why am I here?

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Born back in the good old United of K

My character was made in Birmingham, I am proud to say.

Now, I’m living in this lucky land down under,

I love to go off on road trips, travelling off yonder.


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Working in promotions and fundraising for most of my life

Now retired, enjoying Ozzie road trips and walkabouts with hubby by my side.

Our two children have now grown up and have gone and left home

So our furry babies Zoonie and Roxy always join us wherever we might roam.


Numerology is my other passion… I’ve been practising for many years,

This is how I focus on my thinking, each day to connect and learn.

Hand writing poetry, is my favourite quiet time,

Wordplay, puns and some laughter, to ‘make you think’ lines


You will find that mostly I write in lyrics,

Poetry and rhymes…


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Victoria Healing ~ 20.1.2018

why am I here? ~ Hey Momma

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Numerology Daily Matters
Rhyme in Verse


Hey Mom

“My Mom used to say, If you don’t have a smile, I’ll give you one”

Hey Mom

These poems, I write,

to send LOVE LETTERS to my Mom …


When you lose your Mom,

it’s akin, to losing your best friend.

Life as you knew it, becomes surreal,

no one left, that you feel, you can depend.


Orphaned, grieving so badly,

mourning, bereft, still feeling so sadly,

writing helps me to deal with the grief,

sending love letters up to her in Heaven from me.


Our relationship, disconnected,

unexpectedly, suddenly, too abrupt.

If only i could just see her for one more day,

i’d give her the biggest hugs and never let her go away.


I was so blessed to have had a Mom like that,

this is my way of keeping in contact.

 If there is any advice, I should ever give,

make the most of your Mom,

whilst she is still here and lives.


Regrets of life, it will be too late, to turn back,

when your Mom is no longer there,

your heart will always ache, it’s a fact. 

 If there is any advice, I should ever give,

make the most of your Mom,

whilst she’s still here and lives.

“Hey Mom”

Victoria Healing ~ 31.8.2015

“One day you’ll realise that your Mom was the best friend, you never knew you had”


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