October Turns for the Better

In Numerology, October is represented by “One”

Play to your strengths!

‘One’ means the flash of inspiration, the pure urge to action.

This is a month of new beginnings, independence, initiation, and achievement.

Don’t waste it with frivolous activities or useless relationships.

What you have been waiting for may now be yours. You could call this cycle, a turn for the better, the start of something new. 

The innovative ideas and fresh beginnings that you are experiencing now, are really an expression of cause and effect. Events that appear accidental or mere chance, result from efforts you have already expended. 

Stand alone and make decisions. Base your choices upon precise and definite facts, then rely upon your intuition, which is based on reason. Then you will know what to do. The wheel of fortune keeps turning and the next rotation can bring exactly what you want, if you trust in the magic of new beginnings.

Your mantra for October, should be: 

“There are no limits to my big ideas”

Numerology Daily Matters



Our Miguel was a feisty, loyal little fella,
until the awful day that he met Rottweiler, Bella. 
Both were vigilant and protective of their moms,
as their battles for leadership, raged on.

Each fighting for their territorial rights,
Miguel was a tiny, but brave sight.
Rescued from the animal sanctuary,
an important member of our family.

Following in his moms footsteps everywhere,
they were a happy, devoted and bonded pair.
However, a Tibetan spaniel is only 10 inches tall,
much too little to get into battle’s and brawl.

Miguel was no match for a giant Rottie, 
his small size and stature he’d forgotten.
Brave and true to the last day of his life,
with a lion mane and huge expressive eyes.

With his plumed tail, curled high in the air,
highly spirited he’d always take on a dare. 
Bred for their guardianship in monasteries of Tibet, 
loyal and true, forever on watch, to protect.   

He defender, as a gallant and heroic boss, 
but those natural traits came at a great cost.
One horrendous day in their perpetual conflict,
Bella growled, snatched Miguel, mauled and bit.

Our fearless Miguel, then lost his rights and life,
how we’d all wished he hadn’t put up a fight. 
This is a reminder when introducing new pet friends,
that on both dispositions you must depend. 

Now our little man is guarding Heavens door,
Miguel doesn’t have to be brave any more. 
Always in our hearts, cherished and loved,
still watching, with God’s guardianship from above. 
Victoria Healing 29.9.2020
Still Watching  
The frisky and curious Tibetan Spaniel was bred ages ago for sentinel work on the walls of Tibetan monasteries. Known for a flat, silky coat and “lion’s mane” around the neck, the Tibetan Spaniel forms a tight, worshipful bond with their humans. 

Puppy Love

One happy August day in 2008,
a basket arrived at our Jordans door. cradling a new little mate. 
A heavenly birthday surprise gifted from his Mom,
Jordan knew that his little puppy, was bound to be a lot of fun.

Squashed and squeezed with warmth and affection,
Ruby adored and loved Jordans attention.  
His true Companion and best friend:
an adorable little girl, on whom he could depend.

Our beautiful Ruby, was a darling little girl,
deep brown soulful eyes, long ruby red curls.
It was a joy to hold her snuggly, in our arms,
Ruby exuded alluring and irresistible charms. 

She loved her food, snoozing and treats,
our dearest, delightful furry girl, ever to meet.
Chilled, calm, relaxed and a faithful buddy to all,
but as she grew older, she stopped coming when called.

As old age was taking its harrowing toll,
blind, deafness and arthritis had taken hold. 
Why do our pets have such a short life?
only eleven years, it doesn’t seem fair or right.

Although we know that no one can be truly lost,
the treasures of love come at a painful cost. 
When she crossed over, surprisingly we had felt relief,
to know that Ruby is now out of pain and sleeping in peace. 

She was and will always be so well and truly loved,
as she now rests cuddled in the arms of angels above. 
Victoria Healing ~ 28.9.2020 
Puppy Love