Clapping for Eggs

"Clap, clap, I am asking for an egg for the children, on the parish'" 


Hand in hand, children march Welsh streets,
banging wooden clappers, asking for Easter treats.
Chanting at doors ‘Can we please have an egg’?
grinning broadly, as they each customarily beg. 

Shirts untucked, stained dresses, hair ruffled,
around neighbourhood homes they’ve shuffled. 
‘Who do you belong to?’ The occupants quizzed,
‘Give my regards to Mam, it’s good service you give’

Happily excited, but now exhausted and tired,
the households, having awarded their desires. 
In their baskets, Easter treasures safely stored,
eggs of various sizes and colours, as reward. 

Returning home with their gatherings of loot,
Mom’s patted heads, praising her tired brood.
Shoelaces slapping wearily on wooden floors,
their Easter work done, now thank the Lord.
Victoria Healing ~ 5.4.2020

Image: Claire Roige Photography- Family photographer in Swansea, South Wales.

If the family in the house knew these small children, knew their siblings, and some were missing, they would also give them an egg for those brothers or sisters.

Happy Easter Monday

in Welsh: Dydd Llun Pasg Hapus

Apparently egg clapping is a traditional Welsh thing, they prefer an Egg Clap to a Egg hunt.

Egg Clapping

The Welsh term for this custom is ‘Clapio Wyau’.

The translation is in other words for those who are being cared for on the parish – in the workhouse or receiving some benefits to support them. During the 19th Century, children would collect hen eggs from generous farmers to fill the family pantry for the Easter celebrations.

Trick or treat tradition revived

Clapping for Eggs 

Even though I have Welsh ancestors, I had never heard of this tradition before. Unfortunately a lot of our Welsh customs have been lost over time. I’ve had to research the Welsh museums for this information. There is no reference to egg clapping in Wiki, only a practice called egg tapping which has been taken from Europe to other countries. This is the only similar reference that I could find: It’s interesting to compare other countries festivals. These remind me of the old castanets we used to play in musical classes at school. I found an original image of these clappers in a Welsh historical group, who said that: ‘This clapper belonged to my Uncle Norman, must be nearly a hundred years old now’ 

Image: Original hand made wooden Clapper, which is over 100 years old

Wales has many of its own traditions for celebrating Easter.

a Sweet Affair

It was a powerful attraction,
knowing she’d find satisfaction. 
Doing her best to snub and ignore,
aware she’d been tempted before.

Clearly, they’d both known why,
'More reaction than good sense' she’d sighed.
In another few minutes, she’d reggret,
deliriously eggstatic in mutual respect.

Their fatal attraction too hard to resist,
should they avoid, eggnore, or co-exist? 
Her desire to taste, smell and touch,
irresistibly appealing, thrilling and lush.

Too late, a breath of sighing pleasure,
heart quickening in gratifying endeavour. 
Lost in wild salacious abandoned moments,
devouring chocolate Easter egg components. 

A good egg today, was too easy to find,
as her addictive senses were inclined.
This sweet appetising, do or die affair,
a delicious happiness, beyond compare. 

The mouth watering aroma of chocolate,
had all been too hard, not to gollop.   
Victoria Healing ~ 2.4.2021
a Sweet Affair

Will you be spending your Easter weekend indulging your love affair with chocolate eggs?


Here are 20 health benefits you may not know about and which will help you to indulge in it with less guilt. In moderation of course – I mean, the guilt!

Why does chocolate have such a strong allure? Why are so many of us powerless to resist when we see it? The answer may surprise you—it’s all because of chemistry.

I’ll admit it. I’m a huge chocoholic.

Images: Cadbury Chocolate. UK

Hide your giant easter egg, with the virtual Cadbury Chocolate Factory in Bourneville, UK.  

The Easter Egg Capital of the World 

Bilbies Not Bunnies

Pushing through the shop’s glass door,
there stood a Bilby, I’d not seen before.
The charismatic Bilby is a rare sight,
endangered species, in survival plight.

So, to Bilby yes? or to Bilby no?
these Easter treats, are good to go.
Your mission, should you accept,
to buy a ‘Bilby’ chocolate Easter egg.

Bilby versus Bunny, what’s the harm?
Bilbie’s have big ears too and lots of charm.
The same sweet look, touch, taste and smell,
warm, earthy flavours, we know so well.

Us Aussies aren’t big mates of rabbits,
an invasive species with killing habits. 
Our land down under has this new trend,
funds raised in candy for Bilbies defence.

This being, a statement of Australian pride,
Bilby easter eggs support marsupial life.
Bilbies are so much better than bunnies, 
guilt free treats, make conservation money.
Victoria Healing ~ 2.4.2021 
Bilbies Not Bunnies


“A meeting of adorable minds’

Heart melts, when Prince George met Bilby at Taronga Zoo.



Oii, Oii, Oii

The greater Bilby is also known as the rabbit-eared bandicoot, once occupied over 80 percent of Australia, but due to decades and decades of decline, they’ve become nearly extinct and only a handful of them exist in remote regions of Australia. Australian conservation groups are encouraging public awareness of the greater Bilby by promoting the Easter Bilby as an alternative to the Easter bunny.

Why you should support the Bilby this Easter


What can you do?

All you have to do is swap the chocolate bunny to chocolate Bilby this Easter.

Wildlife Conservation Co – link

Their future is in our hands




Top Image: OZ Travellers

Little Easter Witches

‘I wave a twig for a fresh and healthy year ahead; a twig for you, a prize for me’

Hungry smiles spread across their faces,
wishing to share in your good graces.
A treat for them, a blessing for you,
a fun tradition, of Easter witches crew. 

Cute freckled noses, red rosy cheeks,
visiting your home, to trick or treat.
This Easter Sunday be prepared;
with chocolate egg favours to share. 

When they knock, throw open the door,
greet them gladly, in stillness of hall. 
A prize of willow branch and rhyme take,
these good fortunes of home  will make. 
Return their favours with candy treats,
memories of their visit darling and sweet.    
Be witched and charmed in an instant,
Spellbound of little Finnish witches wisdom.

This, a glimpse into Nordic custom of globe, 
quite unlike but similar to our own. 
Victoria Healing ~ 1.4.2021
Little Easter Witches


The witches recite a traditional rhyme at the door: 

‘I wave a twig for a fresh and healthy year ahead; a twig for you, a prize for me’

‘Virvon, varvon, tuoreeks terveeks, tulevaks vuodeks; vitsa sulle, palkka mulle’ __ Finland)

‘Happy Virvonta’

Image: Finnish Sisu 


Celtic Tree Month

Willow ~ The Tree of Enchantment

From April 15 – May 12. 

Hang loose




Eggstra Special

Happy Eostre Weekend

You can hunt them… you can roll them,
you can scramble, fry or boil them.
Wrap them up in pretty paper,
paint them in pretty symbols and regalia.
Some are made with chocolate and cream,
tied in the prettiest bows, you’ve ever seen.
Some are born and laid from hens,
others, imitations, sold by retail men.
In many cultures around the world,
the egg is symbolic of fertility and rebirth.
However, you could never take away,
the eggstra special origins of Eostre day. 

Easter customs were initiated by the Celts,
celebrating their Sun God’s at local festivals.
Honouring a rebirth of the dawn of new light,
following the dark of Winter’s cold and chilly nights.

So, when did the Easter bunny appear?
it’s written in the history of goddess Eostre. 
Victoria Healing ~ 31.3.2021 
Eggstra Special


Read More:

Have you ever wondered how this seemingly bizarre tradition came to be? The chocolate bunnies and eggs serve as a reminder of Easter’s ancient origins

The date of Easter is not fixed, but instead is governed by the phases of the moon – how pagan is that? All the fun things about Easter are pagan. Bunnies are a leftover from the pagan festival of Eostre, a great northern goddess whose symbol was a rabbit or hare.

Top Image: Australian Eggs


Image: Forever Conscious

Special Eggs-emption

Our Island Home Special Eggs-emption for travel


Social conventions, are being challenged,
will we be ready and able to manage?
Secluded, here in the paradise of Perth,
the most isolated country in the whole world.

Staying indoors, no trips abroad,
no panic buying, not a time to hoard.
Health pandemic is heading West,
drastic measures applied, to minimise threats.

Closing the borders, closing our towns,
we’ve enforced a community shut down.
Pubs, beaches and businesses are locked,
even our sporting season, has been dropped.

Family gatherings are herewith postponed,
confined to stay sheltered in our homes.
Our essential workers, are battling on frontlines,
our prayers are with our true heroes, in these scary times.

Churches are closed, as Easter approaches;
but EASTER BUNNY, please take notice!
Your travel plans, will not be restricted;
our Premier announced, for you, all bans are lifted.

Here is a special certificate of Eggs-emption,
in commemoration of Christ’ resurrection.
There will be no shortage of chocolate eggs,
our Premier Mark McGowan has gone to great lengths.

Life will carry on ‘nearly’ the same,
we’re just making the best of what remains.

Dearest Western Australian tourists, don’t forget:
please postpone your travel plans here, don’t visit, yet!

Victoria Healing ~ 3.4.2020
©Special Eggs-emption.



perth destination perth
Image: Destination Perth






For the love of Bilby Joey


good morning he said and he meant it .png


‘It’s tricky to get photos of me, because I sleep all day and 
actually, sometimes I can fall over on my side when I’m sleeping 
(every so often, with my feet in the air)
When I am on the alert this is my best photo angle” ~ Bilby Joey

bilby wanted a life for tinka and her enormous ears .png


They need a rabbit proof fence; did you know?

for our future Bilby generation who may become extinct and sadly go.

Their past, present and future is looking really tense

needing protected areas in the outback, where the flora is luxurious and dense.


Many predators roam around the bush “out-back” here,

slowly invading their homes and making them live in terror, danger and fear.

‘Endangered species’ … well, yes, they are now on ‘that’ dreaded list

only 600 in Queensland Australia are ‘counted’ to exist.


So to Bilby yes, or to protect Bilby not …

what do you know?

Do you think you could help to ensure that we Bilbies will continue to grow?

they’re cute little critters with pointy ears and a long pink snout’

it would help them very much, if there were more of them about.


During the day they burrows and at nights they go out,

you may have seen their sandy mounds in remote regions … here, there and dotted around.

I hadn’t know enough before, about these charming little ones,

I only know ‘now’ about ‘what’ and ‘why’ and how their extinction would be so terrible and wrong.

Victoria Healing ~ 9.3.2017

For the love of Bilby Joey ~

Rhyme in Verse





bilby views easter egg trails all that is gold may not glitter .png


bilby perth zoo ssh breeding back here .png
Have You Ever Seen a Baby BILBY
In the Dark…? ~ at   Perth Zoo
Perth Zoo breeding program is part of regional recovery efforts to 
safeguard the Bilby from extinction. Major threats to the Bilby 
include foxes and cats, competition from rabbits, and habitat loss. 
Learn more:  at ZooBorns.

Totem animal