Numerology Surprises 2021

Numerology Year, 2021 represents:

‘Five’ ~ “Freedom and new Adventures”


Obstacles disappear and the pace speeds up this year. 

Try something new. One of the worst things that can happen this year, is that you procrastinate, flirting with this and that and not giving anything a chance to take root. 

You can now appreciate all the efforts you made during 2020. Wave a happy goodbye to anything that didn’t work out, take the plunge. You won’t have to try too hard, this year. You’ll have a thirst for new experiences and adventures. You will have all the help that you need from the universe. Trust your ingenuity. Surprise yourself, with what you can achieve. You may find that inspiring ideas come thick and fast. The challenge will be to pick the right ones to develop.

Indulge yourself with as many exciting exploits as you can and tell people about them, or write about them. You’ll have a strong urge to live life to the full. You’ll have a deep and insatiable yearning to travel physically and emotionally. Excitement and variety are essential, don’t try to do without those experiences but try to inject them into existing relationships.“

Your 2021 mantra, should be: 

“Variety is the spice of life”

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2020, a year in Numerology, to be sure, to be sure

2020 numerology
Image ~ A girl in Wanderlust

In Numerology 

The Year 2020 adds up to “Four” 


“If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost. Now put foundations under them” ~ Osa Johnson

This is the number of stability. A year to get focussed and concentrate. Look at the small print. Take life a little more seriously in 2020. Have a clear intent. Keep your nose to the grindstone, as this is your year to remain grounded and solid.

Plan your work, to work your plan

Focus on your inner stability, physically, mentally and emotionally. Start where you are, find out what you need, have a plan and follow it through. Be determined to persist through difficulties and problems. Dig deep to create a strong foundation, then you will know, how to reach your goals.

Be sure to be sure!

Have clear expectations, while also knowing your guidelines and limits. Look at all sides of every issue, then bounce between the pros and cons, to understand how to make your decisions.  Be sure to be sure, by breaking down your big goals and commitments into small steps.

Commit to a present location, relationship or a line of work.

Your mantra for the year 2020 should be:

“Better safe, than sorry”

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Numerology Notes 2019

creativity do not doubt your originality happy creative new year .jpg


The Big Picture


Creativity, be your Muse!


Be creative in your own self-expression

2019 is the year to draw on this lesson.

learn something new, use your spirit of imagination

tune in to your heart, inner feelings and sensations.


Keep a journal, write, paint, sing or dance,

there are so many, numerous, innovative tasks.

whatever makes you happy or brings you joy

endeavour to be original in your own art and ploy.


Look at all your possibilities with humour, wit and fun

however, manage your emotions, don’t jump the gun.

Listen twice before you speak, remember your feelings are not facts

Lighten up, practice impeccable communication, before you talk or react.


Paint, sketch and write, read outside the lines

This year is for fun and colourful, inventive times.


creativity you don't have to stay between the lines hippie chicks


2019, prediction by the Numbers;

This year ‘2019’ is added up as: 2+0+1+9 = 12. Then add 1+2 = 3.

Victoria Healing ~ 5.1.2019

The Big Picture ~ Three.


Numerology Daily Matters


Numerology 2017. Out with the old

Goodbye 2017


Thanks Evolver Social Movement


The change from one cycle to the next can be almost unnoticeable and easy, or it can be very dramatic and life changing.

Big changes can occur when we are moving through one cycle to another.


2017 gave us an opportunity to focus on ourselves.

It was time to discover a new you before the cycle of 2018 begins.


What did you learn?


‘I have learned many things.

I have outgrown relatives who gladly offer criticism, but not support.

I have outgrown my family’s unrealistic expectation of me.

I have outgrown shrinking myself for those who are intimidated by my intelligence and outspoken nature.

I have outgrown people who conveniently disappear when life gets a little dark.

I have outgrown those who take pleasure in gossiping and spreading negativity.

I have outgrown dull meaningless conversations that feel forced.

I have outgrown those who don’t take a stand against ignorance and injustice.

I have outgrown trying to please everyone.

I have outgrown society constantly telling me I ‘m not beautiful, smart or worthy enough.

I have outgrown my tendency to fill my mind with self-doubt and insecurity.

I have outgrown trying to find reasons not to love myself.

I have outgrown anything and anyone that does not enrich the essence of my soul.

I have outgrown many things … and I’ve never felt freer’

Facebook ~ The Idealist.


You can't let people scare you.

You can't go your whole life trying to please everyone else.

You can't go through life worrying about what everyone else 
is going to think.

Whether it's your hair, clothes, what you have to say; 
how you feel, what you believe and what you have. 

You can't let the judgement of others stop you from being you.

Because if you do, you're no longer you. 

You're someone everyone else wants 

you to be.