The Gypsy’ Curse

Image: Thomas Shelby. The Peaky Blinders.
Roamers, could come and go,
as are the ways of nomad souls.
Free and easy, a simple life,
trading favours, or life advice.

Life on The Patch, was peaceful, 
compared to lives of urban people.
From 1860, it was Romany ground, 
before the lawyers, poked around.

Queen Henty, of Romany tribe,
possessed, all of the land rights. 
Roma caravans, parked in place,
before locals, invaded their space.

Land buyers ran to make a grab,
as big furore of battles were had. 
Allotted to factories and dwellings, 
planned for exploiting and selling.

It was a scam, an unfair eviction, 
Henty swore, an oath of affliction.
‘Do NOT visit ‘Black Patch Park’
especially at night, in the dark. 

An eerie apparition you will see,
this; The Curse of Queen Henty.
It is the haunt of travelling folk,
heed her warning, it is no joke. 

Believe this caution, to be true,
or Henty will creep up on you. 
Victoria Healing ~ 18.4.2022
The Black Patch 
Image: Henty Sentimia Smith

Don’t make Queen Henty turn in her grave.

Queen HENTY (Sentinia Smith), was buried with her husband (in an unmarked gravestone)  in the churchyard of St. Mary’s Church, Handsworth, Birmingham. Henty is said to have placed a curse on anyone who builds over the Black Patch.

The Black Patch Park is where Charles Chaplin was born. The son of Hannah Hill, a Romani-Traveller Woman.


‘Free as a breeze, free like a bird in the woodland wild,

free like a gypsy, free like a child’
~ Elyse Sommer. 




By Order of The Peaky Blinders

I was Inspired to research the history of Romany folk who had lived in Birmingham, after watching ‘The Peaky Blinders’ series. There will always be a special place in my heart, for the Brummy people and the country where I was born that I will always call home.

Romany Heritage


Time is the great author.

It always writes the perfect ending ~ Charlie Chaplin 

A Rose

Image: The Fantasy Art of Molly Harrison. Star Gypsy
‘Everyone hears voices all the time. 
They are what help us to know when we are face to face with a sign, you see’ 
Paulo Coelho ~ The Zahir 


A Rose 
She doesn’t follow society rules,
I’d imagine, if you’re reading this, 
neither would You. 

She's heard this voice, 
since she was a child.
Who, always had her back,
in a way, she can’t describe. 

If she crosses your path.
an omen of good fortune,
if you might ask. 

Stunning, beyond any,
you’ll have ever met. 
A divine prediction,
you will never forget.  

Believe in her, 
to be honest and true. 
If she should offer 
*Deva-Vani* gift to you. 

1,500 years on Indian roads, 
as your fortune, to be told.
With celestial sight, of hand,
Trust her. You will understand. 

Present this Gypsy, with a Rose,
as her *Sanskrit*  Gods; foretold.
Cross her palm, in coins of silver, 
but not gold, it makes her shiver. 
Victoria Healing ~ 17.4.2022
A Rose

“If someone skilled at studying moons, planets, stars and other celestial bodies, were to analyse the Romani migration 1500 years ago, they may very well discover that their routes mirrored that of the stars” ― Karl Wiggins, Wrong Planet – Searching for your Tribe


My grandmother,

told your grandmother,

told me 


The language of the Roma gypsies, have their roots in Indian: 




From ‘Sam’ means ‘samyak’ which indicates ‘entirely’ and ‘krit’ indicates ‘done’


*Deva-Vani* (‘Deva’ Gods – ‘Vani’ language)


The Real History 


Deva Premal and Mitan


Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevay

Sanskrit ( नमो भगवते वासुदेवाय ) is one of the most popular Hindu mantras.

This mantra is understood to be a liberation mantra, recited as a way to achieve spiritual freedom from samsara, or the recurring cycle of death and reincarnation.

I was a gypsy, before it was cool to be a gypsy


One Life

One Tribe

One Nature

One World

One Sky

One Earth

Catching the Moon

Image: Pin interest

‘Don’t forget tonight, the moon will be visible from Earth. 
The last time this happened was last night’ 

It was only a few nights ago, 
our full moon put on her show.
I wanted to hold her in my pocket,
or perchance, a ring, or a locket.

‘Bloom’ she appeared to say,
sweeping by in her dazzling way. 
I wished for the heart of the moon,
channelling its brilliance, all attuned.

Shimmery beams, milky, silver white,
glowing mandala, fades dark to light. 
Waxing and waning in her perfections,
sometimes, I only see small reflections.

This magnifying mirror, of emotions,
transistor of purity, in love potions. 
Ancient traditions, hold to the beliefs, 
‘Moonstone’ is a beam of light to keep’

The Feldspar of intuition and dreams,
as blessed and potent as they seem. 
As a ‘Crystal Witch’ I understand; 
the juju of gemstones to take in hand. 
Victoria Healing ~ 20.3.2022
The Moon Catchers 

… With love from the moon and back.


Likes driving on country roads with all of the windows down in Summer. Obsessed with crystals and drinking smoothies. The sounds of the ocean on a warm beach. Is always talking about the laws of attraction.

’Understands the healing power of crystals and incorporates them in her daily craft. She  knows that each crystal comes from nature and only sources the best quality. A Crystal Witch knows intuitively what crystal you will need’ ~ Willow Witchcraft



Sacred Stone–the-sacred-stone/

We see the moon in phases, but it’s always whole

Which, Witch are You?

Image: Elle Magazine. US

First of all

“Witches come in all sizes, ages, colours, and personalities. They’re doctors, computer programmers, teachers, landscapers, bartenders, and flight attendants. The person who cuts your hair or repairs your car might be a witch. Witches can be male or female—” ~Skye Alexander


Secrets from the cauldron

You don’t decide to be a witch, you just answer the call 

The Calling
If you were a witch, which witch would you be?
a Kitchen, Craft, Green, Sea, Storm or Solitary?
Do you love the cosmos or chat to the moon?
Can you conjure up lyrics and hum musical tunes?
Do you like to swim, cook, or plant seeds?
Can you spell wishing rhymes, or talk to trees?
Do you save herbs, crystals and flowers?
Read tarot cards to invoke seer powers?

Witchery is in the ordinary deeds that you do,
where you find a passion, enchanting through. 
Modern magicians in these current times,
have access to witchery that can be refined. 

Ignore the hocus-pocus of humdrum routine,
there are natural mystical mediums to glean.
You have the whole universe pulsing inside, 
something charming, you should never hide. 

Your temple of earth, casts spell from nature,
don’t let imagination or ingenuity forsake you.
There is nothing creepy, scary, dark or evil, 
only love and good intentions to help people. 

May you work with earth, sea, wind and fire,
charmed with intensity of your hearts desires.
Victoria Healing ~ 18.3.2022
Which Witch are YOU?



‘The witch knows nothing in this world is supernatural it’s all natural’ ~ Laurie Cabot


Please have a seat I’ll be Witcher in a minute


Which Witch are You?


‘The word ‘Witch’ is derived from the word Wit meaning wise’ ~ Clarissa Pinkola Estes Ph D


witch which frosted elf valerian

Image: Valerian Entertainment 



What people think Witches do:

Conjure demons, raise the dead, eat small children, ride on broomsticks

What we really do:

Drink a bunch of tea, use lavender scented everything, light a massive ton of sage and incense. Set off fire alarms, take baths with a bunch of herbs and salt bombs. Buy tons of candles, curse at our tarot cards. Hoard crystals and essential oils.


If the boots fit, cackle

Waiting in the Wings

Image: Valerian Entertainment
Roll up, roll up

under the dome of the Big Top.
Waiting in the wings, 
the magic a circus brings.

At first glimpse of dawn,
you can hear them all. 
The Circus has come to town,
rainbowed with juggling clowns.

Divers jump through hoops,
in a frenetic, frenzy of loops.
Adrenalin pulses in veins,
shaking head, hands raised.

Illusions of vast proportions,
whimsy, transfixed in caution. 
Taking a collective breath,
not breaking this moment yet. 

A wave of gasping, fills the air,
like winds across waters flare.
Stunning of bright spotlights, 
uptempo of musical delights. 

Tightrope walkers find a balance 
in their concentration talents. 
Ventriloquists, quietly take a bow,
as the performances end now. 

Ceremonial Ringmaster calls time,
as cosmic acrobats have aligned.
Dancers curtsy and take their seats, 
phenomenal extravaganza complete. 

Time is slippery and seems to stop,
beckoning of creative desires, in Big Top. 
Letting go, 
clapping for artists of this magical show.

In the amphitheatre of her mind,
phantom performances refined. 
There are no rules here, 
just stop, listen in and hear.

Thanks to our blessed ‘Chaotic Witch’ 
turning on her inspired spelling switch.
It’s all just nonsense in the quiet times,
perhaps its clowns juggling with her mind. 
Orders are made to be broken,
where originality is the token. 
She could easily be, him, me or you,
when ‘overthinking’ is what we do. 
Victoria Healing ~ 15.3.2022
Waiting in the Wings 

'This is how a Chaos Witch’s mind works when spelling'

witch chaos be patient with yourself

‘Outwardly there is chaos, inwardly a new world is stirring Listen to the heartbeat of the new ~ Sacred Dreams

Do You know a CHAOS WITCH?

A true chaotic Witch, values alone time, shiny trinkets and eating copious amounts of trashy snacks.  They forget to respond to text messages and put tape over check-engine lights. 

They drunk order online and are always delighted when the packages arrive, having completely forgotten what they ordered ~ Joan De-Art Studio 

‘I hold my wand as a pen’

I softly chant, cast  my spell.

and pray my heart will kiss and tell. ~ Unknown

#End of Age

#New World

#March Creative

#March Magick  

Mirror, Mirror

Image: The Black Prince by J_ Patrick
Her heart is shackled in white robes,
behind her iced wall she roams.
Sculptured into fractal  state,
your crystalline, iceberg mate.

Ask her, ‘Why she hides?’
a dam of emotions numbed inside.
Frozen beyond glacial walls,
hear her screams and calls. 

Show a little loving and care,
grasp her spirit magnetic, there.
When those icicles melt.
her warmest feelings will be felt.

Don’t try to rush,
have a little hush.
When you see her,
she sees you,
to tell you what to do.

Brain frozen, since a child, 
only seeing with her eyes.
Chilled in chasmic chaos of inner self,
she knew there was some soul else.

Deep and frost-bound inner soul,
melting and thawing, becoming whole. 
She is a heroine and cool kinda chick,
if you understand your defrost switch.  

There is magic in the diamonds of rough, 
now you’ve chilled into a warrior, tough. 
Victoria Healing ~ 13.3.2022 


‘Whoever gets the Mirror, will be unstoppable’ ~ Maleficent


Behind the the Ice Queen archetype


witch ice water of whimsy art shop


The Ice Witch saves treasures from frozen times, utilising frost energy under the light of the moon. She practices weather magic with a focus on the transformative nature of freezing temperatures. By using modern amenities such as freezers and ice boxes, an Ice Witch can save treasures from the frozen months, for use throughout the year. Contemplative and strong, she can see through the chaos of life. Just as light catapults through layers of ice, this Witch transforms energy into a tapestry of colour and intention. ~ Water Of Whimsy ~ Image: Regan Rolston 2021


Image: Kayip Masal
Deep, swift, groaning grumbles, 
pounding in ‘head splitting’ bubble. 
Static. Buzzing drones, midst air,
ominous flash of lightening, flares.

Throbbing twinges in her bones,
the drum of darkness, feels cold.
No creature born of blood and flesh, 
escapes the wrath, of shocking net. 

Flickering sun, clashes with clouds. 
in a tsunami, of echoing sounds.
Summoned from their hidden lairs,
‘Those’ who are entrusted to its care. 

Hearing the wind chimes jangle, 
rain catchers, are tilted, at angle. 
Lounging around in shaded porches,
transfixed, to the vexing of light torches. 

Sipping on tea of chamomile flowers,
lemon, fruity, sweet and apple sour.
Listening ears, breathe in the wind,
weathered eye, in vigil. So it begins. 

Lips now puckered into whistles,
celebrating, intense electric bristles. 
Gather round the ‘Storm Witches’
Now. Before the thunderbolt blitzes. 

Inhaling the future, exhaling the past, 
emotive spells of storm’s furore. Be cast.
Victoria Healing ~ 10.3.2022
Storm Witches


‘Storms are the poetry of the earth.

The intensity,

the emotion,

the honesty,

the music.

The language of darkness and light’ ~ Victoria Erickson


I’m glad I brought my umbrella


Image: Grimvale


The Storm Witch

The name “Storm Witch” is derived from medieval lore,

Tempestarii were weather- making magicians who possessed the power to raise or prevent storms at will. ~ Wiki 


Image: JaneLeeLogan

Most problems could be solved with a swim up pina colada bar, while waiting for the tides to turn 

Her cocktails are the colour of the sky and ocean,
vodka, rum, pineapple and blue curaçao potion.
She honours the moon and controls the tides,
trading the beach for the pool noodle, she rides. 

Nautical warrior and protectress of sea creatures,
shell yeah, she’s a worshiper of all aqua features.
She’s swimmingly shore of her mer-amazing self,
coral reef dreams, are where her starfish dwell. 

Her mysterious allures can’t be entirely re-defined, 
Whatever! … she owns her body, power and mind.
Fishing in places where land lovers flirt and drink,
sexual prowess, beauty and salt of sea, she brings. 

Beware, city dwellers of lustful desires and heart, 
If you dive in for a mer-maze, be true from the start. 
You could find she’s a little slippery, if you’re caught,
heed a warning, as from the sea beds she’s walked.

Sunbathing Goddess and a surfer of the seas, 
Victoria Healing ~ 9.3.2022.
Mer-Amazing ~ Sea Witch ~  Selkie. 

Image: Seraphickalmagick

Ditch the starfish bra

The modern mermaid has found her own strength



2 oz Pineapple juice
1 oz Heavy cream
1 Splash Curacao, Blue
2 oz Malibu rum
1 oz Vodka

1 Pineapple per serving.


Thanks for swimming alongside us

A modern mermaid feels connected to water and ancient folklore involving mermaids, selkies and sirens.

A modern sea witch practices sea magick, which encompasses beach and seashore magick, weather magick, and moon magick.

A modern selkie is a women who has their lives stolen by the men who hid their seal skins. It’s an unbalanced power relationship. Someone who always gets their heart broken.


Sisters of the tides are we,

bound by sand, salt and sea.

Selkie, mermaid, witch daughters,

Priestesses of holy waters’ ~ AM Galdorcraeft


March: Pisces

Numerology: Three

March: Creative

March: Magick 






Magickal March

Image: DreamyMoons


Oh, oh, oh, its

Magickal March


I love the smell of coffee and witchcraft in the morning

In Numerology

March represents:

The epic power of number three

Meaning: Creative. Self expression. Growth. Imaginative. Optimistic.


Rely on yourself to make YOU happy

Somewhere deep down, you remember yourself as the bringer of magic.

Listen to your dreams, for they can bring messages and alert you to potential opportunities. It will be important to focus on your self care this month. Break up your daily routines and do something new. Take on challenges and obstacles with enthusiasm.

Three represents a beginning, a middle and an end. The magical charms of the three are often used in fairy tales. Three doors, three riddles or three wishes.


How to create your own Magickal Spells

Search for ideas that resonate with your sense of spirit. Find something which symbolises your creative art or craft. Set the items on your altar and rub a little lavender oil on it. Sprinkle a handful of lavender blossoms over it while you repeat the following words aloud:    

‘Muse of art,

Muse of sound.

Muse of thought,

Gather ‘round.

I ask for power,

For shining light.


In this rite’

~ (Witch unknown, but appreciated)


Your March mantra is:

‘That inner voice deep inside that speaks to you, listen to it’


During March  (2022)

You’ll be feeling the influence of the Universal month of ‘Nine ~ This number wants to promote improvement from all it has learned. It is the number of contemplation and completion, in preparation for the next new nine month cycle.

Fun and adventure is the key, although this may seem superficial, you will be feeling that anything is possible. Then, when the partying is over, you will know whether there is anything deeper. Either way, it should be memorable. Consciously and unapologetically recognise and discard things from the past that no longer fit.


“Mistakes are only mistakes if you keep on repeating them.”Doe Zantamata, Karma

Magickal Banishing spells for Letting Go


Silently call all of your power back.


Release all unwanted attachments.


Remember who and what you are.


‘Of all that ever held me back,

I now let go, I now relax.

I am fearless, I am free.

As I will, so mote it be’




march witch trials in salem began on march 1 1692


Witchy Tips

Keep your friends close and your enemies in your cauldron 


Kitchen Witches-ness

Image: Art~Bobbie Berendson. The Witches Gallery

¸.⋄´¸.⋄*´¨) ¸.⋄*¨)
(¸.⋄´ (¸.⋄` 

Kitchen Witches-ness
She descendant of Welsh cunning folk,
her eyes, would be smiling as she spoke.
Amidst the stirring of pot and a tap, tap,
she had a knowing, which herbs to add.

Her magickal wand, a wooden spoon,
a summoning, for the crafting of mood. 
A little sprinkle of this and touch of that,
she’d stand fixated, focused in a trance. 

Aromatic delights, on her altar delicious, 
a kindling up, of her invocation wishes.
After studying her spell books for hours,
her manifestations, we had all devoured.

Infusing potions with her love and intent,
conjuring, divine formulas, she’d invent.
Prayers of light and of the spirits mixed, 
into each blessed and wholesome dish.

She’d chanted ‘You eat with your eyes’
this food be your medicine in disguise. 
Her miracle soup, be a healing chalice, 
bewitching of ingredients when adding.

Family gatherings were divine events,
each banquet, elixirs of her love’s intent.
There’ll never be another like my Mom,
Goddess in witchery, of kitchen kingdom.
Hexing her love from heart into hands,
all we were expected to do…
… was wash up the pans!
There will be no better cook than my Mom,
but in our affections, her evocation lives on. 
 Victoria Healing ~ 15.11.2021
Kitchen Witches-ness

Bon Appetit 
In dedication to my Mom, otherwise known as “Cookie” 

 𝓜𝓲𝓼𝓼𝓲𝓷𝓰 𝔂𝓸𝓾!╰⊰
Image: @Joan_de Art

Ye Olde Family Recipe:

Spoonfuls of laughter

a cup of forgiveness

a pinch of hope

a dash of faith

scoops of kindness 

and endless love 

~ White ribbons of peace 

Kitchen Witches Know That Cooking is Magic