Smuggling Back to Wales


Mom looking at the stream at the bottom of her garden in South Wales. Home of her (paternal) Grandmother ‘Susan Howells’  Cardiff, South Wales. (1940)



“Grief, I’ve learned, is really just love. It’s all the love you want to give, but cannot. All that unspent love gathers up in the corners of your eyes, the lump in your throat, and in that hollow part of your chest. Grief is just love with no place to go” ~ Jamie Anderson


On the day my Mom passed away …

I was too shocked to speak or comprehend, that my life would never be the same.

Would I  ever feel that loved, protected, safe or whole again?

My world had turned upside down and stopped! 

Falling into a cold, empty void of heartbreak and tears. Scrambling and searching to find a ‘safe place’ to store all of this love that I have and will always hold for my Mom. This is the life force and the pulse of my love affair in the blogosphere with “Hey Momma”

My philosophy of life is absorbed from the wisdom of my beautiful Welsh mom and from the most extraordinary love that she exuded not only to me and our family, but all whom she met. 

I had promised Mom that ‘I would trace her Welsh family ancestral roots’ as a legacy addressed to our new generations, yet to come.   

So, a few years ago, after I had come to terms living without her, I began to search for my Mom’s, Mom’s Mom… but that is where I came to a full stop:

‘Gwyneth Jones’ from South Wales? 

W H A T!

A needle in a haystack doesn’t even begin to describe the monumental search I had in store,  but I had made my Mom a promise, that I could not break.

This is where my search into the folklore, legends and history of her birthplace in Neath, South Wales began.

Each day as I’ve researched our Cymru history and culture, I find myself closer to the heart of my great Celtic Mom and all that she had stood for.

Happily, I have found her again, in the silence of sacred mountains, the wildest and deepest of valleys and in the wandering of streams, right back to the memories of my childhood trips to visit my grandparents. And so here I am today, having smuggled myself back to Wales, following in the footprints and spirit of my Mom and our home.

I have met King Arthur and his knights, warriors, goddesses, kings, queens and princesses. It has been quite an adventure! Thank you for joining me. 

There will be more ‘Welsh’ adventures yet to come in a few months time. 

but now, for the next little while, I am going to find ‘my self’ again, getting amongst the great outdoors in the outback of this great ancient land where I live and love today, in the golden heart of Western Australia.

Watch this Space…

X — at Australia’s Coral Coast



Mr Grandson, Roxy and Zoonie, around the campfire on Road Trip, Quobba 2019

Tiny Tears

tiny tears little girl speak.png
Image Credit ~ Little Girl Speak


The twitch of the doorknob startled me,

“Hello my darlings”, she whispered


Was it too fantastic to believe?

that she actually had existed.

We had both been eager accomplices,

our love had been swift and instant.


Two blinking, rock a bye, blue eyes,

she, fashioned into a perfectly, miniature size.

We, beguiled and spell bound,

by her angelic, smiley mouth.


She was fed, bathed and rocked to sleep,

her soft floppy body, warm and sweet.

Not only did she laugh, but shed real tears,

our other girly friend in early years.


Teeny bare feet, perfectly formed hands,

there was one for me and one for my cousin Anne.

Mine wore blue and Anne’s wore pink,

our Nan had brought, these precious gifts.


Those “Tiny Tears” baby dolls were all the rage,

for young girls, back then, of our age.

These words that trigger happy recollections.

treasured moments of childhood reminiscence.


I learned about life from my Tiny Tears doll,

to cry my tears out, before carrying on.

never to withhold sadness in, for too long.

to listen to my heart, where in, I most belong.


This may not mean a lot to you,

but it means so much more to me.

My beloved cousin Anne, left this world at only 29,

These are the cherished moments, of our happier times…

Victoria Healing ~ 9.6.2019

Tiny Tears


tiny tears best


Dedicated to Anne, my brave and dearest play-mate.

My beautiful Cousin who passed away at the tender ago of 29 years young,

from ovarian cancer.

Forever in my heart, my darling ~ Anne Wheatley ~ 10.5.1958.

Anne's tiny tears with knitted dres from Nan
This is Anne’s original Doll, named “Susie” lovingly saved by her sister Sarah, who now shares Susie with her own grandchildren. Outfit crocheted by our Nan, Beatrice. 

Rhyme Universe


close friends best


“Oh, you will learn from it, believe me,

I have plans for you my friend”


And so, with that being said,

she moved forwards, to where she was led.

a long narrow pathway, ran beside the house,

treading softly, as quiet as a mouse.


A gateway opened into a tiny, concrete yard,

enclosed by brick walls, bleak and stark.

Eerily still and strangely quiet,

imaginary games, playing, in silence.


The sun was hidden, behind the roofs,

dark windows, staring, seemingly viewed.

Spiralling buildings, towered around.

there were no traces, of anyone else found,


Those first eight years, playing alone in the back,

she wanted for nothing and neither did she lack.

Riding around on her three wheeler bike,

Mitzi, her poodle, played happily alongside.


Self-awareness, independence and inner growth,

this was how, these traits, were learned, I supposed.

Some, would feel, lost, abandoned, or rejected,

but, this is where, my solitary self, I detected.


Loving the peace of being alone,

deeply connected with a feeling of home.

Victoria Healing ~ 10.6.2019


born when i was born

Latch Key Kids

They said we were the forgotten generation, like no one wants to remember who we are but yet we were the latch key kids as some would call us or ‘free range kids’

I have heard people say that we were unsupervised, raised wrong, lazy, lackeys, and careless. To me you can say what you want about us because we learned how to be self-independent. ~ (Anon)

Rhyme Universe


Thanks for this reminder  ~




Fear Less

brave fight back .png


There once was a lady,

waiting to board a train.


In the silence, came a movement,

as she spun around, in the confusion.

A violent snatch and then a grab,

two thugs, attempted to steal her bag.


“Let go” she yelled at the top of her voice,

she, had, had no other choice.

Yanking the hoon, by his right ear,

ripping his earring out, he was left in tears.


Quickly, she had took charge,

displaying her authority, as large.

That bag snatcher lay in a pool of blood,

face down, all covered in mud.


His terrified mate, had sprinted away,

they both must have regretted, that they,

Had picked, on my 70 year’s of age,

beloved Grandmother, on that day.


They had thought her frail and easy to attack,

not considering, that she would fight back.

My beautiful brave Nan, Dorothy,

in her own self, she had always believed.


The Wizard of Oz, was our much loved flick,

snuggled besides her, my favourite bit.

I understand why, this movie she’d choose,

it imparts all of her qualities, morals and views.


A little bit parent, a whole lot of friend,

my treasured teacher, in self-defence.

Victoria Healing ~ 3.6.2019

Fear Less

fight back brave wizard of oz .png
Image Credit ~ The Wizard of Oz


In memory of my dear wise and fearless Grandmother ~

Dorothy Jones. Born in Port Talbot, Wales.


“All you need is confidence in yourself. There is no living thing that is not afraid when it faces danger. ― L. Frank Baum, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

Rhyme Universe

Deter me not

child warrior little girl speak
Image Credit ~ Little Girl Speak


“But what about Courage”?

asked she,


“I’ve spent my whole life, struggling to speak”

never one to back down from her challenges,

she’d looked for help in survival guide management.


Many hadn’t understood her at all,

it has felt like she was talking, to brick walls.

And then, this day, has finally come,

when all of her doubts, have become undone.


No longer expecting others to understand,

she forged a path forwards, to a novel circumstance.

As she entered her sentiments of heart each day,

reading between the lines, what she’d wanted to explain.


Inscriptions were written up there, on her wall,

about how she had even, got there, at all.

and then this day, she will just disappear,

in scribing she’d found the means to dispense of all fears.


She had finally found her strengths, pluck and courage,

never again would she feel, dejected or disparaged.


Within these battles of words, i finally see,

i’ve learned all about bravery and how, that is

determined, by me.


Victoria Healing ~ 31.5.2019

Deter Me Not

courage stacie martin i was fed about who i am
Image Credit ~ Stacie Martin


“It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.”
― E.E. Cummings


Rhyme Universe

Silence. Whispers

child quietly in thought many women are torn .png


“How can i love you back to life?” i bid,


And she speaks to me, to influence ‘Me’ things,

soundless whispers of insights, she brings.

Heroine and champion, inherent inside,

i’m listening and hearing, retracing her light.


She has fought all of my battles courageously,

consistently she inspires, to empower me.

I have always been vaguely aware,

she, a brave warrior, lives secretly, in there.


Silent watcher, gutsy and true,

she’s had my back, this lifetime through.

Animated, quirky, relaxed and unfazed,

existing privately, in this mesmerising place.


Dipping my fingers back into the waters of time,

ripples undulating, as they fall and rise.

How can i love her back and bring her to life?

to tell her “it’s safe, i’m right here, on her side”


Foolish stories i’d told her, sapped her strength,

today is, a fresh start, in recompense.

Ready, willing and able, to nurture and seek,

to know her again, to speak in ‘peace’


It is imperative to love her, as she deserves,

as i reach back, in honour, of her life works.

Developing self-love? as willing, as i am,

i’m becoming all together again, because, now ‘I’ can.

Victoria Healing ~ 26.5.2019

Soundless Whispers


╲\ ╭┓
╭ 🦋 ╯
┗╯\ ╲°•♡

“It’s never too late to have a happy childhood” ~ Tom Robbins

Rhyme in Verse


Make ~ Believe

make believe partial reality and make believe .png


Make, Believe

There was a haze of fog, mid air,

as she stopped silently, to gaze and stare.


A strange feeling of expectation,

swishing, slowly, flowing circles of sensation.

Attempting to see, the altering lights of shift,

a perspective, only seen through twirling’s of mist.


Bringing her authentic essence into form,

away from the dull and the dreary of norm.

Taking a spell for rejuvenation,

calming inwardly, her anxious perceptions.


Learning from all that she had seen,

her heart contemplating, ideas and dreams.

Finding courage in her convictions,

within the sanctity, of inner listening.


As she slipped through that invisible curtain,

dividing past from present, as sure and certain.

Mind fully opening to unlimited chances,

within other dimensions and circles of realities.


She took another step within time,

to consider her childhood presence, sublime.

In a real world, not merely imaginary,

My dream child exclaimed, “I am not a fantasy”

Victoria Healing ~ 23.5.2019

Make: Believe

dream when lines blur between dreams and reality anything is possible .jpg

Rhyme in Verse

You’re, You

tree girl heart own language emotional healer
Image Credit ~ Emotional Healer


“So, when can I start“? I said,

“Are all of these goals?

just in my heart and in my head?

will someone contact me, so that I can be led”?


“Good Heavens” he chortled,

“No, my dear, just play and unwind,

instead of your eternal searching to find.

Everything will come to you, in its own good time…


Following your objectives, is all up to you.

you can’t have a wish that won’t come true.

You just have to recover you’re… You”

Victoria Healing ~ 4.5.2019

You’re, You ~ Hey Momma

five hungry again intelligence is sexy .png
Image Credit ~ Intelligence is Sexy 


“Inspiration can be found, if you look for it. It can be heard, if you listen for it.  It can be felt, if you reach for it. It can be the reason, if you believe in it.”
~ wordsbyt ~ (Evolver Social Movement) 

Rhyme in Verse

h u s h


silence typewriter peter-pryharski-663241-unsplash.jpg
Image credit ~ peter-pryharski-663241-unsplash.jpg


S h u s h, now, can you hear that sound?

echoes of an, other world, buzzing around

turn off TV, phone and music,

mystical silence, absorb inner most, infuse it…


Peace, tranquillity, calm, stillness, humming in the air

when you stop a moment, in quietude there.

reverberations, perhaps yet to come?

sensing there, in this world, i am only one.


Precious, present, private time,

thanking God, to hear, how it sounds to be alive.

bouncing back, to the land of the living

day dreams are so, delightfully fulfilling.


Victoria Healing ~ 20.1.2019


silence jr-korpa-640520-unsplash.jpg
Image credit ~ jr-korpa-640520-unsplash.jpg

The poet William Meredith observed, that the worst that can be said 
of a man, is that "he didn't pay attention."


Rhyme in Verse


why am I here?

me with camel in broome, encourage and own your wild nature .png

Born back in the good old United of K

My character was made in Birmingham, I am proud to say.

Now, I’m living in this lucky land down under,

I love to go off on road trips, travelling off yonder.


me and kev paths are made by walking.png

Working in promotions and fundraising for most of my life

Now retired, enjoying Ozzie road trips and walkabouts with hubby by my side.

Our two children have now grown up and have gone and left home

So our furry babies Zoonie and Roxy always join us wherever we might roam.


Numerology is my other passion… I’ve been practising for many years,

This is how I focus on my thinking, each day to connect and learn.

Hand writing poetry, is my favourite quiet time,

Wordplay, puns and some laughter, to ‘make you think’ lines


You will find that mostly I write in lyrics,

Poetry and rhymes…


dogs roxy and zoonie travel keep on share them 12819308_918663624914543_2922671263728740358_o

Victoria Healing ~ 20.1.2018

why am I here? ~ Hey Momma

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