Surrender, September

In Numerology

September Represents ‘NINE’

Nine is a number of completion, in preparation for the next new cycle. 

There is no better feeling than having a good clean out. 

It’s going to be a matter of evaluating what’s finished and no longer serving a positive function and then moving forward.

Don’t struggle to hold on. Be brave and let it go. Make space for new and better things in your life. 

Try to be patient with yourself and what you need this month. Keep an open mind and the willingness to change what feels right. Holding the uncertainty will be your mission this month. Addressing what keeps you stuck is ultimately what will set you free. 

It’s time to revise dream and envision how you would like your life to proceed. Some things will come to an end. Wave them goodbye and move on. If they go, they were never yours anyway. 

Your September Mantra should be: “Let it Go

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