Shark bait?

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The Ocean Aquarium was next on our ‘Shark Bay’ tour…

Marine life a plenty,

Learning so much about sea life, food chains and environmental laws.

Shark Bay Ocean Aquarium this lionfish isn't sleeping tonight .jpgThere, we met a lionfish, who stared hard at us,

Then a Moray Eel who gave us slimy, slithery looks;

Did you then know that they had created the ‘Alien’ movie studying this creature?

Two sets of teeth; (inside and out) so run away if they meet you!

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Next, was a slippery venomous snake,

Razor sharp undercarriage,

I didn’t want to hold, embrace or take.

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Then floating along, came a lucky rescued turtle

Old girl of the sea, I think that they had called her Myrtle?

Reminding me that when you throw away plastic and waste

You may assign some poor creature to a harmful, painful, deadly fate!


Our girls were invited indoors for a visit with us,

So glad that they survived the shark feeding frenzy, with a little bit of care and some luck.

Hiding in the shadows, they barked at those sights…

Although, I really think that they gave those sharks a little fright.

Shark Bay ocean aquarium, girls got our tickets now wheres the sharks.jpg

Our tour guide was an American gentle man by the name of Mike;

So enjoyable and interesting, as he told us all about marine life and our sharks plights.


You may think that those sharks are man-eaters of course;

But did you know that they wouldn’t eat us be… cause…

There’s not enough fatty meat on our bones

If they knew that we are humans, then they would definitely leave us alone.


But if I ever meet one, I won’t take that chance,

There is one thing in ‘knowing’ that it’s okay;

Another to be anxious, if you are there, by circumstance.

Shark Bay ocean aquarium don't be tripping on a stonefish.jpgThe next funny creature I had never seen before,

Was a grumpy old stonefish,

Who appeared to look lonely and bored.

Disguised and camouflaged, hiding in that tank,

If you ever step on one, we’ll be hearing your excruciating roars.


Mike had told us, the best cure if ever you do get stung,

Is to immerse yourself in ‘hot’ spa waters, for a long time to dunk!

Hot, Artesian Spa’s they are a plenty right here,

So he said you should sit and soak for 12 hours, while you’re drinking a cold beer.

Shark Bay ocean aquarium the sting can you get a mob together .jpgIn the next pool, lived a blue spotted stingray, majestic and serene,

He or she was the most elegant fish, that I think I have ever seen.

Shark Bay ocean aquarium swim in your own direction.jpgSo learning about lifestyle, environments and writing some more,

For me this is never a hardship, or ever a bore;

I think that the best classrooms are when you are visiting the great outdoors;

Learning isn’t as enjoyable when you’re sitting trapped within four walls!

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Victoria Healing ~ 20.8.2017

Sharks at Bay ~ Hey Momma

Shark Bay, ocean aquarium dogs, live, laugh, yawn.jpg

Ocean Park Aquarium is an exciting ecotourism venture set on the 
pristine shores of the Shark Bay Marine Park and World Heritage Area. Customers are taken on an educational guided tour of the facility by a qualified marine scientist, where they meet local marine creatures such as sharks, sea snakes, stonefish, stingrays and many more!
 Ocean Park is entirely solar powered and produces their own fresh 
water and is a centre for scientific research and rehabilitation.



Sharks are worth more money in the water than on your plate, a recent study confirms.


On 23 July 2017 Shark Bay Dive conducted an underwater clean-up of 
Steep Point. With over 230kg of fishing line, lures, sinkers and 
assorted waste recovered, the mission was a success. 
Check out the video below or read our blog to find out more -

Eagle Rocks and Cockle Shells

Shell Beach, may you have sand in your pockets and shells in your toes.jpg

Next on our travel wish list was…


Eagle Bluff, so picturesque! a magical, breathtaking place

Once seen, never forgotten, but no photo’s here,

Because our camera shots wouldn’t take!


We’ll go back another day and try again

As this is a sacred place for our dear Aboriginal women and men

Their indigenous culture is suspicious of…

Any photographs that are taken as they are our traditional land owners of Oz.


Funny then, that my camera wouldn’t work?

Strange goings on, I thought this mysterious law here seems to lurk!


Never before had I had that experience,

I will always honour and respect this circumstance!


Eagle Rock Island was just off in the distance!

They say that this is, one of the best places to come for a visit.


The rock in front of this Bay…

Is where the Eagles and Ospreys come home to stay.


Shallow, clear crystal waters below;

If you visit at high tide, so many marine wonders to know.


It is said that under the boardwalks, is teeming with life

Including Rays, Turtles, Sharks and Dugongs, now that would be nice.


World Heritage listing… and you can see why

Make sure you put this on your wish list and definitely drop by



Shell Beach if you need me call  me on my shell phone.jpgWent off next to visit the wonders of Shell Beach

Cockle Shells are ingrained they say, over nine metres deep.


Sapphire oceans and snowy white Cockle Shell beach

Only a few handful of places on earth, where shells replace the sands to the reef.


Created naturally for over 4000 years

This beach is over 120kms long,

Breathtakingly amazingly so white, pristine and pure;

You’ll want to stay longer that is for sure!

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Lucky and glad to have seen this phenomenon

So much natural beauty, here, is going on!

Shell Beach I need a job on the beach.jpg

Victoria Healing ~ 18.8.2017

Eagles Rock and Cockle Shells ~ Hey Momma

Eagle Bluff is “Located approximately 20 km south from Denham, this 
area is named after the osprey or sea eagles which nest on the rock island just 
offshore. It boasts a boardwalk, which extends over the ocean and 
from this you can see the Useless Loop salt pile as well as the 
spectacular Shark Bay wildlife. Dugongs can be seen during the summer months, when they come in close to shore to feed on the massive sea grass meadows in the Shark Bay area.

The warm, shallow waters of this bay abound in fish species such as 
whiting and mullet which attract dozens of sharks to feed.

The deeper channel water contains many colourful species of coral 
making it great for snokelling if you don't mind sharing the water 
with the sharks.

Eagle Bluff also marks the spot where Captain H.M. Denham carved the 
inscription on a rock in 1858 from which the town derives its name. 
The rock is now placed in Pioneer Park in the township of Denham 
because it was fragile and breaking away from the Bluff.

The raised boardwalk also gives views of two small limestone islands 
once mined for guano and now important breeding bird colonies. 
The larger island is called Eagle Island”


Image courtesy of Shark Bay News. Sunset at Eagle Bay

Travels Journal 2017

Tales of the riverbank


Kayaking doggy tails up the river.jpg

Spending today kayaking in the great Outback

What more could you want, what more could you lack?

Supplies of sandwiches in the car, drinks in the back


Our girls are loving, enjoying the sun;

Freedom to explore, whilst having a little run.

The river is calming, peaceful, sunshine is out;

An enjoyable happy day, without any doubt.


No one around, got the place to ourselves

Little butterflies are here, floating around.


Got the fishing rods, all set up

I’ll just sit here for a while, enjoying the views, while appreciating, this outlook…

Kayaking, procrastikayaking the art of kayaking when you should be doing something elseOars at the ready,

Kayak on the shore!

How perfect life is

It’s never a bore.


Floating up the river,

Girls on board,

How peaceful and serene, paradise is here, oh my Lord!

Kayaking, dogs girls, life is simple just add water .jpgSounds of silence, hush and still

Taking moments to enjoy these moments, is just so brill!


Sun-cream slapped on, this sun is hot

Off to enjoy my day now, so that is your lot.

Kayaking dogs, kayak hair, don't care.jpg

Victoria Healing ~ 16.8.2017

Tales of the Riverbanks ~ Hey Momma



Shark Bay never stop exploring.jpgVenturing out to the Little Lagoon in Shark Bay,

It was so windy; the breezes nearly blew us away


Hubby took his rod, hooks and some prawns

Hoping to catch some fish, his line was adorned.


Oh no, but the tide has gone out…

So that made him sad and his face gave a pout.


We’ll have to go back on another sunny day

When the gusts have gone and blown away!


Little Lagoon holds unique Aussie wildlife galore…

Pied Cormorants, Oyster Catchers and Ospreys foraging on the shore.

Shark bay osprey coomerants .jpg

Bar Tailed Godwits flown over 10,000 kms from the Arctic, visit in summer

But we are here in Winter, oh no, what a bummer!

Deep in this lake, they say there are schools of Mullets

If you look carefully you’ll see them jump up from under the inlet.

Shark bay high tides mullet stingray.jpgOr else would you like to see Shovel Nosed Stingrays?

Look carefully around this scenic Turquoise Blue Bay…


Warnings were cautioning for poisonous Stonefish

If you see one of those, you had better run-away quick!


Oh no, I nearly forgot, also to be seen out there…

Are Yellow Eye and Mangrove Fantails

If you carefully take time… to look out and stare.

Shark Bay mangroves moments.jpg

Now we’re back at the caravan park,

Sitting outside, around 5 before it gets dark.


Oh wow, just look over there…

Our resident Emu is just passing by,

Feeding on grass and plants from our neighbour’s site!


Better watch out, now, he’s stopped to stare!

Only mess with him, if you dare!

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Victoria Healing ~ 15.8.2017

Wild life ~ Hey Momma





Ger thnking six fantastic thoughts before breakfast 20746142_1091221487678268_5668104457314086487_o.jpg

“Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” 
 ― Lewis CarrollAlice in Wonderland


Dreams are illustrations your soul i writng about you 18403522_1488593457828808_570570625882049688_n.jpgWhen you are waking up from sleep…

Listen inwards to your aspirations, those messengers are true and deep.

Tune in, pay attention to ‘what they have to say’…

Your inner guidance is leading you forward anew, throughout your day.


Lewis Carroll once had said,

“Why, I think six impossible thoughts, before breakfast” when I get out of bed!

Do you think he had tuned in, to his dreams sights and feelings within?

Dreams are today anwers to tomorrows questions 19055123_1518543904833763_6490035541907714770_o.jpgAs you come out of your fantasy dream state;

Mystical, magical, as you start feeling awake…

Think back in to your emotions and reactions, to what you have dreamed

Another dimension, is always there, have you seen?


What are the feelings that you had?

Was it an adventure or perhaps some feelings of sad?

Those Dreams are Teachers there for you

Guiding you forward, in what you want to do.

Dreams teachers 18922161_1518543861500434_2830179061960488858_n.jpgWrite those feelings down

That way, you will see forward, the jewel in your crown.

Do you understand what I say?

As the sunrise comes dawning…

Let your dream ideas, thinking and thoughts stay!


Nothing is impossible if you ‘see’ your visions within

Just look to your dreaming aspects and let that forward sight begin!

Dreams follow your dreams they know the way 18447662_1493208490700638_467030327001877868_n.jpgVictoria Healing 15.8.2017

Messengers ~ Hey Momma

“I knew who I was this morning, but I've changed a few times since 
 ~ Lewis Carroll, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland & 
Through the Looking-Glass


Dream Stars imagination 11698969_800478623399711_1385801251296564301_o“Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality.”
― Lewis CarrollAlice in Wonderland


“Some people see things that are and ask, Why? 
 Some people dream of things that never were and ask, Why not? 
 Some people have to go to work and don't have time for all that.” 
 ― George Carlin


Sunset’s De Jour

Broome sunset de jour12068600_841083886005851_3458984645078467234_o.jpg

At the conclusion of the day
Sun lights up the sky
As it slips over the horizon
Colours of red, yellow, orange, ochre
So magnetic
Eerily sublime …

As the sun falls over the ocean
Before it goes down
Glimmers fades and Explodes …
Above its golden crown …

Sunset broome cable beach 13995610_1019402658173972_410609779457501535_o.jpgDarkness draws near …
“Twilight’s” hazy dusk
Magical times to watch the exploding
Brilliance of resplendent red flush

Out comes the moon
In her bright white opaque glory

Reminding me of ancient times
Legends …
Mythical stories …

Reflecting her rays downwards on earth
So powerful
A soiree to behold and love …
Radiating shining, beaming life’s song
Eternal gaze has released eons
Infinity long

Broome supermoon 10483230_639197346194507_1857683313545637039_o.jpg
The Staircase to the Moon is a natural phenomenon caused by the rising of a full moon reflecting off the exposed mudflats in Roebuck Bay at extremely low tide, to create a beautiful optical illusion of a stairway reaching to the moon. This spectacular sight occurs from March through to November. 

How many moons have risen?
As Earth played her song
Didgeridoos buzzing,
Bush poet yarns …
Country music,
Rhythms and blues
Over this Australian land
I ponder, gape, stare and Muse …


Victoria Healing ~ 28.9.2015
Sunset De Jour ~ Hey Momma

Camel train, no matter how long the journey take one more step.jpg




Jaws, dropping


May many kindred spirits guide you along..

As you look out for the messages, signposts and hear mother nature’s earth songs.


Believe, that there is always magic in the air

No time for complaints, troubles, worries or cares.


Instincts are high when you’re travelling off on the road

Dreaming messages, imaginings, tuned in to overload.


Here at Shark Bay where our Aboriginal people say…

That this world heritage centre, means; ‘home, camp and resting place’

Not a shark in sight yet, as we look out to the sea…

Although, Dolphins a plenty at the famous Monkey Mia, if you want to see!

17757483_1639131579433623_8654425546771638269_n.jpgDolphins only come for a visit at feeding time,

Better arrive there early though, when the weather is fine.


So, how did Monkey Mia get its name?

If you want to know more then following; is the repute of fame.


In 1834 a ship named the ‘Monkey’ was searching this wild coast

Because they had heard that there was a severely ship wrecked boat.


Misfortune and distress for ‘Zuytdorp’ a Dutch East Indian ship, reputed to be wrecked on the cliffs,

Unfortunately and so sadly all were missing on board that sailor’s list.


No signs of these mariners were ever found…

So they called off the search

And the ‘Monkey’ returned to Fremantle, back to their home hunting grounds

20045344_1753670687979711_2309804482628773009_o.jpgDenham, Shark Bay is the most Westerly point of WA

Named ‘Freshwater Camp’, back in those golden olden days.

These are the cockles at Shell Beach, the water is the most vivid colour of aquamarine!


Known as a pearling station, homestead and camp

Pastoral and fishing industry signed, this as a stop on the Australian map.


The traditional owners of this land are the Gutharraguda ~

True meaning of this name is Two Waters.

Shark keep calm and love sharks 1795340_516827848431458_352631821_o.jpgLook back at their ancient heritage and culture

Then the Malgana, Nhanda and Inggarda people had dwelt in this region

Long before the Europeans set their sights on this shore in olden seasons.


Ancient artefacts were found at this site,

Proving the history of Hamelin Pool’s Stromatolites.


Natural, timeless wonders and beauty

Yes, that is so, absolutely.


Emu’s drop by the caravan park to say hello,

Then on the road, they are following you, as you go.


Raining today, so we have had to stop our outdoor play

So, living our life in a caravan you ask? For me, there is no better way.


Home from home, with everything you need

Solitude, rest and respite from those suburban diseased.


Hubby is in his element, having a sticky beak,

At all of the campers, comings and goings,

More like-minded people who want to search and seek.


Some campers just visit here for a night

Taking a quick view at the scenery and sights.

Others have long term parking sites

Staying for the conversations and chats on warm balmy nights.


Oh did I forget to mention our happy hour?

At 5.00pm you see everyone walking by

Carrying chairs, nibbles and their drinking supplies.


Many new places to explore and adventure…

Stay tuned in, if this story inspires and encourages to see here.

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Victoria Healing ~ 12.8.2017

Natural Wonders ~ Hey Momma



The local indigenous guardians of the Sharks are the Malgana people..
They call the sharks "Thaarka". Like Eddie Mabo, the famous 
Australian Aboriginal who started the land rights movement and whose 
totem was the Tiger Shark, ALL the saltwater people of West Australia
 hold sharks as sacred. In indigenous culture sharks are respected, 
revered and protected. Aboriginal Australians have been the sharks 
protectors for thousands of years.
 We need to do the same. — in Shark Bay, Denham.


All images are courtesy of Shark Bay News, Shark Bay Arc Project and Shark Bay Tourism Centre


Prism cried no shoes met a man with no feet0952571_900726363282537_4871887296965524941_n

“Life is like a prism, what you see depends on how you turn the glass” ~

~ Jonathan Kellerman. @GoodReads


The heart of a gypsy is always good to have

Perhaps it may come from a past life

Well, I don’t think that, that is so bad…


Travelling around in a caravan

Absorbing the views of prehistoric lands

Kimberleys what are we looking for when we travel lou with camera 13995542_1026416670805904_5685976167076701833_o.jpgPark up where you want

Nothing to do,

Surveying the terrains and the natural views.


Life on the road is absolute solitude,

Nowhere to stopover? Well then a car park will do!

We’ve mastered the art of free camping too


No one to answer to, as we travel around

On the slow roads of life, new sights, smells and sounds


Purple good morning16831956_594185334117717_9095030454142034830_n.png

Up early in the morning saying ‘good day’ to the crows and to the larks

Just as the sun, rises, up after night’s dim and dark.


Clattering and banging as people are hooking up

Off on new adventures and journeys, sight seeing to book


The smells of bacon and eggs aroma, near, in the air

Wouldn’t want to be anywhere else, to be fair.


Planning a new day, now, just where shall we go?

Just following our senses, there is always so much more to see and know.

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Weather is fine, perhaps some fishing to book

Let’s go to the ocean, wonder, gaze out and look.


Losing tracks of the days as we go,

Who cares about calendars and clocks?

When you’re off driving around, on the road.


Purple no no adventures first 13323337_1174571642595475_4538828693813126619_o.jpg

Victoria Healing ~ 10.8.2017

Prisms ~ Hey Momma


“Blessed are the gypsies

The makers of music

The artists, the writers

The dreamers of dreams

Wanderers and vagabonds

Children and misfits

For they teach us to see the world

Through beautiful eyes”


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Dream I see my dreams as if I already creat them 19983801_1437830546308593_4296208898538448778_o.jpg

I do not understand how anyone can live without some small place of 
enchantment to turn to~ Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings (GoodReads) 

“Self Compassion”

Only YOU can do “you”
Don’t ever compare
Look at the big picture
Look at your worries and cares!

No personal self-judgements
No negative advice…

Would you speak so tough and harshly if “you”
Were your best friend or child?

Accept what is happening
Let it all go …

let go and do it 12742589_930159030432365_7654198712802447858_nTry not to be tough and judgemental
With your own sensitive
Fragile dear spirit ~ soul …

Perceive the lesson
Understand the challenge…
Redefine your idea of “perfect”
Within your human connections.

Be authentic,
Flaws and all
Have trust in yourself and your own intuition.

Believe in your own call!

It’s right there, you only have to listen …

What do you hear?
Is that your inner insight?

Can you …

Hear your

Then your future looks bright.
ger says choose to be your strongest self .pngVictoria Healing ~ 30.9.2015

Self is Calling ~ Hey Momma





Pack up your troubles

purple mirror Those with eclectic taste seeing is believing 17761096_1385370301506805_263365364474657422_o.jpg

“There's only one place I want to go and it's to all the places 
I've never been.” 
 ― Nikki Rowe

Packing up, getting ready, to go off on another road-trip again!

Heading off to find the warm sunshine, pursuing our Zen.


Going to Monkey Mia to see their friendly Dolphins

Then, Just around the corner; there is Shark Bay.

They’ve set up a rescue mission, to keep our White Pointers safe.


Love to travel this prehistoric land,

Living in a caravan, no better, healthier life plans.


The road will be ‘clear with lots of beautiful views

Increasing our joy and happy carefree attitudes.


Got some beautiful flowers to put in our caravan

Like gypsy’s, roaming, nomadic, just because we can.


Three days travelling up North on the road

Butterflies in tummy, the excitement overloads.


What is this life…. if it’s not for adventures and fun?

If you’re not happy, pack up and move yourself on.

shoes if meant to stay in one place roots instead of feet .jpg

Your feet are not rooted into the ground…

Collect all of your worries and cares, go off travelling around.


Just like gypsies we love to roam,

Wherever we park our caravan, we call it home

silence visit another world 3.4.2017.jpg

No better tonic than visits in nature

All earthly treasures in life will satisfy and sate, yeah!


Guaranteed a hundred per cent fun…

The simple things in life are the best to wander on

Normal get away from12289576_1040448892643269_8634193789371099279_n.jpg

Victoria Healing ~ 7.8.2017

Packing Up ~ Hey Momma

“We are all wanderers on this earth

Our hearts are full of wonder

And our souls deep with dreams”

~ Romani proverb


It takes discipline to be a free spirit