Hallows Dances

halloween, witches please prepare your brooms tomorrow night we fly with the full moon21462444_1609895825698570_4459125775538446887_nAre YOU ready Halloweenies?

“All Hallows Eve”
Otherwise known as “Samhain”
Is here today … 
Have you got your witches broomsticks?
And pumpkins,
Are you ready to play?

Time for the veils to part
And the doorbell to ring!
Have you got your candies?
And treats and things?

Set a place at your table
For your dearly departed to visit

The veils will lift tonight
For them to sit with the living

Light a candle
Make a wish …

When they visit
Give them a “kiss”

halloween morticians make you feel dead gorgeous Photo by @leekayphotos

The day has dawned,
When they will arise…
Greet your Guardians with love
They bring blessings in disguise

Bake some “soul” cakes
Giving thanks for the harvest

May you pay tribute to those you love,
Who have now passed and departed.

Treasure these moments
Not to be of fear or forlorn

They will return back home
As “All Saints Day”
Dawns …

halloween samhain blessings 22789012_1654319794589506_8959698459988339808_nVictoria Healing ~ 31.10.2015

Hallows Dances ~ Hey Momma


Dumb founded

1 pun girl knows her limits but wise girl knows she has none princess di2448290_737686649753340_6799676729543169894_n


I’ve been watching a series about the history of our royals,

And how those men expected their women to become their assets and spoils.

Then the story went on like this…

No woman was deserving of consideration, love or happiness.


Back in those day’s; I’ve watched our history and found,

That the treatment of women was disgraceful and had me astounded and dumbfound!


Now, thankfully how times have changed since Princess Diana came along,

Sadly for her children and all of us, she wasn’t on this earth for very long

She has changed those old habits and patterns

I hope that her legacy will be long and everlasting.

pun some day my prints will come girl photo 19437484_688535394668466_1640487817617338572_n














DON’T be *unbidable, a girl should know her limits, or so we were all told…

Stay quiet and meek, keep your opinions to yourself, DON’T you dare be too bold.


Then as you get older in this lucky ‘generation’ you realise that;

You have a wealth of experiences and treasures under your hat.

DO speak your own mind. DON’T be afraid!

DON’T keep your opinions to yourself… less they should fade


Only here on this earth, they say, three score and ten!

So speak out now, DON’T be silent, if you want to support and help your fellow women and men.


You will have many significant life experiences to share and redress,

That is the way to bring about contentment and true happiness.


We each have had our own share of important lessons to learn,

Character building, fortune and blessings, if we take our own time to reflect and discern.


Being sincere and kind to others if they need a little advice

You don’t have to stay silent or endure self-sacrifice!

eight 8 pun iil the more I find myself the more people I lose.png



Victoria Healing ~ 14.10.2017

Dumb founded ~ Hey Momma




guns this was the day she stopped wanting barbies 21686293_530706253933615_5536556544867862631_n.jpg


Another tragic day, yet again, has come,


Media news, broadcasting antipathy, violence and hate.

too sad, abhorrent, to listen or contemplate.

What is wrong with this hostile, cold, sad world?

when are we all going to protest these laws?


America should abolish and ban those weapons and guns,

then perhaps, we’ll have some love and peace for all humans.

Those innocent people enjoying, a country music gig,

how tragic then, that, that evil monster, did what he did!


Choosing the famed Las Vegas strip,

the land of the rich.

Betters and gamblers should think again,

none are immune, even the wealthy, cannot, themselves defend!

Victoria Healing ~ 5.10.2017