Rhiannon’s Birds

rhiannon mannaz gateway calling enchantress blackbird celtic world .jpg

Can you hear the Blackbirds calling?

then don’t turn away,

from the culture, or darkness, of the enchanted gateway.


Their sweet, harmonious songs possess great healing powers,

at twilight they call, during those mystical hours.

Urging us onwards, between the gateway of two worlds,

to follow the path of our highest purpose.


There are times when you must answer the call of your soul,

exploring inner worlds, is the task and the goal.

Heed well, the ‘Druid Dhubh’ Blackbirds song,

urging you get closer, to where you belong.


Rhiannon was their mistress, it was to her, that they called,

beyond the entry of ethereal, other worlds.

Possessed with deep magic, which could manifest dreams,

She was a good Witch, a healer and courageous queen.


Great Welsh horse Goddess,

invoking artist, singer and poet,

Another Celtic legend and myth, forgotten,

or had you known it?

Victoria S Healing ~ 29.10.2018

Rhiannon’s Birds

Poem inspired by The Druid Animal Oracle ~ Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm


blackbird the hermits journey
The Druid Animal Oracle ~ Philip and Stephanie Car Gomm

Blackbird (Druid Dhubh) Enchantment. The Gateway. The Inner Call

“The Celtic Moon Goddess Rhiannon was born at the first Moon Rise and is known as the Divine Queen of Faeries. She is the Goddess of fertility, rebirth, wisdom, magick, transformation, beauty, artistic inspiration and poetry. Rhiannon manifests as a beautiful
young woman dressed in gold, riding a pale horse, with singing birds
flying around her head. The singing birds can wake spirits or grant sleep
to mortals” ~ Unknown Author Rhiannon’s birds appear in various Celtic symbols in Celtic Art.

Blessings of “Each” ~ Rune Sowilo


Numerology Daily Matters
Rhyme in Verse

November Numerology

rune tewuz celtic tribal girl with owl theresa misener rodgers, she is a free spirited dream catcher
She is a Free Spirited Dream Catcher


November Numerology Forecast

Hang in there, slow down and get ready for a heart-centred month.

November ~ is the ‘Spiritual Messenger’

The inspired healer and the wounded healer

11 ~ there is an intensity related to November (Master Number 11) offering you additional challenges. Yet the potential benefits are enormous. Along with it being a slower, relationship-oriented and emotional time: you’ll be presented with opportunities to learn profound spiritual lessons. This can manifest in every way imaginable—from coping with crisis to embracing massive success.

Above all, seek balance in all aspects of your life.

“Surround yourself with culture. You are likely to have dreams, visions and revelations under this influence. If you channel your intense energies into something worthwhile, you will accomplish more in this month, than you may have believed possible. Master Numbers, offer master accomplishments.” ~ Numerology and the Divine Triangle ~   Faith Javane and Dusty Bunker


“Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it.

Boldness has genius and power and magic in it” 

~ W H Murray. (No Ordinary Moments ~ Dan Millman) 


Numerology Daily Matters



a ‘Secret’ calling ~ Cailleach


rune tiewaz kristina plotnikova with owls
Katerina Plotnikova photography


Cailleach the crone was a spiritual warrior, true

her animal guidance gave her secrets, to seer through.

yet another animal found synonymous with her

was the wise Owl, have you not heard?


A bird of wisdom, ominous, esoteric signs

holding sacred callings with our most Divine

as we approach, this eve of Samhain

reminders to us, about what happened, again.


Legends and history are written back there

of ancient goddesses who existed, to be fair.

Cailleach is another heroine of this story

sadly we’ve forgotten her traditions and glory.


She, the crone of the dark night,

who held super ‘natural’ powers and inner sights.

owls are creatures of knowing and wisdom,

esoteric, soulful, attuned with inner listening.


Reminders when, to way back in olden days

ancient Celts listened to wildlife and what they had to say

psychic, mystic, enchantress or witch

it is up to you, how do you? see that gift?

Victoria Healing ~ 28.10.2018

secrets, calling <~> Spiritual Warrior


The Sacred Faith

“When we let go of the belief, that we are greater than nature
we will find that material existence is not the where and with all.
Our ancient Celts treasured each part of this natural world
Myths stories, folk customs and sayings, all relate to animals
and the nature of world ” ~
(The Druid Animal Oracle ~ Philip and Stephanie Car-Gomm)

owl rune tiwz britwitch

Celtic Wisdom of the Owl ~ (Gaelic ‘Cailleach-Oidhche’ ~ Crone of the Night)
Wisdom, Clairvoyance, Detachment.

“The Owl in Celtic Mythology ~ Spiral of death and rebirth.
The Owl, as its found within Celtic lore, is a creature of shadows and the Otherworld. Truthfully, the bird is rarely even mentioned in myth, legend, or folklore at all”

Owl teaches us the wisdom of turning adversity into opportunity. 
Twilight has been described as owl-light, and it is said to be ideal to go out for a walk in the woods at this time of night, to develop
a sensibility to the “Otherworld.” … and the inner soul of Nature. 
If you are attracted to a study of secret knowledge, working
 with the Owl as your ally will help you to do this. 
The Traditional Story of the Owl;
The idea that the Owl is ancient – is found in Welsh tradition.


The Owl is the animal which symbolises secret wisdom. There is a belief that if you

hear an Owl’s call this was an omen of a new birth or death. The Owl’s exceptional hearing enables it to pick out and swoop on unsuspecting prey during the night.

Numerology Daily Matters


Rhyme in Verse






The Sign of the Warrior

Image: Stacie Martin

Moving forwards then, on our own paths,

the battle of the spiritual warrior is within ‘self’ to task. 

Otherworldly purposes and riddles are made clear,

when releasing your self from all that you fear.

Dedication and commitment to your ‘own’ path

patiently wait for Divine guidance, to be cast.

Search well, back to your ancestral roots,

seeking mystical, enigmas and ancient views.

Your true calling, then, will be made clear,

what is in your heart, that you hold most dear?

A warning though, that, if you should boast,

it would be your own self, who you hurt the most.

If you had courage, to know a little more,

would you be so inclined, to open that door?

Cutting away from the dead and the old,

this is the real task, as inner truth unfolds.

Never presume, there is nothing else to be learned

evaluate and test, be true to your concerns.

Patience and detachment, is the warrior’s task

waiting on the will of heaven, to be forecast.

Victoria S Healing ~ 28.10.2018

The Sign of the Warrior  ~ T'iw 




rune Tiewaz


The Rune T’IW/TIWAZ  

Meaning: The Warrior. The Sky God.

This is the rune of the Spiritual Warrior. This battle is always with the Self.

The Book of Runes ~ Ralph Blum 



Lost Heroines

rune tiewaz child holding sword timothy-eberly-516789-unsplash.jpg
Timothy-Eberly ~ Unsplash


“Oh, come on,” said she, to those wanna be macho men,

“What about our female warrior heroines then?”

Myths, stories and legends, coincidentally lost,

but at whose heart, was that cost?


It’s not, all about manly, masculine bravery,

violence and bloodshed, is all, so unsavoury.

Womenfolk are true spiritual warriors,

“Why can’t we hear more about brave women and followers”?


Take a look back, search in times past,

the women assisted, their men to hold fast.

Their female intuition and wisdom, helped men make decisions,

but now they are famed, with mockery and derision.


This search was difficult, to find old myths and stories,

men have self sought their own fame and glories.

Little or no mention of women warriors, is given,

only in judgements, about whoring and sinning.


Yet, have no doubts or misgivings,

women were guiding almost all of their men’s missions. 

No, I’m not a supporter of women’s lib,

but, advocating that all true facts should be writ. 


Who will our young girls now, have to look up to and follow?

Most of their female heroines of today, appear fake and hollow.

Victoria Healing ~ 28.10.2018.

Lost Heroines

Poem inspired by searching to find any female Celtic heroines.


The Veiled One ~ Cailleach ~ Crane

cailleach veiled witch cranes unknowable rhett-wesley-343206-unsplash
Image: Rhett-Wesley ~ unsplash


Halloween calls upon Cailleach, our White Winter Witch,

triple Goddess, the queen of who, which,

ruled the dark days between Samhain and Beltane.

Daughter of the moon, forever, will remain.


In legends dating back from when in Christian times,

Cailleach was sometimes said, to have been a nun”

links to her name, otherwise known as; “The Veiled One”


Mover of mountains and of sacred stones,

wise, shape-shifting, from maiden, Goddess, then into crone.

Living inside the realms of unconscious, within,

where all of our hopes, desires and dreams begin.


Great mysteries of the Divine

who will answer this rhyme?

it was and always shall be…


In God’s own, good time.

Victoria S Healing ~ 27.10.2018

The Veiled One ~ Cailleach  ~ Crane

veled crane unknowable cailleach crane messenger
The Crane’ from The Druid Animal Oracle ~
Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm. Illustration by Bill Worthington 


A bird that was synonymous with Cailleach.

Secret knowledge. Patience. Longevity.

The Crane was sacred to early Celts. Bringing the qualities of patience and perseverance, the Crane will stand for long periods of time peering into the water, until the time is right for it to dart at its prey.

Riches and Gold ~ Rune Fehu

celtic woman celts page staring
Image: Celts

“Fehu” rune is a stanza of nourishment and growth;

ambitions, abundance, all of life’s dreams and hopes.

Runic stave, representative of Freya and Celtic of Bo’,

honouring our mothers sustenance, as they, to us, have bestowed.

Contemplation of riches and gold,

looking back, to those days from old.

Freya, with her magical keys:

holds all of the answers that you might like to read.

Above all else,

“Be true to your Self’

Never allow others, to tell YOU…

how, or what, you should do.

Victoria S Healing ~ 21.10.2018

~ Hey Momma

Poem inspired by The Book of Runes ~ Ralph Blum

rune fehu wealth prosperity, cattle and divine fire, Bo in celtic

The FEHU rune is sacred to Freya, the goddess of sex, love and luck.

representing: Nourishment. Possession. Cattle. Connection with family or community.

This rune calls for a deep probing of the meaning of profit and gain in your life.

SEX ~ With Freya

Numerology Daily Matters
Rhyme in Verse

SEX ~ Freyja

celtic and nordic beauty
Image: Celtic and Nordic Beauty


S E X …

Now do I have your attention?
here is a mystery; I’d like to mention.
Where are our female warriors, from medieval days past?
has history forgotten them, but why? may I ask.

Remember Freyja? the Goddess of Sex and Love,
our ‘Lady’ signifying beauty, marriage, have you heard of?
Beautiful, beloved wife of Óðr.
she is a legend; do you want to know more?

A seer, who folklore tells, knew everyone’s fates,
by means of ‘enchanting’ to keep everything, in place.
Mystery and arguments still persist to this day,
which myths are true and why were they told that way?

Freyja; represents our female, inner awareness,
nourishing, sex, power, nurturing and caring.
Yet Gods have entire books, devoted to their heroic ventures,
why then, are women’s lives hushed up, censored?

Merely, a sentence to report on female lore,
wouldn’t you like to know so much more?
Folklore deity: was written by men,
oh what, why? Females are forgotten again!

Where are books written about womanly lives?
are they purposely hidden, by ancient male scribes?
Although, there are some, whose stories have survived,
simply because with male Gods; they were entwined.

Where are those courageous, unmarried women’s stories?
telling of their magnificence, splendour, achievements or glory.
Oh but, I know that I’ll have a long wait,
little is written in recognition to a female’s credit or fate!
Victoria Healing ~ 20.10.2018.
©S E X ~ Freyja
Image: Celtic and Nordic Beauty


High ranking Viking Warrior found was a woman @ A Mighty Girl



Rhyme in Verse

Way Finding ~ Runic Compass ~ Vegvisar

vegvisir viking workshop way finders .jpg

way f I n d e r


“I want to get a tattoo” said I,

a runic compass to protect and guide;

a Mimir warrior in his great wisdom said:

“the Vegvisir would be perfect, to guide your way ahead”


vegvisir way finders .jpg


This Runic compass “Vegvisir” literally means;

“way-finder” guiding you towards the path of your dreams.

Made from sunstone, a sun compass of sorts;

Representing South, East, West and North.


Steering the road forwards, that for you, is best.

the nail in centre, poised permanently, towards your quest.

Holy, sacred, symbolic, circumventer,

devoted to guidance, balanced, centred.



Suns shadows point, purpose through day,

apparently, Viking warriors sailed their ships in this way.

Storms and high seas, may have come,

but Vegvisir would guide all back, to the safety of home.


It is a sign of great protection, ascertained to your own path,

“Oh yes” I replied, “I’d like to dedicate my vision to that”

Victoria Healing ~ 19.10.2018.

(Poem inspired by The Book of Runes ~ Ralph Blum)

vegvisar runes celts


The Vegvisir, also known as the runic compass or the Viking compass 
made of eight Viking rune staves, is a symbol of protection and 
guidance believed to be used as a compass by Vikings. 
The word vegvisir means 'wayfinder' and 'sign post' in Icelandic 
language.May 2, 2018 
Vegvisir, The Symbol of Guidance and Protection & Its Meaning - 
The ...


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Rhyme in Verse


Joy to action





Shine Your Light ~ Rune Kenaz

rune keno find yourself be that.jpg
Image: Honey Child

Kenaz is the inner light that guides us when we explore our inner worlds.

A Rune of wide openings, Kenaz beckons to renew your clarity, giving and receiving,

in total faith, that you are now, in the right place.

Each morning, having clear intent,

focussing forwards, towards destiny meant.

Lighten yourself up, look within,

all will be made clear, where you should begin.

Awareness of the flames;

desires, burning, beating within your own heart.

Focussing passions, into that perfect centre,

this is where, harmony, mentors.

Learning from adversities, now recognised as blessings,

the timing is now right, move forwards,

honour your higher soul intentions.

Victoria Healing ~ 18.10.2018

Inner Light ~ Rune Kenaz

(Ascribed from “The Book of Runes ~ Ralph Blum)

Let There Be Light

Mike Oldfield

rune kenaz

Rune Kano ~ Kenaz
Meaning: Opening, Fire Torch.

Kenaz is a light that gives clarity. It connects us with knowledge and enables understanding of life, insights and opening towards wisdom.

Positive Traits: intellectual knowledge, purity, clarity, Revelation, enlightenment.
Negative Traits: ignorance, confusion, false hope, lack of intolerance and clarity.

Numerology Daily Matters


Rhyme in Verse