around,
waiting to hear that ‘ooooooh wow’ ‘I caught a fish’ shout.

As they race to show me their treasure,
our camera is at the ready and a tape measure.
To see so much joy on their faces,
makes me feel happy, as my heart races.

Although, I am not a woman who likes fishing,
hubby keeps nagging me and wishing.
Begging to buy me, my own fishing rod,
but I tell him bluntly, “I’d rather write a blog”

Here, I have a confession about my pic,
he’d hooked this ‘Longtom’ and said,
“Let me get a fish photo with you quick’! …

Victoria Healing ~ 8.9.2015
©Fish out of Water

me longtom exmouth Fish out of water
Image: Hubby Healing in Exmouth ~ Gardie Beach

This is a “Longtom”… the first big fish, I never caught: with the help of hubby .

at Yardie Creek, Cape Range NP WA.

September 8, 2015 at 9:20am · Exmouth, WA ·

Rhyme Universe

Special Eggs-emption

Our Island Home Special Eggs-emption for travel


Social conventions, are being challenged,
will we be ready and able to manage?
Secluded, here in the paradise of Perth,
the most isolated country in the whole world.

Staying indoors, no trips abroad,
no panic buying, not a time to hoard.
Health pandemic is heading West,
drastic measures applied, to minimise threats.

Closing the borders, closing our towns,
we’ve enforced a community shut down.
Pubs, beaches and businesses are locked,
even our sporting season, has been dropped.

Family gatherings are herewith postponed,
confined to stay sheltered in our homes.
Our essential workers, are battling on frontlines,
our prayers are with our true heroes, in these scary times.

Churches are closed, as Easter approaches;
but EASTER BUNNY, please take notice!
Your travel plans, will not be restricted;
our Premier announced, for you, all bans are lifted.

Here is a special certificate of Eggs-emption,
in commemoration of Christ’ resurrection.
There will be no shortage of chocolate eggs,
our Premier Mark McGowan has gone to great lengths.

Life will carry on ‘nearly’ the same,
we’re just making the best of what remains.

Dearest Western Australian tourists, don’t forget:
please postpone your travel plans here, don’t visit, yet!

Victoria Healing ~ 3.4.2020
©Special Eggs-emption.



perth destination perth
Image: Destination Perth






It’s the Small Habits

corona not stuck at home safe at home

Fighting valiantly,
for a sense of reality.
Everyone is asking,
‘How long will this virus be active?’

It’s obvious and clearly evident,
but terribly hard to accept.
This pandemic will never be over,
our way of life different, as we’d known it.

It’s the small habits that we change,
that can be rearranged.
Social isolation, restricted movement,
adds to our worry and confusion.

Acceptance is the key,
find a new order and strategy.
Devise a plan to keep in touch,
with loved ones, you must.

Support the vulnerable at risk,
do not rush or prejudge your mental rift. 
Life will not go on as before,
this pandemic is akin to a major war.

As our world undergoes a shift,
look for the silver lining of hidden benefits.
Victoria Healing ~ 30.3.2020
© It’s the Small Habits

Image: Becoming Minimalist

Rhyme Universe


Attention. April.

april when life gets a little blurry adjust your focus carry on


In Numerology
April represents:

‘Four’ ~ Build a Solid Foundation

Due to Corona, we officially now have three days in a week;
1. Yesterday.
2. Today.
3. Tomorrow.

No-one needs to tell you, that human civilisation is experiencing massive changes right now.

You may feel that your every day life, now holds many restrictions, but true liberty comes from getting satisfaction from doing what has to be done and doing it gladly.

We have to start where we are, find out what we need, have a plan and follow it through, step by step. Complete each step before proceeding to the next.

April is a more serious month requiring hard work to set the foundation for whatever you’re working on: job, relationships, health, or family. Persist through hardships and obstacles, no matter how long it takes, or how hard it seems.

Remain calm when everything around you is in chaos and be a port in the storm for others. Keep a sense of perspective and take things in bite sized pieces, until you have sorted it all.

Your Mantra should be: “Rome wasn’t built in a day”

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