Kitchen Witches-ness

Image: Art~Bobbie Berendson. The Witches Gallery

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Kitchen Witches-ness
She descendant of Welsh cunning folk,
her eyes, would be smiling as she spoke.
Amidst the stirring of pot and a tap, tap,
she had a knowing, which herbs to add.

Her magickal wand, a wooden spoon,
a summoning, for the crafting of mood. 
A little sprinkle of this and touch of that,
she’d stand fixated, focused in a trance. 

Aromatic delights, on her altar delicious, 
a kindling up, of her invocation wishes.
After studying her spell books for hours,
her manifestations, we had all devoured.

Infusing potions with her love and intent,
conjuring, divine formulas, she’d invent.
Prayers of light and of the spirits mixed, 
into each blessed and wholesome dish.

She’d chanted ‘You eat with your eyes’
this food be your medicine in disguise. 
Her miracle soup, be a healing chalice, 
bewitching of ingredients when adding.

Family gatherings were divine events,
each banquet, elixirs of her love’s intent.
There’ll never be another like my Mom,
Goddess in witchery, of kitchen kingdom.
Hexing her love from heart into hands,
all we were expected to do…
… was wash up the pans!
There will be no better cook than my Mom,
but in our affections, her evocation lives on. 
 Victoria Healing ~ 15.11.2021
Kitchen Witches-ness

Bon Appetit 
In dedication to my Mom, otherwise known as “Cookie” 

 𝓜𝓲𝓼𝓼𝓲𝓷𝓰 𝔂𝓸𝓾!╰⊰
Image: @Joan_de Art

Ye Olde Family Recipe:

Spoonfuls of laughter

a cup of forgiveness

a pinch of hope

a dash of faith

scoops of kindness 

and endless love 

~ White ribbons of peace 

Kitchen Witches Know That Cooking is Magic

Open the Door

Knock, Knock 


From June 10 – July 7. 

Oak  ~ D’Duir ~ Door. 

The Tree of Life. Strength. Stabiliser. 

The Oak brings ~ Wisdom. Health. Luck. Prosperity. Protection. Endurance. Courage. Self determination.

A gateway to new understanding. 

Great spirit of Oak, 
grant we courage and wisdom.
Knowledge and strength, 
in making our decisions.

And in each fortunate
and blessed opportunity.
We pray; your power of 
protection and security. 

May we enter the doorway, 
into your noble graces.
Which lead us towards,
ethereal and sacred places. 

May we listen in patience  
and clarity to your stories. 
In the kingdom of awareness 
and of your beneficent forces.
Victoria Healing ~ 8.6.2021
Open the Door: D’Duir  



‘The Celtic word for Oak is “Duir” and the name “Druid” comes from a combination of the word “Duir” and the word “wyd” which means “to know.

Recognised as the trees of shamans; The doorway leading between the worlds. A portal to the divine.

Oak groves were used as sacred places of worship before churches came to be and the Druids are named after this holy tree’ ~ Heather Luna. The Oak and the Acorn


Exploring Celtic Meaning Oak Tree and the Ogham: The oak is considered a cosmic storehouse of wisdom embodied within its towering strength.

Celtic Meaning: Oak Tree Symbolism in Ogham on Whats-Your …


The Oak Moon is the seventh Moon, also known as The Moon of Strength and is associated with  the Summer Solstice (in the Northern hemisphere) and the Winter Solstice (in the Southern hemisphere).


The medieval Welsh poem Cad Goddeu (The Battle of the Trees) is believed to contain Celtic tree lore, possibly relating to the crann ogham, the branch of the ogham alphabet where tree names are used as mnemonic devices.   


In Welsh tradition Gwydion and Math use the flower of oak with broom to fashion the beautiful Blodeuwed

I believe in the magic of trees
Magickal properties:
‘Use Oak twigs fashioned into a pentagram as a decorative amulet, to protect your home, car or wherever you place it. Witches who work with the Fey, will find their efforts enhanced by using an Oak as portal. Oak faeries are brave and strong and if you ask respectfully, they can confer endurance” ~ Witches and Witchcraft. com 

Are You a Solar Witch?

Art: Mcptato ~ Deviant Art
‘What is a Solar Witch?
Me: *Crowing loudly* 
Something I rise to everyday. It is the sorcery of the Sun’s Magic. 

Incorporate magick into their daily witchcraft, by ray’sing the sleeping awake, helping others, less fortunate to find their natural bliss and joy. Solar Witches consider morning Sun rise and Sunset rituals to be their cauldron of enlightenment. They usually practice their craft outdoors, naturally. 

Many enjoy sharing their sun kisses with earthlings and hope to encourage sad humans to come out of the shadows. Their wish is that others are empowered by the re-energising warm glow of the Sun. The Solar Witches spiritual coven, is nature; here, there and everywhere, that the sun shines.

The Solar Witch ~ 26.5.2021 

Not every Witch works with the Moon phases. Some Witches, just wanna have Sun. 

Are You a Solar Witch?

Many Solar Witches have Fire signs in their astrological chart: Such as Aries, Leo and Sagittarius, but this is not required to be a Solar Witch!

Favourite Colours: Yellow. Orange. Gold. Red.

Image: waterofwhims

  • Pink, Willow Sage Hart. ‘Cover Me In Sunshine’

Reading On:

The Sun in Tarot

Sun, Lovers

Witch Words



‘What does the word witch mean?’ 


Face lights up … ‘Literally speaking’, it is the use of spelling.



Incorporate witchcraft into their writing and consider morning writing rituals as a form of magic. They usually research their own passions and interests. The Word Witch will very often have their own writing portal in their library, to practice their craft. They don’t always just use the library though. Many enjoy watching earthlings and taking long road trips in nature, as they scribble notes to take back to their sacred hub, to conjure word spells.

Image: Witches Gallery

Idea inspired by Joan-de-Art

Keep Reading:


‘Stirs the Ink well’

Living on the Edge:

In other words. Bard. *Barddoniaeth” Welsh: The whole towering edifice of poetic endeavour.  Poet. Verse Rhymester. Sonneteer. Lyricist.

The Word Witch ~ 21.5.2021




Little Easter Witches

‘I wave a twig for a fresh and healthy year ahead; a twig for you, a prize for me’

Hungry smiles spread across their faces,
wishing to share in your good graces.
A treat for them, a blessing for you,
a fun tradition, of Easter witches crew. 

Cute freckled noses, red rosy cheeks,
visiting your home, to trick or treat.
This Easter Sunday be prepared;
with chocolate egg favours to share. 

When they knock, throw open the door,
greet them gladly, in stillness of hall. 
A prize of willow branch and rhyme take,
these good fortunes of home  will make. 
Return their favours with candy treats,
memories of their visit darling and sweet.    
Be witched and charmed in an instant,
Spellbound of little Finnish witches wisdom.

This, a glimpse into Nordic custom of globe, 
quite unlike but similar to our own. 
Victoria Healing ~ 1.4.2021
Little Easter Witches


The witches recite a traditional rhyme at the door: 

‘I wave a twig for a fresh and healthy year ahead; a twig for you, a prize for me’

‘Virvon, varvon, tuoreeks terveeks, tulevaks vuodeks; vitsa sulle, palkka mulle’ __ Finland)

‘Happy Virvonta’

Image: Finnish Sisu 


Celtic Tree Month

Willow ~ The Tree of Enchantment

From April 15 – May 12. 

Hang loose




Witches Brew

 Twists of apples, yeast and hops,
 bubbles simmered in big pots. 
 Rosemary and hibiscus flowers, 
 lavender and spice empowered.

 Wild honey, leaves of sage,
 is how a witch 'fable' was made. 
 Brooms and black pointy hats, 
 froths, fermenting in ale vats.

 Storing luscious brews in cellar,
 cats resided as vigilant dwellers.
 On market day, selling this potion.
 became a trendy, publicity notion. 

 As brew ha’s go, good women knew,
 what was healthy and best for you.
 In ancient days, a fave culture was,
 to sip a grail of holy mead from Gods.

 Six sided stars noted a brew of quality,
 but men defamed all women’s morality. 
 On inquisitions in days of old, it’s told;
 anti brewster slanders were grown.

 The old boys club wouldn’t allow,
 land ladies earnings to be endowed.
 Branded still with cackles, as witches, 
 Ale Wives, were tossed in hells abysses.
 Victoria Healing 5.2.2021

Image: The Witch’s Brew — Artist unknown

How Alewives became stereotypical witches


Does this sound familiar?

To stand out in a crowd on market day, these women wore tall, pointed, black hats. There, they stood at their cauldrons and sold their goods. While in their shops, brewsters signalled their shop as open by hanging a broomstick outside above the door. In addition, cats were regularly employed by brewsters and alewives to keep rodents out of the storehouses.

An independent woman was a dangerous woman.

Locals — particularly men — that these women were using charms or spells to trick people into buying their beer and drinking too much.

it is believed that the modern perception of “witches” was influenced by the actions and tools of the alewives.

Women, witches  and beer

“In a culture where beer defines part of the national character, the question of who controls the brew is paramount. He who has his hand on the levers of power, also has his thumb in the people’s beer mug”.


 Rowina is a scatty, bookworm nerd,
 obsessed with witchcraft worlds. 
 A hyperactive ADHD fidgety child,
 a short attention span makes her wild.

 To maintain and hold her focus,
 she methodically studies hocus pocus. 
 When distracted, edgy or frustrated,
 a sorceress mentality is initiated.

 Known for being twitchy and odd,
 Rowina doesn’t care a sod.
 Non judgemental and open minded,
 she prefers to find her own findings. 

 Biting at the bottom of her lip,
 studying legendary enchanter tips.
 Is it a cult, or was it a religion?
 swotting hard to make her decision.

 A good witch of magic and natural balance,
 casting spells, is her lifelong challenge. 
 To master her craft to become a witch Don,
 is a discipline she’s vowed to take on.

 No-one is harder on her, than herself,
 a wide streak of perfectionism swells. 
 Reworking her spells 7 or 8 times more;
 everyone has seen her tenacity before. 

 Separating fact from fiction, 
 is her fundamental mission. 
 Rowina finds when agitated or mad,
 she puts on her *familiar thinking Cat. 
 Victoria Healing ~ 29.1.2020


The familiar spirit can be an animal companion.

ADHD’s trademark hyperfocus is a serious advantage — if you can effectively channel all that attention and energy into work that makes a difference. “Many scientists, writers, and artists with ADHD have had very successful careers, in large part because of their ability to focus on what they’re doing for hours on end,” says Kathleen Nadeau, Ph.D. 

Image: The Art Of Brian Kesinger 

A Close Brush

 As she grated open the closet door,
 he was a tangled mess strewn on floor.
 Dragging him out of the cupboard, 
 she could see his body had suffered.

 Her old, trusty and true friend, 
 now lay all battered and bent. 
 He turned his gaze towards her,
 pouting his demise and slaughter.  

 “You, uh, want to come with me?”
 Dominique whispered to him tearfully. 
 He’d been abandoned there,
 where it seemed no-one cared.

 Broken, weary and worn out, 
 retired from sweeping about. 
 Hired to keep everything clean,
 now disregarded and unseen. 

 The old broom, now scraggy and old,
 in shreds, of ragtags lay in the  cold.
 Dominique picked up her magic besom, 
 as hexes of new ideas began to blossom. 

 Could her brush be polished, recycled?
 as a witch, her sweeper had been vital. 
 Gathering up ribbons and glue,
 Dominique knew just what to do.

 Revamping, wrapping and fixing,
 all new twigs that had been missing.  
 Rustic chic was now the new look,
 a craft she had happily undertook. 

 Broom now, proudly stood at front door,
 Dominique remembered her witchy lores. 
 Victoria Healing ~ 24.1.2021

Image: Dominique: Broom Crafting.  The Art of Brian Kesinger

The evil green-skinned witch flying on her magic broomstick may be a well-worn stereotype. But the actual history behind how witches came to be associated with such an everyday household object is anything but dull.

Pages that Burned

 At first they’d thought him bizarre,
 until he’d literally taken it, too far.
 All the tell tale signs have been left,
 how the misogynist, het up his quest. 

 Pages of evil pen were turned,
 as naive, gentlewomen burned.
 Deviant; Heinrich Kramer, 
 the maniacal, insane fabler.

 in “Malleuse Maleficarum” of 1486, 
 he wrote how to incriminate a ‘witch’
 He was found to be, brutal and malicious, 
 duly condemned by the church bishop.

 Obsessed with the sexuality of women,
 accusing them with devilry and sinning. 
 Over three centuries he’d preached;
 ‘Hammer of Witches’ conspiracy beliefs.

 You can imagine their screams, in silence,
 of the poor ladies, annihilated by violence.
 Blessed be, those medieval warrior women,
 a history of innocent females is now written.

 You can still hear the echo of those beliefs, 
 in quite a few modern conspiracy theories. 
 Heart breaking and tragic, but true… 
 that this could’ve been done to me or you.
 Victoria Healing ~ 3.12.2020

Image: Wild Witch Academy


An evil book written by a Catholic clergyman, Heinrich Kramer, endorsing the extermination and suppression of innocent, poor women and sometimes men.

It is all about the extermination of witches, how to recognise them, how to accuse them, how to get them to confess and how to execute them. The text was condemned by the church for its inconsistencies with church doctrine and its methods were found to be unethical, illegal and too brutal even by the inquisition. Furthermore, Heinrich Kramer was expelled from the diocese of Innsbruck. The bishop described him as insane and obsessed with the sexual behaviour of women. 

What Is a Witch? Defining Witchcraft in the ‘Malleus Maleficarum’